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"No!... Ryan!" cried out loud from a young blonde-haired, brown-eyed, white luxury dressed woman who was on the opened door helicopter. While the aircraft flew off the skyscraper, her hand grabbed the helicopter door, and another hand reached out to her dearly beloved man. Her hazel brown eyes full of shocking and sorrow tears gazed at the man who was falling with a sad smile and muttering something. She could not hear what he said, but from his lips he spoke.

"I'm sorry, Alice," muttered from an early twenty black-haired, dark-eyed, tuxedo-wearing man.

And again… I cannot keep her promise… he thought and closed his eyes. He could not bear to see his lover again. All he heard was the sound of the wind while he drifted straight down.

I failed again… I'm not worthy to be her bodyguard… or her lover…

I'm so sorry, Alice, Mariah, Anderson, Sam… everyone…

He continued in his thought. Blaming, scolding, and damning himself for his failures and unworthiness, until he felt himself not falling anymore. He felt like he was floating in darkness, then a small white dot appeared that continuously shone brighter and larger.

Heh... is this before death experience, huh? He chuckled in thought. The train of flashback memories that wound throughout his head looked like rewinding tapes of his life. The rewinding tapes of memory suddenly stopped. It showed the scene of night time at his familiar spot. It was the small park in the middle of the civilized city named 'Bangkok.' This park was made by a multi-billion dollars' company called 'Genman Corp.' located across the street of the fiftyish stories business building.

Ah… this was where I first met with Alice 2 years ago…

Day 1 'Fateful Night'

A man with dark hair and dark eyes wearing an old white T-shirt under a dirty gray jacket, black jeans, and nearly ripped red sneaker woke up from his nap under a tree, on the small hill where covered by green grass. He sat up and looked around. It was already dark and quiet there. He stood up and stretched his legs and arms, and turn his back and neck until he heard cracking sound from his back and neck, then he let out his satisfied sigh.

Well… it's already night… I should get out here before the police come and chase me off… he thought while he was dusting some dirt and grass off his ripped jeans. Preparing to walk out and search somewhere else for sleeping through the night, he heard.


He flinched and suddenly turned his head to the direction of a loud swear word, coming from a young girl who stood in front of the old vending machine. The man who was still sleepy gazed at her, collecting the detail of her and the situation. What he saw was a young long straight blonde-haired, hazel brown-eyed girl wearing a white-creamed color long sleeve shirt with big black round buttons and a black thin loose bow tie, plain black leggings, and a shiny black pair of ballet shoes.

She's a foreigner… He concluded in his thoughts.

"Urghhh! Why don't you accept this card!" She yelled angrily at the vending machine. She stood, pushing her credit card into a coin inserting hole.

"Uhh… young lady… this is an old vending machine. It doesn't have credit card function yet. So, you have to pay in cash," he said as he walked near to her.

She jumped, quickly turned around, and glanced annoyingly at the man who had startled her. For a second passed, she groaned and said, "First, don't call me 'young lady.' Second, I'm thirsty and trying to buy a drink. Third, in my country, every vending machine is accepting credit card, so there is no need of cash. And lastly…"

She paused for a second and stormed, "WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!"

Then, she pointed her finger out to the man waiting for his answer or any respond. In reply, the man rolled his eyes, held his hands up in defeat gesture, and said, "Whatever, YOUNG LADY… this country may not be as modern as yours. So, you should have some cash with you, just in case of an emergency like what happen now. And… before you ask someone name, you should tell YOUR NAME FIRST! For instance, 'Hello, my name is Ryan Young. What is your name?' like this…"

As he finished, he gestured showing that it was her turn.

"Okay, then. *Ahem* 'Hi there, Mr. Young. My name is Alicia Himmel Genman. I'm the only heir of the mighty, wealthy Genman family and soon to be the successor of the Genman Corp., where the building stood across this park.' Satisfied?" she said sarcastically to the man who stood in surprise, then he half closed his eyelids as his face changed to the irritable look.

"Wow… Bravo… isn't that hard, huh?" He spoke sarcastically and slowly applauded with his hands. A second passed, he put his hands in his jean pockets and asked.

"So, what are you doing here?" Ryan swiftly observed her from top to bottom. "From what I see, let me guess… there was a party in your mighty family company building, then you felt bored or annoyed. So, you left the party. And, you hopefully wanted to get attention from other in the party. But! Mistake number one, nobody cared or someone might, but they just ignored. Mistake number two, for your information, this country is always hot, so the climate will dry your mouth and make you thirsty. And your last and terrible mistake, it is very dangerous for a YOUNG LADY like you to wander alone at night."


Alice stood still in bitterness, trying to argue something, but there was no word slipping out from her mouth. So, she turned her head away angrily and fisted her shaking hand. Then, Alice looked back at Ryan after she heard his sigh.

"You're thirsty, right?" Ryan said as he waved his hand making her stepped aside, and walked to the vending machine. He pulled out some coins and said, "Good news is I have enough cash to buy you a bottle of water."

Ryan pushed the button labeled 'Fresh Water' and inserted all of his coins. The old vending machine made a weird sound, and a bottle of water dropped to the take-out port. He picked the bottle up, handed to her, and said, "Here, a bottle of fresh water."

"T… Thanks," Alice stated shyly and took the bottle from Ryan who now smiled

Then, he politely replied "You're welcomed," and bowed down.

Several seconds passed, Ryan straightened and cleared his throat as he put his hands together, leaning toward the girl a little and saying, "Now, you have a bottle of water to drink. You calm down, I hope. And, luckily, no one tries to harm or kidnap you. Why you don't go back where you from. I bet that someone now was worried about you."

There was no any response from Alice, so Ryan sighed, "Alright, I will walk you there. Now, come-"

But, Ryan was interrupted by the girl as she said, "I will go back, but… can I stay here for a little while?"

"No, young lady, you have to go back now. Didn't I just say someone worrying you, huh?"

"I know, but please Mr. Young… I don't to go back just yet."

The man facepalmed and groaned, "Fine... Just five minutes, okay? And, if anything happens to you, it is not my responsibility, deal?"

"Deal!" Alice happily responded and walked to the tree on the hill and sat down start drinking water. Shortly, Ryan followed her and laid down as his hands reclined under the back of his head. Then, he slowly closed his eyes.

"Mr. Young?" Alice asked.

"Please, call me 'Ryan,' young lady," Ryan responded.

"Then, you should stop calling me 'young lady.' 'Miss Genman' or at least 'Alice'," she scolded.

"As you wish, Lady Alice. And, what would you like to ask?"

"What are you doing here? Don't have any place to go? Aren't your parents worrying you?"

Ryan opened his eyes slowly, gazing at the night sky unhappily. Alice noticed that there was something annoying him. Then, she promptly apologized, "I'm sorry. You don't have to answer my questions if you don't want to. You know, we just met for less than an hour, and I asked this kind of ques-"

"I was abandoned by my parents who were addicted to gambling since I was 15." He interrupted. "I have wandered around the city to find someplace to sleep, some work to do, and survived this cruel world."

"I'm so sorry to hear that."


"You know… my parents abandoned me too… but different circumstance… my parents died in a car accident."

"Oh… sorry to hear that."

"Thank… So, we are same huh? Parents…less…"

Ryan sat up and looked at Alice. Letting out a small sigh, he said, "At least, you are luckier than me. You still have home to go back, money to spend, and someone who was worrying you."

As he finished, Ryan stood up, reaching out his hand to Alice. He gently said, "Alright, it's time for you to go back to your castle, my lady."


Alice raised her eyebrows together with her blushed face. She had never heard anyone call her by that before. She softly grabbed his hand accepting his generosity, but shyly turned her head away. Ryan smiled widely and gently pull her up. Then, he led the way to the Genman Corp. building.

While Ryan walked Alice back to the building she left, two drunken men walked past them, one of them held a glass bottle of whiskey, and another accidentally hit Ryan by his shoulder. He turned back, grabbed Ryan's collar, and said "Doo youu haf problem wit me huh? Beggar!"

"Whoa there, I'm so sorry, sir. I didn't mean to do that, sir," Ryan quickly answered to avoid the problem.

"Yeahh *Hic* that's wat ya should say… Beggar!"

"Hey! Stop calling him like that, you pig!" Alice snapped and angrily glanced at the drunken man who looked at her in shock and pushed Ryan down.

"What did you say!? BITCH!" He yelled and tried to slap her face. But, fortunately, nothing happened to her as Ryan quickly stood up and threw his right punch directly to the drunken man jaw first. The drunk man flew away laying down unconscious.

"Are you alright, Alice?" Ryan turned his head looking at her and asked.

"I am alright, thank- Ah! Behind you! WATCH OUT!" Alice screamed and pointed at his behind.

"Huh? OW!" Ryan yelled out painfully, and his vision started to blur. He touched his back of his head, and there was some small scattered glass and blood. He held his conscious, looked at Alice who now was crying, and then, he cooed "Run." Then, Alice obediently ran away screaming for help.

"Now there, beggar. You mess with my friend and me. I will end you now," Another drunken man said as he was pulling Ryan up while his another hand held a broken glass bottle and pointed to Ryan's neck.

"Now say goodbye to this cruel world… what the…" the drunken man stopped as he saw a group of men in black running toward him. Later, he released Ryan to the ground and started to run away cowardly.

"Ryan! Oh Ryan, are you okay?" Alice shouted and ran to Ryan who lied on the ground nearly out of conscious.

She knelt down holding his head and cried. Her tears dropped to his face, just then he moaned and slightly opened his eyes. He could see Alice blurry, then there were several men in black stood around them.

"Ambulance is coming, ma'am," one of them stated.

"Make it quick! He is going to die now… please don't die on me, Ryan," Alice sobbed and held him tight.

Ryan could not keep any longer, and his eyes began to close slowly. Everything he saw was fading black, what he heard was not understandable, his mind was shutting down, and then, he was unconscious.

Day 2 'Trial'

"Master Alice! You should not go out alone at night. You know how dangerous it is. And, this dirty beggar could harm you." It was an old and low toned man voice scolding to someone. This was the first thing that Ryan heard after his sense was coming back. However, he still closed his eyes and tried to continue his sleep.

"I am fine, Anderson. I'm sorry for leaving without you noticed last night. And, please stop calling him 'beggar.' He isn't someone who tried to harm me. He tried to calm me down, bought me a bottle of water, and told me to go back to you. And you see, he protected me from that two drunken men who were trying to hit me. He is the one who saves my life." From the familiar voice of the young girl, Alice, who sought to reason with the old man voice.

"But, Master Alice, we don't know what will happen next when he wakes up. You're the only heir of this family, and you should be aware yourself how worthy you are. He may try to hurt you or take advantage of your generosity. Maybe it was his plan making scene and rob or kidnap you later." The old man argued.

Interesting… let's see what they're thinking about me, Ryan thought while pretending to sleep.

"He is a kind and good man. He was abandoned by his parents since he was 15. He had to struggle his life since then. He-" Alice tried to continue.

"Master Alice, he may make his story up to make you feel pity for him." The old man interrupted which now he made Alice felt angry.

"Mr. Anderson! Please tell me why he would risk his life protecting me from those drunken men, huh? If you are not willing to understand or giving him a chance to prove who he is, then you are not different from those miserable men who stereotype people by their look. And, I thought that you were more opening, but now, you are just a JERK!" Alice snapped.

Shit! I need to stop her now, Ryan thought. But, he flinched after he heard another feminine voice clearing her throat from his right side.

"Master Alice, Mr. Anderson, please go outside and calm yourselves down. You two are disturbing him." The woman said to them calmly. Then, they did obediently as she told.


After the door made a closing sound, the woman already noticed Ryan pretending to sleep. She cleared her throat again and calmly said, "I know you have been awake for a while. Why you don't sit up and speak with me what happen last night."

Ryan opened his eyes and looked his surroundings. All the observation he made, he was dressed in a patient green gown and was in a patient room with some hi-tech medical equipment. Then, there was mid twenty brown-haired, dark-eyed woman wearing maid costume.

I see… I'm in the hospital. Ryan thought and then he said, "Uh… greeting, miss. The name is Ryan Young. And… what would you like to ask?"

"Good Afternoon to you, sir. My name is Mariah Idia Cameriera. I am master Alice's personal maid and the head of Genman family servant. By now, you may have already known who master Alice is. So, please fill me in the situation that occurred last night."

"I thought you were just some cosplayer at first." Ryan chuckled and laughed out. Shortly, he stopped after Mariah gave him her unsatisfied look and waited for his answer.

Ryan smiled apologized and said, "Sorry… my bad…" After that, he began to explain everything happened that night.

"I see… now, as a representative of Genman family, I gladly thank you for protecting our beloved master. And, I think our master would be happy to return her favor. So, please wait here for a moment. I will let my master know you're awake." Mariah said, smiled, and walked out of the room.

"Yes, ma'am," Ryan replied and laid down on the patient bed looking at Mariah who walked out of the room. Then, he looked up to the ceiling.

Well, at least she didn't try to hit me after I called her cosplayer, Ryan thought.

And, what happen to those two…

"Ryan! You're awake." Alice happily shouted from the door and ran to Ryan grabbing his arm and pulling him closer.

"Easy there, young lady. I still hurt my head." Ryan cooed and used his free hand rubbing his head.

"S…sorry… didn't I tell you to stop calling that, Mr. Ryan." She replied annoyingly but still smiled happily.

"Yeah… yeah… what happen to me."

"Oh, you got hit in your head by a glass bottle and knocked out. Luckily, Doctor said that you just got small scratches, and they'll be cured in a few days, but you'll feel a mild headache during healing. And, don't worry about the medical fee, I already covered that as a small favor to you."

"Wow, thank you very much, my lady." Ryan bowed his head down and gave her a genuine smile.


Alice's face reddened and shyly shook her head and said, "No problem… and I have a favor to ask you…"

She looked into his obsidian black eyes that widely opened in wonderment of what was going to happen.

She continued, "Would you like to be my personal bodyguard?"

"This is intolerable, Master Alice! How can he be so trusted to become your personal bodyguard? I don't allow him." The old man shouted from the door and walked next to Alice holding yellow folder labeled 'Ryan Young.' He stopped at the side of the patient bed and glanced down to Ryan.

So… He is the owner of the old, low toned voice. Let's see… old, white-gray hairs and mustache, dark gray eyes, wearing rounded glasses, and grumpy… really, really grumpy… I assume he is mid-fifty and having midlife crisis… Yellow-creamed color shirt under the dark brown casual vest, matched the color with trousers, black high shine leather shoes, and very slim diamond point style black bow tie. He might be a butler since there is a maid already. Ryan analyzed in thoughts after he took a quick look at the old man.

He sat up properly, smiled to the old man, and said, "Good afternoon, sir. My name is…"

"Afternoon to you too, Mr. Young. My name is Anderson Earl Oblekt. I am master Alice's butler, and chief of security and services of Genman family. It's my duty to investigate anyone whom my master is talking to, so you don't have to introduce me." Anderson interrupted Ryan greeting, turned toward Alice and handed the folder.

He continued, "Master Alice, this is his file. It's all about his story which we, your security services, gathering for you to prove that he is not someone you think he is. And, please read aloud for us too."

Alice took the folder unwillingly and opened it. She looked surprised and gave her butler a doubtful look before started reading.

"Personal information…

Name: Ryan Young

Sex: Male

Nationality: Thai

Place of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand

Occupation: None

Social Security: None

Current Address: Not available

None, none, not available, and oh… criminal record… none! And… that's all."

"WHAT!" Anderson shocked and took the folder back. He read the file over and over again, then he let defeated sigh out. This was all info he had about Ryan, put his hand and massaged his temples. And finally, he said, "He is cleaned."

"So! He can be my personal bodyguard." Alice said and victoriously grinned back to Anderson.

"But, master Alice, how can he prove that he is a decent man?"


"I will prove him." Mariah answered, "I have a method to determine him. And by proving him, I need two of you go outside and don't try to eavesdrop. You know what will happen if you do, right?"

She gave a devilish smile to Alice and Anderson, then shooing them outside.

"But, but… what if he lies to you." Anderson tried to reason, but ultimately failed after Mariah threatened,

"Questioning my method again, and there won't be tomorrow for you, Mr. Chief of Security and Services."

Everything calmed as Alice and Anderson were outside of the room. Mariah turned and slowly walked back sitting aside of the bed.

"He can be stubborn sometimes, but good intention. If you know him well, you will find out how kind he is." She calmly said.

"I can see that… and, I learned one thing today that I must not mess with the maid of Genman family." He chuckled and smiled as Mariah gave him a smile back and started her method.

"Then, let's get started. I am going to ask you only one yes/no question, and you have to answer really, really carefully. You can have your time to consider, but there won't be a second chance. After you answer, you have to give me the reason support your answer too. Ready?"


"Okay… If you could go back and kill Hitler as a baby, would you do it? And why?"

"No! I wouldn't." Ryan answered immediately that entirely surprised Mariah.

"Oh… I hope you know to rule, so please tell me your reason." Mariah asked back still in confusing.

"I would not kill him as a baby because as a baby, he born innocently without guilty. There was no blame to a child, even though he killed several million when in his adulthood."

Mariah was impressive with his answer, and tried to push further, "So, you're saying that you are going to let millions of life die instead of a child."

"So, you're going to kill an innocent child who not yet commits the Holocaust. It's same as accusing someone who doesn't commit any crime, and he who has no murder motivation is a murderer." Ryan stated irritably and continued, "Even I knew that he was going to kill millions of soul, I don't dare to change the past, and… Do you want to take a bet to change the past and hope right now would be the same? For me, let the past be past, don't change, and learn from it."


The moment of silence passed, Mariah chuckled, and said, "Mr. Young, you're full of surprise! I'll let Master Alice and Mr. Anderson come in, and announce you the result." Then she stood up and walked to the door. She opened it and let Alice and Anderson come in.

As they walked to the side of the bed, Mariah announced, "Master Alice and Mr. Anderson, I would like to inform you that Mr. Young here… was PASSED my method. I recommend that he is suitable to become a part of Genman family as Master Alice's personal bodyguard."

While Alice was jumping happily and hugging Ryan's arm, Anderson tried to disagree, but he had to stop after Mariah glanced threateningly at him.

He obliged not to question Mariah's method and officially stated, "Mr. Young, as you passed the process and proved yourself. I have to announce that to become our master's personal bodyguard. You will be trained by our specialists from how to wash dishes to protect the president of the country within ONE month starting tomorrow."

"In ONE month starting TOMORROW! Are you crazy?!" Alice argued.

"Master Alice, do you know how much you dearly treasure to us? If you want a personal bodyguard, I could hire the most professional one for you right now. But, you prefer him to be your personal bodyguard, I obey your wish, and make him the best of the best as fast as possible to serve you." He reasoned her and turned to Ryan, "So, are you ready to survive the hell of training sessions, Mr. Young?"

"Bring it on, mister." Ryan challenge accepted.

Day 33 'Vow'

Somewhere in the middle of the forest, there was a modern white three-story building which used to be Genmans' vacation house. But now, it became the training facility for Genmans' employees. The twin front door was opened, and a black-haired man wearing a cream jumpsuit holding a large bag on his left shoulder walked out and to the black luxury limo car where another man wearing black chauffeur suit stood next to it.

He started greeting, "Heya! Ryan, are you ready to go?"

"Of course, Sam, I want to get the hell out of here." Ryan joked back and thumbed up to the driver showing he was ready-to-go.

"Then hop in, let's go back to the mansion."


While Ryan sat at the back seat placing his bags to his left and closed the door. The driver positioned himself to the driver seat, closed the door, and started the engine. Then, the journey to the Genmans' mansion began. Ryan looked out of the car window, let his mind drifting with his memory of one whole month of training.

His first-week training was about house chore and basic cooking and brewing, taught by Mariah of course. It might seem to be easy for him, but not at all. Mariah was rigorous when it was about cleanness and neatness. In the last day of the week, Ryan had asked why he had to do those non-bodyguard things. The answer was to make master duties more convenient and unobstructed, and when everyone else fell, he, personal bodyguard, was the last one to help. He totally understood after hearing that and practiced continuously to be perfect.

The second week of his training was about manners and personality development, trained by the man who was driving the limo right now. His name was Samuel Robertsdale Gidari. He used to be an instructor of international modeling and personality development school. He had trained Ryan modeling, acting, social skills, and what all gentleman should do including entertaining. Also, he had trained some sports such as tennis, golf, snooker, chess, and card games. In free time, he taught how to charm ladies. That week was the most enjoyable for Ryan, and they were friends quickly.

The third week was about combating, protecting, and survival training by, as expected, the chief of security and services, Anderson who had tried to kill Ryan when he had the chance. From hand-to-hand combating to handgun sharpshooting, confidential protecting to torturing enduring, and basic camping to alone-in-the-ocean surviving, and injecting several kinds of tranquilizer, Ryan survived all of them, but barely. He surprised Anderson who now was more accepting him. Then, Anderson was admittedly impressed that Ryan could manage to keep up, so he allowed Ryan to take a break on the last day of the week after physical check.

The fourth week was not a training week, but it was a whole week of examination divided into three parts. First and second parts took only two days which were testing about the household chores, cooking, and manners. Apparently, Ryan never failed to impress both Mariah and Sam by his jobs as his practice to perfect paid off. But, the last part was not easy as expected. It was the hostage rescue test with undetected and unalarmed conditions. The trial took place in the vast forest where the hostage held in the cottage secured by several highly trained guards and a dozen of patrol scouts. Ryan had to save the hostage within five days.


"Ryan, how ya feeling after the training?" Sam's voice interrupted Ryan's memory of saving the hostage.

"You know, you guys were training me to be a suitable personal bodyguard, but I felt like I was going to do some global espionage and save the world from insanely evil villains," Ryan replied earning a laugh from Sam.

"Hahaha, Ryan, did you know you're the die-hard one. You're the only and the first person who has this brutal tests and survived. We're really impressed by that. Other guards would give up on the first day. You're sure making master Alice proud of you and us too."


"No prob, and what did you do last two days?"

"Just relaxing and chilling on 29th, and grooming and haircut on 30th."

"Did you prepare your oaths?"

"Yes, of course," Ryan replied tiredly.

Sam noticed it. "Well then, you seem tired, why don't you sleep on the way. I'll wake you up when we're nearly there." Sam said as he looked Ryan from the rear mirror.

Ryan smiled back and said, "Thank you." He looked out to the window again, slowly closing his eyes and began to sleep.


It took hours for them to arrive in Bangkok, and another hour to be a few away from the Genmans' main gate. Sam woke Ryan up as they were in front of the entrance gate waiting to be opened. Ryan's eyes widely opened in amazement as the scenery of landscape and decorations passed him. Sam chuckled as he saw Ryan shocked by what he saw, and said,

"First time, huh? You'll be more surprised when you see the mansion."

"Yes, it's my first time here. And... that's not a mansion. It is the FREAKING CASTLE!" Ryan shocked as he saw the cream and white color, Gothic style, crystal-clear windows, large mansion surrounded by small green bushes and colorful decorative flowers.

The limousine moved and stopped at the front door of the mansion. The two familiar faces walked out waiting for the arrival of the newbie.

Sam stated, "Here's your stop."

"Thanks for the ride, Sam" Ryan thanked and got himself and his belongings out of the limo.

"No prob, and see you in the afternoon."

"Bye…" Ryan replied as he closed the limo door and Sam drove away to the garage.

"Good Morning, Mr. Ryan." Mariah greeted Ryan who turned himself around and greeted back,

"Good Morning, Miss Mariah and Mr. Anderson."

"Good Morning to you too, Mr. Ryan. Now you've arrived, would you please follow me. I have something to issue to you before the ceremony." Anderson said and led the way inside the mansion.


Anderson walked leading in front of Ryan who was sightseeing interiors and followed by Mariah. He led to the office room with 'Anderson E. Oblekt' labeled on the door. He pointed out Ryan to stand in front of the brownish wood meeting table in the center of the room, which there were several items on it. Then, Anderson walked and stopped at the other side of the table and stated,

"Mr. Ryan, these things on this table will be your uniforms and personal effects."

He pointed to the plastic covered clothes. "These are your uniforms. You should know how and when to wear appropriately. And..."

He picked up a box and opened it showing the black high shine leather shoes. "The is a specially made leather shoes for versatility usage, and it added nanotechnology for self-healing. If you take a good care of them, it will last more than ten years. This is a gift from Mr. Samuel." Then, he put the shoe box down on the table and held up a tight-fitting body suit.

"This is a scratch-proof bodysuit. It can prevent any scratches and cuts, so knives can't cut and impale through, and drug injectors can't penetrate it. But, you still feel the impact and hurt, and keep in mind that this is not a bulletproof suit. This is my gift for you as you passed my test."

"Wow, thank you very much…" Ryan tried to thank but interrupted by pausing pose from Anderson,

"Not finished yet... Next is your personal effects." He pointed to a handgun, two spare emptied magazines, a box of 9mm bullets, and a combat knife. "You may be familiar with these lethal weapons. They're the 9mm CZ-P09, and 5 inches ZT0160 knife that you used during training."

Later, he picked up a baton on his right and a pair of rubber and stretchable fabric thing on his left, and stated, "On my right is concealable 16 inches baton for a non-lethal weapon, and my left is all-size wrap shoes. And lastly..."

As he placed down the baton and the wrap shoes, he picked up a brown box and said, "This is the last gift from us. It's Miss Mariah's for you."

Ryan turned his head to Mariah who stood next to the door, smiled, and nodded his head thankfully. Anderson opened the box showing to Ryan and continued, "This is your 5.5 inches display smartphone. It is waterproof and dust tight with 23-megapixel fast focus rear camera. Its battery can be up to 2 days maximum, and it integrated with a fast and secure fingerprint sensor. At the back of it…"

He picked up showing the beauty of the phone around and stopped, showing its backside to Ryan.

"It has a stunning mirror effect on its back so that it can be your pocket mirror too. It comes with standard accessories like charger, data cable, and stereo headset. Other than that you have to buy it yourself. And, we already registered your phone number, and we will cover its service fee. We added you ours and other emergencies numbers to your phone. So, all of these belong to you now and please take a good care of them, and do remember, DO NOT USE any weapons, especially lethal weapons unless there is a life-threaten to master Alice only. I don't want to deal any problem with any law enforcer. Now, if you understand, I will let take your belongings, and Miss Mariah will escort you to your room. I will see you again in the main chamber precisely at 1 in the afternoon in full uniform."

"Thank you very much to you all. I am grateful and looking forward meeting you again at 1 o'clock." Ryan respectfully bent down, picked up his belongings, and followed Mariah leaving the room.


While they were walking to Ryan's room, he happily smiled to her and said, "Thank you very much for the gift, Miss Mariah. I like this smartphone."

"Just only my gift?" She teased back.

"And all of it, of course." He excused.

"Of course, I'm messing with you. Now, you have about 3 hours left for preparing yourself, and lunch will be delivered at noon. Do you have any allergy or sicken by any food?"

"Bell pepper. With a small bite of it, I will be vomited and fainted."

"Now, I found your weakness." Mariah devilishly chuckled and smiled back at him making him goose bumped. She stopped in front of the wooden door with a shiny gold plate labeled 'Ryan Young' in the middle and eyesight height. Before she left, she said, "This will be your room from now on. I will see you again afternoon."

"See you too."


"Wow…" Ryan muttered in amazement under his breath as he was observing around. This room was designed in minimal style with a white color full-size platform bed and black pillows and quilt. This room highlighted by gray tones carpet in the middle surrounding by sleek black chair next to matched color desk, matte black doors built-in wardrobe, and polished white bed drawers with modern lamps on them. Inside the room, there was another door which was a small clean and white bathroom with the complete toiletries.

It's really awesome… I can stay here forever, he thought.

I should set my things and start showering.

Ryan finished setting his belongings and started a quick shower.

After his shower, he observed himself wearing only a trunk, admiring his slim athletic body shape in the mirror. There were a few small scratch scars on his front and a couple of big slash scars on his back due to his torturing endurance training. Then, he wore bath gown walking to the door as he heard knocking sound.

"Yes?" He asked.

"This is your lunch, Mr. Young." An unfamiliar feminine voice said through the door.

Ryan looked through the peephole seeing a young female servant with food cart standing in front of the door, then opened the door.

"Thank you, miss..."

"..." no answer from the servant, she hauled the cart in and left the room.

Well… it's time for my lunch and suit up, he thought and began had his lunch.


A minute to 1 o'clock, a man wearing ultimate formal dress stood in front of a large twin door leading to the main chamber. Ryan checked himself for the last time before he opened the door. There were four persons located in the middle of the hall. Anderson, Sam, and Mariah were standing with their usual uniform, while the last one was sitting on the large throne-like golden chair. She wore a pure white lace pleated dress showing her true grace and powerful, chignon hairstyle adding a bright white headband, and natural makeup on the face.

Whoa! Alice! Are you a princess or something!? He amazed as he was walking toward them.

"Long time no sees, Lady Alice. You're sure looking gorgeous."

"Long time no see too, Mr. Ryan. And, you too are looking elegant." Alice replied and smiled at him.

They locked their eyes and looked dearly to each other drifting their mind into the world where no one else but them. But, they suddenly came back from the train of thoughts when they heard clearing throat sound from Anderson.

"It's time. Mr. Ryan, please kneel down before master Alice and pledge your loyalty."

Ryan knelt down and started his oath as he practiced accordingly, "I, Ryan Young, do solemnly pledge that I faithfully will preserve, protect, and defend the Genman family against all the enemies with all my best abilities, and I will ultimately obey the orders of Master Alicia Himmel Genman only."

"Now, Ryan Young, as you swore your oath, you may seal your oath," Anderson stated.

Alice stood up, walked, and reached out her right hand toward Ryan, expecting him to hold and seal his promise by his kiss. Ryan noticed and did as the cue. While he kissed her hand, Ryan hypnotically struck. He could smell her sweet perfume on her hand and slightly jerked his head off a second later. He felt ashamed of what he did, and he blushed in guilt.

Then, it was time for Alice to accept his oath, "I, Alicia Himmel Genman, will remember that Ryan Young is now sworn to be loyalty and to be my personal bodyguard from now on and ever, and I accepted you to be part of Genman family and my life."

"Master Alicia Himmel Genman, as you accepted his oath, you may finalize the affirmation."

Alice cupped Ryan's face by both of her hands pulling near to her face, closed her eyes and kissed his forehead. The scent of masculine aromatic from his head interested her. She inhaled deeply and sighed as she released him and warmly smiled.

"As we have come to the end of the ceremony, we wish our best you to fulfill your duties and responsibilities as a master Alicia Himmel Genman's personal bodyguard. May you find a way to prevent and prevail any harm to your master that reflects your loyalty and integrity... It is my honor to welcome Ryan Young to Genman family." Anderson announced, then everyone gave Ryan congratulation applause.

Day 365 'Stargazing'

A year passed by, Ryan always stood by Alice helping and protecting as her personal bodyguard. He went everywhere with her. Even, he had to enroll high school to be with her and secretly look out for Alice. Ryan had to pretend to be her closest friend from her childhood and acted like a same aged normal person with a normal life. He paid his tuition fee by reducing his monthly compensate of his job. While he had shadowed Alice to everywhere, he surely did not disturb her and made her feel safe and sound.

Alice was happy that he followed her everywhere. However, she wanted him to be more interact with her. She wanted to talk with him, walked along with him, and hung out with him. Even, Ryan silently and secretly kept her safe without any annoyance, Alice just wanted more, not just master and servant, but trusted friend and guardian.

Ryan noticed somehow, but could not compile as to keep him professional for her image. Only while they were at school, he could be more friendly and playful with her as the closest friend did. And some occasional such as schoolmates invited Alice or Ryan for hanging out or doing some activities. He would not let Alice go without him. Even though it was a lady only hang out, he would become a spy changing his appearance and being around her unnoticeably.

Sometimes Ryan and Alice were coincidentally seen by their schoolmates outside. Ryan had to tell them that they mistook someone else, and avoided any more question. While Ryan and Alice were at school, many of their friends noticed that they always together. Some questioned them, some teased them, and some envied them. However, they were not bothered, and Ryan seemed to enjoy them.


Now, it was 5 o'clock in the evening, Ryan walked to the outside of Alice bedroom, knocked a couple of time on the door, and said, "My lady, it's nearly time for you to go to the party. Please come out, we are waiting for you."

"No! I don't want to go." Alice shouted from inside the room.

"My lady, please don't be stubborn and come out now, or else, I make you to."

"Don't you dare!"

Ryan did not care her threaten, opened the door walking inside, then he tiredly sighed from what he saw. He saw Alice still being in her pajama, laying on her bed with a grumpy face, and playing her phone.

"Lady Alice, you should know that your family company party will be started in two hours, and you're still in bed not dressing yet. Is there any explanation for this?"

"I just DON'T want to go," Alice answered annoyingly.

"My lady, please be more reasonable. It's your duty to attend the party as Genman family representative." Ryan softly reasoned to calm her down but,

"I DON'T WANT TO GO! If you want the reasons, hear this. First, there is already a Genman family representative who is my grandpa so there is no need for me to go. Second, everybody at the party is not cared about me who is just having Genman name on her and not yet the part of the company. Third, who do you think you are to command me to do this or those. You are MY PERSONAL BODYGUARD, not MY PARENTS!" Alice shouted and looked infuriatingly at him.

"ALICE!" Ryan firmly scolded her.

She flinched, and her body started to shake in fear. Alice realized that she took overboard and made him angry. She avoided her eyes contact and turned her head away. She felt ashamed, but an unexpected thing happened as Ryan walked and sat next to her. He gently rubbed and softly patted her head.

"I am sorry, Alice. I made swear the oath that I would always obey your orders, but I failed to compile… I don't deserve to be here anymore…" He stood up slowly leaving the room but,

"No! No! Ryan, you didn't do anything wrong. It's my fault… I'm so stubborn, and that messed you up… I'm sorry… I'm so sorry… Please don't leave…" Alice cried grabbing his wrist, pulled toward her and sobbed on his arm.

Ryan turned to her putting his free hand and placed on her head, soothed her by patting her head, and gently said, "Alice, I don't want to leave you too. I want to be with you, protect you, and see you happy. And, I feel I don't deserve it when you are mad about the party. I knew that there is something annoying you. I knew it from the first time we met. But, it is my one of my duty to guide you to the right path and correct you to be a better woman in the future. By attending the company party, you will know its culture and nature. When the company is your, you will know how to handle and lead the company. Also, having more Genman member to the party is giving employees higher morale and worthy to work. But, now, to attend or not, it is up to you, and your answer will be my command."

Alice slowly stopped her cry raising her head and looking at Ryan who smilingly waited for her answer.

"I will attend… But no promise that I would not escape the party again like last time…" She softly chuckled and backed off him.

"Good choice, my lady. And, don't worry, I will not let anything annoy you. Now, you should dress up while I got back to my room changing my suit that you water on it." Ryan joked her making her mood lighter and continued, "I will be waiting in front of your door." He bowed down and left the room.


After they had finished dressing up, they began their journey to the Genman Corp. building to attend the party. However, the party was already started for an hour so Alice did not have to do the opening ceremony and enjoyed the party. While she wandered the party greeting and apologizing for her lateness to honorable guests, Ryan followed her every step standing adjacent to her right. Then, someone that Alice hoped not to meet happened to walk up to her.

"Well, well, look what we have here…" The voice from an adult aged, brown hairs and beard, blue eyes man wearing elegant white suit holding a glass of champagne following by his followers. From the information Ryan had, this man was the president of her competitor and partner company, Sanus Public Company Limited, named 'Emmanuel Leodore Sanus.'

"Long time no see, little Alice."

"Evening to you too, Mr. Emmanuel," Alice replied annoyingly.

"Whoa there, don't have to be hostile to me, little one. Ain't we here to enjoy ourselves, huh?"

"I sure did enjoy the party here until meeting you now, sir. I don't know why my grandpa invited you to this party every year."

"Well, I don't know too. But, I would not let any invitation down when it sent to me. Even, it served this cheap champagne to honorable guest like me."

"I thought you're here for the free food and enjoy your miserable life, but showing yourself bad manner and egoism. Well, I glad you still enjoy yourself in the party. Please stay as long as you like, I will leave you here." Alice shook her head, leaving.

Emmanuel groaned violently and tried to grab her wrist and teach her a lesson, but he was stopped by Ryan who cut in between Emmanuel and Alice.

"Who the heck are you, boy? Do you know who I am!?" Emmanuel asked furiously.

"Good evening, sir. My Name is Ryan Young. I'm Master Alicia's personal bodyguard. I do know who you are, sir. Your name is Emmanuel Leodore Sanus. You're the president of Sanus Public Company Limited which Genman Corp. now has been considering whether financially worth to overtake it or not, due to the downtime and obsolete management. I'm so sorry to cut in, but I see you're trying to harm my master. Would you please be a gentleman and leave this party peacefully or I have to let security guards escort you out?" Ryan replied.

"Is this threat?"

"No, sir. I consider it's a fair warning."

"SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!" Emmanuel snapped splashing champagne on Ryan's face and yanked Ryan up preparing to punch.

"STOP THIS NONSENSE NOW!" Alice shouted stopping them.

Emmanuel stopped and looked around where all guests stared at them unbelievably. He pushed down Ryan and said, "You should thank to your master stopping me from giving you a lesson. My men and I will leave this party. Now move along and follow your BITCH!" Emmanuel insulted before turned his face away.

After Ryan heard the insult, he quickly stood up running toward Emmanuel, and tried to punch him, but stopped by Alice, "No, Ryan! He doesn't deserve it… He isn't worth for…"

Ryan's right fist stopped in front of Emmanuel's eyes and slowly pulled away. Emmanuel's face slowly changed from shock to angry look and tried to pick the fight.

"What's the commotion happen here!?" Anderson asked as he came with a group of the security guards.

"Mr. Emmanuel is…" Ryan tried to answer but interrupted by Alice,


"Are you sure, Master Alice?" Anderson asked again.

"Yes, I am. Ryan follows me." Alice answered and left the party.

"Mr. Ryan. What's happen?" Anderson questioned Ryan.

"Nothing as she said, sir" Ryan stated and followed her.

Anderson oppressively sighed massaging his bridge and said, "Mr. Emmanuel, would you please come with me, I have news about our business and discussion about this recent event."


After Ryan and Alice rode the elevator down to the first floor and walked through the front door of the building waiting for Sam to pick up, Alice asked, "Ryan… would you like to take a walk? I don't feel like to go back home yet…"

"As you wish, my lady." He answered and smiled at her.

She smiled back grabbing his hand and led him to the small park across the street. While they were walking around the park, she said, "Do you remember this park, Ryan?"

"Yes, I remember. How could I forget it? This is where we first met. And that..." He pointed to the old vending machine, "...is where I saw you arguing with the vending machine."

He smiled as he heard giggling sound from Alice, and pointed to the tree not far from the vending machine, and continued, "And, that's where we sat waiting for you to calm down."

"Well, let's take a break there, no?" Alice softly asked.

"Why not, you can wait there, I will buy you a drink here and quickly follow you."

Alice nodded and walked to the familiar spot at the tree, sitting down waiting for him. Not too long, Ryan ran back to her holding two cans of soft drink. He handed her favorite peach flavored soda while he had his favorite sparkling orange juice.

As they were sitting and drinking with the cold breeze, Ryan said, "Alice… Uh… I have a gift for you…"

"Ryan, today is not my birthday, didn't forget that."

"I don't and won't forget your birthday. And, this is not a birthday gift."

"So, for what an occasion, Ryan."

"Actually, I will give you next month as my first job anniversary, but since you have a bad evening and I think that today is more appropriate." He finished and took out something from inside suit pocket handing to her. It was an A5 dark red girlish decorate hardcover notebook binding with white silver color ribbon.

"Happy our first met anniversary, Alice" Ryan shyly said.

"Oh… Thank you, Ryan… It's an unexpected gift, but I'm really happy."

"You're welcome, my lady." He smiled at her.

"I'm sorry. I don't have anything for you."

"No problem, my lady. And, actually, you already gave me your gift."

"Huh?" Alice confused.

"Your gift was letting me be a part of Genman family where I am grateful and enjoy."

"Oh… hehe… you know, everyone in the mansion including me is happy to have you. And… can I ask you something?"

Ryan nodded replying to her.

"Why notebook?" She asked.

"Well… according to my experience serving you for almost a year, every time you finish watching movies or reading novel books, you wonder 'what if' or 'what will' questions. I am not complaining. Actually, I enjoy answering them too. So, I think that you have a lot of imagination about whatever you have seen or read. Also, you want to create more scenarios or post stories with a lot of possible and impossible outcome, and I saw you happy doing that. Therefore, I give you a notebook to let you write and enjoy your imaginative stories. And, maybe in the future, you can be a writer and make a fortune from it." Ryan explained.

"Wow, that's very thoughtful of you." Alice surprised.


As, they were relaxing by the tree, gazing stars. They surprisingly saw a shooting star. Alice's eyes widened, gasped and said, "Ryan, Ryan, look! A shooting star! Let's wish."

"Yes, I see." He started to wish in his thoughts.

"I wish everyone in the world be happy…" Alice wished.

Ryan chuckled and laughed out loud making Alice confused and asked, "What's so funny?"

"No, no… I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything bad. I think you are AWESOME! I'm really impressed. You're the first person to wish out loud I ever heard."

"Then, what did you wish?" Alice asked.

"Not telling you." He mused.

"Hey, that's not fair."

"You did yourself." Ryan still teased her.

"Tell me," Alice begged.

"Hey, Ryan, Master Alice, your limo here. Let's go home." Sam shouted from the car.

Ryan stood up dusting off and reached out his hand to Alice helping her stood up.

"Well, my lady, we don't want to waste any time… Let's go home."

"Yes… And, you have to tell me your wish."

"Yes, I will, but I don't when."


Ryan and Alice giggled and laughed while they were walking to the limousine parking next to the park for going home.

'I wish Alice to be the happiest person in the world, and none shall stop her happiness.'

End of Prologue 1 'Wish Upon a Shooting Star'