RWBY SLVR Origin Prologue: Future Resolved

Chapter 2: Forgiven Sins

Three years later has passed in a nice summer month of August.

Where he was able to get hang out nicely with his new adopted siblings, Blake and Adam. As it takes a long time to get used to and grow into a strong sibling-like bond. Although Adam is still distrust towards humans and only except our guardian/adopted brother, Riku Hanamura. They live in a quiet place close to Mistral where it a big house to has a swings, long grass field, and a small garden filled with red roses.

"I'll be heading out, Rei. Be sure to look after Blake and Adam for me. I promise to be right back before dinner." he asked him.

"Alright, Riku." he replied.

"I'll see you later." he gentle pat his head and give him sincere smiled before heading to work.

'How long has it been.. about four years now since I was adopted by him and three years since he adopted two faunus as well. Times goes by passed.' Renji take a deep breath and let it out as he is finally relax with his new life and his new family. he look at the window where Blake and Adam are seen happily playing in the garden. They notice his presence at the window and they smile and wave to him, kindly. he did the same thing. '

Three years ago...

Where Blake and Adam arrive at familiar place lead by Renji himself to explore around their new home to get used to it.

"Is this the place? It looks rather nice." say Blake, shy a while holding Adam's hand since he can't see and has to be guide around.

"Blake, will you describe to me about our new home was like." he asked her, politely.

"Well it's a big avenge house with several nice furniture, a television, a big kitchen, and their a small garden with tone of red roses." she explained to him.

"That's sound alright." He feels relieved. "So Renji was it? Is our guardian or a caretaker a faunus by any chance?"

"Well.. he's not a faunus, but a human being." Renji corrected him.

"WHAT?! I don't want to be in a same house with a heartless human after what they did!" Adam becomes enraged after he mentions a human.

"Adam.." Blake worried.

"But he's not like the others human you encounter, he's very nice and carefree he won't even harm a fly. Trust me, it's going to be alright." Renji tried to calm Adam's temper. "I know you have a hard time trusting human after you lost your family. but you need to calm down."

"Calm down?! Do you have any idea how much I suffer by them! I watch my parent and sibling to be slaughtered right in front of me by humans. After that..." Adam becomes to clutching his head with his other hand in pain as he painfully tried to remember what happen afterward. "...Everything around me went white and.. After I regain conscious the humans and my family's corpse vanished."

"Adam.. I didn't know. I'm so sorry, but please give him a chance to help you. If you don't like it in the pass month, but I will asked Mother Hope for you."

Adam remain silent.

"Renji, is the two kids arrive? I'm sorry for being late! I'll be downstairs for the moment."

Coming downstairs was a young man in his early 20's with mixture of black and blue hair and blue eyes. He wears a casual clothes consists of black shirt, baggy navy pants and leather boots. He also wears a golden cross around his neck. "I'm sorry for being late, I'm your guardian from now on. My name is Riku Hanamura, and it's nice to meet you all." He greet the two orphans with a gentle kind smiled.

After the months went by, Riku takes good care of Blake and Adam, giving them so new clothes, cleaning them, giving them equal amount of foods. Although Blake was able to accept Riku only a week has passed, but for Adam, still distrust him, but he decide to stay and his reason was because of Blake, who was the only person he will listen to. Renji believes that he slowly regain to trust humans again because of him and Riku, but Adam would have refused to admitted deep inside. Since then they been do everything together as a family and friends with Renji, Blake and Adam attends the same school, hanging out at the nearby park, and to watch the stars in the night when Riku goes to sleep.

Back to the present. He decide joins Blake and Adam to go play with him.

"Big Brother! Come on!" Say Blake, cheerfully.

"We're leaving without you if you don't come, Renji." He said with a grin.

"Okay." Renji faintly smiled at them.

After a hour a passes and the three friends has already finish playing at the park and they have sea salt ice cream.

"This month.. It's going too fast. I don't want to start school again. Homework are a pain." Adam complaining.

"Adam, don't be like that. At else I can help you with some problems if you want." said Blake.

"Fine.." He replied. "So Renji, Blake. After we graduated elementary school. What are you guys want to be when you grow up?"

"What was that about? You never ask us about this before. Is something wrong?" Renji worried.

"It that.. Someday we're going to be in different paths soon and we won't be hanging out anymore." Adam sounds depressed.

"Don't feel down, Adam. We will always be friends even if we don't see other again. It's alright. " Renji comfort him.

"Okay.." Adam slightly smiled.

"I'll tell you want I want to do after I graduated. I want to attend Sanctum Academy when I turn 14 and after that I will choose one of the four major academy." He give him an honest answer.

"What?! But are Huntsmen are jerks and backstabber who always want money." Adam annoyed.

"That's not truth, not all of them. Most of them are also Faunus and Humans too so it's alright and they get respected across kingdoms." He stated. "So what do you want to become then since you seems to dislike Huntsmen."

"Well all I know is it I want to be policeman that can and to bring the criminals to justice or join the military."

"That's seems a good reason." She sounds sincere.

"Blake, and you?"

"I don't know, I'm still a just kid. Maybe after graduating, I'll tell you."

The three of them start finishing their ice cream before it melts. Afterward they look at the beautiful sunset for a few moments before heading home.

"I wish we can stay like this." Renji sounds slightly depressed.

Blake notice that her adopted brother seems sad for some reason. She becomes suspicious at this.

In the middle of the night. After Blake finishing brushing her teeth and head to bed to sleep with her adopt brothers, but only Adam was present. She quietly closed the door and go to downstairs to look for him until she found him on the computer searching for something.

"Brother.. What are you doing? Should you be in bed by now?" She questioned him.

"Blake? I didn't notice your here. I'm just searching before I go to bed. There not worries." He turn off the computer, get up amd as he was about to go upstairs, she stopped him by putting his shirt, slightly.

"Big Brother, please tell me the truth. You been doing this more recently and I never even told Adam about this. I want ask you in person, who are you looking for?" She looked worried.

"It has nothing to do with you. It's alright." He refused to look at her.

"Please Rei, you can trust me. I want to try to help you as possible, please." She plead him with her innocent look.

He turn around to see how serious she is, he tried to resist her cutiest, but he can't to due to her innocent golden eyes and her fluffy cat cars. "I really can't resist that face. I will tell you, but will you promise you won't tell Adam about this."

"I promise." Say Blake, concerned.

"I just I been thinking about my brother recently and I feels guilty about it."

"You mean Adam?" Blake confused.

"No.. My real biological brother, Hikari." He corrected her.

"You never mention you have a brother before. Why do you keep this from us so suddenly." Blake suspicious.

"That because it's something what I did, and I don't you or Adam talk this the wrong way."

"Tell me about your brother and what happen to him." She sounds serious.

Renji continues. "Me and my twin brother were born together and grow up at an orphanage, we were inseparable and never apart. Many people want to adopted him because of his innocent look and white wings, but he refused as they don't want to adopt me because I'm bad luck. Everyone at the orphanage love him so much and that he got so many friends. However one day of his hundredth refusal, since I want him to get adopt to a nice family to be happy, we decide to make each other good luck charms that we can always remember each other even if we don't see each other again. This necklacing is what my brother make." Renji shows Blake his necklace around his neck that has a single white feather.

"It's pretty." She looked in awe.

"I know.. I did the same thing too. However after I didn't tell him that I secretly want to get rid of my black wings forever so that I can be normal like the other kids in my own age. " He sadly explained.

"But that makes you for who you are. I really love your wings." Blake frowned.

"I know, but that was before I met you and Adam a year later. My decision was so selfish that without telling him my real reason, he end up losing his chance of being adopted."

"What did he lost?"

"He's wings were cut off completely!" He painfully yelled.

Blake shocked.

"That not even the half of it..."

Four years ago.. After the tragic accident. The young Renji waiting outside of the operation room with Hanamura for his beloved brother.

"Renji was it, I'm so sorry about your brother. If I haven't ask him about our business then he would be alright. Please forgive me." Hanamura begins to cry.

"It's not your fault, mister. It's my fault. I just want to surprised my brother that I want to do after I learn a lot of money for the operation to work. But I ask it didn't turn out well since it"s reverse I expected." Renji looked guilty.

"Wait you want to give with your wings too, but makes you for who you are. You can't change for who you are unless if your transgender then you can. Are you?"

"No I'm not. I'm very comforted of my gender." He look annoyed. "I just hope Hikari can forgive me afterward. "I'm sure he will forgive you. You're he only relative left in your life. He will forgive with open arms." Hanamura determined.

"Thanks, so what's your name? He asked.

"Riku. Riku Hanamura." Riku replied.

"It's nice to meet you, Riku." He politely shake his hand.

After having a good conversation, one of the doctors comes out from the operation room and speak to Renji.

"Are you his sibling?" said the female doctor.

"Yes. Where you guys able to save him?" He desperately asked.

"Well we managed to stop the bleeding, but we weren't able to restore the bone structure from his back since it was completely cropped off and there no remain of it left. He will be struck like this forever, I'm sorry. Not even Altas technical given by us can't restore it unless if you want your brother want surgery on metallic wings." She explains.

Renji was in shocked on how bad Hikari condition was that he can't no longer fly that he will never get a chance. "I'm not sure, but can I see my brother."

"I can't visiting hours are almost over. You have come back for tomorrow."

"Please.. Just once." He begged her.

"Alright, you got ten minutes. Your brother is in east wing, first room you can't miss it."

"Thank you." He feels relieved.

After that, he found his brother's room where he looked at the window a while he's still in bed. He looked very depressed with eyes shows no emotions. His tears dried up completely and he hasn't touch his food after his operation. He wears a hospital garb except he wasn't wearing a shirt revealing the bandage wrapped his chest and back where his wings used to be. He realized he is not the same from before.

"Hikari.." He greet him.

"Renji.." He plainly responded. He turn his head and to look at him with shed sadness upon his face.

He run toward him and gave him a comforting embraced. "I'm so glad your okay."

"But I'm not." He said, depressed.

He stopped embracing him and look at him.

"My wings are gone. Now I lost my chance of getting adopted ever again."

"Hikari, that's not truth. I'm sure humans and faunus would adopted you even you don't have wings anymore." He tried reasoning with him.

"Faunus maybe, not the humans! I was wrong about them. They are cold, greedy, and heartless who just want money and our suffering for entertainment. There the worst and I don't want to deal with them!" He angry stated.

"Hikari.. Your emotionally unstable, you don't mean that. You love everyone regardless to gender or race. You just need to rest and-"

"NO! You're not the boss of me! What makes you to be calm in the time like this! I just lost my wings! You should have come save me sooner!" He yelled him.

"I know. This is my fault your like this. I'm so sorry. I should have tell you the truth about why we, no I want to show you just before your adoption." He explained to his brother.

"What truth?! So making money to buy new clothes was a lie." He glared at him.

"No that wasn't it. It was for the operation I want to use my money for. I wad sick and tired of getting fear and hatred for just because of my black wings so I want to get rid of it for good so I can be normal like the others. You have a right to be angry with me, but please forgive me." he explained.

"You jerk! This is all your fault I'm like this! You should have told me sooner. I hate you so much! I should never refused that offer to my adoption."

Renji never feel so reject toward his own brother before. He can see hatred in his eyes that he really mean it. "Hikari... I really didn't mean to.."

"You know what. People are right about you. You really are a bad luck and a monster." He coldly replied to him.

Renji was horribly shocked and hurt that he felt his heart shattered, and his mind shut down. He slumped the ground in despair as he doesn't know how to react to his brother's words. However he tried to say something to him that can help. "Hikari, I know a way to..."

"You already done enough." He forcefully take off the necklace that Renji made for him and throw it at him in frustrated. "Just leave me alone."

Renji gets up and slowly walks out the door. Before he leaves, he sadly response to him "I love you." However Hikari ignore him. He still holds the gift he made for him, and left.

"And that's how our relationship become restrain. The next day I visited him, but he left the hospital without the doctors noticing. Nobody who works here ever saw him. I thought maybe he must have perish or ending his life. I still haven't given up searching for him. There are rumors that he joined that corrupted origination called the White Fang before becoming a terrorist group. The future leader must have recruit him afterward before this year the previous leader's disappearance." He explained to Blake.

Blake remain silent.

"You probably feel betrayed that I tell you all this. You will think I'm a monster too, right?" Blake suddenly embraced him a while tears are flowing in her eyes.

"I don't care. You been enduring this for three years and you still haven't given up of him. You're my big brother, I will never call you a monster! And I love you. Please don't keeping this secret from us. Me and Adam will always accept you."

"Blake.." He hugged her back, warmly. "I love you too."

A while both of them still continue to embracing each other, unknowingly, Adam was listening their conversation the entire time.

'So we were just your replacement from your real brother. I will search what was really going on and who was the one made your brother a living hell.' He deathly glare at him. 'After that.. I will take Blake with me.'