"Let's Begin..."
...In Which New Life Begins Again.

Manhattan, Autumn 1918

11:11, November 11, 1918—a date and time few living then were likely to forget, and even as it occurred, Andrew knew that would be the case. The Great War, or European War, or World War, whichever you wished to call it, was over at last, the allies had won!

The writer, who was now a full-time employee of the paper alongside Katherine, was released early for the day, along with his fellow workers, so they could go to their families and celebrate.

And that's just what he would've done, except that Emily wasn't at the apartment, and didn't come home for several more hours as he anxiously waited.

Finally—finally—the dark haired young woman arrived to an equally worried and excited husband. "Emily, where were you? Didn't you girls get the news: the war's over; we won!"

"No, we heard; it's good news," she replied, in a happy but tired voice, clearly trying to summon a smile through her exhaustion. "But we couldn't go home. We still had a lot of injured boys that needed us."

Andrew stilled at that, realizing what his wife hadn't out rightly said: news of victory was nice, but it didn't heal the wounded. He also took a moment to take in her drooping stance, the dark circles under eyes, and the general air of weariness; he let her sit and sat beside her, holding her for a moment before speaking again.

"I wish you didn't have to keep pushing yourself like this. Now that I work at the paper, I make enough to support you, you know. You don't have to work so many shifts at the hospital."

It was a conversation a few weeks in coming, but one they hadn't yet broached, which Emily was now grateful for, considering what she'd realized in the last few days.

She leaned back against him, smiling. "That's really good...Means our child will have a better chance than we ever got."

Andrew grew still, trying to process what Emily had just said, trying to figure out if she really meant that the one thing they'd begun to consider impossible had really happened.

The dark-haired young woman turned to see his expression, smiling wider now as she kissed him briefly. "Congratulations, Daddy."

No, he was never going to forget November 11, 1918.

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