Ahsoka was tired.

It seemed to be one of her defining traits lately. She was tired of war, tired of losing people, tired of being on the run. She was exhausted from nightmares that plagued her sleep, but even worse were the visions, echoes in the Force, of a Jedi dying. She was tired of living on a ship with only a one-year old Human for company, and she was tired of being an eighteen-year old mother to a baby of another species, constantly worrying about messing up with no one to turn to.

Which was not to say that Ahsoka wanted to get rid of Leia. Oh no. She loved her little Skygirl more than anyone else in the whole galaxy. She just had some doubts on her ability to raise another person, especially if that person was one of two possible saviors of the galaxy.

However, Yoda had insisted they split up the twins to keep them safe, and Obi-Wan had already taken Luke. That left only her or Yoda to raise Leia, and Ahsoka had figured that a childhood on the run was better than one in a swamp with only Yoda for company.

Now, though, after a year of constantly dodging Imperial forces, Ahsoka thought that maybe Leia would have been safer with Yoda. Ahsoka was currently steering them into Wild Space, hoping to find a hospitable planet where she could repair her ship. She had only just shaken the Imps off of her tail a few jumps ago, but her ship wasn't going to last much longer.

The blue and green marble that she plotted a course to once she'd entered the system slowly grew as they approached. They were still too far away to detect any signs of sentient life forms, though.

They were just entering atmosphere when Ahsoka received a flare of warning in the Force. A quick check of the computers revealed that the shields didn't have enough power to survive the burn up in the atmosphere. All Ahsoka could do was cancel all nonessential functions and a few of the essential ones and divert the power to the shields. Then she wrapped her body around Leia, who was more fragile, sunk her awareness into the Force, and braced them both for the crash.


The sound of Leia crying never failed to pull Ahsoka from even her deepest of sleeps. As it turned out, it also applied to unconsciousness.

She jerked awake, all of her senses straining to detect any source of danger. When she found none, Ahsoka checked on Leia, hoping that her little Skygirl hadn't been injured in the crash. There was nothing but a small cut on her arm, nothing that a bit of bacta wouldn't heal.

Ahsoka had not been so lucky. A deep breath sent fire racing up her left side, likely indicating broken ribs. She was covered with small cuts and bruises as well. Still, she had been expecting worse, and better she was hurt than Leia.

Ahsoka carefully pulled both of them from the ship, thankful that any fires had already died down. There was smoke spilling out of the center console though, tickling her lungs and the insides of her throat. She crouched down to escape it and winced when the action aggravated her ribs.

Leia coughed too, big tears rolling down her cheeks, so Ahsoka ripped off part of her shirt and tied it around Leia's face, hoping it would be enough.

She set Leia down against a tree outside the blackened ring of frass, tucked her face into the top of her shirt, then went back into the slightly mangled ship to pull out whatever food and medical supplies had survived the crash. She carefully piled them outside the ship to organize once she was done.

There was a sharp warning of danger in the Force, so Ahsoka pushed herself into a leap, landing at Leia's side moments later, her lightsabers in her hands but not ignited.

She stretched her senses out in the Force, searching for the source of the warning.

A wolf appeared over the top of a nearby hill. It felt almost sentient in the Force, as well as Dark. It didn't seem to be malicious though, so Ahsoka didn't attack.

As it slowly approached them, she could see that it was larger than a normal, adult wolf, and, if the size of its paws were any indication, it would only get larger. It was still only a puppy, albeit a very large one. It also had a wider face than most wolves she was familiar with.

The puppy stopped just out of reach, carefully eyeing them.

If Obi-Wan was here, he would try to communicate with it. Anakin, on the other hand, would try to scare it away. Ahsoka figured it would be better to try Obi-Wan's method first, given that she was on a strange world, her only ally still in diapers.

Ahsoka holstered her shoto and reached out both physically and with the Force, connecting their minds.

The wolf - no, warg it insisted on being called - was curious more than anything else. It had gotten lost and seen their crash. It - she - thought they might have been its masters.

Ahsoka couldn't hold back a hiss of anger at the word master.

'No,' she sent to her mind. 'Friends, not masters.'

The sudden intense flare of happiness almost made Ahsoka sever the bond between herself and the warg, its mind full of a gleeful chant of 'Pack!'

The warg tackled Ahsoka, licking at her face and lekku.

"Get off of me, you silly beast," Ahsoka exclaimed, laughing despite the pain in her side.

The warg pulled back before turning to Leia. As Ahsoka watched carefully, the warg sniffed Leia a few times before licking her in the face. Leia burst into happy giggles.

'Name?' Ahsoka sent down the rudimentary bond.

The warg sent back an impression of tripping and getting a faceful of another's scent that Ahsoka interpreted as Trips Into Other's Business. She decided to call her Trip for short.

Trip didn't mind when Ahsoka strapped the supplies she couldn't carry onto her back, although she did wrinkle her nose at the scent of the bacta.

They picked a direction and walked for most of the day, with occasional stops for food. Trip was a very good hunter, almost effortlessly bringing back game that Ahsoka was happy to share. The less she ate of the rations, the more there was for Leia.

The pain in Ahsoka's side only grew as they continued onward, and she soon realized that she would need a healing trance of several hours to make it stop hurting.

They stopped for the night at the base of a large tree, having entered a forest a few hours earlier. Ahsoka could sense three beings a ways away, not close enough that she needed to worry.

Trip curled up around Leia's tiny form, and, despite her Darkness, Ahsoka trusted her to watch over Leia. The ward had decided they were her family and would not turn on them.

Ahsoka pushed all of her other worries away and slipped into a healing trance.