(Guardromon) The final battle has begun but, the side of good was losing when it turns out that Valmarmon can be powered up by absorbing the fears of the Silesia World's Pokemon hybrids after witnessing the deadly, destructive powers of Doomsdramon! After a brief speech from Zoe and Tommy, the people began to regain their hopes and dreams, powering up the body of Omnimon and turning them back into WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, creating the ultimate Digital weapon called the Omega Sword and Imperialdramon Mode Changed once again to PALADIN MODE to slash Doomsdramon in pieces! With Valmarmon in shock, the hopes and dreams from the people of Silesia World created a new evolution between EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon that spells doom for Valmarmon... FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Episode 52:Execute Ancient Spirit Evolution, Susanoomon! A New Legend Has Begun!
By Ninetalesuk

AUTHOR'S NOTE:All right, people! This is it! The final chapter of my BIG Pokemon/Digimon story!

Davis: Let's party!

And we all know YOUR happy, Davis... Explain later AFTER we bring in our guests.

Gomamon: All right! First up, let us bring in Lighting and his Digimon, Gillimon!

Lighting: Hello! Hello!

Gillimon (A blue version of Guilmon): Hiya, people!

Takato: (Checking D-Power readings) Gillimon... A Rookie Data type Digimon. He is like Guilmon's cousin with a BIG difference. Gillimon is very sarcastic, hard-headed and has a hot tempter.

Gillimon: (Face went boiling red) THAT'S NOT TRUE!

Lighting: Whos next?

Gomamon: Next is Youkai Youko! With her is Inumon, YashaInumon, Huskymon, BelleHuskymon and ShadowHuskymon!

Sora: Whispers to Kari Let's hope they still have those Hypno Seeds inside them...

Kari: Whispers back I hope so too... For some control around here...

Youko: Hello, everyone!

Inumon: Here we are! Grins

YashaInumon: Sad Hello...

Huskymon: Sad as well Hi...

BelleHuskymon: Also sad We are here...

ShadowHuskymon: You get the picture. She is sad Whoopie...

Izzy: What is the matter with them...?

Inumon: They are upset because chapter 50 contained MagnaGarurumon for the LAST time!

YashaInumon: Breaks out in a waterfall of tears OH, WHY ME! WHY! WHY! WHY!

Huskymon, BelleHuskymon, ShadowHuskymon: Breaks out in tears as well OH, THE HUMANITY!

Youko: You guys are freaking me out... o.OU Edges away

¬¬U... And while they are watering the lawn with their tears... We can bring in Pyr...

Crash! Bang! Wallop!

Palmon: Giggles Here we go again...

A small castle was built and Tai, Matt, Davis, Ken, TK, Takato, Henry, Kazu, Ryo, Sora and Kari were standing upon it

Kazu: I'm King of the World!

Sora: Oh, shut up, Y2J! I mean... Kazu!

Kazu: Yes, mam...

Lighting: Whoa! Never knew those guys could build a castle THAT fast...

Rika: Smirks Well, they can do that when they get a little modivated.

Jeri: Rika! What are you doing here!

Rika: I am no longer the narrator, Jeri. Since this IS the last chapter.

Renamon: So, Ninetalesuk... Bring in our next guest.

Right. Here is Pyra, her Yami known as Flarona and MizuRenamon!

Pyra: YES! We are here!

Flarona: Finally...

MizuRenamon: Ready to do some sparring, my dear sister?

Renamon: I am ready.

ElecTerriermon: Pops his head out of Pyra's backpack This is gonna be sweet!

Pyra: Oo YOU!

Erm... And it seems that ElecTerriermon is here as well... --

Youko: Oh no...

Terriermon: Oh yeah! Nice to meet yer, bro!

ElecTerriermon: Nice to meet ya too!

Cody: I am so glad that Digidestined of Courage isn't here otherwise, if BlackTerriermon joins those two, our ENTIRE world of sanity is in TROUBLE!

Joe: Way to be so dramatic, Cody...

Terriermon: So, how is it with crazy China girl there?

ElecTerriermon: Oh, its fine... But, its her snoring that bothers me.

Flarona: Uh oh...

Pyra: Face REALLY red WHAT! Wacks Terriermon and ElecTerriermon with a huge golf club I DO NOT SNORE!

Terriermon and ElecTerriermon crashes on top of the castle, landing on a couple of Digidestined

Henry: Nice for you two to join us...

Terriermon: On top of Davis Thanks... Henry... Ow...

ElecTerriermon: On top of Tai That was fun! Let's do it again!

Davis: No...

Tai: They are heavy... What did they eat! Bricks!

Next, we have AnT and his Humanials!

AnT: That is US!

Max: Wearing a HUGE helmet on his head Yeah... That us! Ready to read the last chapter and me, to be ready for Terra's HIT IT speech!

Terra: Who says I can't do THIS! Kicks Max

Max: YARGH! Flew through the air and lands on the castle I want my mummy...

Ryo: Gee... Your tough, aren't ya...?

Max: Coming from a guy who is scared of a 11-year old...

Matt: You don't know Pyra very well like we do...

TK: Got that right.

Max: Gulp

Chiller: Agumon?

Agumon: NO! I don't want to challange you again!

Chiller: It's not that... Hands Agumon a box Here is a special gift I'm giving to you. A sort of a gift to make peace.

Agumon: Oh... OK... Takes gift, walks away What do I need with a stinky gift, anyway! Hey, I got it! Biyomon!

Biyomon: Yeah, Agumon?

Agumon: A gift for you! Hands Biyomon the box

Biyomon: Ooh, thank you. Opens it Whats in it...? Gasps, takes object out and face became red hot WHAT! IS! THIS?

Agumon: Paled face A... hair clip...?

Biyomon: WHY YOU!

Agumon: YAH! Runs away Chiller, I will get you for this!

Biyomon: Come back here! Runs after Agumon

Chiller: Hmm... So, THAT was in that box.

AnT: Wait a second... You didn't planned that!

Chiller: Nah... Some guy in a cloak gave me that box, gave me $20 and told me to give it to Agumon.

Mallory: I wonder who that guy was...?

Sora: Sees Tai's grinning face Tai...? Was that YOU!

Tai: Oh yeah... That will each Agumon to disturb our lunch date!

Matt: I'm scared for you, man...

Tai: Gee... thanks, Matt... ¬¬U

Lighting: So, when will the story start!

AnT: After this... Mallory, Chiller wants a kiss from you.

Mallory: Really! Oh, Chilly!

Chiller: YAH! Runs off I will get you, AnT!

Mallory: Come here, my Chilly-Frilly! Runs after Chiller

Agumon: HELP! Runs past Lighting and Gillimon

Biyomon: I'M GONNA KILL YOU! Runs after Agumon

Lighting: Whoa.. Never knew Agumon can run THAT fast on short legs...

Gillimon: Nice to know Biyomon picked something nice from Sora...

Guardromon: Kazu! Lands beside his Tamer

Kazu: Guardromon! Finished your narratation for the start of each chapters?

Guardromon: Yes... And I am sad that this is the end! An shed of oil tear came from his eyes and picked his Tamer up This is a sad day for me! The greatest story has come to an end and now, it has come to this! Drops Kazu, who fell face on the stones while Guardromon fell to his knees Curse us all! It's coming to an end! WHY! WHY? WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN! WHY?

Ken: Mega sweatdrop from his head Why do I get the feeling that after that beating up from Orochimon in the Tamer season, Kazu's Guardromon went a bit insane...?

Ryo: Mega sweatdrop as well Maybe because Guardromon was insane BEFORE he bump into Orochimon...?

YashaInumon: Blinks That was weird...

Huskymon: I'm worried about Kazu's Digimon...

BelleHuskymon: Yeah, hes weird.

Youko: Can't say about you...

ShadowHuskymon: We are not weird and you can't prove it!

Inumon: Oh yeah? Chucks a small MagnaGarurumon plushie

Two seconds later and there is a could of dust from the fighting of YashaInumon, Huskymon, BelleHuskymon and ShadowHuskymon over the MagnaGarurumon plushie

YashaInumon: IT'S MINE!

Huskymon: NO, IT ISN'T!

BelleHuskymon: GIVE ME THAT!

ShadowHuskymon: YOU $£&! IT'S MINE!

Youko: I rest my case... --U

Pyra: Flarona... What did ShadowHuskymon said?

Flarona: Tell you later... In about 4 or 5 years...

Pyra: Huh...?

All right! Final chapter of Digimon Frontier:The Revival of Valmarmon BEGIN!

Yolei: Shall we?

Terra: Let's...

Tentomon: This will be good.

Terra/Yolei: HIT IT!

Terriermon/ElecTerriermon: Wacks Davis and Max


Max: Okay... ¬¬U Ow...

Valmarmon was about to destroy Takuya and Koji after they de-evolved back from EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon when their D-Tectors started to shine brightly. "What in the...?"

Takuya smiled as his body was covered in flames. "And now, to unravel the true power of the Legendary Warriors! Ready, Koji!"

"LET'S DO IT!" Koji yelled out as his body was shine in light, causing a massive explosion.

"What is this?" Valmarmon shouted in fear.


Takuya's body was still covered in flames as the Human and Beast Spirits of Flame, Wind, Ice, Wood and Earth surrounded him.


Koji's body was still covered in light as the Human and Beast Spirits of Light, Darkness, Thunder, Water and Metal surrounded him.


With those words said, a massive evolution explosion appeared as the bodies of Takuya and Koji became one with the 20 Spirits to form a new warrior!

A warrior was combined with pieces of EmpeorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, with their gaunlets have the head of the two Zeta warriors like they were the new version of Omnimon, a huge golden ring appeared on his back as his head was formed and called out his new name...


"Ready for round three, Valmarmon? Cause I am..." Susanoomon said, staring at Valmarmon.

Valmarmon's face was shocked and surprised. And for the first time in the demon's life, Valmarmon... was SCARED! "Who... Who are you...?"

"I am the Warrior of Peace and Hope! I am the Inheritor of the Spirits of the ten Legendary Warriors." Said the mighty Susanoomon, speaking in combined voices of Takuya and Koji. "I am Susanoomon!"

"S-Susanoomon!" Valmarmon gasped.

Granasmon's spirit and Nefertimon were in awe as they witness Susanoomon's evolution.

"This is amazing..." Nefertimon said, turning to Granasmon. "It seems that the Spirits have answered the prayers of the people of Silesia World... What do you think?"

Granasmon was still in shock. "Nefertimon... I have never expected this... I thought the evolution to EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon was the full evolution of the Legendary Warriors. This changes everything..."

Nefertimon gasped when Granasmon said that. Then, the Holy God held his hand out and a image of Susanoomon appeared in the air with some information underneath it.


God Man Digimon
ATTACKS:Celestial Blade, Heaven's Thunder

"Hybrid! What is Hybrid!" Nefertimon asked.

"Hybrid is the level of what the Human, Beast, Advance and Zeta Warriors are at." Granasmon explained. "And Variable means it could be a Vaccine, Virus or Data type."

"So... Why does it say that Susanoomon is either a Mega or a Hybrid level Digimon...?" Nefertimon asked once again.

Granasmon sighed. "I don't know but... I have a feeling that Susanoomon is our final hope for this world..."

"Whoa! How many secret evolution does those Spirits have?" JP said, amazed as he and everyone watched through Datamon's viewing screen back at Primary Village when the arrival of Susanoomon amazed them all.

Bokomon mused. "Seems to me that the Spirits have answered to the hopes and dreams these people were begging to get back. Just like Omnimon transformed back into WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon and his body changed into the Omega Sword to make Imperialdramon become Paladin Mode, the 20 Spirits have finally decided together to stop Valmarmon once and for all!"

"Gee, Bokomon... When you have a lot to say, you say it!" Gigachumon said, smirking.

Zoe giggled. "So, what are chances of Valmarmon winning this battle...?"

"I can tell you this..." Patamon said, flapping beside Salamon and Lopmon. "The final battle has FINALLY begun!"

Valmarmon was standing, shock still as he stared at Susanoomon.

Susanoomon smirked. "What is the matter, Valmarmon! Don't tell me. Scared are we?"

"What?" Valmarmon gasped, anger reaching his face as Susanoomon was MOCKING him! "How dare you! I am not scared! You just surprised me! After all, I thought this Unified Spirit Evolution was your final form!"

"But, as you can see... ITS NOT!" Susanoomon said. "Valmarmon! I have arrived to bring the peace and hope back to the Silesia World and YOU are happen to be in the way! Your heart is full of evil and despair! I know that you will laugh happily to see someone withering in great pain! I will not allow you to live any longer!"

Valmarmon yelled in rage. "WHO GIVES YOU THE RIGHT! I AM A GOD, YOU CAN'T WITHSTAND ME!" He drew his fist back as dark energy covered his fist. "SUSANOOMON! I WILL MAKE YOU FALL! YOU HEAR ME? BLACK KNUCKLE!"

Taking the hit onto his chest, Susanoomon grunted from the dark energy blast from the fist of Valmarmon as he was being pushed backwards from the attack. "It starts..." He mumbled.

"You brats stood in my way long enough! I have been foolish to let you live! I should have destroyed you when I had the chance after I was reborn back at Daemon's castle!" Valmarmon yelled out. "And I came to a full conclusion!"

"Whats that...?" Susanoomon said, looking up when Valmarmon's attack was gone.

"Daemon always told me about 8 children that is partnered with a Digimon each! They were also known as the Digidestined! With their Digivices and Crests, they can Digivolve them to defeat the ultimate evil like Myotismon, the Dark Masters and Apocalymon! Then, a new batch of Digidestined with new Digivices and Digimentals, they also defeated some great evil like the Digimon Emperor and MaloMyotismon! I consider them threats to ME! Then, the Digimon Tamers! FOUR of them have the power to Bio-Merge with their Digimon to the Mega level! Defeating a massive threat known as the D-Reaper! I also consider them a threat!" Valmarmon said, clutching his fists and teeth.

Susanoomon crossed his arms. "So, what is your point! Speak otherwise, I will die of boredom from your speech!"

"SHUT UP!" Valmarmon yelled in fustration. "I CAME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT YOU, YOUR FRIENDS AND THE LEGENDARY WARRIORS WHERE A THREAT TO MY EXISTENCE! I should have known when ShadowHuskymon reported from Articuno Village about your arrival as Legendary Warriors that I should underestimated you... and now, I will make up those mistakes by DESTROYING YOU AND THE SPIRITS OF THE LEGENDARY WARRIORS!"

"Your all talk but, no action." Susanoomon said, smirking. "So, instead of yelling, why not battle me and see if you can REALLY show us that you can win!"

"You will regret that!" Valmarmon said, throwing off a few more blasts of dark energy from his fists. "Black Knuckle!"

The Demon God used rapid Black Knuckle to hit Susanoomon, some of them missed and caused a cloud of dust as Valmarmon continued his attack. He soon stopped, waiting for his results if Susanoomon is really injured or not.

Valmarmon's answer came when the dust was cleared away and Susanoomon stood up, without any damage on his body. The Demon God's eyes were widen to terror as Susanoomon jumped towards him and PUNCHED him in the face, HARD!

"Looks like your Black Knuckle is useless now, Valmarmon!" Susanoomon called out as Valmarmon started to get up and rubbed his face from that massive punch. "Better think up of another plan!"

"You dare mock me!" Valmarmon called out, clutching his fists as he stared venomisly to his opponent.

Susanoomon laughed. "I don't dare mocking you, I AM mocking you!"

"You will pay for that remark!" Valmarmon shouted out as his body started to glow black. "Supreme Darkness!"

A blast of dark energy coming out of Valmarmon's body was thrown towards Susanoomon as the gallant warrior quickly leapt up into the air and watched as the black mist destroyed the red rocks where he once stood upon.

"Whoa! I guess that is a close one!" Susanoomon said before he noticed that Valmarmon has disappeared. "Hey! Where did that big, fat jerk gone off to!"

The moment Susanoomon said that, Valmarmon appeared behind the God Man Digimon and threw his fist to punch Susanoomon to the reddish rocky ground before he flew up high and held two massive balls of darkness in his hand.

"Boy... Shouldn't have let our guard down, huh...?" Susanoomon mumbled to himself in Takuya's voice.

"Yeah, I guess so..." Koji's voice mumbled from Susanoomon. "But, it seems Valmarmon is losing power ever since Imperialdramon became Paladin Mode..."

Takuya's voice smirked as Susanoomon got up and stared at Valmarmon. "I get the feeling, Koji, that Valmarmon's power to absorb fear can't absorb HIS fear..."

Koji's voice gasped as the black balls Valmarmon was holding was getting bigger and bigger. "Your right... And I guess that means that is all over for him!"

"Susanoomon! With this attack, I shall DESTROY you and those blasted Spirits, FOR GOOD!" Valmarmon yelled out throwing the double black balls towards Susanoomon. "SHADOWS OF DEATH!"

Susanoomon didn't had time to react as the double balls of darkness covered him and exploding in a blast of darkness, causing some boulders and huge rocks to fall into dust. Valmarmon laughed and laughed as the explosion of dark energy went away, leaving a huge dome-like area on the huge red moon. The form of Susanoomon... was GONE!

Valmarmon lifted his head in a huge bellow of evil laughter. "I did it! I did it! Susanoomon has been defeated! I am unbeatable! No one can stop me! NO ONE!" His laughter soon died when he saw something above him. "HUH!"

Hovering above the Demon God was none other than Susanoomon, who's body hasn't been scratched by the double power of Valmarmon's Shadow of Death. He lowered his eyes at Valmarmon's horrified face. "What is the matter with you now, buddy? Scared! You should be! Do you really think your Shadow of Death can defeat us?"

"Wha...? How...? Why...?" Valmarmon studdered. He mumbled to himself. "I... I can't believe this... How can he be more stronger than ME? How could he survive that attack? He can't be that powerful! He is just formed by 2 mere humans with 20 Spirits of worthless warriors! He can not win!" In rage, he yelled out. "HOW DID YOU ESCAPE!"

Susanoomon looked at Valmarmon cooley. "I think its because you are getting weaker because of your fear against ME! Valmarmon, you should know the truth now! The people are no longer afride of you! They are getting fed up of you trying to destroy their lives all because YOU want to do things your own way! And I have to agree! Two days ago, the Day of Evil has begun! And today, the Day of Evil is FINISHED!"

"Try!" Valmarmon said, smirking. "Try all you like! I will come out as the victor!"

"We will see about that!" Susanoomon said as clouds appeared above him. The golden ring on his back glowed and Susanoomon summoned from the palm of his hands, 6 yellow dragon-headed creatures, created by electricity, came out of the clouds. "It's time to end this for good. HEAVEN'S THUNDER!"

Valmarmon screamed in shock as the 6 electric dragons grabbed his head, waste, arms and legs and pushed him to the reddish rocky grounds of his moon. "IMPOSSIBLE! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?"

"Valmarmon... It ends right here... RIGHT NOW!" Susanoomon yelled out as a massive weapon, fused with the cannon of MagnaGarurumon and parts of EmperorGreymon. The small object on Susanoomon's head, came down and covered his eyes as a LONG yellow energy blade came out of the cannon. "CELESTIAL BLADE!"

Gasping in shock, Valmarmon tried to struggle from the grasp on the thunder dragon's as Susanoomon's most powerful attack was cutting THROUGH his moon and the blade was about to cut through HIM!

"No... No... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" A blood-curling scream came from the lips of the Demon God Digimon as the blade sliced him in half and the red moon that belongs to Valmarmon EXPLODED into many pieces of small rocks.

"Can it be...?" Zera gasped.

Kouchi nodded, smiling. "It is, Your Holiness. Valmarmon has been DEFEATED!"

When the explosion has calmed down, Susanoomon was hovering in the starry-space as his cannon weapon vanished. Valmarmon was hovering in space as well... Who's demon-wings were destroyed and his face was full of pain.

Then, Valmarmon gave out another blood-curling scream as his Digi-code came out and covered his ENTIRE body... Only his head reminded, pain came across it.

"I...I can't lose..." Valmarmon choked. "I...I can't lose... to humans... I...I was... so close..."

Susanoomon hovered in front of Valmarmon and the D-Tectors of Takuya and Koji appeared in his hands. "Valmarmon! Your heart is full of hatred and evil! I will make sure that your plage of darkness will end this minute! Let this Digi-vice PURIFY your soul! Digi-code SCAN!"

"NO! ONE DAY, DIGIDESTINED! ONE DAY! EVIL WILL RETURN AND NOT EVEN SUSANOOMON WILL STOP THE EVIL! MARK MY WORDS, ONE DAY! YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" Valmarmon screamed one last time as his Digi-code was scanned into the D-Tectors and his body vanished.

When Valmarmon's body vanished, Susanoomon spotted something that Valmarmon has left behind. "The seven pieces of Valmarmon... What shall we do with them...?"

With those words said, the 7 pieces started to glow in a blinding light that didn't bothered Susanoomon and then, EXPLODED into a thousand pieces of data.

The Eye, ValEyemon! The Tounge, ValToungemon! The Wings, ValWingmon! The Claws, ValClawmon! The Body, ValBodymon! The Horns, ValHornmon! The Heart, ValHeartmon! They ceased to exist!

"It is over... For now..." Susanoomon said before he de-evolved into Agunimon and Lobomon.

Agunimon grinned. "We did it, buddy!"

"Yeah, we did!" Lobomon replied, smiling as well.

A portal appeared in space and the two Human Warriors leapt through the portal before it closed behind.

Everyone in the Primary Village was cheering after the victory.

"We are safe! We are safe! The Legendary Warriors have saved us!" Espa said, dancing around.

Velene started to cry in happiness, nuzzling her baby Vulpix son. "Oh... I'm so glad."

"We are safe, mommy?" Eva asked, timidly.

Flara picked Eva up and hugged her, crying out of happiness as well. "Yes, my dear. It is over."

Zoe smiled as she looked at her D-Tector. "Kazemon and Zephyrmon's Spirits are back!"

"So are Lowemon and KaiserLeomon's!" Kouchi said.

JP grinned. "Welcome back, Beetlemon! MetalKabuterimon!"

"Same goes to you, Kumamon! Korikkakumon!" Tommy said, grinning.

Veemon walked up to Bokomon. "So, what are you going to do now...?"

"I...I dunno yet..." Bokomon replied.

Patamon flew out with Salamon and Lopmon. "Come on!"

"Let's go! Let's go!" Salamon giggled.

"Yay!" Lopmon cheered.

Kuzaimon smirked. "Will they ever grow up? Heh..."

The portal closed behind Agunimon and Lobomon as they arrived back into the Silesia World. Agunimon turned towards where Valmarmon's evil army was and found out that they are gone.

"Where did they go!" Agunimon asked.

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode was nearby, holding his new Omega Sword as he stared where Agunimon was looking at. "They dissolved into Digital Dust... Their life source came from the powers of Valmarmon and after you defeat him, they vanished..."

"Whoa..." Lobomon gasped.

Inumon ran up to the two Warriors with Huskymon, Labramon, Divinemon and Jaguarmon. "You did it, you guys! You did it! YOU BEAT VALMARMON!"

"The Day of Evil is over! FINALLY OVER!" Labramon said, grinning.

MegaGargomon noticed something. "Not for you two..."

Before Inumon and Labramon could react of what MegaGargomon was saying, they were pounced and brought to the ground by a happy Salamon and Lopmon.

"Mamapapa!" Salamon cheered, grinning as she jumped up and down on Inumon's back.

"Oof! Nice to see you too, Salamon..." Inumon mumbled, grunting after feeling the small landings from the Rookie form of Ophanimon.

"Argh! Be careful, Lopmon! I've been out getting my butt whooped out there!" Labramon shouted out as Lopmon hopped up and down on him.

Lopmon giggled. "Mamapapa!"

JP, Kouchi, Tommy, Zoe, Bokomon, Neemon and Gigachumon came out of the Primary Village and ran up to the conquering heroes.

"Takuya! Koji! You did it!" JP called out, happily.

Agunimon shook his head. "No... It wasn't us out there... True, we kicked Valmarmon to the grave but, it was you guys who helped us! You never gave up and gave everybody the hope we needed in order to defeat Valmarmon and Doomsdramon."

"Thats right." Imperialdramon PM said, nodding. "Thank you..."

"So, now the threat of our world is finished, what will you guys do...?" Gigachumon asked.

"I think I will answer that..." Came a voice and WarGreymon landed beside Magnadramon and Angedramon with MetalGarurumon.

"MetalGarurumon! Your all right!" Machinedramon called out.

MetalGarurumon smirked. "I know..."

"I believe the reason you were brought into our world because of your strength, hopes, courage and the power of the Spirits of the Ancient Warriors to defeat Valmarmon and unlock dark secrets..." WarGreymon explained. "And now its done, it is time for you to go back into the Digital World to save it from an unknown force and return the Great Angels back to bring peace once again... I'm sorry, I know you just won but, it is time you head on back!"

"No worries! We understand!" Tommy said, smiling. "I'm just sad that after all the things we did, we have to leave everybody!"

Zoe bowed her head. "One day, Tommy... When we are allowed to home... We will have to leave our Spirits and the Digimon behind... I don't know why but, I just got this feeling..."

"Neverless, WarGreymon is right!" Bokomon said, crossing his arms. "It is time to go and we have to bring Salamon and Lopmon with us since they are once Ophanimon and Cherubimon..."

Huskymon nodded. "I understand... Even though Salamon was hatched yesterday, it will be sad to see her go..."

"I...I agree..." Inumon said, bowing his head.

"Maybe you will get to see Lopmon again, huh...?" Jaguarmon asked, looking at Labramon with a sad look in her eyes.

Labramon looked at the sadden Lopmon and gave out a weak smile. "Yeah... I guess..."

"After we taken a few days rest... We will leave..." Agunimon said, staring into the sky.

"Lord Granasmon! Is it really over! Is Valmarmon really gone!" Nefertimon asked.

Granasmon nodded. "Yes... The threat is eleminated and all is well now... Isn't that right, my friend?" The spirit of the Holy God turned his direction to the shadows.

A young man, dressed in a cloak that resembles something from a Jedi, came out of the shadows with a small smile. "Yes... When you told Azulongmon and me about these children be able to evolve into Legendary Warriors, we were intrested. I was truely amazed of their fighting skills."

"I thank you, Gennai." Granasmon said, nodding.

Gennai nodded as well. "I will report back to Azulongmon and tell him everything. After this, we will come to a choice to see if we will need Takuya and his friends' help to battle an unknown evil that we do not know about..."

"I bid thee well?" Granasmon asked, smiling.

"I bid thee well..." Gennai replied, vanishing into thin air.

Nefertimon brought her wings out and started to fly away. "I will be rejoining His Holiness Zera! Goodbye, Lord Granasmon!"

"Goodbye, Nefertimon! Thank you so much! Goodbye!" Granasmon called out, waving as the massive white, winged cat flew away. "Goodbye..." And with that, he vanished...

6 days have passed after the defeat of Valmarmon and throughout these six days, the people were celebrating... All except six Digimon who stood on a hillside.

"I still can't believe that Daemon and Valmarmon are gone..." LadyDevimon mumbled.

ShadowGrumblemon sighed. "What shall we do now...? Apart from us six, all the evil Digimon have been defeated!"

"I guess we will lie low until there is another evil Digimon we can work for..." ShadowRanamon said. "But, I wonder if he will accept us..."

"He has too... Since we worked for Daemon and helped him bring the chaos back to this world, no one will ever forgive us!" MechBlastoisemon explained.

MarineDevimon scratched his head. "Your right... Come on, let's go..."

"Can we stop for a cheeseburger...?" SkullSatamon asked as they walked away.


Angedramon pointed to a portal that was upon the tracks of a Trailmon with Takuya standing beside her. "This portal will take you back into the Digital World. I wish you luck when you get back there, young Takuya."

"Thanks!" Takuya said, grinning and walked back to join his friends.

Takuya, Koji, Kouchi, JP, Tommy, Zoe, Bokomon, Neemon, Patamon, Lopmon and Salamon stood beside a Trailmon carriage as they faced the people of Silesia World that want to say goodbye to the people that have saved their world.

Gigachumon grinned. "I guess this is it!"

"Can't believe it is all over!" Ryumon said, with a frown. "And just when I was pumped up!"

"Let it go will ya?" Kuzaimon said, giggling before looking at the Digidestined. "Besides... I'm gonna miss you guys..."

"Good luck..." Kitsunamon said, nodding.

Antlyamon bowed. "Thank you for everything!"

"Our homes are saved because of you." Chatsuramon said, smiling.

"And we can start our children..." Lynxmon said, purring as she rubbed against Mihiramon.

"Erm... Goodbye!" Mihiramon said, blushing a bright red.

Vajramon chuckled and nodded towards Koji. "So long, kid."

"Be careful!" Pajiramon said, laughing as well.

"Thanks for everything!" Kumbhiramon said, grinning.

Datamon turned to Tommy. "I will stay here for a little longer so, I will see ya later in the Digital World. Okay?"

"Okay!" Tommy said, nodding.

Inumon sighed. "You will be good, won't you, Salamon?"

"Yes, mamapapa." Salamon said, sadly.

"Don't worry. You will be all right." Huskymon said, smiling as she hugged Inumon.

Labramon smiled towards Lopmon. "And you will be good as well, won't ya?"

"Yeah, mamapapa! I will!" Lopmon said, smiling.

Jaguarmon giggled. "Be careful, will ya?"

Husk laughed. "So long, you guys."

"Take care!" Huska said, waving.

"See ya!" Huskta called out.

"Thank you for everything..." The fully recovered BelleHuskymon said, bowing.

"Until next time..." Kitsumon smiled.

"So long." Divinemon finished.

"Thank you so much, Legendary Warriors." The Lugia City Angewomon said, smiling.

Neemon waved. "Bye, bye, Ange-who-mon."

"Its Ange-WO-mon, you nut brain!" Bokomon said, using the pants slap on Neemon.

Berus grinned. "Bye!"

"Bye from me too!" Inferno said, grinning as well.

Raidramon nodded. "And that goes for me too..."

"Goodbye, my friends." Hawkmon said, bowing.

"See ya, don't wanna be ya!" Finchmon chirped.

Takuya turned to Veemon and smiled. "Do not worry, Veemon... One of these days, we will see each other again. I know that!"

Veemon looked shock. "Really?"

"Sure..." Kouchi said. "You helped us a lot since the start of the adventure... Your part of the team... No matter how far we are..."

"Thanks, Veemon." Koji said, nodding.

Patamon nodded as well. "Thank you, Veemon."

"Yeah, thanks Veemon!" JP said, grinning.

"No problem, you guys." Veemon said, smiling. "I will miss you."

"And we will miss you too..." Zoe said, smiling.

Zera sighed. "It is time to go..."

Sundramon turned to Panzerdramon and smiled. "They are truely are the Legendary Warriors, aren't they, Panzerdramon-sama?"

"Yes, I guess they are..." Panzerdramon said, smirking.

Inumon walked away towards the Trailmon. "I wonder what type of Trailmon they are taking..." He stopped when he saw the Traimon. "Oh no... Not him!"

"Keep rolling, rolling, rolling. Keep rolling, rolling, rolling!" Whistled the Kettle Trailmon, singing the WWE's Undertaker's theme song from Limp Bizkit, Rolling.

"Heh... At least they will get musical entertainment." Gigachumon said, laughing.

Takuya laughed as well as he and others were boarding the carriage. "Come on! Let's GO!"

As soon as the carriage doors were closed, the Kettle Trailmon peeped and whistled as they started to move away. Everyone waved to the Trailmon that was leaving with the heroes.

"Goodbye!" Velene called out.

Eva waved as well. "Thanks for everything, you guys!"

"Take care! Goodbye!" Yena called out, smiling.

"See ya!" Takuya called out, poking his head out of the window, waving.

Tommy did the same thing with JP and the others. "Bye, Veemon!"

"See ya!" JP called out.

"So long!" Zoe shouted.

"Goodbye!" Koji yelled out.

Kouchi laughed as he waved as well. "Sayanora, my friends!"


The people cheered as the Trailmon, carrying the Digidestined, vanished through the portal...

(Takuya) So, that was that... Our adventure in the Silesia World came to an end... Their entire world is save thanks to us... Although, we did had some little help. Laughs Anyway, we will soon dealing with another threat known as the return of Lucemon and his Royal Knights, Crusadermon and Dynasmon. The moment we deal with those guys, we all returned home... leaving Bokomon and the Digimon behind with the Legendary Warriors... Our adventure may have come to an end but, we will keep the memories of all the friends we have made...

And I know a fact that one day... We will see each other again... I PROMISE YOU THAT!


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