Mulder grinned, "How long 'til your birthday Scully? I'll unwrap it for you…"

Scully laughed and directed him to role over onto his back, "It think I'd rather unwrap this gift myself…" she replied slyly as she slid down his body and hooked her thumbs under the waistband of his boxers.

He groaned and automatically lifted his hips off the bed so Scully used the access to her advantage and quickly slipped his boxers down and off his feet. She looked up at him from the end of the bed and grinned, "Well…this is beyond even my very active imagination."

Mulder choked out a short laughed and rolled his head back, "I've never been this hard in my life Scully…God I've wanted you for so long…I've dreamed of you…" he paused and force himself to took down and meet her eyes as her face came level with his pulsating cock, "…every time I cum I picture your face, your mouth on me…what it would feel like to thrust myself deep inside your wet little cunt."

Scully gasped and her heart started pounding so loud she suspected even Mulder could hear the beat. Her eyes glowed and suddenly a tear slid down her cheek, "Oh God Mulder…"

Mulder looked concerned for a moment, "Sorry Scully, did I go to far? I didn't want to…"

Scully plunged his cock deep in into her mouth and sucked hard, he hit the back of her throat and Mulder groaned loudly as he tried, and failed, to stop himself from thrusting into her hot wet mouth. She pulled up slightly and sucked on his head while running her tongue along his slit and sensitive underside. Mulder hummed deeply and dropped his head back against the bed; every muscle in his body seemed to tense ad his tried to control his orgasm and his back arched off the bed when his feet pushed deeply into the mattress.

Scully licked his balls and then returned to gently suck and roll her tongue around the head, "Do you know what that does to me? I thought I might be the woman you'd settled with…I was here so you might learn to love me. That maybe after years by your side you would appreciate my loyalty…" She said as she continued to suck, lick and caress his pulsating cock. "But it's more than that isn't it? You want me. You really want me and not them?"

Mulder gasped as her lips descended. "Them? Who? Who else could I possibly want? I've wanted you forever. I've never wanted anyone this badly…I never will…oh God Scully…" Mulder groaned when Scully immediately thrust his cock deep into her mouth and down the back of her throat. He tried to warn her but took them both by surprise when he came hot and hard straight as her muscles contracted around him.

"Oh fuck…ohhhh I'm sorry…ohhhh shit…baby, you feel so good…ahhhhhh…Scully…yeah…yeah suck me…take me…yeah take it all…" Mulder roared as Scully rushed to swallow all of his rich hot cum.

After almost a minute Mulder slowly settled and started to deflate inside Scully's warm mouth. He lifted a heavy arm to brush the hair out of her face and smiled weakly. "I'm sorry…I didn't…"

Scully released him and slowly slinked up his body to rest on his chest, he felt her silk panties tickle his sensitive cock as she came to rest above him and smiled into her warm gaze.

"I wanted you to…" She kissed him gently and Mulder shuddered at the taste of himself of her lips, "…you taste so good Mulder, and now we can relax…and have some fun."

"Oh I'm already having more fun than I can handle Scully. I've never had this much fun…" He grinned and leaned down to kiss her again then added sadly, "I wanted to cum inside you…"

"Oh you will Mulder…over and over again…you'll have me so many times I'll make you forget what it felt like to be with another woman." Scully said with a mischievous smirk.

Mulder combed his fingers through her hair and pulled her mouth down to his. He kissed her deeply and groaned at the endless joys of her body, "I'm already there Scully…you're my history, my present, my future…you're everything to me…"

The kissed ended and Scully dropped her cheek to his warm chest. She leaned to kiss down his breastbone slowly and then closed her eyes, "Let's sleep a while Mulder…" she said dreamily.

"But I…" Mulder started.

Scully smiled, "We aren't leaving this bed until I feel you inside me Mulder…I just want a nap…" she paused, "…I tell you what, if you wake first and you can wake me any way you please."

Mulder groaned, "Jesus Scully you say something like that and then expect me to sleep?" he rolled his head back and felt his cock already starting to react to her words but then smiled as he felt Scully mould herself against his body and sigh peacefully.

His could definitely get used to this…

Scully felt pleasure shooting through her body and struggled to open her eyes, mid-way between sleep and lucidity she gasped and rolled her hips. "Ohhhhhhhh god…Mulder…" she groaned deeply.

Mulder grinned and continued to lick along her swollen folds, "Even in your dreams you know it's me…" he murmured against her skin and Scully shuddered at the vibrations of his voice.

"In my dreams it's always you Mulder…" she replied happily and opened her eyes to see Mulder lying between her legs, her panties long since disposed of.

"Mine too Scully…" he groaned and lifted one leg over his shoulder.

He drove one finger deep inside her core and Scully rolled her head back and laughed heart heartily as she bucked her hips up towards his face. "Only you…" she repeated and Mulder smiled understanding her meaning.

"Being on the road is about to become so much more fun…" Mulder said with a smile as he plunged a second finger alongside the first and began started to alternate between sucking and flicking her clit with his tongue.

Scully smiled as her eyes rolled back in her head and her orgasm flowed through her. "Oh Jesus Mulder…what a way to wake up…ohhhhhh yeeeeeeeeah…"

After a minute she opened her eyes and was greeted by Mulder smiling down at her. Scully could feel his hard cock grinding into her hip and she smiled happily before lifting up to kiss him softly. "I hope we get to do this at home too Mulder. From now on I don't plan on letting you out of my bed unless absolutely necessary…"

Mulder smiled and felt tears spring to his eyes as he leaned to sprinkle kisses over her face. "I was lying here watching you sleep and started to think about all the times we've slept in adjoining rooms…just seconds away from each other…the nights I'd lay awake thinking of you…so close…"

Scully shifted her body to lie under him and ran her hand over his bare hip, she nodded simply and then smiled serenely as she felt Mulder move slightly to find her entrance with his cock. "Now…" she whispered softly and she felt his head slip inside her tight tunnel.

"Oh Jesus…" she groaned.

"Okay?" Mulder stopped and asked with concerned.

Scully grinned at him and leaned up to brush her lips over his, "Never been this okay Mulder…" she murmured against his lips, "…fill me…"

Mulder smiled widely and ran his tongue over her lips as he slowly but steadily pushed himself inside her hot wet core, "So tight…" he gasped against her lips.

"I've been waiting for you a long time Mulder…feels so good…never felt this full…" Scully gasped out and dropped her head to the side as her mind spun with the sensations.

Mulder cupped her face and brought her eyes back to meet his, "I love you so much Scully. You're fundamental to me…my lifeblood…love doesn't seem like enough to describe how I feel about you…"

Scully gasped and a tear slipped down over her temple, "You are more than enough." She flexed her internal muscle and smiled when Mulder groaned deeply. "Now Mulder…take me hard…make me yours."

Mulder gasped and pulled back before thrusting firmly back inside her body, "Mine…" he gasped incredulously, "…I am yours… own my soul…"

Scully groaned and reached back to braced herself on the headboard as Mulder began to firmly and deeply plough into her body, "Fuck yessssss…finally..."

He arched up and reached to guide Scully's legs up over his shoulders before nearly bending her in half and beginning to pound into her with all of his strength.

"Oh fuck yes!" Scully gasped as she held on tight to the headboard and watched Mulder's muscles flex and sweat begin to shimmer on his skin. She brought one hand down to run over his taught arm muscles and moaned, "So fucking sexy…"

Mulder smiled down at her, " have…a filthy…mouth in…bed…" he growled out between thrust.

Scully gasped and rolled her head back, she met his eyes with a piercing gaze and grinned, "We're going to have soooo much fun Mulder…you have no idea."

Mulder moaned and increased his pace, "God…you're actually mine…fuck!"

Scully reached to wrap her arms around him neck and held on tightly as Mulder jackhammered into her fiercely sweeping aside years of frustration and desire. "SCULLYYYYYYYYYY…" he yelled her name and her muscles tighten and pulled him over the edge of his orgasm.

"Yes…yes…yes…oh God Mulder…" Scully gasped as she came long and breathtakingly hard while Mulder pumped her full of his hot fluid. She dropped her face to his sweat slick shoulder and hungrily sucked and bit on his salty tendons. "So good…" she groaned slowly relaxing bonelessly into his arms.

Scully legs dropped to bed and she luxuriating in the slightly overwhelming weight of Mulder's body resting on top of her, his quickly softening cock still nestled inside her body.

"Love you…so much…" Mulder murmured as he ran his teeth up her neck and kissed behind her ear.

Scully smiled and pushed him slightly onto his side.

The movement caused them to separate and they both sighed as Mulder curved into the side of her body and rested his head on her pillow while he kissed to side of her neck, "My beautiful Scully…" he murmured happily.

"You sap…" Scully replied with a grin and a light slap on his bicep.

"Ahhhh but I'm your sap…" Mulder said sleepily and brushed his nose along her neck breathing in her scent as sleep slowly claimed him.

Scully looked down at the top of his head out of the corner of her eye and smiled. She turned slightly on her side to face towards him and lifted her leg over his to cocoon him tighter in her embrace. Leaning down to kiss his temple softly she ran her hand over his waist and brought it to rest on his hip.

"Yeah…this is how I like my Mulder…" she whispered with a smile.