I knew you were trouble

Attention: Since English is not my mothertongue you might find some spelling mistakes or syntax errors. I apologize in advance. My mothertongue is Swiss-German so I normally imagine a sentence in German and try to translate it as well as possible into English, sometimes there is a lack of vocabulary or I don't find a match or the appropriate idiom but I want to improve my English and become a better writer. Another thing I want to make clear is that I use „..." to introduce direct speech! „ are not commas but the German quotation marks, just to avoid confusion.

This story is a crossover: Pokémon x Disney's Aladdin

The story takes place right before Aladdin is ready to free the Genie. It's told in rather short chapters in order to make the sequence of events more exciting.

Chapter 1:

Agrabah –

Team Rocket had been on the way for hours. They were aimlessly wandering around and had gone astray. Jessie's stomach began to growl and Meowth appeared to be more than exhausted.

„James, where are we? We got lost, right?", Jessie started to lose her temper, it wasn't the first time that James misled his teammates. James sighted.

„It looks like", he muttered without deigning to look at his friends.

„I knew it!", Jessie exclaimed. „You promised us that we could prey upon rare and maybe even unknown Pokémon in Agrabah, a city full of secrets and magic, but everything I see is sand! The sand is everywhere", she took off one of her boots, letting sand run through her fingers.

„We just can't count on you!", she scolded. „Map-reading isn't one of your strongest skills", she remarked. James turned around, flashing his eyes at Jessie.

„You have a penchant for scapegoating", he snapped at her.

„I've got a proposal! Everyone is going his or her own way!", James suggested.

„Let's see who will reach the city first."

„This is by far the best proposal you've ever had!", Jessie was hopping mad.

„Agrabah is at close quarters, I can feel it. Come on, Meowth", James looked at the cat-Pokémon, but Meowth didn't move.

„Sorry, buddy, I'm staying with Jess", it meowed.

„For all I care", James snorted derisively. He couldn't rely on his so-called best friends. Jessie was dogmatic and Meowth someone, who accomodated himself to circumstances.

James ran off angrily, leaving his teammates behind.

The sun was blazing and a small sandstorm had surprised him. He was holding a red scarf, a Christmas-gift from his boss, to protect his face a little.

Rounding the corner, he discovered a myriad of roofs and the majestical palace in the distance.

„Jessie, Meowth! Can you hear me? I found Agrabah", he shouted, but his friends were out of earshot, over the hill and far away.

James smiled. Perhaps, he would be the first one to catch a legendary Pokémon, a sensation that would bring him fame and wealth.

Buried in thought, he strolled along the market stalls. Suddenly, he could hear someone sing full-throatedly.

„I'm looking out for meeeee", a scarlet parrot flew directly into James' arms.

„Careful, my little friend", James said. The parrot wiped the dust off his feathers.

„Thanks for catching me", he cawed, ready to go his own path, but James held him back, seriously concerned.

„Wait! Did you get hurt?", James wondered. The parrot looked at him amazedly.

„And if so, name someone, who would actually care", the parrot replied.

James reflected for a moment. ‚I think this is a native parrot, fully aware of insiders and secret spots. If I befriend with him I could benefit from his knowledge and get to my seldom Pokémon in no time'.

„I do. My name is James", he introduced himself to the parrot, friendly shaking his wing.

„Iago", the parrot said.

„What business do you have in Agrabah?", he asked. James smiled at him.

„I want to catch Pokémon for my boss in order to please him and to somehow win his favour", James explained.

Iago eyed him up and down. „Kissed by the sun, are you?", he assumed.

„No, not at all", James was unaware of the fact that two worlds were pitted against each other. „What about you?", he asked.

„I need to win someone's favour too", Iago replied.


„The Genie's", the parrot stated. James frowned.

„What is a Genie?", he wanted to know.

„A Genie grants you three wishes and I know where to find one. The problem is, he's a friend of one of my biggest enemies, Aladdin", Iago said.

„How come you and Aladdin became enemies?", James asked.

„Long story short", the parrot sat down on a projection of a wall.
„My former partner in crime, Jafar, was eager to acquire a magic lamp, Genie's lamp, because he wanted to expand his power and become one of the most feared wizards on this planet. So, he was looking for a rough diamond and found Aladdin. He let him enter the Cave of Wonders to fetch the lamp, but Abu, Aladdin's monkey, was faster and pilfered it. Aladdin got three wishes and he promised the Genie to free him with his last wish. He hasn't done it yet, that's why I need to find the lamp and become Genie's new master before Aladdin gets the chance to fulfil his promise", James was visibly confused.

„Three wishes, you say. What about money and treasures? Does he grant things like that?", James wondered.

„He turns some of your wildest dreams into reality", the parrot tried to add zest to his intentions.

„Here's my proposal", James said. „I'm going to help you find the lamp and dispose of Aladdin and in return you're going to leave one of three wishes to me", James lift an eyebrow. „How does that sound?"

Iago paused for a moment. ‚This good-hearted guy seems to be more than manipulable, I could use him to implement my evil scheme and drop him like a hot potato afterwards', he grinned mischievously.

„Deal!", he reached out a wing.

„Deal!", James smirked. That's how he would pay Jessie and Meowth back, for being disloyal and loudmouthed.

He didn't notice that Jessie and Meowth were hiding behind barrels. Jessie stuffed a stolen date into her mouth.

„Did you hear what I did?", she asked her friend. Meowth nodded.

„Three wishes, Jess", his eyes opened wide.








They high-fived each other.

„We need to follow them from a safe distance, letting them do our dirty work and grab this lamp from right under their noses", Jessie decided.

„Sounds good to me", both laughed maliciously.