How Little You Know

By: Breaiden0413

(Please note: I do not own Lord of Rings/The Hobbit any of its characters, places, items, or concepts, I just play in their world. However I do own the main character and her story.)

Character Profile

Name: Braelyn Michelle White

Age: 17 ½

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 107 pounds

Hair Color: Brown and constantly curly and nearly untamable.

Eye Color: Hazel, mostly blue/green with golden flecks.

Special Features: Freckles covered her left cheek across her nose to the right cheek, she blushes easily, she's very good with animals of any kind, and she enjoys being around them more so than her human counterparts. They were easier to understand than a human, less emotion ran everything, they ran off instinct.