Despite Moordryd's objections he found himself standing beside Decepshun and Quiksilva at Penn Stables with Rayne.

"Just give me a few minutes to say goodbye okay? I won't get to see him once I'm at the Academy." I asked and Moordryd sighed, walking behind me. "Thanks." I muttered when he gave me a slight nod.

"This is the last time I'm setting foot here. You know I don't get along with the stablebrat...even if we're going to the Academy." Moordryd said, watching from the doorway as I stepped towards Jeyt who raised his head from the drinking trough.

"Yeah I know. Like I haven't heard that before." I replied as I knelt beside Jeyt. "Hey boy. Connor told me he found your owner." I said, stroking his snout.

I can't wait until I see her again but...I'll miss you, Rayne. Thank you for all your help.

"You're welcome. Just be careful okay?" I told him and he nodded, leaning in and I giggled when he licked my face. "Maybe we'll run into each other on the track."

I hope so, Rayne. Be careful at the Dragon Academy.

"I will, Jeyt. Take care okay?" I replied, waving goodbye as I left the stables. "Okay let's go, Moordryd." I said and he rolled his eyes at me. "Yeah I know I know. You're the leader of the Dragon Eyes so you call the shots."

"Are you sure you know that?" Moordryd replied and I grinned, grabbing his hand before he could react. "Whatever. We're already late."

"For what exactly? Oh right the academy." I asked, laughing when he raised an eyebrow. "I'm kidding, lighten up."

"I really hope so." Moordryd answered, climbing onto Decepshun's saddle. Quiksilva magged me, grinning before he took off. "Not again."

With a growl, Decepshun raced after us catching up a short time later once Quiksilva and I realized we both didn't know where the Dragon Academy was.

I can't believe you don't know where we're going.

"Give me a break, 'silva. I've been a little more worried about being the Light Booster than the academy. Yeah I know how that sounds." I answered when Quiksilva stared at me.

"I know you're lost." Moordryd said and I shrugged, ignoring Decepshun's grin. "Come on."

"Very funny." I replied, looking at Quiksilva when he laughed. "Don't you start." I added as he followed Decepshun.

You're still worried about going to the academy aren't you?

"It's not that it's will I be the Light Booster and go to Dragon Academy?" I told Quiksilva as he ran alongside Decepshun. "Plus there's still the problem of Armeggaddon. We haven't seen him in weeks."

Rayne, I know you're worried about him but you'll be at the Dragon Academy soon. They'll train you and if he does show up you'll be ready.

"Thanks, Quiksilva." I answered, giving his snout a rub. "I need to stop worrying so much."