Rhydian's POV

The first 4 months of Maddy's pregnancy hasn't been easy for the both of us. She is constantly sick, and she is always hungry. But when she eats, she just throws it back up again. She is in agony and I am in agony because there is nothing I can do about this. After her third time throwing up today, I can't help but to say sorry. When I say this, she replies shakily, "It's not your fault, or anyone's fault. This is just the side effect of a beautiful thing growing inside me. We created a life, and that is one of the most honorable things to do." Maddy looks down at her stomach, rubbing it. I walk over and hug her and kiss her head. I put my hand on her slightly bulging stomach. My baby. My baby that will be beautiful. My baby that will be amazing

After a little while, Maddy goes to the couch to sleep. God, she must be exhausted. Carrying a not just a baby, a Wolfblood baby.