Disclaimer: I don't own Undertale, Toby Fox does. Toby Fox, you made an amazing game. Tibia honest, this might turn into a Frans… Personally I think Toriel and Sans is more likely but I think Sans and Frisk would be cute if Frisk wasn't a child.

Sans awoke to Papyrus's loud clanging downstairs, which meant breakfast was almost ready. Frisk, who was was snuggled up to him, started to awake as well. They both managed to get downstairs, Sans teleported, while Frisk limped. (Frisk's leg was still asleep.)


Sans was as lazy as ever, just teleporting downstairs while she had to deal with this intense tingling that appeared every time she moved. When she finally got downstairs, she saw the monstrosity of Papyrus's breakfast. It was a sculpture made out of noodles, spaghetti, and spaghetti pancakes. (Yes, spaghetti pancakes. Cause' that is totally a thing.) One was of Frisk, one of Papyrus, and one of Sans. The worst thing was, they were human sized. Both Sans and Frisk marveled at his creation.

"Papyrus, why, when, how did you make this?" Sans was confused and impressed at the same time.

"Sans," Papyrus's calm voice scared everyone in the room. "I-I don't know what to do anymore, I have gone where no spaghetti-connoisseur has gone before…"

"Pap, I-I don't understand, why-" Sans was cut off.

"Sans, you don't understand," Papyrus was setting everyone on edge. "I stayed up, all night doing this. I didn't sleep Sans."

"Pap, you okay?" Sans looked worried.

"No, how can I be okay. Sans, I-I don't understand reality anymore." Papyrus looked destroyed.

Sorry for the ooc back there. I couldn't help it, i'm sorry. No I'm not. That was flipping hilarious to write. (See my pun?)


Papyrus was back to normal. Thank god.

"Hey kiddo, you wanna go to Grillby's?" Sans asked as Pap was heading to his post. Pap still wanted to recalibrate his puzzles even though the barrier was broken.

"Sure, why not?" Frisk replied as they took a 'shortcut' to Grillby's. The pair walked over to their usual spot, Frisk checked for a whoopee cushion and sat down. Frisk was a little worried about Sans, no whoopee cushion in the seat or hand and there hasn't been any puns recently. "Sans, are you okay? I mean, you haven't cracked a pun since my nightmare."

"What? Oh, i'm okay kiddo. It's just that… Thanksgiving is coming up, it would be the fifth Thanksgiving since the breaking of the barrier right?" Sans's question was weird, but she nodded a yes.

"What about it?" Frisk wondered what had Sans down. After she had said this, Sans murmured something she didn't hear.

Sans's P.O.V

Sans hated promises, and how many times they were broken. His sister wasn't gonna come home… he knew it, he just did. There was no way out of the void.

"It's just, in all the other timelines, we never got this far." Sans sighed looking at Frisk. They had talked about the timelines before, when he told her he knew about the timelines, she wasn't surprised and said that she had thought so.

"Yeah, but I promise, no more resets." Frisk promised, and Sans knew she had no idea how much those words actually meant to him. Those words were like the favourite blanket for a child, they can't sleep without it.

Grillby asked them what they wanted, Frisk ordered fries while Sans ordered the same.

"Want any ketchup?" Sans offered the bottle. It blows my skull how innocent this kid is. It almost makes me think, how is it possible that this kid is so caring while once this kid brutally murdered him and everyone he loves. It's almost as if it's a completely different kid.

"No, don't you dare think I forgot your trick," Frisk glared at Sans. "I would actually like to eat this time."

"Kay, suit yourself." Sans laughed as he chugged down the ketchup. Sans internally chuckled too, she still hasn't forgotten his trick on her. That surprised him, most people just shoved aside his trick and forgot. That's how they were all gullible in the first place."

Meanwhile with Papyrus…


"Hey Papyrus!" It was Undyne, "Where is Sans?!"


"Papyrus we went over this, and you didn't answer my question." Undyne had stopped yelling once she got close to Papyrus.


"Thanks Papyrus." Undyne waved as she walked away.


Frisk's P.O.V.

We were walking out of Grillby's when Undyne almost tripped over Sans.

"Gah!" Undyne yelled as she stopped suddenly to keep herself from tripping over him.

"Sup Undyne, thought you might fall for me for a sec. I guess I was wrong," Sans added, "and I'm glad I was wrong."

"Haha, very funny Sans. But I want to invite you to Alphys's and I's wedding!" Undyne seemed hyped, " I mean, I didn't give one to Papyrus, because if he went, I know you would force yourself to go and I don't want that. Because you are the older brother right?"

"Oh, good for you. I'll go if I don't forget." Sans replied. Frisk elbowed him in the ribs, careful of his 1 hp. She gave him a warning glance. "Okay, i'll go. But only if there is ketchup." Frisk shot another glare, but this time, it was laced with laughter.

"Hey, we're not forcing you to go." Undyne was still hyped. "But if you say no, I just drag you there! Alphys told me not to though…"

"I'll go." Frisk spoke up. Undyne's smile grew wider, if that was possible.

"Fine, besides, if I don't go, and Papyrus found out…" Sans left it there. Everyone understood. Papyrus would be reduced to saddened state for days.

Meanwhile with Papyrus…

"I WONDER WHAT SANS AND UNDYNE ARE DOING!" Papyrus pondered aloud. "I WILL GO AND JOIN THEM!" He strode down the path to Snowdin. He quickly approached Grillby's. "UGH, GREASE. I DON'T SEE HOW SANS CAN HAVE SUCH LOW STANDARDS!" Papyrus threw his hands up in the air dramatically.

Sans P.O.V.

"Speak of the devil, there's Paps now." He exclaimed, pointing behind Undyne.


Sans spoke up first, "Oh. Undyne was just invitin' us to the wedding."

Papyrus's smile brightened up more than ever as his hands flew up to his face. "REALLY!? WOWIE! THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN! WHOSE WEDDING IS IT?"

"Alphys's and mine" replied Undyne. Papyrus squealed like a 5 year-old at her words.

"REALLY? WOWIE! THAT MEANS WE HAVE TO GO SANS! ALPHYS AND UNDYNE ARE OUR FRIENDS!" Papyrus was hyped. Almost (maybe more) than undyne.

Short Frisk

"Yeah, sure, whatever you say bro." Sans replied lazily. He obviously didn't care, but that didn't matter to Frisk. One way or another, she was going to drag him out of his depressive cocoon and free him. Maybe this will help, Frisk needs to make him understand that life matters now because there aren't going to be anymore resets. No progress that he makes will be lost. Sans was one of the few people she hasn't saved. There's also flowey, and a mystery man, and maybe, it's probably a bad idea, but Chara too.

Sans P.O.V.

"Alphys said not to force anyone to go, even you Sans, so do you really want to go?" Undyne basically pleaded. Which was odd for her, maybe Alphys has rubbed off on her.

"Yeah, sure. I literally have nothing else to do. I have no plans." Sans shrugged as he replied.

"Speaking of plans, when is it?" Frisk questioned. She pulled out a mini calendar and a pencil. For being 14, she was really mature and organized. Sans guessed that was because she was the ambassador though.

"Umm… wait…" Undyne clicked at her phone. "Next spring, May 23."

After this Thanksgiving… After she is supposed to come… Will she be there? Will she come? No. No, it's impossible to escape the void… Sans thought to himself

"Sans? Are you okay?" Frisk and Undyne asked. Sans had a blank face, he obviously wasn't listening, nor had he heard them.

"HEY SAAAAANS" Undyne yelled as she started shaking Sans by the shoulders.

"Whaaa~" Sans was obviously confused about the violent behaviour. "U-U-Undy-y-yne I-I-I h-h-haven'-t-t-t e-even-n ma-ade a p-p-u-u-n-n y-e-t." Sans's speech was broken up by her shaking. She quickly stopped once she realized he was paying attention.

"Tibi-" Undyne cut him off.

"DON'T!" Undyne lifted a spear and others formed around her. "Any way, Next Spring, May 23."

"Cool" Sans looked away obviously more interested in the Nice Cream cart.

"How about we get nice-cream?" Frisk grabbed Sans's and Undyne's hands, Undyne quickly shifted so she was in lead and so that she was holding Frisk's hand instead of the other way around. Sans didn't care very much, he was more thinking about getting away as soon as possible so he could take a nap. He didn't really feel like making puns.

"C'mon Sans!" Frisk called to him. " It's time to stop skullking!" She giggled and he did too, Undyne had groaned.

"That was very Punny kiddo." Sans knew it was bad, even for him.

Frisk looked at him with a very disappointed look. That look stabbed him in the soul, I'm losing my touch, who am I without my puns? Sis, you're killing me. "Sans that was bad, can't you do better?"

"Sorry, I guess my stache of puns is bone-dry." Little better, but that doesn't make up for the last one. Surprisingly she laughed.

"You said a really bad one just so you could pull that one out right?" Frisk giggled.

"I'm glad you think i'm humerus." Sans was relieved, a decent pun. Frisk laughed again.

"You guys i'm still here…" Undyne growled. Sans had an intake of breath, that alone was enough to send Undyne over edge. " SANS DON'T MAKE A SINGLE OTHER PUN AND YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY LIVE TO SEE THE SUNSET!"

"Cod Undyne, clam down." Sans could barely say it through his chuckles.

"ARRGGGHHHH!" Undyne screamed.

With Papyrus…

Hmm… I can see them yelling in the distance. I have this awful feeling that Sans has made one of those awful... UGH! Papyrus threw his hands into the air and stomped home.


Undyne is attacking Sans with a flurry of spears. That isn't good, neither is the feeling that his dodges giving me. It seems so familiar… oh yeah the nightmare! But… It feels deeper than that, like I feel the aggravation of him dodging my slashes and thrusts. The horrible thing that I would never tell anyone is that, when I saw him die, a part of me wanted to jump for joy. That was wrong! Why did I feel that way? YOU FEEL YOU'RE SINS CRAWLING ON YOUR BACK~ =) Gah! Who-Who was that?! Frisk Whipped around but no one was there. What? Who was that? I could've sworn someone just talked to me… HELLO AGAIN FRISK~ =) Who? MY NAME IS CHARA~ DON'T TELL ME YOU'VE FORGOTTEN. DON'T YOU REMEMBER? WE'RE BEST FRIENDS! =) HEHEHEHE!~ NO! STOP TALKING TO ME! Just stop. I don't want you here. You're the same voice from my nightmare! You're the one who made everyone die! ME? OH NO. YOU'RE THE ONE WHO DECIDED TO KILL. I WAS JUST A WILLING SPECTATOR! =) NO! YOU! You… you… I desperately grabbed my head and shook it to try and get the voice to get away. Eventually my vision started to go black as I blacked out. That last thing I heard was Sans and Undyne talking in Unison. "Hey kiddo what wrong?!" and "Punk! Are you alright?!"

(Welp I tried making Sans talk in comic sans so I could make Scarlett talk in helvetica later, but… no. just, no.) Please review and say if you want it to be a Frans or not… The only reason I don't ship Soriel very hard is because in my mind, Sans is like 17-20 and Toriel is like 50. So… Yeah. I don't want to make him seem like a pedophile if I ended up doing Frans so Frisk is like 16 in this. Also, sorry this story is quite a bit shorter than the last one, it's because these two chapters are the longest chapters i've EVER written.

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