*Long, long ago....Before Cherubimon began his chaos or Lucemon and the 10 Ancient Warriors and even before the war between Human Digimon and Beast Digimon, there was a War known as the Battle of Hikari and Yami. The leader of the Hikari was known as Granasmon and the leader of the Yami was known as Valmarmon. Both of them fought in a war and in the end, Granasmon won. But, the battle took even ounce of energy from Granasmon so, he slept for a long time. Legend says that one day, the leader of Yami, Valmarmon, will raise again one day and that day... Will come true*

EPISODE 1:The Story Begins! The Attack of ValWingmon!
By Ninetalesuk.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:Digimon is owned by Toei and Disney. And also Nintendo. Nintendo? Why Nintendo? You'll find out in this chapter. Some scenes in this story will be done by are Youkai Youko, owner of Inumon and his Digivolved forms along with Huskymon and her Digivolved forms. Some Digimon like Valmarmon and Panzerdramon belong to me. Takes place between Cherubimon saga and the Lucemon saga, don't ask how this fits in, I haven't got a clue! And also, I'm using the Japanese attacks of some Digimon till their dub names come out.


The Digital World that has a tale that no one can ever forget, a legend that was true and the Digimon that lived in this world was glad it was over and gone forever. But, that is what they thought it would be, until now....

A lone dragon stood on a cliff of a very high mountain, looking down at a town that was bristling with active Digimon. He sighed and walked in a cave and sat down. Silence.

Panzerdramon was his name, being as a humanoid dragon Digimon with wings that look soild, wearing gloves that is made of metal and wears an armour vest with a crest upon it that remembles Earth.


Guardian Dragon Digimon.
ATTACKS:Metal Dragon Punch, Shock-Wave.

(Tai) Panzerdramon is an Armour-Digivolved form of Divinemon with the unknown Digi-egg of Freedom! Whos Divinemon? Wait and see.


Panzerdramon sat down at the side of cave and took a deep sigh. "Someday...." He said, softly. "He will return. And someone have to stop him! No matter what the cost!"

"All right!" Came the voice of a Worm Trailmon. "We are nearing our next destination, everybody!"

Takuya Kanabara, a Digidestined who uses the Spirits of Fire, popped his head out of a window that belongs to the carriage that Worm was pulling. "That is good news! How long have we been on this track?!"

"About 4 days." The Worm said.

Takuya groaned and sat down, closing the window after getting his head out of the way. "Good news, you guys! We are finally arriving to a town!"

Junpei Shibayama, or JP for short and also the Digidestined who uses the Spirits of Thunder, sighed gladly. "Good! I was wondering if we were going to get off this train."

The Digidestined who uses the Spirit of Wind, Izumi 'Zoe' Orimoto, giggled. "We did stop a few times, silly. To get some food at the train stops before continuing."

"Heh. I knew that." JP said, blushing.

Tomoki 'Tommy' Himi, the Digidesined who uses the Spirits of Ice, smiled and walked up to Takuya. "When we get there, are we gonna get some rest, Takuya?"

Takuya nodded. "Yep! Nice, cosy beds to sleep in."

Kouji 'Koji' Minamoto, another Digidestined who uses the Spirits of Light, nodded. "That sounds nice, bad enough we had to sleep on these chairs whilst this Trailmon kept on moving."

Kouchi Kimura, the sixth and newest member of the Digidestined that uses the Spirits of Darkness, and also Koji's brother, looked around the carriage they are on. "I wonder where Bokomon is. We need to find out what town we are stopping at."

At that point, 3 Rookie Digimon entered the room, looking very tired. Bokomon, the Keeper of the Book. Neemon, the Keeper of his Pants and Patamon, the Rookie form of one of the 3 Great Angels known as Seraphimon.

Takuya looked at Bokomon. "Hey, Bokomon. We are coming to a city. Do you know what this is called with your magical book?"

Bokomon glared at Takuya. "My book is not magical, its just have intresting information." He pulled the book out of his pink belt and started to flip through until he came to a page. "Ah, we are arriving at Carbo Town at the Silesia Continent."

Patamon gasped. "I know that place! I remember now!"

"Remember what?" Kouchi asked.

"Silesia Continent has something that no other continents have!" Patamon said.

"Whats that?" Zoe asked.

"Humans." Patamon said.

"Huh?!" Takuya was shocked. "Humans? Like, non-Digimon like?"

"Yes." Patamon said, nodding. "Silesia is like a vanishing isle. It appears only once a month."

"Can you find about Silesia Continent in the book, Bokomon?" Koji asked.

Bokomon flipped a page and nodded. "Yes, here it is. Silesia Continent is home to humans, Digimon and Pokemon."

"Pokemon?" JP said, shocked. "Great, now we are arriving on the island with creatures from a video game!"

"Except you won't catch them. They will be hybrid-like." Bokomon said, still looking at the book.

"Which means they will speak human, walk human but, look Pokemonish." Tommy said.

"Correct!" Bokomon said. "Cherubimon didn't capture the data from this place because this continent has a special power."

"What sort of power?" Neemon asked.

"It says here that some Digimon have left somekind of power to make Silesia Continent vanish into another dimension for a month and return for 3 days." Bokomon said. "Maybe we should leave Carbo Town right now before we are teleported into another dimension."

Koji looked out the window and sighed. "No use. Look behind us."

Everyone peered out of the window and gasped. The mountain vanished behind them in a could of fog and well as fields and trees.

"We must have arrived on the last day when it leaves the Digital World for a month!" JP said. "And since we are nearing the contient, we are not leaving Silesia!"

"We are trapped inside Cilesa Content!" Neemon said, running around in a circle.

Bokomon sighed, grabbed Neemon's pants, streched it and *SLAP* "Silesia Continent!!! And, we are trapped for a MONTH! Once the month is over, it will return to the Digital World and we'll leave this place quickly!"

Takuya sighed and sat down. "What shall we do for the next month?"

"We'll cross that bridge later." Kouchi said, still looking outside the window. "We are nearing the Carbo Town."

As everyone looked outside the window, Patamon sat down and sighed. "Why do I get the feeling that trouble is nearby......"

Howling Mountaing, a special part of Silesia Contient where canine Digimon that resemble Dogs or Wolves lives upon, lead by Chatsuramon. Though, the Chatsuramon that works for Zhuqiaomon in the Tamer's Digital World was evil, the Howling Mountain's Chatsuramon would welcome any human or Digimon into their village as guests.

Usually, this village brims with joy and happiness but, something terrible has happened and has effected on a Digimon called Inumon, guardian of the Howling Mountains.

A long black dog that is crossed between a Dobermon and a Renamon sat in a dark and gloomy cave. This is Inumon.


Hell Hound Digimon.
ATTACKS:Hell Arrows, Deadly Claw.

(Agumon) Though a Virus type, Inumon is very loyal to his friends and has a heart of gold.


Usually, Inumon was happy but, whatever happened, it made his heart broken. With pain and sorrow, all he can think about is REVENGE!

Inumon stared outside the window and his mouth curled into a sneer. "Someday... Those Legendary Warriors will PAY!!!"

Carbo Village of the mysterious Silesia Continent. That was the first stop the Spirit Digidestined arrived at as the Trailmon Worm continued his path throughout the continent.

"So, Bokomon, does your book tell us about Carbo Village?" Tommy said.

Bokomon took one look at his book and shuts it before placing in back into his belt. "No. Just gives me the map and name about it. Also a small information about Silesia."

JP walked over to a small notice board. "Here is a notice board. Let's see, 'Carbo Village is one of the few villages that surports Lord Granasmon. Do not worry if this is the first time you have arrived as all our villagers are friendly.'"

"Lord Granasmon?" Kouchi said. "Who is 'Lord Granasmon'?"

Before anyone could say something, a Tentomon flew past by them quickly. "Outta my way!"

"Well, that was rude." Zoe said.

Takuya watched Tentomon flying away so quickly. "'Villagers are friendly.' Boy, if THAT is friendly, I hate to see what hatred is like in this village is."

Koji turned his head as he heard a lot of screams coming from the village. "Something is happening! Best to check it out!"

Neemon scratched his head. "Check what out?"

Bokomon ran with the Spirit Digidestined in front of him and Patamon flying above him. "Just follow us, you nitwit!"


Dragon Digimon.
ATTACKS:Fire Rocket, Flame Fist

(Davis) Flamedramon is one of Veemon's Armour Digivolved form with Digi-egg of Courage. This Digimon is also the Carbo Village's guardian.


People and Digimon gasped as they saw Flamedramon falling to ground from the gigantic wings that belongs to a small black imp-like creature.

"Had enough?" Said the winged-creature?

Flamedramon grunted. "Not in this life time, bub!" He leapt up and rocketed towards the creature in a burst of flame! "Fire Rocket!"

The creature laughed and.... "Wing Crash!"

Takuya and the group just arrived to see Flamedramon falling to the ground, blown back from the creature's attack.

"Oh no!" Cried a Koromon. "Flamedramon!"

"What are we going to do?!" A human asked.

Takuya looked at Koji and Kouchi and both of them nodded. They followed Takuya and stood in front of Flamedramon.

"What the...?" Flamedramon gasped, as he saw Takuya, Koji and Kouchi standing in front of him and glaring at the creature.

"Hey! Wing-nut!" Takuya shouted. "Who the heck are you?! Are you a Digimon?!"

"I'm PART of a Digimon! I am a part of Valmarmon!" The creature yelled, causing gasps from the Carbo villagers. "I am ValWingmon!!!"


Mutant Digimon.
ATTACKS:Dark Moon Wing, Wing Crash.

(Gatomon) Who knows what ValWingmon is except, he is the Wings of Valmarmon. Boy, his Dark Moon Wing doesn't sound like a walk in the park.


"ValWingmon?" Kouchi said, clearly confused.

"Part of Valmarmon?" Koji said, also confused.

"Yes!" ValWingmon said. "And I will destroy those who stands in my way! Say goodnight, humans!"

"No!" Takuya said as he took his D-Tector out of his pocket.

"Its YOU who will be saying 'good night'!" Koji said, pulling his D-Tector out as well.

"Let us show you what we can do." Kouchi said, holding his D-Tector out.

Everyone around the village, including Flamedramon and ValWingmon gasped when they saw what Takuya, Koji and Kouchi did.

"EXECUTE! SPIRIT EVOLUTION!!!" Yelled Takuya as he activated his Human Spirit of Flame to become... "AGUNIMON!!!"

"EXECUTE! SPIRIT EVOLUTION!!!" Yelled Koji as he activated his Human Spirit of Light to become.... "LOBOMON!!!"

"EXECUTE! SPIRIT EVOLUTION!!!" Yelled Kouchi as he activated his Human Spirit of Darkness to become.... "LOWEMON!!!"

"What is THIS?!" ValWingmon gasped as he saw Agunimon, Lobomon and Lowemon standing in front of him, replacing Takuya, Koji and Kouchi.

"It is really them?" A Biyomon asked.

"The Legendary Warriors?" A little human girl asked.

"That is us!" Agunimon said before pointing at ValWingmon. "And your going down now, buddy!"

"I think not!" ValWingmon yelled as his black wings glowed with dark energy. "Dark Moon Wing!!!"

Agunimon, Lobomon and Lowemon leapt into the air as ValWingmon brought out some small black moons, fired from his wing and causing small explosions as they hit the ground.

Flamedramon quickly leapt from his position, jumped out of ValWingmon's attack and landed near the crowd. "That was close."

"Flamedramon, are you all right?" A Agumon asked.

"I'm fine." Flamedramon said before looking back at the battle. "It's up to the Legendary Warriors now."

ValWingmon laughed as he couldn't see Agunimon, Lobomon or Lowemon. "See! Even though you are the Legendary Warriors, there is no way....."

Agunimon leapt through the clouds and started to spin in a pillar of fire. "Pyro Tornado!!!"

"...you can win..." ValWingmon said, gulping as he was caught in the spinning pillar of fire. "ARGH! Too hot! Too hot! Argh!!!!"

When ValWingmon came out of the flame with burnt marks on him, he was met by Lobomon and the gun that was on his arm. "Howling Laser!"

ValWingmon screamed with pain as Lobomon's attack struck him in the wing. "I don't believe it! They are REALLY the Legendary Warriors!" Then, he crashed onto the ground.

When ValWingmon crashed to the ground, he saw Lowemon standing a few meters away from him and opened the lion's mouth that was upon his chest. "Endlich Meteor!"

"You may defeated me, Warriors." ValWingmon said before Lowemon's attack struck him in the chest. "But, you will NEVER defeat Valmarmon! ARGH!!!!!!"

Lowemon leapt up and held his D-Tector out as Digi-code swirled around ValWingmon. Inside the code was a small object with a pair of black-wings upon it. "Its over, ValWingmon. Let this Digivice purify your soul! Digi-code SCAN!!"

The Digi-code was scanned into Lowemon's D-Tector and ValWingmon was defeated. The villagers were amazed and happy that the Legendary Warriors saved them.

As Lowemon changed back into Kouchi, one question remained in Kouchi's head. "Who is Valmarmon?"

(Rika) 'Good question. Who IS Valmarmon? Is this a start of a new adventure? And whats with Inumon? What has the Legendary Warrior ever did to him? To find out, what out for the next chapter of DIGIMON FRONTIER:THE REVIVAL OF VALMARMON!'

Thats a start. Thought this story up with the help of Youkai Youko. Wanting to read more? Stay tune for future chapters.