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SANS'S POINT OF VIEW **A/N majority of the paragraph uses he or him as mention of Gaster

Sans woke up with a sudden start, his eye flashing and lighting up the room. He decided from then on he wasn't going to sleep any time soon. He hopped to his feet and lazily left the room. Most of the monsters were still in the underground even though the barrier was broken. Nobody wanted to move too quickly. Sans yawned, even if he and Papyrus wanted to move he could just,'shortcut' the house to the surface. Sans was glad nobody raised questions about his so called shortcuts. If anybody asked a question about it he wouldn't know what to say. If they digged too deeply they might find… him. There was a person able to call him 'dad' but Sans found it impossible. He was gone and forgotten and that was good, but, with his disappearance others disappeared too. People that knew him too well just disappeared into what Sans called "the void". The void was a gap in between time and space. He wasn't too deep into the void, but she was. She was someone Sans once called sister.


Frisk awoke to Papyrus yelling at Sans to pick up his sock. She had camped at their house because Toriel and Asgore had a meeting with the Human Mayors of nearby towns. When she asked if they needed her ( cause she's the ambassador )they both of their faces flushed and said no, they also said they might be gone for a little less than a year. Later, after they left, Sans said if she paid him 5 gold he would tell her why they really left. That was, an interesting day to say the least. The more you know you guess. When Frisk sat up she saw Sans sitting by her feet dozing off like he always did.

Papyrus was still yelling, "SANS! PICK UP YOUR SOCK OR ELSE THE GREAT PAPYRUS WILL HAVE TO MAKE YOU BY ATTACHING THE SOCK TO YOU AND THROWING YOU TO YOUR ROOM!" Sure enough, that is exactly what Papyrus did. Somehow the door opened when it was closed before throwing Sans, but she decided not to doubt it. The day was rather uneventful, Alphys and Undyne took a trip to Japan, Mettaton had work, Asgore and Toriel were...y'know where, and Papyrus wanted a… "GAME NIGHT TONIGHT" Pap shouted before Frisk could finish her thoughts.

"Okay!" Sans and Frisk replied. Though Sans was more of a groan then a reply. He looked, tired. Not like a child after playing but an elder after their life. Then again she had no idea how old Sans really was, he may be an elder after a long and adventurous life. Honestly, to Frisk, it didn't matter, she considered him her friend no matter what. Sans was walking down the stairs as he plopped once again next to Frisk. Frisk sat up and waited for Papyrus to join them. When Papyrus finally came over (Sorry, monopoly, jenga, clue, 221 baker street, left center right, and Paps favourite Candy land) with a bunch of board games. He also had a gamecube and some controllers to play Super Smash Bros and Mario Party 5. Needless to say, we had a great time. Around 3:00 in the morning we all decided we should probably get some sleep. Sans went to his room and so did Pap. I was left on the couch to sleep.

When I eventually fell into a deep slumber I had dreams, no, nightmares of dust and death. I could hear clips of everyone's voices as they died. I saw one at the end, that was the one to shatter my heart the most. Sans. Sans had died. I had seen the whole fight, he, he hated me. Sans eye was glowing blue and yellow as he talked about how I was a Dirty Brother Killer? It hit me, Sans was taking revenge on all the people I killed, but, I didn't kill anyone. Papyrus was in his room sleeping, not dead. Sans hasn't been angry at me, right? Sans had spared me, I ran toward him. I wanted to go back, to be in his arms. I wanted to say I hadn't killed anyone, I wanted to say that he was wrong. I never got the chance to even say a thing. Bones shot up from the ground and impaled me. The last words I heard before everything going black was: "Why should I give you mercy when you gave Papyrus none?!" He sobbed at Papyrus's name. I saw this fight over and over until Sans was finally dead. A slash through his torso was all it took to make the skeleton disappear. I cried his name, I wanted him to come back so I could say I was sorry, sorry for killing everyone. No one was there, just the dust of Sans. I walked over to his remains and curled up into his jacket. His dust was smudging on my face and arms but I didn't care. I just wanted him back. It became calm, silent besides my sobbing. When I looked down corridor I saw a child with rosy-red cheeks, a pale face, and what was a rather creepy smile. When the child looked up, her eyes glinted with a red malice. Her face started melting…

I woke up with a gasp, cold tears and sweat rolled down my face. I sat up, and when I did I saw a figure on the couch next to me. I screamed but the figure put a gloved hand over my mouth. It was Sans and his face was inches from mine.

"Hey kiddo, what's wrong? You look pretty rattled to me." Sans chuckled at his pun. I didn't giggle, I didn't laugh, all I did was cry as I clung onto Sans jacket and pulled him closer. His arms wrapped around me and made me sit up. "Hey kid, what's wrong?"

"Sans? Are, are you mad at me? Do you hate me?" I choked out these words. Afraid of his answer.

"Of course not kiddo, you freed us, you broke the barrier!" Sans had added something, but she didn't hear it. She was glad he didn't hate her though.

"What are you doing up Sans?" Frisk asked. After all it had scared her half to death to see him on the couch with her.

"Jus' a nightmare." He said calmly. How did he deal with it? She looked up at him, the area around her eyes were red and she hiccuped, as she did, more tears streamed down her face. She looked away, she didn't want to look at the face of the person she just brutally murdered. Sans was, however, her only comforter so she snuggled closer to him and dug her face into his jacket. He just smiled at her and ruffled her hair.

"How do you deal with nightmares?" Frisk mumbled through his jacket. She heard him laugh. What was he laughing at?

"F-frisk th-that tickled!" He tried to swallow the laugh. Frisk remembered that she literally talked into him. Her voice must have vibrated his ribs or something. She giggled at his ticklishness and she wanted to see if he would laugh more if she tickled him. After all, his laugh may let her forget about the nightmare. His laugh was always contagious to her. Sans beat her to her plan. He wiggled his gloved fingers at her sides making her burst with laughter. She squirmed to try and get out of his grasp. When she couldn't get out she decided to tickle Sans back. They fell off the couch onto the floor. Frisk sat on Sans's belly triumphantly. Suddenly, Sans snatched up Frisk and made her into a human burrito with her blanket. "So, what did ya' dream about?" Sans asked as he lay her down and tucked her in with another blanket.

"SANS, TINY HUMAN, QUIET DOWN DOWN THERE AND GO TO SLEEP!" Pap yelled from his room. They laughed quietly as he erupted from his room and shouted at them to stop laughing.

"O- *snort* -kay Pap." Sans managed to talk without letting out the full amount of laughter that was in his throat (?). Papyrus sighed and walked back into his room. Sans turned back to me, expecting an answer for his question earlier.


A sad face crept over Frisk as she looked at me. It was as if she was looking at a completely different me. "It-it was, you-" Frisk started to cry again. I wiped away her tears and urged her to tell me. "You killed me over and over. You kept saying I had killed everyone. I tried to tell you that I was innocent when you spared me, but I was impaled. I kept trying to kill you, I-I didn't want to, my body was moving on it's own, I couldn't control the knife and you died and-and" after that I couldn't understand Frisk because she was jumbling her words together.

"Hey, it's okay. I'm here kay? That's over and I wouldn't ever hurt you." I almost continued and said, unless you kill an innocent person, then you're dead meat. I didn't though because, as true as it was, I didn't think it would help the current situation.

In the morning,(Sans was the first to wake up, surprisingly) Sans found that he had fallen asleep next to Frisk. He simply slipped of the bed and took a "shortcut" to Grillby's. It was closed. That pissed Sans off, he understood why, it was still pretty early in the morning. It was just that Sans needed to go somewhere to clear his mind. A place popped into Sans's head, he hadn't been there in a while because Pap kept getting angry he was sneaking off. He went to the forest just outside of Snowdin. "Hey, sis," Sans sighed as he sat in front of an Elm tree. "I know I haven't talked to you in a while but, you know how it is. Stuff to do, places to be." Sans sometimes thought he was crazy. Talking to no one, his sister was gone but he hoped she could hear him somehow. "Heya, I-uh met a human." Sans paused as if he was sure someone would answer. He stopped talking hoping he would hear her angered chastise about how dangerous and deadly humans were. "Actually, she is a nice human. She spared us, freed us, gave us mercy. I know how you would react. You would probably say that it was just gig to catch us off guard. Honestly, this human, is kind. I wish you could see how innocent she is." He stopped again but the only thing that answered him was rustling leaves.

~le time skip~ afternoon~(they slept a long time okay?!)


Frisk POV

Frisk was awake now, listening to Papyrus scream.

"WHERE DO YOU SUPPOSE HE WENT TINY HUMAN?" Pap was flailing his arms in the air as he ran around the house checking cabinets, the refrigerator, and closets. Sans was gone and he was making Pap worried, Frisk was worried too. She hoped he wasn't trapped somewhere or in danger.

"Don't worry Pap, Sans probably just went somewhere to… clear his mind?" Frisk turned her sentence into a question at the end because she was just guessing and 'clear his mind' was the first thing that she thought Sans would do if he went alone somewhere. "Maybe he went to Grillby's." Frisk suggested. It was better to have one idea than none. Once hearing this, Papyrus raced outside. Frisk followed, but instead of going to Grillby's she decided to continue. She passed the 'Welcome to Snowdin' sign and soon after a blizzard picked up. Frisk's heart dropped, but the thought of Sans in the horrible blizzard filled her with, DETERMINATION. Frisk pressed onward.


A blizzard picked up so Sans took a shortcut to his room. He thought it was odd that he didn't hear anything. Sans went downstairs and saw that no one was home. Just as he was about to take a shortcut to Grillby's to see if they were there, Papyrus slumped through the door.

"Heya bro, what's up?" Sans asked confused to his behaviour. "Besides the celing."

"SANS! WHERE WERE YOU? FRISK AND I WERE SO WORRIED!" Papyrus ran over and hugged Sans.

"Hey, Pap. Where's the kid?" Sans asked worriedly. The kid wasn't in the room.

"THEY ARE WITH ME. THEY WENT WITH ME TO-" Pap cut off when he looked behind him. Frisk was gone.

Sans and Pap hurried outside, the blizzard had the door frozen shut. Sans wouldn't have it. He used his Gaster Blasters to blow away the door, and before Papyrus could ask about his powers, he raced outside. The blizzard was too strong, the winds almost blew Sans and Papyrus off their feet. Sans put Papyrus to bed, he reassured him that Frisk was probably picked up by someone else and was being taken care of. After Pap fell asleep, Sans walked into the storm. This was his fault and he had to fix it, Frisk could die in the blizzard and Sans wouldn't have it. Sans would find Frisk, he was DETERMINED.


Frisk could barely stand, let alone walk or run. She had been calling Sans name for the past hour and now her voice was hoarse. She was somewhere in the woods, alone. Frisk collapsed onto the ground when she realized her situation. No one knew where she was and neither did she, her voice was hoarse and she couldn't call for help, and there was a blinding blizzard so everyone was indoors. Her lungs were hot from the cold air and her legs hurt from so much walking. She was going to die. Frisk suddenly saw a bright light and a young woman come into sight, she was almost transparent. The woman wore a pure white dress that reached her knees, she had a blue satin ribbon tied around her waist with a large bow in the back. She had orange cat ears, or were they fox? She also had an orange, fluffy tail with a white tip. The woman had long red hair, or was it brown? Her eyesight wasn't working very well in the storm. Frisk scrambled to her feet and ran after her despite the fact that her legs felt like they were on fire, the woman led Frisk to a big elm tree and walked behind it. When she followed, the woman was gone, but at her feet was a hole that led into the roots of the tree. Frisk decided this was her best hope and climbed inside, the inside of the hole was actually warm and it soon pulled Frisk into sleep. She decided not to underestimate Sans, she has seen firsthand what he could do.


Sans pushed forward calling Frisk's name, what if she was dead? If Frisk was dead, then it was his fault for going out on his own. Snowdin's weather is too unpredictable, they need to make sure to have an eye-socket on Frisk at all times. Sans walked to his spot by the elm tree, he wondered that, if his sister was really there, would she would help Frisk? His heart (?) almost stopped, he heard faint snoring. He twirled around and raced behind the tree. Sure enough, Frisk was in a little hole under the tree. Sans tenderly picked up Frisk, she was light and Sans could carry her easily. Sans was tired from his walking and couldn't teleport. Luckily, Sans had come here enough before to memorize his way home.

Sans tucked Frisk into his bed as he crawled in with them. The last thing he noticed before falling asleep is that Frisk had a Magnolia flower in her hair. Huh, that was her favourite flower too right? Or was it flowers from a Flowering Crabapple tree?


Frisk awoke to a warm bed. She was lying in sans's bed, Sans was sleeping in the corner. Oh no! I must have worried everyone when I fell asleep! I hope Sans is alright… Anyway, who was that ghostly woman? She wasn't human, but she wasn't a monster either… Maybe, a mix? These thoughts went through Frisks head for next hour or so. She dozed on and off between these thoughts. Why was that woman so transparent? Was she a ghost? She can't be a ghost if she's a monster … Then she's human? But the animal ears and tail…

"Hey kiddo you alright?" A mystery voice questioned. Frisk looked above the thick sheets to see the ghostly woman.

"Hello, um…" Frisk didn't know what to call her, while she was trying to think of a polite name she answered.

"Scarlett, Scarlett is my name." Scarlett answered, obviously seeing her distress in what to call her.

"Oh um, Scarlett, who are you, I mean-" Frisk was struggling not to insult her.

"I am… a nobody," Scarlett passed off vaguely. "I am trapped in a dark place called the void, sometimes I can come to this world as a ghost."

"Then, if you wait a long time, can you come back as a person?" Frisk asked, hoping she would come back from the void, it sounded horrible there.

"Well, the longer I stay as a ghost, the greater my connection to this world. So, one day I can come back." Scarlett explains. Frisk wanted to ask about her family, but decided it might too touchy of a subject. After all, she didn't know how long Scarlett had been in the void. Maybe that was a question she could ask.

"How long have you been in the void?" Frisk asked, hopefully she wouldn't insult her in any way. After all, what if she hated humans, like the monsters once did.

"Hmm, what year is it?" Scarlett asked, obviously not knowing.

"201X" Frisk replied.

"Geez, we need to stop using variables in our years," She sighed. "I guess maybe, 17- 25 years now?" Scarlett stated it more like a question than an answer.

"Umm, do you have a family?" Frisk asked.

"That's a story for another time," Scarlett put, her voice wavering just a tad. Frisk hoped she wasn't alone. "Welp, I gotta go, everyone is going to wake up soon. And, could you not speak a word of me? Please?"

"Yeah, sure." Frisk answered nodding her head.

"Thank you." Scarlett farewelled phasing through the wall.

"Frisk?" Frisk jumped when she heard Sans's voice. "What are you doing up?" Frisk looked at him, his expression was still worried. She smiled and said she was okay.


Frisk had been at him, peering at something. When he asked if she was doing, she said she was okay. "F-Frisk, i-i'm sorry, you being out in the blizzard like that, that was my fault." Sans apologized.

"No it wasn't," Frisk's answer surprised Sans, "It was my fault for going into the blizzard instead of going home. I should have known you would be okay with your shortcuts."

Sans walked over hugged Frisk. "I guess it's both of our faults right?" San's tried to loosen his guilt as he said this. He felt Frisk nod on his shoulder. "Welp, let's try to get more sleep, kay?" She nodded again as they both fell asleep beside each other.

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