RWBY SLVR Origin Prologue: Future Resolved

Chapter 1: Despair

The setting takes place 15 years before the Vytal Festival and the Fall of Beacon.

It was a gloomy dark and peaceful day where a young six year old boy named Renji and his twin brother, Hikari, who has always been together after birth. They were born with black and white wings growing out of their backs and raised at an orphanage church in Mistral. Nobody knows what type of race they are since they were sort of close to a Faunus, but their not as it's usually mammals, reptiles or aquatic. One of the nuns who witness the twins arrival, she describe them as newborn angels born the clouds and who fall from the sky to bring new experience in Remnant. Although the people who works here thinks it's just a myth and thinks she's crazy.

In the orphanage, children who were left as a infant have to wear robes as a sign of their innocent and purity unless they earn a money to buy their own clothes to wear when they grow older that acceptable, however children who has lost their parents or abandon at a young age retain their original clothes, but they still to wear it as it is also part of their school uniform for church school. Their is an age limited of how long they can stay until they get adopted by a proper parent or guardian. The age limited if they didn't get adopted any sooner is to infant to teenagers. Where if they get too old and not acquire to adopted then they would be kicked out. However there is one acceptance as they can work at the church as a part or full time and they can stay at anything time until they a find a job and place or stay in. The nuns who works here help and raised the children the best they can for to bring of change of clothes, food, and home schooling them if they are unable to register to an regular school.

At first, the other kids were scare at them for bring weird until one of the twins, Hikari with his short blond hair and blue eyes show them his pure beautiful white wings that shrines in a bright sunny day. The kids quickly become fond of them and they wanted to play with him all the time and be his friend due to his great personality of getting along with everyone regardless the race. However his twin brother, Renji with short black hair and red eyes get a different treatment from them as he shows his impure black wings, he unintentionally scare them and be called a demon or monster. He feels like being one of the monsters in Remnant. When he sees his brother with the other kids, he grew jealous toward him even though they have the same face, they get treated different from the other kids.

During the week of adoption day were kids get adopted by adults to be happy and have a nice family. Their are parent who are straight, same sex marry couple, or a faunus who wants to have a child of own to love dearly.

Renji watch his brother being interview by a human parents to whether or not they would want him to be their adopted son. Renji overheard the other kids who are schedule to be adopted.

"I hope I can be adopt by rich people so that I can buy a lot of toys and candy! '" the boy seems very exciting of get adopted.

"Yeah me too! Although I possibly won't care about being adopted if my new family to have two moms or two dads." said the girl in a teal dress.

"Come you guys be serious about this. This is one of the rare opportunity to get adopted rather than be there. for the rest of your life until you too old and to be kicked out and has to learn to live in the streets." the tomboy looked annoyed at her two close friends.

"Aww. It would be very sad that we won't see each other again especially that cutie sweet angel, Hikari. I will miss him the most if he gets adopted before me." She express with a mixture of happiness and sadness about Renji's brother.

"What about his brother?" He asked, annoyed.

"I could care less and a go rid it. His brother is so creepy and a freak that it makes me want to throw up at his face." she says in a sarcastic tone.

Renji feels extremely piss by the other kids' cruel words behind his back.

"I agree too! Although for some reason, Hikari never accept his potential adopt parent's offer since he wanted his brother to be adopted with him. However whether it's human or Faunus, their answer are the same thing." The tomboy stated.

"What it is?" He seems confused by her words.

"He's a monster." She repeats the words of adult who wanted Hikari so much.

"That's harsh... But true." He coldly agreed.

Renji ignore them as he still need to think about his future in life with his only blood relative. 'I really hate being discriminated like this it's disgusting. I just don't get it... I have the same face as him, I still get treated differently by the other kids and adults. I tried to be nice like Hikari, but I always get the same answer. "You're a monster." That word makes me feel like I'm not a human being or even a Faunus even though I'm not. What am I doing to do by the time I get older to which I have to survive on my own in the streets. I don't want to be alone.' He curled into a ball and wait until his brother arrive with good or bad news as usual. 'I really hate the color of my wings. My black wings are symbolized of bad luck that something horrible would happen when they get near me. I wonder if I try to earn enough Lie to pay for surgury to get my wings cut off completely so the kids won't say bad things about it.'

As Renji still thinking, Hikari comes back from his interview and greet his beloved brother. He got up and walk toward him with a relieved smile.

"Hello Rei" He looked happy.

"Hikari! How was the interview? Did you get adopted?!" Renji asked.

"Nope. I decline." he plainly replied.

"But why?! This is one of your rare opportunity to get adopted! Why would you do that?" He looked very worried.

"My reason for that because I ask them if they can adopt my twin brother too, but they hesitant and respond that you are a bad influence if they decide to that you. So that why I refused their offer because I still want us get adopted together."

"Hikari. This is the hundredth time you refused an offer. You won't have to keep refusing just because of my own sake. I want you to have a nice family even if it means I'm not here to support you." Renji said, honestly.

"Brother." Hikari walk closer to him and give him a warm embraced as well he did the same as well. Renji looked a bit surprised by his suddenly embracing.

"I know you care. We been raised together ever since we ever born. We don't know who were are parents or why they left us here. We are always inseparable and never a part in one of other. I love you so much I want to be by your side always. Do you understand, Brother?" He looked at him with his innocent looks to his brother sadden look of despair.

"You might be right, but still. I won't be mad by your decision, Hikari." He gave him a relaxing smile.

"It's strangle.. It feels like I'm the older one even though nobody know who was born first." He said.

"I tell you what. How about we make each other good luck charms to remember us by so that we will always have a part of each other even we are far apart, we will always be connected in our hearts." Hikari let go of his brother and place is hands on his shoulder with a great enthusiasm.

"I think that might be a idea, Hikari. Starting today, let's start making it until tomorrow morning we surprised each other,"

"Aww.. That's too short." He looked sad.

"Don't worry. You're fast at making it. I believed in you." He reassure him.

The next morning. The next morning. Where the others kids and the staff are still asleep, they sneak out of the orphanage so they can a alone time together when no one looking.

"Good morning, Hikari!" he greet him.

"You know you can call me by a nickname by your choice, It's not that bad." he suggested.

"I can't.. it's hard to think of. Maybe Kari, Hika or Hiri, but all of those nickname are too girly." He looked slightly distressed.

"Yeah. You can stick to my regular name. But get to main topic, did you finished your lucky charm?' He asked.

"Yes, but it was a lot to think about a better gift for you so here you go." Renji half blushes as he represent him a gift he might like a lot. The gift he made for him is a necklace that is attach with a single black feather.

"Renji. It's perfect. Did you...?" He looked amazed.

"Yes. You're the only person who really like the color of my wings the way it is so I pluck one of my wings and make it into a necklace." he explained.

"You did the same thing as me. Here have a look." He show him in a similar style as him except with a white feather.

"Guess we think a like then." He chucked.

They exchange gifts and wear them around their neck.

"So Rei, what else you want to ask me about? You mention this after dinner. Is something a matter? You had a serious look before we went to bed." Hikari looked worried.

"It's nothing.. I was thinking we should buy us some new clothes so you could look nice to wear for the next adoption week. I know it's expense to buy with limited allowance we earn for cleaning the rooms and wash the dishes. I was also thinking we should get part time jobs." He lied.

"I don't know. I like these church robes that we retrieved since we were born here. It makes me feel important." He says in a prideful tone.

"However would you like to wear formidable and look nice to the people who wanted to adopted you." He pursue him with kind words.

"Yes." He sadly agreed.

"Great! Since we are already up. How about we start looking for part time jobs for our age then. After we collect enough Lien, we meet back here in the afternoon."

"Oh alright. Let's get searching!" He sounds eager.

The twins part backs to search for jobs to make a quick buck to learn money to buy clothes.

Meanwhile somewhere in Mistral...

Renji wondering around searching for a good place to work for the mean time. 'I wonder if it's alright to lied to him. I want to surprised him after my operation was finished. Although half of it wasn't a lie though. I'm sick of being bully around by both humans and faunus people. I want to change for the better.' He says in his thoughts.

Suddenly he saw a little girl being bully by a group of students presumably from Sanctum Academy. He can't just sit back and walk away. He run toward the group with regular speed.

"Hey you! Leave her alone you scumbags!" Renji yelled.

"Who the hell are you? What's with that getup are you dressing up for Halloween because it's too early for that." said the male student, making fun of him.

"And what are you talking about? We were just having a little "fun" with our guest." said the other male student.

"Now tell me about the future answers for the upcoming quiz or you will be swimming in an invested swamp filled with Grimms." He threaten her.

"I told you. I don't know how. My semblance is polarity and I can only control metals. I didn't really inherited from mother's ability I swear. Please leave me alone.." The young girl with scarlet hair and green eyes looked very sad and uncomfortable.

"Quit lying to me!" He kicked her in the stomach.

"Ow.. I'm not lying. It's the truth..." She looked hurt.

"I said leave her alone! She has done nothing wrong!" Renji open his wings shows them his true appearance where they were shocked.

He use wings and fly soaring at them knocking them down one by one until they have enough. They looked at him in one glance know that he looked very angry with his frighten red eyes that they run away screaming.

"He's a monster! Let's get out of here!" The female student, scared.

After they leave, he check on the little girl who was bullied by them. He lead her his hand to help her up which she accepted.

"Are you alright?" He politely asked.

"I'm fine. Thank you so much for saving me. You were amazing back there!" She looked very happy.

"You're not scare of me? I mean of my black wings. Does it terrify you?" Renji is shocked and confused by her words that nobody has ever said to him in his entire life except his brother.

"Why would I do that after you save my life from being picked up by grown up. You're my hero." She smiled.

Renji notices a colorful that was dropped earlier after he saw her in danger. He picked up the book and it reads, "The Four Maidens" which consists of four traveling sisters company together on a journey to help others in need.

"Is this yours?" He lead back the book to the young girl.

"Yes it is. Thanks again. I'm Pyrrha Niko. What's yours?" Pyrrha thanks him.


"Nice to meet you, Renji." She replied.

"Pyrrha!" said unknown voice.

"Mother?" She looked puzzled.

"Oh Pyrrha I was so worried. Don't ever walk on your own you can have nearly get yourself in danger by stranger like it." Her mother looked very sad and yet hint of relieved to see her alright.

"I promised to won't do it again." She swear to her.

Is he the one who pick on you?" Pyrrha's mother glared at him.

"No, No, it's oh ok. He's the one who save me from being bully." She defend him.

"Alight. I believe you, dear. You Faunus, I would like to show my gratitude for saving my daughter. Here 500,000 Lien."

Renji looked very dumbstruck as he earn enough money to buy almost anything including clothes he and his brother needed. And with her mother grab her hand firmly and they walk away. However before they leave, Pyrrha has some wise words she wanted to say to him. "Renji, don't be afraid for what you are, and just be your self. I hope one day you will find true friends to accept you dearly in your heart. I hope we can meet again someday." And with that, they left.

A hour has passed as Renji arrived at the right spot to meet his brother. However he notice that Hikari is late as he knows that he would never be this late and he was always come earlier. He asked one of the his closest caretaker who accepted him and doesn't him ill manners unlike the other nuns in the church.

"Sister Freya!" He shouted.

"Oh Renji, where have you been all morning. Mother Hope wouldn't like it if you keep on sneaking our without telling us and where's Hikari?" She looked serious,

"Wait I thought he was with you? "

"No I thought you left... Oh no... This is bad." said Freya, scared.

"What's wrong? Do you know what happens to him?"

"I do. But it just rumor.. About terrorist group who kidnapped innocent faunus and cut off of piece of their animal trait and sell them outside the border. I believe those who took your brother in a few hour ago might be them. They said their hideout somewhere at local abandon warehouse that people don't use anymore outside near Mistral. Those goons all wears black with a blue diamond symbol on the back of their outfits."

"Oh no... I think to save him! This is all my fault!" He panicked.

"No you don't. It's still dangerous and too risky. You're too young to handled it on your own. I'll going to call the polices or a huntsmen to go look for him, you stay here and go back to your room. You're grounded, and we can talk about this later after looking for your brother." Freya left.

Renji can't just stand here and wait for the adults for him it would be too late now. He then use this new ability he learn a after saving Pyrrha and fly high to the sky search for the terrorist hideout. After a long search searching around the areas of Mistral until he finally found it. He then landed safety and finds a good hiding place to sneak in to the terrorist's hideout. He fly through the open window and watch every steps that the goons make their way to the basement. Suddenly he heard similar sounds coming from underground floor. "Please don't this! I didn't do any wrong!"

'Hikari?! I knew he was here!' He say in his thoughts, worried.

He quickly fly to the underground though the stairs and final reach their destination. Where he find him half-naked with only his white pants and no shoes. He looked very miserable as he doesn't want to be here.

"Well who's up first of cutting up this angel's wing. What about you, Hanamura?" say the muscular guy with a shave head.

"But... This is too awful! I thought this is a store that sell fake animal parts. You never said that you guys are actually cutting out faunus's trait!" Hanamura looked disgusted.

"You signed up for it and I lied. Do you want to the money for your rent of your house. Then your first job as a member of the Black Cross to skinned his wing and then you will be paid handsomely." He grinned.

The muscular guy with shaved head handle him an ax and push him to the young helpless kid has his arms and legs tied to the table with his back turned. Hanamura attempt to process to chop off his wings, but he hesitant and drop the ax on the ground shocking the members of the Black Cross.

"What are you doing?" He looked angry.

"I can't! This is too much and wrong I will never harm this child or anyone of his kind like chained beast. There are like us, why do you do this?" Hanamura distressed.

"Why you us? Well we hate fauntus and they can be usefully items of our business. We don't care of cutting up of piece of their trait so that way they can be like us as human with no doubts. Whether if it's a animal ears, tail, claws or horn we just do it right away with a quick buck. What is doing to be, either you with us or you'll die right here after we cut out this angel's wings."

"I refused." He glared at him.

"Men, have him restrain and make sure you force him to see what our business is done!" He commanded him.

His men forcefully grab him with of them hold his head to make him watch.

"I guess I have to do this my self." He grab the ax on the ground and slowly approach Hikari.

Renji was so scare that he can't move his body as if he was paralyzed by Death Stalker's stinger. He was shivering like a leave as he tried to save him, but he can't because if he did, then he would end up like his brother. 'Darn it. Why can't I move my body. I have to save him.'

"Please Sir Gaston, don't do this! He's just a young boy! Please spare him, kill me instead!" Hanamura desperately begged him to spare Hikari.

"I always keep my first, he get his wings cut, and you died." He says cold.

"Please sir.. I don't want my wings cut off. There the only things that makes me who I am today and to become a better person." Hikari tearfully begging him.

"No that won't. You should be lucky kid. You can be a normal person like us and you're wings are extremely rare compare to the black wings of a Nevermore. I heard those are bad luck who has dark heart of people. We rather sell white than black."

"Please someone help me! Anyone! Rei!" Hikari tearfully crying as he desperate ask anyone to save him, but no response what so ever as they just turn their head around except Hanamura, who feel deeply sorry for him with his brown eyes.


As the muscular man, Gaston ready to chop off the young boy's beautiful white wings, Renji broke free from his cowardice and desperate reach to him, but one of the member grab hold of him and slam him to the ground. Renji tried reach him with one of his arm free and he scream his brother's name in a despair cry. Hikari did the same thing too. He's wings has been forcefully chop off completely with several blood dripping from his back. Hikari screams in agony pain as Gaston chop off the remaining wing structure until nothing it left.

Hikari began to sobbing in despair as his precious wings are gone.

"Sir what do you want to do with this intruder? Should we do this the same thing?" say the other member.

"No, leave him. His feathers are disgusting and not worth selling for our business. Send him to a trading company there he can be work as a slave for the rich." He replied.

"Alright, kid. Get up! Huh? What up with you?"

Renj felt his blood boil, his hands clenching to the ground, hardly, and his expression was mixture with true despair and hatred inside and out. His eyes glows in a bright red as he crying out a loud screaming with his wings extended out as suddenly a black ooze starts to drip out the ceiling and ground where Grimms are coming out of them. One Grimm appears to be a Beowolf and the other a Ursa. More Grimm are starting to popping out like crazy.

"No way.. He can summon a Grimm?!" Hanamura shocked.

"That impossible!" He freaked out.

The Grimms started to attack the members of the Black Cross and began to devouring them to pieces.

After Renji retain his sense, and notice several other Grimms appearing at a randomly from a black portal-like pool. He then takes advantage to untie his brother. He first undid the arms and finally the legs. He grab his arm and pull over his shoulder to escape the invested warehouse. He notice that same guy who refused to chop off Hikari's wings, he as was in corner with a bunch of Creeps approach him, Renji decide to save him as well.

"Hey Creeps! You leave this human alone!" He glared at them.

For some strangle reasons, the Creep leaves them and start chasing after the survival members. Renji looked confused why they suddenly leave them. He think it's whether that his strong Aura or as if they don't actually see him for some reason.

"Are you alright, Human?" He looked concerned toward Hanamura's safety.

"I'm fine, but how did you.. Wait of minute what am I saying. We can talk about this later, we have to go out of here now."

"Right." He agreed with him.

They both run upstairs and head towards the exit where it's safety to get out. After that the police and many Huntsmen arrive at the scene where the police arrest the remaining surviving members of the Black Cross and the Huntsmen exterminated the remaining Grimm and save the other Faunus victims.

Renji and Hanamura take Hikari to a hospital to get him treated as possible before he died from blood loss. He look at his miserable unconscious brother as he felt so guilty what has he done to him that can haunted him for the rest of his life. 'Hikari.. I'm so sorry.'

A year later.

In a breezy morning, where a seven year old, Renji helping out at church for delivering flowers and uniform robes at the main church school.

"Good morning, Mother Hope. I got the things you wanted." He said.

"Oh.. Thank you, Renji. You're a big help today. I mean it." She sadly smiled.

"Huh? Mother Hope is something a matter?" Renji asked.

"Yes. We had another causalities of children who were victimized or witness of their relatives killed in a horrible accident or tragic. Although we have two Faunus childhood in our custody. They don't speak to the other humans childhood or attempt to be friendly toward them." She explained to him.

"Can I meet them in person. I want to help them as possible, pleased." He begged her.

"Alright. Since you were witness too after what happen to your brother."

She take him to the waiting room where two fauntus are sitting on the ground rather then sitting on the couch or chair since other kids talking their spots, but with a little room for them. One faunus appears to be a four year old girl with long black wavy hair with golden eyes, her animal trait is a cat and wears a gray dress, she looked very sad after what happen and the other faunus appear to be a similar age of him except he has short red hair with black horns and his eyes are covered in bandaged presumably he was in a horrible accident and wears a red tradition shirt and jeans.

"What are their names and their story?" He asked.

"The one with a cat ears is name Blake Belladonna. She claims she lost her parents from a tragic incident and she's the only one we found somewhere in nearby shore. The other one with bull horns name is Adam Taurus. He lost his entire family by a hate group who hated fauntus so badly. Although he though something bad happen to him, he said that he feel his eyes were burning and he want to take it so we have to put bandage around his eyes to prevent him from scratching until his eyes stopped feeling burning. We were at the church are deciding whether or not we take them in or send them to a foster home. Although they won't like it." She explained everything detail to him.

"I'm going to tried to talk to them. I know a perfect place they can stay." Renji determined.

Renji walk toward the two Faunus and start the conversation.

"Who are you, are you going to take us to a foster home?" she say, still crying.

"If it is. I don't want to be in the same house of the like of humans." He bit his lips in frustrated.

"No I'm not. I know a place that you can feel safety around and get to know each other and learn to trust in one in other." He kindly smiled at them.

"What's your name?" Blake asked as she stopped crying.

"My name is Renji Hanamura, and I am a friend you can trust deeply." He gave them a hopeful smiled.