Don: 12 and 17

Don had snuck out of the house as fast as he could to get in front of Hank. He was sure where his brother was going, but why he would be going there, Don didn't know. He wasn't sure, but he thought Hank was headed to this absolutely shabby little place which if Hank entered gave him a 97.9% chance of being being affiliated with the Redneck gang, which had a 89.5% chance of dragging him down into a slum of horrors that included drugs, gangs, cursing, and a myriad of other things that would bring his life to ruin. Don had to find a way to distract Hank, and fast.

There was only a few things that could distract Hank without blowing Don's cover. (Don was supposed to be asleep in bed.) One of them was women. Or, well, a teenage girl. Don scanned the room as fast as he could. There were several girls, but he needed just the right one. The one who would want to flirt with Hank, wouldn't rat Don out, was pretty enough to be taken up, yet not one that would possibly actually have a relationship with Don's brother, and be flirty enough that Hank wouldn't think her attention strange. Aaaannnd there was the lucky winner. Suzie. Don waltzed up, as casually as possible, toward the lone girl, and gave her a grin.

"Hi, Suzie."

"Hey, Donnie. What are you doing up?"

"Um… I may have sorta wanted to see what Hank was doing. Don't tell him please?"

"'Course not, honey. Our secret." Something seemed to click in the girl's mind.

"Wait, Hank's here?"

"He's coming. I think he's by himself. Hey, where are your friends?" Play the curious oblivious kid. Don reminded himself, playing Suzie as only he could.

"Well, I'm all alone right now. But I think that may be about to change. Here comes your brother now. Stay out of sight sweetie, I think I got a date." Don grinned. Of course she did. She did because Don wanted her to. Perfect. Don watched as Suzie sidled up to Hank. Don predicted that Hank, in typical Hank fashion, had only brought along enough money to get in the club. Suzie would ask him to buy her food, and Hank never turned down a pretty face. This would leave him with not enough money, and potentially time, to pay his way into the club. Don ducked behind a table, and peeked at the interaction happening about 20 feet away.

"Hey, Hank." Hank jerked his head over to Suzie, not having heard her approach. "Buy a girl some food?" She gave him a flirty smile, and after a whole second of indecision, Hank grinned.

"You know it, babe."

Satisfied, Don dashed out of the hangout, which was sort of a porch with tables and food and stuff. Very informal. He crouched behind one of the pillars at the edge of the porch, then dashed out of sight completely;he had to get home. After all, he was supposed to be in bed. He didn't care too much, it was an informal rule enforced only by Hank anyway, Belladonna didn't care so long as it didn't affect her. And Don needed the after Hank supervision time for his… activities.

This wasn't a permanent solution to this newest problem of Hank's, but it was a start. He could fix up Hank later, he was sure of it. All he had to do was deduce the motive, then sidetrack, disillusion, or shut down the shack completely. Yes, an idea was starting to form already. Hank would be fine, Don would see to it. No one was hurting his older brother on Don's watch. So what if it was a bit overprotective? Hank was all Don had left; he had the right. Now to pull of his plan, he would need shaving cream, a computer, and some money.