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New Student, New Mysteries

Light filtered through the blinds, a certain orange-haired Substitute-Shinigami stirred and gazed sleepily at his clock.

"Geez...well, better get up," he groaned, but as he got up he heard a muffled voice. "Will the old man just give it a rest!" he thought as he opened the window.

"OHAYO! ICHIGO~!" his dad yelled as he burst through the door, attempting to round-house kick Ichigo.

Ichigo easily side-stepped as he opened his bedroom door (to avoid it getting broken off its hinges...again) and the next thing his dad knew, he bounced off of Ichigos bed and out the window. "When will you stop trying to ambush me everyday?!" he didn't wait for an answer as he made his way downstairs.

"Ohayo Ichigo!" a cheery voice greeted.

"Ohayo Yuzu," Ichigo nodded and looked around. "Did Karin head to school already?"

"Iie, she's just waiting for me outside," Yuzu replied, keeping her focus on making both hers and Ichigo's breakfast and lunch. "Here you go Ichigo," she said with a smile as she handed Ichigo his bento and a breakfast bar with some juice.

"Ah, arigatou Yuzu," Ichigo thanked. "Now let's go, before the old man decides to put me in a choke-hold."

"Hai!" Yuzu replied as she and Ichigo went out the door being greeted by Karin, they all headed to school.

Meanwhile, at a home near a forested area...





Be- an alarm clock went off, to be stopped by a small, slender hand that crept out from under the covers of a bed then drooped back down onto the futon. Heavy eyes peeked out from under the covers and gazed at the clock.

"...I'M GONNA BE LATE!" they yelled, throwing the covers off and jumping from the futon only to face-plant on the hard wood floor. "...Itai~!" and at that moment their cell phone rang with a cheerful ring. They stretched their arm and grabbed it and answered. "Moshi moshi?"

"SOLANA!" a rough voice shouted, making Solana pull the phone away from her ear then back.

"Hai, hai, I know! I'm up!" Solana replied, already knowing what they were going to say. She quickly got up and put on her new school uniform but flinched, her hand reaching to hold her head. "Gah...!"

"...Is it another episode?" the person asked with worry in his voice.

Solana took a few deep breaths, then replied. "It was, I'm alright now. I better hurry, thanks for calling Hajime-Nii"

"No prob, someone has to look after you" Hajime teased.

"Tojikomeru!" Solana huffed in a teasing way. "Bai."


And with that, Solana quickly put her long hair up in a high pony-tail, slipped on a thin long sleeve under-shirt, put on and buttoned up her uniform, and ran out of her room.

"Spiria! Let's go!" she called to her friend. A small creature the size of a squirrel but it looked like a fox but wit large ears and a long fluffy tail, (A/N: it kinda resembles O-chan from Hirro no Kakera, Kirara from Inuyasha, or the fox-squirrel from Princess Mononoke) leaped on to Solana's shoulder and clung to her.

As she made her way down the street, she saw some little kids crying who had chains on their chest. "Oh great, I wonder what happened this time," she thought as slowed her pace and came to a stop in front of the kids (two boys and two girls).

"Hey kids, what's the matter?" she asked, kneeling down to eye level to the kids.

"Some guys came over and trashed our memorial site," the tallest of the four, the elder brother, Isamu, explained pointing to a group of toppled vases, crushed flowers, and small stone slabs with spray paint all over them.

Solanas eyes widened as she saw the state their site was in and then closed them to slits, her teal-silver eyes glowing n rage. "Who ever did this, is now on my List," she thought menacingly, her eyes burning with rage.

"Ano...Sola-Nee," the hiccuping voice of one of the twin sisters, Hana, broke Solana out of her thoughts.

Solana looked at the kids before her, then smiled. "Nakare wabiru, the guys that did this are gonna pay, big time. So what did they look like?"

As the kids finished describing what the vandals looked like, Solana glanced at her pocket watch. "...KYAH! I'M GONNA BE SO LATE! MOUSHIWAKEARI MASEN GA MINNA, WATASHIHA IKA NAKYA!" she called out as she ran down the street.

Meanwhile at Karakura High...

"I-CHI-GO~!" a brunette yelled, jumping at his friend.

"Yo," Ichigo greeted, putting his arm around the brunettes neck, facing the opposite direction of his friend. (A/N: RKO outta nowhere! XD)

A boy with black walked up the the two boys on the floor and smiled. "Ohayo Ichigo, Mr. Asano."

"Yo, Mizuiro," Ichigo greeted as he looked up from his place on the floor, but he started to hear Keigo tapping out (more like banging) on the floor and Ichigo released him.

"Anyway, did-" before Keigo could finish his sentence, they heard a very familiar voice.

"Ohayo minna!" an orange haired girl greeted as she walked up to her friends with two guys and a girl walking with her.

"Orihime, Tatsuki, Chad, Uryuu, what's up?" Ichigo greeted, getting up from the floor.

As the group gathered in their classroom, Keigo decided to finish what he was saying earlier. "Hey, did you guys hear about the new student transferring here?" he asked the group.

"Nesupa? The year just started," Orihime put in, putting her index finger on her chin and tilting her head slightly.

"She's right, I wonder why they're coming now," Uryuu stated, adjusting his glasses.

"Makes me wonder what they're going to be like," Tatsuki wondered aloud, the others nodding in agreement.

Ichigo noticed their Sensei enter the classroom. "Well, it seems we'll find out soon enough."

"Alright class, take your seats so I can take roll," their Sensei stated, making sure to get everyones attention. "And we also have a new student joining us today and they'll be here in a few moments."

Solana had barely made it before they closed the gates and she was now sprinting up the stairs to her classroom. And just as she approached the entry way to her designated class, she tried to stop herself but ended up grabbing the handle to the door causing it to open as she tumbled then spun into the wall across from the door and her face colliding into it. "...ITAI!" she shrieked.

Ichigo and his friends saw the door slid open but noticed the person that was supposed to come through completely did a one-eighty, causing everyone in the class to sweat-drop. A few of the students got up from their seats, with Ichigo and the others getting up as well and looking out the door only to be greeted with a shriek. "...ITAI!~" once that was over, the girl before them toppled over (she ended half-upside-down) with a thud, she sat up and placed her hand on her head. Everyone just stared at the girls hair, it was a deep crimson red.

Chad walked up to the girl and held out his hand, offering to help her up, the petite girl looked at his hand then at him then accepted and gripped his large hand with her small-slender hand and he helped her up with ease.

"Daijoubu?" he asked as the girl steadied herself.

"Hai, arigatou," she replied politely and walked into the classroom causing everyone to take their seats once again.

"Now that that accident is over," their Sensei stated, getting back to business, then looking at Solana, signaling her for her to start her introduction.

"Ohayo minna, I'm Solana Kigaijunjou," she stated with a small smile but it was just for show. "I wish I could tell you more about myself, but I was released from the hospital not to long ago."

A few of the students began whispering until a student raised their hand. "Why where you in the hospital?"

"Well, umm...I was in a fatal accident when I was little, or so I've been told, and I sometimes get a series of migraines and I think I developed a form of amnesia," she stuttered, trying to fin the right words.

The class continued to whisper until their Sensei told Solana to take a seat next to the window a few seats in front of Ichigo.

The morning passed quickly and it was time for Lunch.

Shinigami=Soul Reaper/Death God
Ohayo=Good Morning
Moshi moshi: a casual way of answering the phone
Nii/Onii=Big Brother
Tojikomeru=Shut up
Nee/Onee=Big Sister
Nakare wabiru=Don't worry
Moushiwakeari masen ga=Sorry everyone
Watashiha ika nakya=I gotta go
Daijoubu=Are you okay?
Arigatou= Thank you

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