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In the city of Magnolia, there is big building reaching almost higher than the Kardia Cathedral. This building houses the fairies of the guild Fairy Tail. Inside the guild hall there are two males fighting. "You want to go metal face!?" Natsu yelled. "Bring it on Salamander!" Gajeel replied. The two boys are fighting over the S-Class trials that will be starting in a weeks' time. Natsu acquired a spot to become S-Class while Gajeel was not selected this year and they are arguing over who is stronger. "Think you can take on a soon to be S-Class mage?" yelled Natsu. "I was S-Class in Phantom Salamander don't forget that" Gajeel replied with a smirk on his face. "Oh yeah and who kicked your ass when you were still in Phantom?" Natsu replied with a smirk of his own. "Oh that's it Salamander its go time" as Gajeel took a step forward.


The guild became dead silent as the two males looked in fear as Erza came from the bar seething in rage. "How many times do I have to make myself clear about no fighting in the guild hall?!" Erza yelled in a commanding tone. The boys quivered in fear as the red head approached them. "I think it's about time I make an example of you two in front of the rest of the guild." Erza stated loud so the whole guild could hear. As she closed in on the two dragon slayers.

"Erza that's enough for now, I need to speak with the two dragon slayers immediately." Makarov the current Fairy Tail Guild Master stated from the second floor of the guild.

"But master they can't just fight in here and keep breaking the guild hall" Erza yelled back in a respectful manner.

"That is true Erza but this is a urgent matter that needs to be dealt with immediately and those two are the ones that I need to deal with it, so there punishment can wait till later am I understood?" Makarov said in a loud commanding tone

"Yes Master" Erza replied respecting his wishes, she turned to the two dragon slayers and glared at them as she returned to the bar.

Natsu and Gajeel now breathing a sigh of relief as they barely escaped the punishment of Erza. "DID I NOT MAKE MYSELF CLEAR GET IN MY OFFICE NOW!" Makarov yelled at the two dragon slayers as they sprinted up the stairs to the masters Office.

As they sat in front of the Masters desk in silence Natsu spoke up "So Gramps what's so urgent you need the both of us for?". The Master setting down the piece of paper sighed and looked at the two dragon slayers "Natsu and Gajeel I wouldn't ask this unless it was the upmost of urgency." Makarov in a very serious tone said as the two dragon slayers nodded in acknowledgment at the seriousness of the matter. "Towards the west of Fiore there has been a dragon that has been killing towns and villages ruthlessly and the council have tried everything they can to fight it off.". Natsu and Gajeel surprised at what the Master has brought to their attention. "I know this is asking a lot of you two and I know that you two don't get along the greatest but the council has run out of options and need the help of your dragon slaying magic to bring the dragon down." Makarov now looking at the dragon slayers hoping that they can work together to help the country in need. "You two are the oldest of the dragon slayers besides Laxus but since he has been expelled from the guild there is no way to contact him to help you, and I don't want to ask of Wendy to help since she is still so young. So I'm asking you two who I know are strong individuals to work together and take down the dragon.". "Gramps" Natsu looked up at his second father Figure and could see the worry in his eyes. "I know you two are strong wizards and I'm very proud of both of you, but I see this guild as my family and im worried that even with your magic that you will be able to bring the dragon down and there are many lives at risk or I wouldn't be asking this of the two of you since both your own fathers were dragons." Makarov stated with tears building up in his eyes.

"Gramps if there are people in need you know as a Fairy Tail wizard that we have to help them" Natsu said with his big grin. "Pshhh you can just send me Master I don't need flame for brains slowing me down." Gajeel said as he did his trademark gee-hee. Makarov looked at the two boys with proud eyes as he saw the tenacity and courage burning in their eyes. "You boys have made me a proud father, and I'm happy that you are willing to risk your lives to save so many lives" Makarov said with a prideful happy face. "But if there is a chance that you two can't defeat the dragon I want you to run and make sure that you keep your selves alive at all costs do I make myself clear?" Makarov said with a commanding tone. "I'll make sure to keep face piercings safe" Natsu said with a smirk. "Before you two go I know that you are both participating in the S-Class Trials and even though Gajeel wasn't up for S-Class, and if your both not back by then we will have to leave without you, but if you both boys can take out this Dragon then I will allow the both of you two to become S-Class" Makarov now thinking This should get them both riled up. "IM ALL FIRED UP" Natsu yelled excitedly. "Time to show what I'm made of" Gajeel said with a big grin.

"I'm glad to hear that and Doranbolt from the council will be arriving shortly to teleport you as close as you can to the dragon so you can get there before anything happens, also I don't want you to tell anyone from the guild where you're going except that it is a secret mission and if they have issue to come speak to me directly." Makarov stated with a serious grin. (A/N: Im having it where Doranbolt isn't Mest so Wendy will be staying in the guild as well.) "AND NO TRAIN RIDE THERE THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST MISSION EVER!" Natsu yelled with even more joy. "Now go protect Fiore and make Fairy Tail proud!" Makarov said with a big grin. As the two dragon slayers left his office." Mavis please protect my children" Makarov said now staring out his window hoping that they can pull this off.

As Natsu and Gajeel walk out of the Masters office and down to the main guild hall a certain red head looked very curious into what the master was so serious about. "Natsu and Gajeel what did the master need to see you to for if it was so urgent?" Erza asked with a commanding tone. "Gramps said that if anyone has any questions to go to him directly" stated Natsu. "Fine but I won't let you two get away with what happened earlier" Erza said as she glared at the two dragon slayers. Then if just as right on que Doranbolt appeared in the middle of the guild hall. "We need to go NOW" yelled Doranbolt with a urgent tone. As the guild is whispering questions and curios at what's happening a certain blue cat and a black cat ran up to their dragon slayers. "Sorry you two but you need to stay behind for this one." Gajeel said with a serious tone. "But Gajeel- "Pantherlily said before being interrupted by Natsu. "Sorry you two but Gajeel is right just wait for us here" Natsu said as he petted them bot hon the heads before heading towards Doranbolt. "We will be back everyone so protect the guild while were gone, go ahead Doranbolt" Natsu said out loud to the Guild as Doranbolt nodded and teleported the two dragon slayers away.

As the two disappeared from the guild hall everyone started talking again about what's happening but a certain red head was even more curious as she glared at the guild master's office from the bar until a white haired beauty brought her back to her senses. "Erza, Natsu did say that you could ask the master what was going on." Mira said with her usual smile. "I know Mira but I have a feeling that he won't tell me anything even if I ask. As the two strongest females of the guild were talking a two blue haired female members walked over worrying about the dragon slayers. "Erza-san do you think that Natsu-nii and Gajeel-san will be okay?" asked the youngest dragon slayer Wendy with a worried face. "I'm not sure Wendy but they are both some of the strongest wizards in Fairy Tail so they should be able to handle it." replied Erza with a smile. "Even so it's surprising the master got both of them to work together on a mission." Giggled Levy as she sat next to Erza at the bar. "What's worse is the damage that they are going to cause once the mission is over" smiled Mira at the thought of the mages that use magic that can kill dragons. "Yes but even so, those two don't get along that well so I wonder why master asked those two?" asked Lucy as she walked over to the conversation as well. "If those two worked together they would be a force to be reckoned with versus any foe, and no matter how much that they deny it those two get along better than you think." Erza replied with a small smile. "But I think it's time we get some answers on this secret mission." Erza stated with a serious tone as she started walking upstairs.

As Makarov was still staring out the window thinking about the two dragon slayers he heard a knock on his door that he's been waiting for. "Come on in" he said as Erza walked in with the rest of Team Natsu with Wendy and Levy right behind them. "Master we want to know of the mission you sent Gajeel and Natsu on." Erza said with a respectful tone. "Erza this is a serious matter that is why I want to state this to the whole guild since I don't want this to be a secret." Makarov stated which surprised the guild members in his office. As they walked out into the guild hall the members walked down the stairs as Makarov got settles onto the railing overlooking the guild hall. "ALRIGHT BE QUIET YOU BRATS" Makarov yelled with a commanding tone. As he waited for the last of the whispers to stop he cleared his throat so he could speak loud and clear. "I know most of you are worried about why Natsu and Gajeel were picked up by Doranbolt moments ago and sent on a urgent mission, the reason for that would be that there is a dragon terrorizing the outskirts of Fiore and those two are the only ones that can stop it." As he said this to the guild the whole guild hall erupted.

"I could've helped flame for brains and metal face Gramps!"

"Why are they going alone!"

"That's suicide Master even if they are dragon slayers!"

"Natsu and Gajeel are real men facing those dragons!"


As everyone silence immediately from the red head who just yelled at everyone she turned to the master and asked "Master even if we don't have dragon slayer magic some of us still could've gone and helped." Erza stated with a stoic face. "I know Erza but you will just get in their way and I believe the boys can handle this and they have proven time and time again how strong they are." Makarov said with a slight worrying face. "Ummm Master if you sent Gajeel and Natsu after the dragon why didn't I go, I'm a dragon slayer just like the other two and I may not be as strong but I could have still supported them." Wendy asked with a worrying tone. "I know Wendy but you are still young and if something is to happen to them Doranbolt will teleport them back here immediately and I want you at full magic power just in case they need immediate medical help" Makarov pointed out to the young dragon slayer. "Alright master I will stay here and wait for them just in case they need me!" Wendy now said with a confident tone.

"Now that we have settled every ones questions I will be returning to my office to work on paperwork" as Makarov closed the door to his office he could only think. Natsu and Gajeel my boys you better come back here alive.

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