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"Get up." His evil voice echoed in my ears; one of the parts of my body which wasnt bleeding. He had kissed me, fed from me, and beaten me, all which he thought could break me. He never met a Tanata before. I had to catch myself before I said 'bite me', which was my normal response. But Adrian, being a vampire of Midnight, would take my offer seriously.

When I didn't instantly respond, he gripped some of my maroon colored hair into his fists and pulled my head up so that my dirt brown eyes met his eternally black orbs. Gorgeous was the first word that came to my mind when I had first met him. I mean, I'm no expert, but a guy with cornsilk blue hair and black eyes was just about as cute as you could get. Except for Elijah Wood, I corrected myself quickly as I spit in his face, he is short but sweet!

"Eat me." I whispered hoarsely through my puffy lips, which were that way no thanks to this leech. Vampire, I corrected myself yet again. Mum had called them leeches but never right out infront of one.

What he did next surprised me, he let go of my hair and straightened up to his full height of 6'3, which gave me a perfect view of his extremely good looking bare chest. Then I remembered why I was here. He had had me stolen from my town. Illegal I think it is actually, considering that I had to sit in a car for two days to get to this place, somewhere in Midnight. "Nada," his silky voice mocked, the meaning of my name obvious in the way he said it.

I made sure that my eyes never left his. Being sold against my will by my step father, note the word step, not my real father, having to sit in a car with an intimidating shapeshifter, and being beaten did not soften my usual stubborness. "You know what your name means in Spanish?" Adrian continued slyly as a continued to glare at him. "It means nothing, which you are worth in this place. Nada Tanata, how a funny sounding name." Now, I'm not Spanish (believe me I checked) and I'm not stupid (high honors since 7th grade thank you!) so I already knew what my names means. My step father told me several times when he would get drunk. "And your so young, like Jaguar's pet Eric." I guess 15 is sorta young in a place like this, when vampires can be as old as time.

Once again, I find his cold steel hands, but this time they are pinning me to the floor. "You are so beautiful," he tells me, which I dont know why because you can barely tell that I have an average tan and several freckles with all the blood on my face. Playfully he nibbles my ear and I wince when I feel blood filling my ear. Damn, and no Q-tips.

"Get off me." Normally I wouldnt even think about saying that to anyone. In school I am-was, I guess- a very quiet girl who had a very small circle of friends. Only then do I realize that he has slid a hand up my tattered baggy green t-shirt -my favorite I must add- and was halfway of my body.

"With Jeshikah's blood in my veins, I can do what I please in this place."

"No, actually, you can't." Came a voice from across the room. The voice was silky smooth and I instantly knew it was a vampire. After that, I praised myself on how I could pick out vampires on my first try with only my first day here. Infact, it was the first time I had ever seen a vampire, or one that I knew was a vampire. Confusing myself, I took advantage of the distraction and jerked away from Adrian's grip, then scuddled back a few feet so that I could safely get a good look of the newcomer.

Tan skin, barechested, long black mane. The shapeshifter had told me about Jaguar continuously as we had droven from my homestate of Ohio to this place. I really didnt know where this place is, state wise. Now, if I had heard the shifter correctly, Adrian was Jaguar's blood brother. Blood was the only thing that they share, the shifter joked the first night, when I was still crying. "I should of known," Adrian growled as he came over to me in a swift movement and had me once again by my hair. Surprisingly enough, I saw Jaguar flinch when I whimpered involuntarily. I'm no whimp, but it felt as if my hair was going to be ripped from its folicles. "You always had a taste for the stubborn ones."

If that was supposed to offend Jaguar, then it must of surprised Adrian when Jaguar laughed; its richness sending chills down my spine. "If I remember correctly, so does Gabriel." I had no idea who Gabriel was, but I was glad that he liked humans like me. On the other hand, considering that I couldnt see out of my left eye because of this leech, I wondered what would of happened to me if Jaguar hadnt saved my neck, or whats left of it.

"Jeshikah won't be happy with this Jaguar," Adrian growled as he tossed me a few feet infront of Jaguar after a few minutes of silence. "Turquoise was near the last straw, but a 15 year old fat girl? That will throw her over the edge." Ok, the fat comment hurt. I wasnt skinny but wasnt the fattest thing on the planet either. Or at least what of the world i had seen. "She cant even defend herself against the simplist things."

"And neither could Eric," Jaguar countered as he kneeled down to help me up. To my surprise, Adrian growled and left, saying nothing more. Jaguar's warm touch made me flinch, but he didnt seem to notice. When I was standing up, or in the position of standing since I couldnt really hold myself up on my own. "I wonder what possesed him to steal a girl with no knowledge of our world from several states away..." He seemed to be talking to himself, either assuming that I was deaf or that I was in too much pain to really listen.

"I was hoping you could answer that," I must have shocked him or something because his black eyes were on me now. I really didnt like dead things looking at me.

"Most humans dont survive Adrian's introduction," Jaguar told me with amusement in his voice as he lifted me up, cradling me in his arms like a small child, which surprised me because I wasnt exactly a feather. Only then did I remember that he wasnt human and so I tensed up. "We should get you cleaned up," he said as he began carrying me down a hallway.

"Jaguar," I heard a young woman gasp as we walked into a large room, similar to the one I was just in.

"Don't Jaguar me Turquoise," he replied as he set me down in a giant tub, then flipped on the hot water. "Get Eric to find some clothes to fit this girl, then you clean her wounds. I need to buy this girl from Adrian."

"Why would Adrian..."

"The water is a bit hot," I gasped as the near boiling water hit my wounds. Instantly the woman bent down and turned it down.

"She's human." The woman said bluntly as I watched my blood mix with the water, beautiful red swirls mixing with each other until all the water turned red.

"I sure hope so," I heard myself say with sarcasm before my world went black.