Fancy meeting you here Hagrid. "Sirius looked the half giant friend up and down.

Then looking behind him and seeing the destruction that Voldemort made, Sirius silently swore an oath to one day make that THING pay for all the hurt it has caused others.

"Well you see Sirius, Professor Dumbledore has sent me here to come and get poor Harry before anything else could happen" Hagrid explained and looked around him in fear.

"Ah, I see. So the wisest and most powerful wizard of our generation decides to send a half giant with no magical powers to come and FETCH the by now MOST famous baby in the world, mere minutes after he has just lost BOTH his parents. Is that about right Hagrid?" Sirius asked the half giant with so much anger hidden away; it made the leaves rush a little.

"Well see here Sirius, Professor Dumbledore had sensors on their house and the moment something happened he sent me to come fetch little Harry here." Hagrid was no really confused by the situation. Why was Sirius stalling him like this?

"Just Harry? Why not James or Lily? You just walked over Jame's body on your way out! Why not take them also Hagrid?" Sirius was just about screaming now.

Just then one could hear the approaching of what sounded like over 100 motorcycles. BIG ones.

"Reinforcements have arrived well before the Aurors AND the Order. I truly wonder WHY that could be". Sirius spoke with no emotion in his voice as he turned to Hagrid and said in a very calm and powerful voice, once silence fell on the road again.

"Rubius Hagrid, for the role you have played in keeping MY sworn godson safe this evening, I thank you in the name of The Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black. Now kindly hand over my godson so that we can get him to safety and medical care." Sirius held out his hands as to accept Harry, but yet again Hagrid had a word to say about that.

"I'm truly sorry Sirius, but this is my duty to deliver Harry to Dumbledore at once. You have stalled me long enough now. Please Sirius, please step aside and let me through." Hagrid pleaded while folding Harry more secure into the folds of his massive moleskin jacket.

"There is no need for that my friend Hagrid, we simply know the truth of the prophecy and refuse to let it go on any longer that what it already has. No one needs to get hurt or die any further." Spoke a man from under a grey hood, sitting on what seemed to Hagrid like a massive bike.

"But the professor…" Hagrid was rudely cut off his little hero worship speech once the hoods came down and he saw in whose presence he was standing.

"It never had to come to this if an old fool had just kept his nose where it belongs Hagrid" said the first woman to his left sitting atop a massive Harley Davidson.

"Agreed Augusta, but fate has her own ways when she gets bored of us little humans. Now Hagrid, before you collectively stand every single guardian of Harry James Potter. Together we hold majority of the wizarding world's votes and fall under family names no less than Most Ancient. We were selected by Lord and Lady Potter well before this silly game began." Said an old man deep into 100 years of age.

"Sorry to say this to you Hagrid, but as a friend I must warn you, IF you decide to go through with this hero worship of yours and leave this property with Harry still on your person, WE collectively have the power to have you duel us to DEATH. You will then have committed the crime of kidnapping the ONLY living heir of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter. So I suggest you sit down over there and THINK for once what YOU have to do to make things right. None of us will harm you UNLESS we are provoked to do so. You have my word." Sirius spoke gently to the half giant and turned his back on him.

A few minutes later everybody could hear soft sobbing. Hagrid was holding Harry in one hand and wiping big tears from his eyes with the other.

"He was going to leave me to the wolves again! No assistance, no trail, no back story, no voice of reason, NOTHING. Just like he did when Tom Riddle opened the chamber of secrets back in school. Everybody believed him over me. He had the smarts, the looks and the ears of all the heads of houses. Just because I was raising an acromantula everybody suspected me automatically. My wand was snapped there in the corridor and I was forcibly removed from the grounds by 2 dementors, straight off to Azkaban. No trail, no hearing. NOTHING. And then just like that (snapping his fingers), Albus Dumbledore shows up in front of my CAGE and declares that I am now free, but I can never use a wand again, BUT there is a job for me at Hogwarts as the game keeper if I truly believed I have paid for my crimes." Hagrid was sobbing so hard now; he handed Harry over to a man to his right and just sank his head into his hands and wept.

But something was not adding up here. Augusta had her wand out faster than a fly could make a U-turn and shouted at the top of her lungs, "Finite Incantatum". A blue flash settled over everybody and just as she though, there was an imposter in their midst. Peter Pettigrew was slowly making his way to the edge of the property to apperate away with the baby and to God knows where else.

Unfortunately for him about 50 people saw this and he was connected with no less than 35 of those spells fired, the other spell went to strengthen the wards around the house and to send for a special guard unit from Gringots bank.

"What do we have here? A sniveling little traitor? Back to finish your master's job? Hey Peter, seeming as it escaped you rat sized brain, Voldemort was just vanquished by a 15month old baby! Get over it, get a hobby, GROW UP and become a bloody human being instead of a stupid mindless freak who follows orders from a mad man!" Sirius advanced on the traitor so fast it seemed inhuman.

"You sold your friends to the devil. For what, Peter? What did he offer you which were worth selling out the people who called YOU their friend?

"You do not know the power He has!" Peter began to sob off his excuse when the Goblins arrived, (still no sign of any Aurors or Order Members).

"BULLSHIT Peter! He never knew the POWER WE had! You make me sick to even be able to say that I knew you once."

Turning away from the pathetic Peter, Sirius turned to the goblin in front of him and spoke in a clear respectful voice. "Master Goblin, may your vaults flow full this night and your enemies are never more! "Sirius saluted the armored goblin, waited for the return salute and then walked away.

To be surrounded by a group of more than 100 goblin guards is something every person would fear, but to have those same 100 guards aim deadly sharp blades to your head is more fear any person could stand and Peter fainted dead away.

The Head Goblin barked an order to one of his underlings and he soon returned with a cage about the size of a decent dog carrier.

"Master Goblin, pardon my intrusion please. I have some information on the THING you would be transporting. You see he is an unregistered animagus with the form of a common grey rat. If you were to please add anti-animagus wards to the cage it will be most beneficial. "Lady Augusta spoke with respect and crisp tones, not one to use words as a game, but to get to the point as quickly and clearly as possible.

The goblin regarded her words and with a simple nod of his head a few more wards were added to the container.

"Seeing as though no other law officials deem this sight worth their time or effort, we will now take our leave, Lord Black, if you would be so kind as to follow us WITH your choice of companions, we will meet back at Gringots in 15 Minutes. Good day to you all." And with that said the goblin guard turned in their tracks and activated a mass portkey.

"Well that was fun and all, but what now Sirius? Dumbledore still awaits me at the school with young Harry." Hagrid said and looked the man up and down for answers.

"He can keep waiting for as long as it takes to fix the mess HE made Hagrid. You can join us and become the wizard you were meant to be or you can stay here and be a lapdog for an old fool for the rest of your life. The ultimate choice is and always will be yours to make old friend. I just hope it is the right one THIS time. "Sirius patted Hagrid's arm and walked away to where his own bike was standing.

"We are not a group like the Order of the Phoenix or like the Death Eaters. We are simply a bunch of people who like to ride bikes and look out for our own. If we can help people then it is a good day, if we can save a life, then it us a great day. But days like today, where we in effect stopped an evil man from manipulating anybody else for a while, well you can think how special this day is to us. If you still not sure about what to do, join us at the bank and see for yourself what we are trying to fix. "Sirius said and handed Hagrid an extra helmet.

With the sound of 100 motorbikes starting up and making to move towards town, Hagrid had little else choice but to accept the helmet, put it on and hold on for dear life.

Sirius was a seriously good rider, but it remained his first ride and it was just as much fun as the carts down in Gringots bank. NOT AT ALL

10minutes later the strangest site to EVER be seen in Diagon Alley appeared before Gringots Bank, not the whole group from Godric's Hallow, but about a quarter of the motorbikes neatly parked before the bank and proceeded to walk calmly into it, just another business day.

A group of highly polished men and woman in Dragon armor walking into a bank is enough to bring it to a basic silent standstill. Not even the snotty "pure bloods" had anything to say about it.

Taking the lead this time, a tall man with winter white hair and summer green eyes approached the first available teller and waited his turn.

The goblin behind the teller was not a stupid one nor was he arrogant enough to not realize that today could mean money for his clan or death for him in an instant.

"Good day to you teller, may your vaults flow deep and your enemies drown within them." The man with hair of winter and eyes of summer spoke in a deep fatherly voice.

"Good days to you Sir, may your ancestors be proud of you and your enemies fear your name" the goblin replied and swallowed a hard lump in his dry thought.

"Thank you for the well given respect and compliment to my ancestors, I am the one called by the name of Whistling Tree by my people. It is an honor to meet such a noble warrior race as yourselves in such a huge community. Who do I have the honor of speaking with now?" Whispering Tree looked the teller straight into his eyes without blinking and awaited his name.

"A great honor indeed, I am called Spike by my people; for my clan name goes back many centuries as the ones who used to make the spears we placed traitorous heads upon!" Spike said with pride.

"Then I ask how may I address you in search for important business that cannot delay any longer?" Whispering tree bowed his head just a little to show respect.

"Do you and your PARTY wish do rent a private room to conduct this business?" Spike pushed out his chest with pride at being shown this amount of respect.

"That would be the best course of action, and would you mind delivering to you Chief Ragnarok this simple message. The prophesied one is here."

"It shall be done at once. Please follow me and mind your heads please. Not many "people" of your stature pass here." Spike stopped at an ornate door finished to high polished sheen and some gold studs for handles.

"Ladies and gentleman, please feel free to relax for a short moment. Our Chief will be with you in a matter of minutes." Spike said as he closed the door and ran as fast as his little legs could carry him to the Chief's office.

"Pardon your grace for the matter is great and the formalities mean less than dragon dung as we speak!" Spike flung himself as low to the floor as possible to avoid any projectiles coming his way.

"How dare you barge in here with not even a knock to my door?" Chief Ragnarok slammed his massive fists onto his table and making it crack with the force.

"I speak only a few words then you my Lord may do with me as you wish, for then I would have died an honorable death." Spike had the good grace to lift him up to beheading stance and waited his fate.


"The prophesied one is here." Is all he could get out before he was manhandled into an upright position and dragged to the room where he just came from.

3 rather gentle knocks could be heard from the door as a few very lethal trained wands pointed as one in its direction.

"I am Chief Ragnarok of the Goblin bank in Gringots. With me is your first guide Teller Spike, then our personal healer from the palace. If you wish none others to enter it is within your power as the moment stands. Please know we are all unarmed, even myself. We are not here for battle but for absolution to a bloody old man and his long nose." Ragnarok spoke through the door and waited for entry or denial.

"We also do not wish war or ill feelings of doubt or regret, please come in one at a time and allow us to scan you for any spells that might have been placed on you in the past. Our word and oath to you that none shall be harmed." Augusta spoke through the open door with what seemed a 100 golden domes protecting her.

The goblins were floored by the amount of power these few wizards help between them.

One by one they stepped into the room and were scanned for any form of compulsion, listening devices, hidden marks, hidden weapons or ANY other harmful items or spells. Luckily none was found and the meeting began post haste.

"I find it sometimes easier to begin a meeting by introducing the PEOPLE you will be dealing with, if not on a daily basis, but on a more than regular one." Augusta said as she still had the chair to speak.

"Therefore I shall begin. I am Augusta Longbottom, sworn protector to Harry James Potter by his parents on the eve of his birth.

"I am Lord Sirius Orion Black, sword GODFATHER to Harry James Potter on the eve of his birth.

"I am Remus Lupin, Werewolf friend of the Potters for years and sworn protector to Harry James Potter on the eve of his birth."

"I am Andromeda Tonks(nee Black) I was a school friend of both Potter and swore an oath while still in my 6Th year to always be there for Harry IF anything were to go wrong in any way. My oath still stands"

"I am Theodore Tonks, husband to Andromeda and friend to James Potter at school. I too hold the same oath as my wife and it still stands."

"I am Whispering Tree. I hail from ONE of the clans of Elements, this precious baby before us has been made part of a prophecy which should have meant nothing to you normal people, but fate has her own twist an turns and has decides that this child will now have to face not one but two mad men in his short life as a teenager. I was sent here by the Gods to train Harry James Potter in all things elemental and earth magic. No body will stand in our way with petty regards to "dark magic" and such bullshit. There is only magic and those who prefer to be stupid enough to corrupt it from pure to darkness."

"I am STORM MAIDEN. My purpose here is to teach Harry all about his ancestries and the past which holds his and our futures so close together.

"I am only known as Bear to my friends and those who received the right to name me so. I am a mountain yeti and master of the creatures there. My task will be to teach Harry the manner of the wild and Her secrets.

There was silence for a while as everybody tried to figure out what was making that awful noise, until Andromeda had the bright spark of an idea to actually check up on poor Harry, still wrapped up in one of Hagrid's moleskin blankets.

And what a meeting it was! No wonders the little man has been wailing up a storm for a while now... The smell coming from his cocoon was enough to make even the Yeti flap his face closed to escape the smell.

"Wow kid!" Sirius barked out while pinching his nose closed with his fingers.

"Oh do calm down you silly man. It is only a soiled nappy. Nothing to send an army after!" Andromeda said as she gently lifted Harry from his cocoon and placed him on a nearby table. With a swift wave of her wand, AFTER making sure it was allowed by the goblin chief to use her wand, she banished the soiled nappy and cleaned every area that needed to be cleaned. She the quickly conjured some clean clothes for Harry and covered him in a cooler blanket than the moleskin one Hagrid had him in.

"There now, all better. Shall we continue down the line seeing as though young Lord Potter here has just introduced himself?" she smiled with a "mother's" smile before looking to the rest of the crowd.

"I am Unspeakable Madison form the department of mysteries in Austria. I have been part of this group since before Voldemort left school. I am the one who is tracking his magical signature to find out what kind of rituals he has done to himself and how many. My loyalty is to that young man there and has been since the day that Cherry induced MINOR seer got lucky and spoke the prophecy which could have included more than 3000 people. But alas, Albus bloody Dumbledore just had to go and make it HIS business to interfere."

At that moment everybody in the room had a sobering moment to think of just how many people could have been affected.

"Pardon me. My name is Healer Tess. My I please have a look at young Master Potter to see if he needs any further assistance from me?" The kind healer asked and held out her hands to Andromeda.

"Oh yes, forgive me. Here you are and thank you." Andromeda said as she passed Harry to Tess.

Tess put him on the same table as before and began a goblin chant over his body. Her body language screamed of anger and hurt to the one who did whatever she found on Harry.

"How old did you say this child was?" she asked to no one in particular.

"15 months and a few days." Sirius answered but remained quiet afterwards.


Ragnarok looked furious, Spike looked sick to his stomach, Tess looked murderous and everybody else looked amazed at the creativity of the goblin language in swearing death and punishment to somebody.