Thank you to RedDragon for helping me with the title of this fic, and although this starts off in canon of Series Three, it does quickly divert off into AU.


Fourteen year old Harvey Hunter sighed as he trudged towards the local Library. Amidst the growing madness involving the green badges, the University and SPLATweb, he was glad to have been given a simple task to complete by his mother. Although the telephones and the Internet were currently down, Mrs Hunter had requested for Harvey to go to the Library, so that he could pick up the latest book by her favourite author for her.

Having obliged to this easy task, Harvey had strolled along the path to the Library, and as he approached it, he was startled to see that the doors were firmly sealed shut. Jogging up to the doors, Harvey squinted his eyes, attempting to see the interior of the building.

It was in the height of summer, meaning that at least one of the doors should have been open, in order to get some fresh air in. However, there seemed to be no one in the Library itself and when Harvey tried to open the doors, he found that they wouldn't budge.

Annoyed at wasting his time and confused about why the Library was shut in the middle of the afternoon, Harvey nearly jumped out of his skin when a voice piped up from a few metres away.

"Didn't know that the Library was closed, did you?"

Turning his head, Harvey smiled slightly upon seeing an old woman, a dog on a leash by her side.

"Oh, n-no. I came here to get my Mum a book, but now, I can't…. Why is the Library closed anyway?"

The old woman glanced round quickly before answering his question. "It's the same with the Internet and the telephones. Shut them all down. I think they're all connected in some way."

"Yeah…" Harvey frowned. "Maybe because they all share information and provide people with it, as well?"

The woman's eyebrows rose. "Wow, I never thought of it like that. Anyways, I hope they get the Library open soon, I belong to their book club and I enjoy going there. Actually, Spot does too."


The old lady gestured proudly to her dog. "Spot. She's ten next month. Been with me for eight years now, she's my best friend."

Harvey smiled warmly and slung his backpack over both of his shoulders, before crouching down. Extending a hand, he started to pet the dog.

"She's got lovely fur."

"Yes, I go and get her groomed every month. What about you? Do you have any dogs?"

"Um… no. I don't really like dogs enough to want one as my pet."

"Ah." The woman nodded knowingly. "More of a cat person, are you?"

"Yeah." Harvey retracted his hand and rose up. "I guess I should be getting back. I'll see you around."

The old lady smiled. "I hope so. I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name?"

"Oh, Harvey. Harvey Hunter."

"Lovely name. I'm Jane. Jane Tuffey."

They shook hands briefly, then once they had finished their handshake, Harvey bade her farewell and started heading home.

As he walked along, Harvey tapped away at one of the numerous apps installed on his phone. From time to time, he stumbled over his own feet, but instead of putting away his phone so that he could concentrate on where he was going, he just blamed it on his clumsiness.

Only when he heard rustling in the bushes, did he glance up from his phone.

Harvey squinted into the bushes, but he couldn't see any solid forms or figures. Shrugging his shoulders, he continued along the path, eyes glued to his phone once again.

The further he covered the path, the more the bushes rustled. After a minute of non-stop rustling, Harvey shoved his phone into his jacket pocket and nervously glanced round.

He wasn't going to say anything cliché…. Come to think of it, he wasn't going to say ANYTHING, at all.

Shuffling forwards, Harvey jerked when he suddenly spotted a figure in the bushes. The figure, seemingly a male, glared back at him. Harvey whimpered and picked up the pace. As he jogged along the path, he continued to shoot glances at the bushes, terrified when his gaze clapped onto the mysterious figure every time.

By the time he reached the end of the path, Harvey was panting, and desperate to use his asthma pump. However, if he used up precious time to administer the inhaler, then the mysterious figure may catch up to him. With this in mind, Harvey summed up all of his energy and broke into a sprint.

On hindsight, he was glad that he had sped up, for as soon as he started sprinting, the mysterious figure burst out of the bushes and began to chase after him.

Harvey whipped his head round, shrieking at the top of his lungs upon spotting the figure several feet behind him. Now that he could see the figure up close, Harvey realised that he was being chased by a tramp. And judging by the facial expression, the tramp didn't just want a friendly chat.

Racing out onto a street, Harvey quietened down as he spotted the towering building that was the University. He knew that his sister frequently visited Professor Rowe, so decided to aim for the University. Hopefully, Dinah was there and he could locate her in time.

Harvey avoided the groups of green badge wearing people, and darted into the University. He didn't dare slow down, in case the tramp caught up to him.

'He could RAPE ME, for all I know!'

That thought in his head, Harvey headed for the first available door. Although it was shut, he tackled this issue by screaming:


Immediately, the door slid open and Harvey rushed into the room, unaware that moments later, the door slid shut behind him. He stopped and doubled over, hands on his knees.

As he panted, he failed to realise that he was not alone….