I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins, the sun blaring down on my body, my feet splashing through the fountain in the center of the plaza as I tried to reach him.

It was all I could think about.

It was all that I could think to do.

I needed to save him.

I might've spent eight months without him, but I wasn't ready to spend an eternity separated from the love of my life.

I could see him take off his shirt, his left foot raised in the air, taking those small little steps that would seal his fate forever. Just as I crashed into him.

Luckily he caught me in his arms before I could collide headfirst into his chest. I looked up and saw the face I had been missing all those months ago, the face that I was desperate to hold in my hands and tell it I love you.

"Edward, how could you be so stupid!?" I smacked his chest.

He didn't say anything, he just hugged me a little tighter and took a deep breath in and then out.

"You smell different,love." Was all he said.

"Edward, this is not the time to discuss how I smell." I tried to pull away from him, only to have him move deeper into the shadows and hide me behind his body.

"The girls is right, this is not the time to discuss how she smells." A cloaked figure emerged from the darkness.

It was hard to tell what he looked like since his face was hidden by his cloak, but one thing was for sure. He was huge.

"I must agree with Felix on this one." Another cloaked figure appeared next to him, but this time he wasn't as big. I'd have to say average size.

"Felix,Demetri we were just leaving." Edward put his arms around my shoulders.

"You and I both know that can't happen." The man next to Felix said.

"Demetri's right, and most of all, you know why were here too." Felix moved forward a little.

From the way he moved I could tell that things were about to get ugly if we did not comply with his wishes. In all honesty I was starting to get a little bit scared I didn't want anything bad to go down or anyone to get hurt.

"Edward-" He held up his hand.

"Shhh, they could hurt you at any second." He said.

"Be a gentleman and let the lady speak." Felix gave me a crooked smile.

"She does not concern any of you monsters." He growled.

The movement was too quick for my human eyes to see, but in the time it took me to blink Felix had Edward pinned against a wall and Demetri was standing in front of me. He trailed his fingers along my cheekbones then took my hand in his.

"Felix we do not have time to fight, look you two have to come with us because your little friend over there has broken a law and you must go on trial to see if you are of punishment or not." Demetri had one hand on the side of my head, I could feel his breaths on my lips, which made me a little uncomfortable.

"What do you mean he broke-"

"Now,now boys we don't need to resort to violence." Alice appeared next to me.

"We wouldn't have needed to if this one would simply just mind his manners." Felix said.

"You had one job." I looked to my left and saw a girl almost as tall as Alice emerge out of the shadows. She too was hidden by a cloak.

"Jane." Demetri turned around and looked off into the darkness behind us.

"It would've been done if this one would just be cooperative." Felix growled.

"Felix, let the boy go. All three of you shall come with us back to the mistresses, any of you refuse to cooperate I will use force." The girl named Jane said.

Felix let go of Edward and came to stand behind Jane, Edward quickly came to stand beside me, wrapping his arm around my waist.

"Now lets go." She turned around and began to walk.

Felix and Demetri moved to stand behind us and we all walked into the darkness, Alice took my hand and guided me through the dark. We reached a wooden door encased in a stone wall, it looked like it was from medieval time period. Jane opened the door and we followed her in, we came into a room With candles as the only source of light in the corner was a flight of stairs that took up majority of the space in the room.

Going up the stairs was horrifyingly scary, the stone the stairs were made of was chipped in some places and in one part there was a big gaping hole that I almost fell in. I never knew I was holding in my breath until we finally reached a room that looked like a lobby, I fell to the ground, gasping for breath. Alice helped me up and brought me over to a couch in the corner of the lobby, she had me lay down close my eyes then count to ten in my head. Soon I was calm and able to breath right.

"Up, the mistresses await us." Jane appeared in front of me.

I looked at Alice who nodded then took my hand and helped me up, Edward took me from Alice and leaned into my ear.

"Bella, what your about to see we'll be different then what I've been telling you-"

"What do you mean?" I cut him off.

"Whatever you do, stay by my side." He pecked my head.

We followed Jane through another wooden door, but this time it led off into a stone hallway with another door. We ended up in front of a large Victorian door made of gold with an intricate design of a V on each door. Felix and Demetri moved forward and held open the door.

The second you stepped into the room you were instantly greeted by the sight of a dais with three thrones to top it off, on each throne was a beautiful woman and for some reason they were staring at me.

One woman had Mahagony hair with a tint of black that was tightly woven into a bun, she wore a Victorian cut dress that was a red black ombré, the women on the right of her was an ashen blonde which flowed loosely down her back she wore a medieval style like dress that only reached her ankle showing off her black flats that looked like it was from this century. The woman on her left had hair like midnight it was French braided and flowed down her chest right into a white Greek dress with a cape that flowed down the back of her throne.

We were all forced to stand in front of the three women side by side, Felix and Demetri had moved against the wall and Jane had moved to stand in front of the dais.

"You know I was planning on just killing this idiot over here." The mahagony haired woman moved towards us.

"Sulpicia let's try to be civil." The midnight haired one said.

Edward moved me in front of me blocking my view of the women.

"No,no,no do not hide her I want to see the beautiful girl." I heard a voice say.

Their voices made my heart melt, my body want to collapse from something strange I was feeling.

"Leave her out of this." I heard Edward hiss.

"If I were you boy, I'd watch my tone." I heard someone growl.

Edward grabbed my wrist and held it up.

"We are sorry if we bothered you, but my girlfriend, my sister, and I would like to leave." Edward said.

"Boy, you know very well that cannot happen and you know why." The woman who I'm guessing is Sulpicia said.

"Edward,what does she mean?" I didn't get an answer, instead I felt him squeeze my wrist so hard I screamed out in pain.

The woman with the midnight hair stepped down from her throne and walked towards me, she yanked my wrist free from a reluctant Edward revealing a swollen and bruised up hand. It hurt like hell, to even look at it so I turned away to avoid seeing it.

"Lets put you somewhere safer." She picked me up and went back to her throne where she sat me on her lap and leaned her forehead against mine.

I didn't feel uncomfortable in any way, actually it felt nice and the way she held my wrist, it made the pain go away a little, but not so much that I could ignore the pain.

"I guess you've forgotten that humans are very fragile beings, huh?" The blonde woman asked.

"Athenodora, we have to be civil remember?" The woman holding me said.

"Who wants to be civil anymore? Didyme, I say we put him in the dungeons and torture him to death, it's been long since I've gotten to use my toys on a disobedient brat." The woman named Athenodora said.

"Give us one good reason why we should leave her with you? My wives are very eager to have their way with you." Didyme turned toward Edward.

"I love her-"

"Do you? Do you truly love her? Because looking at this situation from my perspective, it seems to me that you have endangered her very much during her time spent with you." She calmly stated.

"Lies! All of it!" He shouted.

"Is it my dear? Is it? For the only way we know of this is, because it's what my wife saw when she looked into your mind."

Edward's chest huffed up and down, as if he was prepared to attack this Didyme. The queens on the other hand, seemed completely unfazed by Edward. If I dare say they look as if they wanted him to attempt to attack them.

"My, my Dora how long as it been since we last taught a vampire the meaning of respect?"

"Why, I don't know Sulpicia, it's been quiet a while." Athenadora stood up from her throne.

I didn't know much about vampire fighting, but I knew enough to know that things were about to get ugly. Extremely ugly.

"Wait!" I put a hand on her shoulder.

It was almost as if I had flicked a switch, immediately everyone froze and turned to look at me. Well more like the hand that was currently resting on Athenadoras shoulder. The blond queen's hand came to rest upon mine, she smiled as she gave it a small little rub.

"Yes, my dear?"

"What if we made deal?" I awkwardly tried to smile.

She stood up cupping my cheeks." And what is it would you like to bargain?"

"Bella! No! Think about what you're doing!" Edward was shouted at me, but of course it went in one ear and out the other.

The queen's stared at me with amusement, for a minute I almost lost track of what I was about to say."What if I stayed? And in exchange you let them go?"

"Hmm, Cia? Di? What do you think about this offer?" She turned to look at them.

"I think it's an absolute wonderful idea!" Didyme exclaimed.

"I second that!" Sulpicia stated.

"Well I think our descision has been made, Felix take our guest to one of our spare rooms, While I on the other hand will show this lovely girl to her quarters." Athenodora hooked her arm with mine.

I was whisked away in a heart beat, soon we were traveling through the halls of the Volturi. The halls that I was beginning to see were trapped in time. You would almost think that the Volturi had no running water and or no electricity. The halls were dimly lit by torches hunged up on the walls, I was expecting to immediately smell the scent of some type of burning gas, but to no avail.

The room they had brought me to was something only found in a dream. It was something only fit to beheld a queen, ironic, that I was standing in the presence of three queens just right now. It was all a bit much to take in, it would take days before I would be able to anyways.

"I know this is a bit much, but we wanted to give you a room to show you how grateful we are to have you here with us." Sulpicia said from behind me, I could finally put voices to names now.

"O-o-oh um, thank you, for all of this." I turned to look them.

"Now we understand that you must have a lot of questions, which will be answered in time enough." Didyme rubbed my arm. "On the other hand until we are able to answer your questions, please take this time to rest."

"Oh that's quiete alright, we can just answer some of my questions now. I'm not that tired." I lightly shrugged.

"You say one thing, but your body says another." Athenodora leaned in and whispered into my ear from out of nowhere, which of course caused me to jump.

They all laughed, then each of them gave me a kiss on the cheek."Goodnight love." And just like that they were gone.

They weren't wrong that I was tired, actually now that I think about it I might just pass out right here. Hopefully tomorrow I can make some sense of this situation.


I ran to my wife pulling her into my arms and devouring her mouth. I showed absolutely no mercy.

"My oh my, is our wife in a fine mood." Sulpicia pulled out a bottle of whisky, and fixed us a drink.

"It's from all that hidden excitement from finally finding her." Dora pulled away.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course I am so fabulously full of joy at this glorious event! Oh I think I simply might explode with joy!" I hopped onto Dora's lap, showering her with kisses.

"It looks to me Sulpicia is feeling a bit left out." Dora chuckled.

"I haven't forgotten her, why the best part is about to begin." And in instant I had Dora pinned down on the bed, upon her front.

She raised her brow at me, I simply smiled."Cia don't you think Dora's been such a bad girl today? Hmm."

"Yes, I must agree." She appeared, straddling Dora.

"Oh, not this again." She groaned under me.

"Yes, most especially this. This is what happens to naughty girls." I gave her ass a sharp slap.

She yelled out, her body arching the second my hand hit her.

"My turn." Sulpicia smirked.

Who could resist that smirk, not I, that is for sure. I leaned into her attacking her tongue with mine, all the while landing vigorous slaps onto my wife's arse.

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