"What does a low-class warrior like you want with me?" shouted Vegeta. Arms folded and hair blowing in the wind, he sneered at the man standing beneath him. The whole mission to Earth had been bungled up, and now he was facing off against the last living saiyan other than himself.


"I'm merely offering you a deal— you've already seen my abilities, so perhaps I can interest you in the idea of a partnership?" Turles extended his hand, and clenched his fist. "Together, we will be able to overthrow Freeza!"

Vegeta cocked his head and grinned. "Oh really. Is that all you have to say?"

Turles placed his scouter over his eye.

"It's an offer you can't refuse."

Vegeta unfolded his arms.

"I have a better idea."


"I've seen how this Tree of Might works. All I need to do is to eat its fruit in order to be blessed with immense power, far beyond my normal limitations. Just one bite..." Over in the distance, the withering Tree of Might stood atop the dead planet. "...And I'll become the most powerful saiyan who has ever lived!" Vegeta blasted off.

"You fool." Turles gave chase. 'Damn it! He saw right through me. He knew I'd never share power with him.' He smirks. 'But if he honestly believes he'll eat from the fruit of the Tree of Might...'
"Then you're sadly mistaken!" Now he turned up the heat, and his aura exploded in intensity.
All his progress towards the tree quickly became for naught when Vegeta was stopped in his tracks— Turles seemed to materialize right in front of him. His whole face felt like it was stretching in shock.
"You know, Vegeta..." Vegeta coughed up blood and halved over, and Turles removed his knee from the prince's gut and caught his face in his palm. "A simple 'no' would've sufficed."
A violet ki blast glowed in Turles's hand— same one filled with Vegeta's face— followed by a heavy explosion. Vegeta fell to the ground in a trail of smoke. He stuck the landing, only to fall to his knees and take deep breaths.

Turles folded his arms and watched on from above.

'This damned buffoon thinks he can defeat me... He doesn't know who he's dealing with! I am Vegeta, prince of all saiyans!' Vegeta stood and filled his hands with purple strands of ki. 'Let's see how he stands a full-powered Gallick Gun!'

Black clouds filled the sky. Mountains shattered and slipped into the sky. Turles's aura became a maelstrom of violet and white, while cracks and bolts of electricity scream through the air. A column of earth bolts into the sky, followed by several more and several more from that.
Vegeta's attempt at charging his Gallick Gun were put to an abrupt end at sight of this fearsome and vulgar display of power.
There was Turles, body pulled in and muscles trembled from the raw release of power. His hair stood on end, blown upwards by the gale emitted from his body, while his eyes became empty.

And then it explodes in a furious typhoon of ki.
Vegeta tried to shield his eyes, but his footing collapsed under him. His whole body shook, but the reality was worse than the expectation.

Turles's ki explosion blew out half of Earth!

All that was left beneath them was a seemingly infinite chasm, electrified by the destruction of the planet.

"Kneel before my might, fool, and I may let you live!"

Vegeta seethed and wrenched "Never!" through clenched teeth.

For his insolence, Turles shot down and pulled his fist back. Vegeta raised his arms to strike back. Turles caught the fist with his forearm, ducked under his arm, and drove his own fist into his Vegeta's gut. A burst of blood shot from his mouth as his irises temporarily faded. Turles retracted his fist— and both heard every squish as his hand came out of Vegeta's impaled stomach.
The prince vomited blood and clutched himself. His ki faded, and he slumped further and further into the chasm.

It took only seconds for Turles to disintegrate him with one final ki blast.

"In the end, you weren't even worth my time."

And now the universe was his. At least, it would be if he could work his way around Freeza for the time being...