"Rhydian! Wait up!" Maddy Smith yelled, chasing after her fiance. They spent 3 years in Alaska and were about to return to their home town, Stonybridge. The two both stopped, panting. "I would have beaten you." Maddy said. " I would like to see you try!" Rhydian smirked and ran his fingers through his hair. "It seems like it was just yesterday when I ran away into the wild." Maddy said. "I told you I would find you." Rhydian said. " And so you did!" Maddy pulled Rhydian in for a tender kiss as they joined hands and walked into Stonybridge city limits.

They were so exited to see their best friends, Shannon and Tom. When Maddy and Rhydian approached downtown Stonybridge, they saw the Kafe and decided to grab a bite. They walked in and remembered the cascade of pink that still lingered in the resturant. "Well, well, look who it is! Its the two love birds!" Kay said. Shannon and Tom were there too. "Maddy! Rhydian!" Shannon exclaimed, almost jumping out of her seat. Tom jumped up with a wide grin and pulled them both into a tight hug. "We missed you!" Shannon said. "So did we!" said Rhydian, him and Maddy both smiling. Maddy saw a glimmer on Shannon's hand and a silver ring on Tom's. Maddy grabbed Shannon's hand and couldn't help but smile. "You're married?! Shan!" Shannon smiled brightly and nodded. " Oh my god, Shan!" " Hate to break this up, but, Madds, where are we going to live?" "Oh, we kept Maddy's old house tidy for you so you guys could live there!" said Tom.

"Thank you guys so much!" Maddy exclaimed. The four all went to Maddy and Rhydian's house and watched movies and ate popcorn.

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