We're not really leaving the academy are we?

"Of course not, 'silva. I was just angry at Moordryd...I mean, Paynn in the butt. Who does he think he is anyway?" I replied as Quiksilva slowed to a walk.

If you want my advice ignore him until he decides to apologize.

"Yeah that's what I was planning on doing anyway but thanks." I answered, leaning over to rub his snout. "Maybe we should go for a walk or something."

Actually I think you should be in your next class.

"Aww you just had to ruin my fun." I complained and Quiksilva chuckled, heading in the direction of the stables. "So I wonder who the professor is for this one?" I asked and he snorted, breaking into a gallop. It wasn't until we reached the stables that I frowned as a young guy with short blond hair and blue overalls gave me a smile, heading our way.

Rayne, is something wrong?

"I just realized we've never been apart since we met. I'm not sure if I feel comfortable leaving you with anyone else." I told him and Quiksilva sighed, gently magging me to the ground.

It's okay, Rayne. I won't be far away.

I leant over, hugging his head and he gave me a nuzzle. "Okay if you're sure." I whispered, swallowing the lump in my throat. As I removed the saddle from his back I could hear footsteps behind me and I turned to find the stablehand standing a foot away from me.

"What's his name?" He asked and I sighed, handing over the saddle. After a pause I felt Quiksilva's eyes on me and I coughed.

"Quiksilva and I'm Rayne. Sorry but I have to get to class." I told him and he raised an eyebrow as I quickly hurried away not hearing his reply.

"I was going to say I'm Alex but whatever. Come on, Quiksilva. Let's get you settled." Alex muttered as he head in the direction of the stables, keeping a firm grip on Quiksilva's saddle. Rolling his eyes, Quiksilva followed his tail swishing behind him.

I just made to my class in time, hurriedly wiping my eyes before anyone could see me tearing up.

He's just staying there while I'm in class. It's not the first time we've been separated and...geeze I'm a nervous wreak.

"Rayne, are you okay?" Kitt asked and I swallowed, giving her a nod and a quick grin. "Well if you're sure..." She added, following me into class. As soon as I walked in I noticed that each student were sitting with their crew and I sighed as soon as I saw Moordryd sitting beside Cain and Rancydd. Moordryd barely even glanced at me and I snorted, choosing a seat as far away from my boyfriend as I could get.

"So what's our class?" I asked, immediately getting my answer when an all-too familar face stepped into the room. "Oh...scales." I whispered as Word Paynn narrowed his eyes directly at me, making me wish I had a set of Shadow gear. Without it I sunk deeper into my chair as he made his way towards the whiteboard at the front of the class, his gaze travelling the length of the room.

"If you had bothered to read the academy brochure, Rayne, you would know that I'm the Gear Professor." Word answered and to my left Artha sniggered. "Do you have something to add, Penn?" Word asked and I fought off a giggle when he coughed cheeks slightly red.

Word spent the longest hour of my life explaining about the different gear types and colors. I noticed that he spent a fair amount of the lecture on Black Draconium and that made me feel a little uneasy as I remembered the wraith gear he'd used on Quiksilva and me. At my right Moordryd stared at me for a moment as I gripped the desk in front of me, my knuckles pale.

Knowing his father would instantly notice Moordryd chose to talk to his girlfriend once Word's lecture was over. So he waited patiently, fiddling with his pen until a bell ran echoed through the room. Not expecting it I jumped still red faced until I heard sniggering and when I turned my head I found Cain and Rancydd grinning at me the latter holding a hand over his mouth.

"Oh for dragon's sake shut up." I hissed being as quiet as possible so Word didn't overhear. Thankfully he was too busy telling our class what books we needed to read from the academy library, his eyes narrowing when several groans were heard throughout the room.

Sitting in the chair beside Artha I noticed with some amusement that Parm's eyes lit up as soon as Word mentioned several titles and I couldn't help a smile since I didn't mind studying anything that would help me learn more about Draconius. As we packed up I climbed from my chair but as I turned in the direction of the door I felt a light tap on my shoulder. Once I turned around I blinked up at Moordryd who gave me the tiniest of smiles.

"So have you decided to apologize for ignoring me?" I asked with a raised eyebrow but he shook his head at me, grey eyes staring into mine. "Then what do you want?"

"I want to talk to you but not here. Promise me you'll come to the stables..." Moordryd trailed off when I rolled my eyes at him, arms crossed against my chest.

"After class. Yes I promise if you'll explain why you're giving me the cold shoulder." Getting a blank stare from my boyfriend I snorted. "It means why are you avoiding me."

"I'll tell you this afternoon." Moordryd answered with a smirk turning away and I shook my head following a short distance behind him.

Hmph we've barely been here two days and he's already acting likes he's better than me. I mean he is if you're talking about racing and fighting skills. I'm still learning but he and Artha are in a league of their own. I have some serious catching up to do. But I know I can catch up to them if I work at it.

"Rayne, is something going on between you and Moordryd?" Kitt asked and I blinked at her, completely lost. "Sorry but I couldn't help overhearing." She admitted with a shrug.

"Moordryd's just being his usual self. Hopefully he acts more like a boyfriend again." I replied, staring at his back with my eyes narrowed. "Plus it doesn't help that his father's a professor here." I added with a grimace and she grinned at me. "Guess I'll really have to make sure he doesn't notice me...anymore than usual. He already hates that I'm dating his son."

"I doubt Word hates you...at least I think so." Parmon pointed out and I rolled my eyes as he and Artha walked beside me. "Actually he hates everyone." He added as an afterthought and I snorted at him.

"I doubt that. He doesn't hate Moordryd but me on the other hand..." I trailed off with a grimace. "Come on. Let's get ready for the next class."