Four walls were too claustrophobic, and the Hyperbrain needed to get out. She was stuffed from dinner and the call with Mr Hunter had thrown her off guard. She needed to retreat to her safe place. To the University.

Leaving the house was easy enough, but the order to be home before dark was frankly frustrating. The Hyperbrain could deal with any nuisances better than anyone else in the town, and she found herself hissing in anger as she marched along the pavement.

The sky started to darken as she crossed the road, hands shoved deep into her tailored trousers. Such an action repulsed the Hyperbrain as the trousers became creased, but her hands had to be hidden in case any human spotted glowing green fingers in the descending darkness.

The Hyperbrain strode forwards, her mind set on another spying session when she was confronted by the sight of Doctor Gill. The medicine woman smiled at her.

"Good evening, Harvey. How are you?"

No longer hypnotised, the woman was far too peppy for the Hyperbrain's taste and she made it clear by narrowing her eyes.

"Fine, thank you. Good evening."

She side-stepped around the doctor, but the woman gripped her arm suddenly as she passed. Doctor Gill swung the Hyperbrain round and peered at her.

"What do you think you are doing?"

The Hyperbrain was calm, hands pulled out of her pockets to rest on her hips. Yet inside, she was panicking. What if the doctor figured out her secret? That Harvey Hunter was not truly himself?

"Are you feeling alright, Harvey?"

"Yes." The Hyperbrain swallowed the lump in her throat. "What did you want?"

"Just to see if you were okay… After the whole BRC business."

"I am perfectly fine. Now, get off me."

"Don't be rude, Harvey. You don't need to snap at me."

"Please, get off me. I do not like people touching me."

Doctor Gill let go of her neighbour and stepped back. "I'm sorry-"

"I do not need apologies. Just let me get on my way."

She shoved the doctor aside and ploughed forwards, shoving her hands back into her pockets. Dr Gill blinked, before hurrying after the teenage boy. Catching up to him, she said:

"Where are you going? It's dark. Maybe you should head home?"

"Doctor…" The Hyperbrain threw her an irate look. "I have my own business to attend to. Where are you going?"

"I was heading home myself… but I feel that I should make sure that you get home safely. So if you don't mind, I'll tag along."

'Infuriating human!'

"Very well. Follow me."

The Hyperbrain led the way towards the University, not even slowing down when Doctor Gill gasped beside her.

"This is the University! Why are we here, Harvey?! You need to go home!"

"I do not need too. I could simply stay out all night."

Doctor Gill furrowed her brow. "But you'd get a chill!"

"Please," The Hyperbrain sneered. "A cold chill will not affect me."

"Harvey." She gripped onto her arm again, the Hyperbrain angrily shoving her aside. "You're going home right now!"

"Do not tell me what to do, woman." Doctor Gill stumbled back, eyes wide.

"Y-You're not H-Harvey…"

"Indeed. Now, follow me."

The Hyperbrain stalked forwards, a smirk forming on her face as her next words floated back to the doctor.

"I will rid myself from this body. You may help the boy, as he may require medical assistance once I have left this vessel."

"You… Y-You… Okay."

Doctor Gill followed after the thing that had taken over the Hunter boy, as she was sure that he was possessed. Whatever had taken control of him seemed dangerous, and frankly, she was glad that the thing had offered itself up to be extracted from Harvey.

'Poor boy. I'll probably have to take him to hospital after this.'

They approached the University, the Hyperbrain continuing to lead the way. The doctor stuck close, the darkness consuming their shadows. Her brief dabble in psychology had helped her jump to the correct conclusion of Harvey being controlled by an external source, and she shivered as the possessed boy led her into a clinical room, her eyes settling onto a big metal chair placed central in the room.

"I assume you'll be sitting in that?"

The Hyperbrain did not turn her head. "Indeed. Now, I am going to turn on the machine. Wait there."

Doctor Gill stood back from the chair, eyeing it with unease as the Hyperbrain set to work. She flipped on a switch and fiddled with wires, before stepping back and turning round.

"Everything is set up. I will sit in the chair now."

She marched over to the chair and sat down.

"Go over to the machine and press the first button."

Doctor Gill rushed over to the machine and jabbed the first button, wanting to free Harvey before the thing changed its mind. The visor shielded the Hyperbrain's face, cuffs locking her arms into place.

"Pull the lever."

The lever was pulled, and a fuse blew. The doctor shrieked and backed away, as the Hyperbrain growled.

"Free me, so that I can stop the machine from exploding. Do it now."

The demanding tone propelled Doctor Gill over to the chair and as she yanked up the visor, she hoped that Harvey was unharmed after this traumatic experience. She moved out of the way, watching as the boy's hands glowed green. Seconds later, the cuffs slid away from his hands and Doctor Gill watched, open-mouthed, as the imposter moved over to the machine and started fixing it. Once he was free, Harvey would need a full medical assessment, and she braced herself to work long into the night if any issues with his body arose.

"The machine is fixed. I will resume my position in the chair."

Doctor Gill gripped the Hunter boy tightly, manoeuvring him towards the chair. She couldn't let this thing that was controlling the boy get away from her, or she'd have to chase him down.

She backed Harvey up into the chair, but the sudden green glow that blinded her vision momentarily caused her to let go of him and throw her hands up in defence. The light was so bright that it hurt her eyes so badly and she barely felt arms clamping onto her body, twisting her round and shoving her down onto a hard material. The light faded and she stared in horror as the visor slid down over her face and the boy stood over her, glow fading from his hands, a devilish smile on his face.

"Well, well, the poor little doctor is trapped."

"Let me out!" She shouted, the cuffs sliding into place, restraining her arms.

"I think not. I would thank you for your assistance, but considering you did nothing…" The Hyperbrain moved backwards until she was level with the fixed machine. "You are in my way and I would appreciate it if you remained silent whilst I drain away all of the information stored in your little mind."


The Hyperbrain made a sound of disgust. "You sound exactly like the Hunter boy. Shouting and screaming, pleading for me to let him go. Well," She pressed the button. "You can see the result of that before your very eyes."

Realisation sunk in for Doctor Gill and she screamed as the machine whirred into action. The Hyperbrain leant against the whirring machine and smiled in satisfaction. Now that the nuisance of a doctor would be out of the way, she was free to progress with her plans and would gain additional information as well.

The pain etched onto Doctor Gill's face stirred no remorse within her and the Hyperbrain continued to watch the doctor, even when she slumped in the chair, lifeless behind the eyes.