If there's one word that can describe me perfectly, then that word would be plain. That's right. My appearance is that of a normal Japanese teenager. Back-length black hair, a pair of black eyes, a slight round face, and quite a short body for a 17 years old. I am just a normal high school girl from Kuoh Academy. My grades aren't good, but it's passable, except I am slightly better at English. That's because I have plan for the future. The future I see from now is that I studied abroad.

Kuoh Academy is one of the best private school. The western-style building has a certain charm that can't be found in the public school. One of the reason I attend this school is because I like the building. Shallow, I know. But that's true. There's one downside of going here though. When I researched about any western-styled school (as in the building, not the curriculum. Western-styled curriculum's school is expensive for my salaryman parents) the school was an all-girl school. However, when I entered, it suddenly changed policy and became co-ed. Not that I have something against men, it's just that I came from an all-girl middle school to avoid stupid boy problems, and I expected this school to be the same.

Quite sadly, it's not the same.

For example, when I was in the middle school, I will never worry about any perverts when I'm changing. But with the existence that is The Perverted Trio in Kuoh Academy, any girls in a school would be aggravated, including me.

How the hell can they enter this school anyway?! Unfortunately, I have the misfortune of being in the same class as them for the last two years, and I can say with confidence that they are lazier than me. And I am a very heavy slacker, mind you. Anybody that I say lazier than me is probably a lot worse than anybody ever think.

I bought an orange juice from a vending machine on the roadside. I just came back from English course I took, which I actually hate since I can say with confidence that the instructor's English is on par as mine. As I suck the juice from the straw, my eyes laid upon something unimaginable.

In my entire existence as a human, I would never ever expect The Perverted Trio to change. My expectation of them is so low that I think they will be the trash of society shortly after they leave high school in the future.

However, even after I spit out the orange juice in my mouth, rub my eyes, blink, and rub it again, the sight I laid my eyes upon does not change.

Hyoudou Issei, one of my classmate, a member of the infamous Perverted Trio of Kuoh Academy, is being asked out by a cute girl from a neighbor school.

Shocking, I know. I can't believe it myself. If any other people from my class ever told me that Hyoudou Issei is being asked out by a girl, I would not believe that person.

After several exchanges of words, the girl leaves the still grinning boy.

Despite being in the same class for two years, I have never even once interacted with the Perverted Trio. Who would be friends with them anyway? They are disgusting. Trash. Enemy of women. A sad excuse of men. I have no intention of interacting with them before. However, after seeing a scene so… bizarre, it seems that I, with shame, will have to interact with one of the members.

I approached the still grinning Hyoudou and greeted him. "Hyoudou-san."

"Yes? What is it?" with a lecherous combined with bliss on his face, Hyoudou answers me. "Oh, it's you… what is your name again? I know we're in the same class. Um… Um…"

"Hanazono Rise," I end up finishing his sentence because I'm annoyed that he can't remember my name… hey! I should not feel annoyed! He's a trash, it's better if he doesn't remember my name!

"Ah! Yes. Hanazono-san. It's quite hard to remember a normal pair of boobs."

For some reason I feel insulted. I know I shouldn't, but I can't shake the feeling that he's just insulting me, and my nice pair of… things that's exclusive to women. I know it's small, but I don't enjoy having it shoved into my face.

"Can I help you?" he finishes his sentence.

"I can't help but saw something unbelievable just happens here a few minutes ago. So I need you to tell me that I'm dreaming."

"Hey! That's kind of hurt. She's truly asking me out, you know."

"As I said before, I find it hard to believe."

"Guh! That's a critical blow to my pride!"

"Do you perverts even have a pride?"

"A nice question. Let me think for a bit for the answer."

"It's a rhetorical question, you don' t need to answer."

"And what's the answer?"

"You don't," I say casually. Seeing an annoyed expression on his face is worth it. Even after the beatings from the kendo club, I have never seen Hyoudou Issei with this expression before.

"Hey! As a pervert, I feel insulted."

"I'm insulting you, Hyoudou-san."

"You're doing a damn great job."

"Thank you for the compliments."

"I'm being sarcastic!"

"Is that so? I don't see where the sarcasm is."


Who would think that having a conversation with Hyoudou Issei is this enjoyable? I certainly don't. Still, I think that's enough talking. Or else Hyoudou will target me. Oh wait, he has a girlfriend now.

"Now that you have a girlfriend, I'm worried for her chastity. Who knows what you will do to her."

"I may be a pervert, but I'm a noble pervert! I will never do that to a girl without her consent!"

"Did I just hear it right? Did you just put a 'noble' and 'pervert' on the same sentence? How can this be?! This is a big invention!"

I can't help it. Despite saying that I talked enough with him, I enjoy the banters with him.

"Ugh… you're the worst. I thought with your plain boobs, your personality is also plain. What a deception. Hiding a wicked personality behind plain boobs."

"Do you have a boob filter on your eyes? I thought it's more of your friend's forte."

"That's right. Despite not knowing their exact size, I can tell with just an observation if a girl has an interesting boobs or just plain normal like you."

"That's a useless ability to have."

"Just wait for it, someday, I will be able to hear what it's trying to tell me!" for some strange reason, Hyoudou makes a stupid pose, with his palm cupping beside his ears, as if he's in the process of hearing what my breast wants to say despite it can't say anything. I take a step back reflexively, before he snaps his fingers. "Your boobs, it's feeling excited now! How strange," he adopts a thinking pose now.

It's just a coincidence right? I'm not showing some kind of happy expression, am I? Yes. That must be a coincidence. My expression is as flat as the pavements. I think I should go now.

"Anyway, I'm going, then, Hyoudou-san."

"Wait!" He calls out to me. "Can you please help me? I don't know anything about dating."

I refrain myself from saying 'as expected of a lowlife who can only begs for anything, even a mercy from those he had sullied before in the past' because I see the expression on his face. I shouldn't turn my back and face him. Stupid me.

On his face, there is an expression akin to a lost kitten. I don't know why I use that as comparison, but for me it fits his expression perfectly.

I should not help him. I should not help him. I should not associate myself longer than necessary with a pervert like him. Just ignore him, me!



The lost expression gone. It transforms into a big smile. No, this time it's not a lecherous smile I would usually associate with his kind. It's also not a charming smile the Prince of Kuoh Academy, Kiba Yuuto can give easily. It's also not a serene smile that the Two Onee-sama of Kuoh Academy, Rias Gremory and Himejima Akeno graces to their fans.

It is a sincere smile.

And suddenly, a thought enters my mind.

Shit. I have never been in a relationship before.

A/N: So this is my attempt at writing an OC. Like the summary said, this is proof that you can make an OC-centric story without the OC being overpowered, Mary Sue, harem-stealing, or any other bad OCs. Hope you like it.