Kalos, an amazing region where many people like us live and enjoy life as we know it. Especially our hero, Ash Ketchum and his friends Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena. The gang is on their way to Lumiose City where the Lumiose Conference will be held.

"Oh man! I can't wait to enter! yelled Ash. "Just imagine all the strong trainers I'll have go up against."

"To think you have all eight badges already is amazing, Ash." said Clemont.

"Yeah, feels like just yesterday you were going up against Viola and her bug types." added Serena.

"Well, Ash, you better be ready because everyone there is going to be super duper strong!" exclaimed Bonnie with a giant smile.

"Yeah, no kidding." replied Ash. "But I have the confidence that my Pokémon will try their hardest just like how they did before with all the Gyms." finished Ash.

"Pika pika" Pikachu cheerfully agreed.

As the gang continued their way to Lumiose City they didn't realize they were being watched by a 6 gleaming eyes nearby in the bushes.

"Well the twerp sure seems cheerful today." said a woman with long red hair.

"Yeah well, he is competing in the Lumiose Conference remember?" asked a man with blue short hair.

"Will you two nimrods be quite! I'm trying to listen in on what they're saying." replied a feline Pokémon by the name of Meowth.

As the three, well mainly Meowth, continued to listen in what our heroes were talking about they couldn't help but notice Ash holding something in his right hand.

"Do you two see what I see?" asked the man with blue hair.

"Yeah, James. The main twerp is holding something right?" replied the woman with the long red hair.

That's right, Jessie. And if my vision is still top notch, I'll say that looks like a ribbon, well half of one anyways." informed James.

"You don't think dat could be the twerp's half ribbon he won with that twerpette back at Hoenn, right?" asked Meowth.

"Only one way to find out." said Jessie as she suddenly stood up and proceeded to walk out of the bushes they were hiding in. "Time to do what we do best." she finished with a smirk.

"So Ash, who are you gonna use for the tournament?" asked Clemont. He was 'inventing' something while keeping his eyes on whatever he was building.

"Well, Greninja is definitely participating as well as Pikachu. Greninja because we mastered our secret or whatever it is we have. Pikachu... well Pikachu is my best friend, obviously he's going to battle! Talonflame and Hawlucha, too. Oh, and Noivern will definitely come in handy in sticky situations. Now for my last member of my team... I don't know." finished Ash.

"What do you mean, Ash?" this time it was Serena who asked the question Clemont was gonna ask.

"Well you see, I don't really know who I'm going to choose for my final Pokémon. I really only have Greninja, Pikachu, Talonflame, Hawlucha, and Noivern. Heh, maybe I'll just ask Professor Oak if I can receive one of my Pokémon from his ranch." replied Ash.

Just as they were about to cross into Lumiose City three figures, one smaller than the other two, jumped a couple feet in front of them, blocking their path. The gang were shocked to say the least.

"Prepare for trouble-" Jessie began before she was cut off by Meowth. "Listen, twerp, we ain't here ta fight. We just want ta ask a question alright?"

"How dare you cut me off like that! I was beginning to say our motto!" Jessie exclaimed glaring at Meowth. Meowth simply flashed his claws at her showing he was serious. Jessie immediately shut her mouth.

"As I was saying, we're just here to ask a question. Is that okay with you?" asked Meowth.

Ash overcame his shock after Meowth asked him the question. "Um, sure I guess." said Ash confused by the Rocket trios behavior, mainly Meowth.

"We just wanted to know what your holding there in your right hand. Looks like a half ribbon to me. Is it the same one you share with the twerpette?" asked Meowth.

Ash suddenly had a distant face expression as he remembered all the good memories with the certain 'twerpette' they were referring too. Finally, after two minutes, he finally answered, "Yes, Meowth. This is the same ribbon me and May won back at Terrocatta town. I always have it with me to give good luck in battles." said Ash. "It's also my most prized possession." muttered Ash, no one heard what he said except for Serena who had a curious face expression.

Meowth smirked when he got his answer he was looking for. "I knew it. To think you actually carry that junk around everywhere you g-" Meowth was gonna finish, but was interrupted by a rather angry Ash.

"This is not a piece of junk! This is something a friend shares with me, it's not a piece of junk, crap, or anything related to that! Okay?!" yelled Ash.

Jessie, James, and Me with were all shocked at Ash's outburst so they calmly listed their hands and replied in unison, "Got it. Won't happen again." They didn't want to know what Ash would do to them if they were to make fun of the apparently precious item.

James thought now was the time to bail before things got worse. "Anyways, guys I think we should go." Jessie and Meowth nodded, agreeing that now was a good time to leave. "Thanks for answering our question, twerp."

"Whatever." It wasn't that Ash was mad, just annoyed that they would dare call his most precious item junk. "Just don't let me hear you make fun of this ribbon OR May, got it?"

The trio nodded and with that they walked away towards the seemingly vacant road.

There was silence for a minute and a half until finally Serena spoke. "Um, Ash?"

"Yeah" replied Ash looking at his ribbon in his hand. Serena was a little hesitant to ask but did anyways. "Who's May, if you don't mind me asking."

Ash smiled while he turned and looked at them; a warm smile on his face.


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