Some Kind of Loving
Author: Strange Music-;
Fandom: Hercules
Summary: What should be, would be, might be or could be ;)
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First of all thanks for the warm welcome here. Take the story as a small
'Thank you'

This is my first try into Hercules Slash (All other where Sentinel and a
few Multimedia)

All in all it is a small musing about and of Iolaus2.

It takes during the beginning of "Just passing thought"

No Shakespeare but I hope you still like it a bit.

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Dreams Of Love
by Strange Music

I wasn't him...I knew that.

And I also knew that I could never be him.

Different worlds, were what literally parted us from each other.

And so strange thing remained.

Although I was him. Had his appearance, his voice, everything.

Although I had all that

I would never be..him.


"Iolaus?" Should I object...after all it was my name that Hercules spoke
when he woke up. Still I knew, it wasn't me that he ment.

His eyes clouded over, as he reached the same conclusion as I had.

And the hard thing was, I couldn't even fight man that was
me, that I would never in my life accomplish to be.

I was a coward. As simply as that, there was no pink clouding about that. As
soon as I was able to walk I had been running. Not like
Maybe I should just call him that, he deserves the name more than I..I
should just stick with the one that I had all my life.


I would never be half the man that he was....never half the man that
Hercules so obviously loved. I saw it in his eyes when he talked about him.
About the adventures that they had lived thought together. And how even in
his dead he had been a hero. Always by his side. Protecting the innocent.

The only one I have been protecting was myself, and not even with that I did
a good Job.

I learned to make them laugh and with that I kept them from beating me up.
Sometimes it worked and sometimes they just knocked me of despise of it.
The sand in those cavern's was past was dragging me down. Every
day of my life and would continue to drag me down as long as I let it.

But could this old dog really learn new tricks.....Could I change an
instinct that was as old as I was.

Looking over at him, smiling at me over dinner, I knew that I would do

After all this was a new start, into a world as strange to me as the person
that I was supposed to be changing into, both equal unknown to me.

He was packing up camp while I finished killing the fire.

Feeling the gazes that he through in my direction like sunbeams on my back.

*It isn't you* yet I couldn't help wishing I would be.

I had never really told him, about the sands, the one positive thought that
had saved our life's. It was none of the things that I had never told him.
And how could I. Not when my only positive thought was the knowledge that
*he* was dead and that finally I might have a chance to win his love.

Sure there was already love in his when he passed me my bag
right now. But it still wasn't me.

My great hope for the future was.

That someday he might fall in love with me.

Only me.

The End