The tears had finally dried up, but Dick knew it wouldn't be long until a fresh run started. He placed his hand on the cold side of the bed, where his love used to lay. For what must've been the hundredth time in the past two days, he asked why?

Why her? Why not him? He wished that he could erase the last 48 hours or trade places with her. But he couldn't. No one could do anything. Barbara was dead and she was going to stay that way.

Dick closed his eyes and tried to keep the tears back as his mind drifted to her death.

The night was cold and full of clouds with the occasional set of stars between the gaps in the sky. A peaceful night. Batgirl and Nightwing were perched up high on a rooftop, looking over the dark city of Bludhaven. She was leaning against his arm as they sat in silence, just enjoying the presence of the other.

A loud gunshot from below gained their attention and each jumped into immediate action. They both grappled down and hit the floor at the same time, only Dick added in a fancy flip on the way down.

Nightwing ran over to the man that had been shot. The bullet had landed right between the eyes. An instant kill. Dick frowned at the realization of the shooter's ability before running off after him and Batgirl.

He climbed up to the building they had gotten atop and froze at the three gunshots that sounded. After overcoming his brief moment of shock, he added an extra burst of speed to reach the roof. Just in time to see Batgirl fall.

He managed to run over and catch her before she hit the hard concrete. She had three new holes with blood trickling out from the right side of her chest, torso and wrist. She gasped as she landed in her lovers arms. Her dulling eyes locked with the horrified eyes hidden beneath the mask.

Nightwing turned to see the shooter smirk before running off, the gun still smoking as he went. A rage built inside Dick, one that he hadn't experienced in years. He wanted to run off after the man, but he couldn't leave Barbara. He already knew she wouldn't be able to make it and tears began to fall from the mask onto her paling face.

She managed a smile up at him and whispered "Goodbye" before she let her eyes close and took her last breath, the exhale creating a large puff of smoke in the cold night air.

Dick felt her body go limp and pulled her closer to him, the tears falling faster with her gone. He just sat there, cradling her still form for at least an hour before making any attempt to leave.

The waterworks had started again as Dick recalled the event that took his love away. And worse, how he hadn't been able to do anything about it. He clutched onto her Flying Grayson pendant off the necklace he gave her and brought it close to his chest, in an attempt to bring her closer.