One sunny morning on the day after the Fourth of July, I am at my house in emerald town that looked like a green colored Tails house; in my bedroom, I am making a movie called "Tails Vs. Neil: Attack of the New Swarm the movie" with my Windows 7 laptop via Sony Vegas Pro 10. But, when I was in the middle of Google searching resources on the internet as I attempt to go to YouTube, my laptop had a blue screen all of a sudden. "Not again! This is the nineteenth time I got a blue screen; I can't stand this constant blue screens anymore," I grumbled in frustration. It felt like my movie will be a bust if I do not get my things straight up.

At the living room, Gooey is watching TV; he heard my outbursts from a few rooms away. He got out of the couch and formed into his blue Kirby shaped body and he went into my bedroom. As he opened the door, he asks "What's the matter, Neil?"

"Well, when I was in the middle of Google searching the things I need for my movie as I went onto YouTube, my laptop had a blue screen yet again. This is driving me Strawberry Bananzas," I complained.

"Did you scan your computer?"

"When I did scan my computer, there are no threats found, Gooey."

I sighed for a bit of depression because my laptop is having issues all the time. Maybe I should leave my laptop alone and give it a rest for a short while; then, I will get back to my movie development.

A few hours later, I went back onto my chair and I continued to make the movie. I went onto YouTube and downloaded the materials I need for my movie. After I got my materials and images from Google, I began the movie development on Vegas Pro 10 and followed my transcripts and the story boards. The alarm sets off on my iPhone that I have to break for lunch today. "Break time," I said, as I left the room with the laptop closed on sleep mode.

In the kitchen, I put my two slices of white bread into the toaster. While the toaster is cooking my two slices of toast, I went into the fridge and I grabbed a jar of grape jelly and placed it onto the counter. Next, I went to the pantry and unpacked a jar of Reese's Creamy Peanut Butter. When the toaster popped, I grabbed my two slices of toast out of the toaster and placed it into my plate. Each slice of toast, I had one slice with peanut butter and the other one for grape jelly. I placed it together and I went to the table and sat down. And now I begin to eat the PB&J toast for lunch. Hoopa came out of nowhere and he is sitting next to me. I jumped a bit that I was startled. He giggled that he astonished me. "Were you surprised?" asked Hoopa, in its Confined Form.

"Yes, I was. I did not know you were at the kitchen table."

"Whatcha eating, Neil?"

"I am eating PB&J Toast for lunch."

"Yum, that sound's good. Do you want some pretzel tiny twists and apple juice with it?"


Hoopa grabs a ring hanging on his left horn and he places it in midair. "Alléhooparing," said Hoopa. A Ziplock packed bag of pretzel tiny twists and a cup of iced apple juice float gently down from the ring portal to the table. The portal fades and the ring hangs onto Hoopa's left horn.

After I ate my PB&J Toast, I ate some pretzels. When the alarm sets off that my lunch break is over, I rushed on eating the pretzels and I quickly drank the juice. "Don't drink your juice quickly. You might get hiccups or a brain freeze," warned Hoopa. Because I drank so fast, my brain became frozen and I placed my hand on my forehead. "You shouldn't haven't done that," commented Hoopa.

"Don't push it," I replied. After lunch, I walked out of the kitchen and I went into my bedroom.

As I went back to my seat, I finish up the movie development. I placed my hand on the bottom of my Windows 7 laptop; it is getting warmer on the surface that it will overheat my laptop in no time. Finally, I finished the animation and I saved my project before I render it. As I saved my work, I start to render the video of the third chapter as a video file. The way the fan overheats while the video is rendering on my Windows 7 laptop sounds like a train whistle. Eventually, it powered down my laptop due to overheating fatigue and did not successfully render the video properly.

"No no no no no! This can't be happening!" I cried. This had been the last straw that my laptop overheated and powered down again. Gooey told me something about my Windows 7 laptop.

"You know what's the issue about your laptop?" questioned Gooey.

"Is it because Vegas Pro 10 is causing my laptop to overheat?" I guessed.

"No, it's not that. Maybe it's because your laptop is old; it's been for five years since you got this laptop. That's why it has blue screens and overheating all the time. It's time for you to get a new Windows 10 laptop."

"What if my new laptop has an aftershock fan that it still overheats? What if Vegas Pro 10 overheats my new laptop?"

"No worries, Neil. The Windows 10 laptop will have no issues on overheating and blue screens. Think about it, I saw Slimy on his Windows 8 laptop rendering a YouTube Poop video on Vegas Pro 10; it did not overheat nor had blue screens."

"Will Vegas Pro 10 work on Windows 10?"

"Of course it will, Neil. Trust me."