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Having contented herself with a shy little conversation with Erik over the phone, and arranged to meet him in person the following day, Felicity had been up most of the night in a half-joyful half-agonising fury of anticipation. Whilst she understood that a 'ward' was not the same thing as being adopted, and that Erik was not strictly her grandfather, she still couldn't wait to meet him at last – Peter had told her so much about him. Unbearably excited, she had finally cracked at 4AM and bounded into Peter's room to jump on him, barely awake and still cuddled under the blankets, sitting up with a shocked yelp as Felicity misaimed slightly and landed to knee him hard in the stomach. His surprise had quickly turned to delight however as he realised what had landed on him, grabbing the girl in a hug and tickling her

"What're you up to kiddo?" he grinned at her, "desperate to get going today, huh?"

Flick nodded, beamed at him, couldn't help bouncing a little on the bed with enthusiasm,

"Can we go running? I'm so excited about meeting your father, I couldn't sleep, I *have* to go run!"

"It's okay to go by yourself, you know – but yeah sure. You go wait for me in the front hall, I'll get dressed," he blew his hair out of his eyes, "and maybe try to calm down this mess on my head"

"Sure! I'll grab us a couple bars – you want the new ones or the originals?"

"They both taste like sh-…. Like garbage. Either. Go on now Flickster, I won't be long"

She let him hug her again, wondering how he'd managed to turn her from a girl who flinched away from touch into someone who accepted and gave physical affection so freely. Reached over and lightly patted the body huddled under the covers beside him.

"Good morning Angela" she said quietly, "Sorry if I woke you up"

The body hardly stirred, but a non-committal mutter came from under the duvet, a hand emerging to give her a lazy wave and a thumbs-up before it flopped back onto the pillow.

"Don't worry, she's used to me – she sleeps through most things" Peter slipped out of bed, gently ushered Felicity over to the door, "Two minutes, OK?"

By the time 7AM had rolled around, and Flick and Peter were happily installed for her gymnastics session, Angela had managed to drag herself out of bed, just in time to hear the whine of the Blackbird's engines as it came in to land. Still sipping her third coffee, slowly coming to, she watched it lower itself into the baseball court and the hydraulics engage to flip the court surface back down. She loved watching the 'Bird land – it really was a beautiful machine. No wonder Hank treated it like his baby. The Mark 3 was even better than the old one, which had limped home irreparably damaged after a particularly nasty skirmish in Sokovia two years ago. Heading down to the landing bay to meet the passengers and get everything prepared before at last she'd made her way over to the gym to collect the two speedsters.

She couldn't help but watch in wonder, seeing Peter standing aside whilst Flick practiced on the parallel bars, obvious pride evident in his face. Light and small like himself, with reflexes that even challenged his own, Flick had taken to gymnastics incredibly well, and it was helping her concentration no end – even if she knew that were she to miss a bar and fall, Peter would always be there to catch her. She made a beautiful dismount, accepted the praise her tutor lavished on her, caught sight of Angela and smiled shyly. It felt strange to call her that sometimes – but anything else seemed stranger. 'Mom' just didn't sit right – Flick had a Mom, even if she wasn't a good one – and 'Mrs Maximoff' felt weird and formal. Flick supposed she had to call her something – and 'Spark' didn't cut it either.

"You two ready for a second breakfast?" she asked. A little squeeze for Flick, a chaste kiss on her husband's cheek, "Your father's here, he's waiting down in the boardroom"

"Great! We'll – wait, the boardroom?" Peter gave her a puzzled frown, "Why there?"

"It's a nice private space for a breakfast with family" Angela said innocently. Peter didn't trust her innocent face, never had done – it always meant she was up to something, "C'mon, there's waffles"

Flick had pulled at Angela's hand like an eager puppy the entire way up, but had made every effort to stay with her and not dart ahead. When the door had opened though, it had been Peter who, after a beat of dumbstruck, frozen silence, had dashed into the boardroom unsure who to hug first. Decided on his mother, soon joined by Lorna and Wanda piling on for a group hug.

"You're.. all of you … how'dya… " he stammered, unable to get words out. Erik smiled kindly at him, accepted his own greeting-hug gladly.

"Hank flew us in – he owes me a few favours, and the 'Bird is the fastest way to travel"

"Besides," Lorna added, "we've got a new child in the family – how could we not come?"

She gestured to the door, where Flick had edged herself behind Angela's legs and was peeping out nervously. Madga took the initiative, coming forward and bending down to offer her hand to the girl.

"Hello sweetheart," she said gently, motherly affection radiating out of her, "I'm Magda – Peter's mother. I'm so glad to meet you at last. This is Erik – Peter's father – and Wanda and Lorna, his sisters. Lorna is the one with green hair"

Flick peered up at her big, friendly dark eyes that were just like her son's. cracked a smile of her own, and at last got up the courage to come into the room. The moment she had laid eyes on Erik properly however, she had dashed over to him in a streak and stared in awe

"You're him!" she squealed, grinned from ear to ear, "the Mutant Rights guy! I saw you on TV! You're so awesome, the way you're not afraid of people"

Erik looked uncharacteristically embarrassed, gave her the softest smile he could manage, very politely leaned down and shook her hand.

"I am indeed," he told her, "But you must just call me Erik, Felicity. Welcome to the family"

"You didn't tell me your Dad was famous, Boss!" she chided Peter, who laughed at her and his father's slight blush.

"Looks like you've got a fan here, Dadneto" he grinned, led her over to meet Wanda "You're right though little rocket, he's wicked cool. Hey, you heard of the Avengers, right?"

Flick had fit right in, her shyness vanishing as Magda and Wanda uncovered steaming dishes of waffles, pancakes, and all sorts of delights and passed them round, the family soon falling into happy chatter as they always did. Somehow with Flick there, it felt like there was no tension between any of them, she was as energetic as Peter had ever been, soon comfortable enough to crawl under the table to take a seat between Lorna and Wanda, nattering away to the two girls who in turn made much of her, seeming to have adopted her as an extra sister within a half-hour. Sitting beside her son, Madga watched him sitting back just a little, observing his family getting along happily, Angela obviously sharing some conversation not fit for children's ears with Erik, judging by the way they leaned close together and smirked at one another. Reaching over and squeezing her son's hand kindly, drawing his attention.

"You've done a wonderful thing for that girl, Peter" she said quietly, "I'm very proud of you"

"Thanks," he said shyly, "We had to – it's just a legal thing though, she needs someone to help her make decisions, someone who'll take responsibility for her, and –"

"Nonsense, " Magda told him, "She needs a family. You gave her one"

"You like her?" Peter asked, watched his mother pull a serious, thoughtful face that soon cracked into a nod and a smile.

"I think we'll make a Maximoff of her yet, darling" she said.

Later, when everything had been demolished, the family had gathered on the terrace to relax a while, Peter and Flick darting off to play Frisbee. The rest of them watched fondly as the two streaks of blurred movement tried to outdo one another.

"She's remarkable," Erik said admiringly, "I wouldn't be surprised if she was faster than Peter before too long"

"Mmm-Hmm" Magda smiled back. Angela couldn't help but notice that her hand had crept up to stroke his fingers gently, "She's a real little firecracker. I love her already"

"So you gonna have your own kids or just pick up strays?" Lorna asked Angela, squirmed as her older sister pinched her arm and gave her a horrified look, "What?! You were all thinking it!"

Angela laughed it off, proudly watched her husband and their ward playing joyfully in the grounds, happy to be with them all and happier still to see Flick so well accepted.

"One day, maybe," she said, "But strays are enough for now"

"I always thought I'd have to handle another speedster one day" Magda sighed. "At least she has Peter to help her"

And at least Peter has all of us, Lorna thought, smiled and slipped her arm around her sister in law to watch the competition between her beloved brother and the youngest, newest addition to the family with pride and love.

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