A Family Affair

Chapter 1: Past and Future


Gillette, Wyoming


Soft footsteps echoed silently through the forest. Units were split into four person groups.

Zane, Krit, Syl, and Eva.

Jack, Ben, Tinga, and Jeice.

Zack, Jondy, Max, and Brin.

The three groups were released in different directions; the objective was to retrieve the other teams two flags. By whatever means necessary. Of course it was Zack's group that captured the flags first, after a carefully thought out plan. They got one of the flags from the others post but had to steal the last one from an opposing team.

After the exercise was over.

Jack Dead.

Back in their rooms,

Eva Dead.

They congratulated one another.

Ben Dead.

And talked over the exercise.

Tinga Dead.


Zane missing. Krit missing. Zack amnesiac.

And Sisters

Syl missing. Jeice in hiding. Jondy undercover. Max still fighting.

Until the end.

Brin, alive, and in Seattle


A/N: A really short chapter. I'm sorry but I had to set this story up this way. The italics signify where the X5's are in 2023. The next chapter is the real thing.