At Station Square, in the night, Katie is at the downtown road causing so much destruction. She is shooting out cyan photon-laser projectiles from the eyes on the screen at the buildings. The citizens were running away from Katie. Even though she is not that huge of a giant robot, but she is almost the size of a 7 feet tall basketball player. Genesect soars and floats above the road of the city. Hoopa and I hopped out of Genesect as we arrive to Station Square. Genesect unfolds back to normal and lands on its feet.

"We meet again, Genesect. You and I will challenge each other in the city. Beware, you cannot defeat me," declared Katie, in an unchanged text to speech voice.

Genesect leaps in front of Katie and hits the rotary fan with its claw, but Katie spins the fan in high speed to blow away Genesect. The fan sent him flying and crashing towards to the building. She turns towards to us, and she shoots out paper from the printer on her left wrist. "Look out!" I warned, as I pushed Hoopa away from the paper.

The paper flies to the speed limit sign and slices it. And the speed limit sign falls like a mighty oak. Katie sends out blue waves to open the blue portals in the sky. It is none other than the U.I.M.S. fleet invading Station Square. There are so many battleships coming out of the portals: Hammer-Head battleships, Delta-Nose battleships, and Duck-Bone battleships. Also, enemy fighters soar out of the portals: Faker fighters, Flatter fighters, and Talken fighters. "Whoa, I never seen the U.I.M.S. before," commented Hoopa. "Where are they from?"

"The U.I.M.S. stands for the Unknown Intellectual Mechanized Species. They came from Planet Alpha, and they appeared in 'Galaxian 3: Project Dragoon' and 'Starblade'," explained Genesect.

"Never heard of it," puzzled Hoopa.

My brain just hatched an idea. "I have a plan. Hoopa and I will take this robot down while Genesect will take down the fleet. Got it?" I planned.

"Affirmative. I will destroy the U.I.M.S. fleet. They are a threat to humanity," replied Genesect.

Genesect folds into its high-speed flight form and soars to the battleships. The Faker fighters shoot out photon-laser guns at Genesect, but he avoids them with a barrel roll to deflect the projectiles. He shoots out cyan laser projectiles from its limbs at the fighters destroying it. The Hammer-Head battleship's cannons aim at Genesect; it launches two missiles from the launcher. Two missiles hit Genesect. "Warning! Energy shields are decreasing," said Genesect. "Destroy the Hammer-Head battleship."

The bridge of the Hammer-Head battleship charges a laser beam by forming up a ball. Genesect launches a smart bomb to destroy the bridge of the battleship. As the battleship was destroyed, the laser charge has stopped.

Meanwhile, back with me and Hoopa, I dashed to Katie with my two tails to accelerate. As I got closer to Katie, I pointed out my arm cannon at Katie. Then, I shoot out a yellow, electric energy ball hitting Katie. Afterwards, my cannon fades out. Hoopa forms up a black and purple ball of energy with purple sparks around it. He uses shadow ball and throws it at Katie. The ball hits Katie once again. She spins her rotary fan and turns up the heat from the aftershock fan. She is blowing out a hot air wind hitting Hoopa that it burns Hoopa; luckily, I dodged the heat wave. "You missed me! You missed me!" I taunted.

Katie turns towards to me and bends down to the ground to reach me. She crushed me with her mandibles. I could not move because the mandibles are going to crush me like a scrap compactor. The worst part is that she is moving me to the shredder. "Hoopa, save me. I don't want to be shredded and crushed to bits!" I cried.

Hoopa's eyes glow purple that Katie begins to have a purple outlined aura. He is using psychic to force Katie to open her mandibles to save me. As I fall down, after Katie was forced to release me, my body begins to glow purple because Hoopa used psychic to save me. He gently put me down to the ground, but Katie is still affected by psychic. Hoopa lifts Katie and he throws her into the horizon. It is so far away that we cannot see her. "There, our troubles are finally over," said Hoopa.

"Thanks for saving me, Hoopa," I replied.

Suddenly, I see a jet fighter flying into the night sky. I am very puzzled about the fighter; it performs a U-turn and it rushes towards us. As the fighter is getting closer to the ground, it unfolds itself revealing to be Katie as she lands onto the ground. "Whoa, she's become a Decepticon," I commented.

"Exactly, while Hoopa aimlessly throws me into the horizon, I crashed landed onto the Station Square Military Base. That gave me an idea to transform myself into a Decepticon," explained Katie. "Prepare to be blasted."

Hoopa had hatched a wonderful idea. He grabs both ring portals hanging on its horns, and he tosses them into the air. "Alléhooparing!" exclaimed Hoopa.

The two ring portals summon Omoneiljr. in his normal green colored Tails Omochao form from the left ring portal and a blue truck from the right ring portal. As the portals fade away, Hoopa hangs both rings back to its horns. Omoneiljr. sends out his Omoneiljrnoids to take apart the blue truck and merge it with his body. He got bigger as he transforms into an Autobot like figure from the blue truck. "Were you surprised?" asked Hoopa.

"Yes I was," I replied. "Now go out there and destroy Katie my Autobot."

"Affirmative, Neil," replied Omoneiljr. with a speakonia text to speech voice.

Katie jumps in the air and floats as she launches two missiles at us. Omoneiljr.'s left hand changes into a cannon with a three-barrel rotary laser gun. His cannon starts to spin before firing; then, he rapidly fires out laser shots to destroy the missiles from Katie. Katie folds into a jet and flies off. Omoneiljr.'s Omoneiljrnoids quickly assemble the figure of an Autobot into a truck. He drives on the road chasing Katie; Katie shoots from her machine gun cannons from the jet at Omoneiljr. Omoneiljr. uses the shield to block her projectiles. She is getting away, so he increases speed up to 90 mph. The truck leaps into the air, and the Omoneiljrnoids quickly assemble the truck into an Autobot figure. When he gets closer to Katie, Katie quickly unfolds into a Decepticon figure; Omoneiljr. slams his two tails at Katie that she falls straight down to the ground like a meteor smashing to the ground.

Omoneiljr. teleports to the ground confronting to Katie. Katie gets up and lands back to the ground. She attempts to punch Omoneiljr., but Omoneiljr.'s barrier blocks the attack. Omoneiljr. performs an uppercut punch attack at Katie launching her in the air. His propeller starts to spin, and he jumps while he floats in the air. Katie rapidly punches and kicks at Omoneiljr. like a Dragon Ball Z battle. She charges her kick attack. When she swings her leg, Omoneiljr. detects the move that he grabs her leg. He spins around like a cyclone and tosses Katie to the ground. She falls down and crashes to the building.

"Katie has been defeated. Good job, Omoneiljr. Hoopa, you do the honors," I said.

Omoneiljr. lands to the ground next to me and Hoopa. His propeller stops spinning, and he separates his truck incarnation from his Omoneiljrnoid swarm and assembles the truck back to its regular state. Then the Omoneiljrnoids come back to Omoneiljr. in its regular Omochao and Green Tails Chao appearance. Hoopa tosses a ring from his left horn.

"Alléhooparing!" exclaimed Hoopa.

A portal appears on the floating ring; Hoopa sends the truck away back where it came from. After Hoopa sends the truck away, the portal fades out and places the ring hanging back to its left horn.

At the appliance store, she bursts through the wall from being thrown by Omoneiljr., and she slides on the floor that causes so much damage the store. The customers were fleeing out of the store from the incident. Her screen went black after being thrown. Then she stopped skidding.

"Rebooting..." said Katie, with a loading screen. Katie just had a fabulous idea.

"Initiating Titan Appliance Mode," activated Katie with an unchanged text to speech voice.

Katie gets up on the ground as her screen turns back into its red screen with yellow eyes on. She uses her psychic power to possess a snack machine, a microwave, a blender, multiple television screens, washing machines, lawnmowers, coffee maker machines, and a diversity of appliances. She rises out of the appliance store, and she has grown into a 50 feet bipedal robot terminator. She has posed an epic fighting pose before she gets back into destroying the city and mankind. Her face has multiple flat screen televisions with a red screen and yellow eyes. The two oven doors on her shoulders launch countless missiles at the buildings. People start screaming and they all ran out of the city.

Gooey is inside the microwave below the multiple television screens. "Help, Help! Get me out of here! Please don't cook me," begged Gooey. "I want to live."

The electronic screen on the microwave turns on with the selection of many ways to cook. Katie is attempting to search a way to microwave Gooey.

"Casserole," narrated Katie, in an unchanged text to speech voice. She is still scanning a way to cook Gooey.

Suddenly, Omoneiljr. sets his foot in front of Katie. He has an appearance of a 30 feet bipedal robot. The incarnation came from my lab inside my house. On Omoneiljr.'s head, the propeller is bigger than last time, so he can fly higher. He still has his two green tails on the back of the robot.

"Leave Gooey alone. Do not cook him; that is inhumane. You are threatening a life form inside a microwave," demanded Omoneiljr. with a speakonia text to speech voice.

"Omoneiljr. You've come to save me," cheered Gooey. "You've look like the Iron Giant."

Omoneiljr. performs a fighting pose with his palms before he continues to battle against Katie.

"Be prepared, Omoneiljr. You are going to battle against me with my awakened form," declared Katie.

"Don't look now, Katie. This is not my awakened power yet; my power level is 50%," replied Omoneiljr. "Battle me at Twinkle Park."

They both teleported to Twinkle Park at night. The theme park is closed due to the destruction Katie is causing along with the U.I.M.S. fleet. As they are at the park, Omoneiljr. dashes to Katie and performs a spin kick at her. Katie trips and falls from being kicked. Omoneiljr. lands back to the ground and backs away. She gets up and lands back to the ground.

"Chili," said Katie, as she tries to find out how long to cook Gooey inside the microwave.

"Release Gooey this instant," protested Omoneiljr.

Omoneiljr.'s left hand forms up into a cannon with a three-barrel rotary laser gun along with a small blue cannon on top of the big cannon. He launches a smart bomb at Katie from the blue cannon to force her to release Gooey, but she blocks the bomb's explosion with the barrier. It is not strong enough to break the barrier.

"Nice try, Omoneiljr. You cannot break my shield with your smart bomb," bragged Katie with an unchanged text to speech voice.

Finally, for Katie, she had found a way to cook Gooey. "Chicken," confirmed Katie.


Omoneiljr. quickly jabs Katie at the microwave below the televisions causing the microwave to break open. "Quick, evacuate from the microwave, Gooey," advised Omoneiljr. "You are successfully free from Katie."

Gooey jumps out of the microwave in glee. "Thanks, Omoneiljr. You're a true hero," responded Gooey.

Gooey floats in the air by floating like Kirby; suddenly, a ring portal appears in front of Gooey. It is none other than Hoopa; he is sticking his head out of the ring. "Gooey, jump into the portal," said Hoopa.

He dives into the ring portal after he exhales out air. Hoopa had sent Gooey back to the driveway in front of the train station building to the Mystic Ruins. I am so glad Hoopa rescued Gooey. "Gooey, you're ok! I'm so glad you are not cooked by Katie," I exclaimed in joy.

"Now let's watch Omoneiljr. battle against Katie to save the citizens of Station Square and mankind," replied Hoopa.

Meanwhile, back at Twinkle Park, Katie shoots rapid firing laser projectiles from the two oven doors on its shoulders at Omoneiljr. Omoneiljr. spins his three-barrel cannon as he fires rapid firing laser projectiles back at Katie. He dashes and grabs Katie at the arms, but she tosses Omoneiljr. in the air. Katie jumps in the air and kicks Omoneiljr. back to the ground. He crashes to the ground leaving some damage to Twinkle Park. Omoneiljr. is unable to defeat Katie in his current form. He had to take drastic measures because he is not strong enough, and he is smaller than her. I have sensed the greatest presence of his awakening. "Don't give up, Omoneiljr. You've got this; show her who's boss," encouraged Gooey.

We are rallying for Omoneiljr. to never give up. Good news has sparked to us when we see Omoneiljr. get up onto the ground; he sends out his Omoneiljrnoids to take apart the fun house, a Ferris Wheel, the prehistoric Splash Mountain like ride to take apart the t-rex's head, roller coaster tracks, a drop tower, the crazy bus ride, a merry-go-round, a swing carousel, the Dizzy Dragons ride, the Tilt-A-Whirl ride, and the zipper ride. All these objects from Twinkle Park have assembled Omoneiljr. from its current from to its awakened bipedal form. Now his size is 50 feet tall, and it is strong enough to exceed Katie's power. Omoneiljr. has a bigger propeller than the recent one that he can fly even higher; he has a Ferris Wheel on his right shoulder while he has the head of a t-rex on the right hand to substitute the arm cannon. The scary clown's face, from the fun house entrance, is used as a chest-mouth; the appearance of the clown's face can rebuff unholy things and characters. The clown chest mouth behaves similar to the gargoyle. His left hand has the front of the crazy bus with fingers from the drop tower, and he has a white hexagon on the top of his left hand. He also has a hexagon on each knee cap. The top of the merry-go-round is on the left shoulder. On Omoneiljr.'s right foot, he has toes from the zipper while he has toes from the Dizzy Dragons on the left foot. He has a hexagon below the Tilt-A-Whirl on his left arm. The Tilt-A-Whirl is next to the merry-go-round's top. Another hexagon is behind the right arm's wrist along with the roller coaster track wrapped around its wrist. There are four, black tails behind Omoneiljr.; the left side of him has blue tipped tails while the right side has red tipped tails. He has a cape that has a picture of the Gemerl720 Logo behind him. Omoneiljr. starts to make more poses like Thundercleese from "The Brak Show" when Thundercleese is about to attack Zorak.

"Behold, my 100% awakened power has arrived," declared Omoneiljr. in an unchanged speakonia text to speech voice, as he stops doing poses.

"That's the spirit, Omoneiljr.," I cheered.

Omoneiljr.'s four tails open their tips to reveal the snake like appendages; the two-blue tipped snake-like tails fire blue beams of energy while the red tails fire the red beams of energy. The red and blue laser beams of energy hit Katie, but she uses her barrier to block the attack. Omoneiljr. forces the lasers to push the barrier; the lasers had destroyed the barrier that she cannot protect herself.

"Nice appearence and your weaponry, Omoneiljr.," said Katie, with an unchanged text to speech voice.

"I can't tell if she is complimenting Omoneiljr. or being sarcastic," commented Hoopa.

Katie fires countless missiles from the two ovens on her shoulders. Omoneiljr. sees the missiles hurl to him; he uses the snout of the t-rex to send out a small red beam to lock on each of the countless missiles. Then he launches copious missiles from the t-rex's mouth at Katie's missiles. Omoneiljr.'s missiles fly to Katie's missiles, and the missiles destroy Katie's missiles. After the missiles were destroyed, Omoneiljr. launches a firework from the t-rex's mouth; this substitutes the single shot energy balls from the arm cannon. The firework is more powerful than the single shot energy ball; it flies to Katie like a single direction torpedo. The firework hits Katie on the chest with a colorful red and blue explosion. Omoneiljr. and Katie both jump in the air; Katie attempts to rapidly punch and kick Omoneiljr. Luckily, Omoneiljr.'s evasiveness causes him to easily dodge her attacks.

"Hold still, Omoneiljr. You're too fast," demanded Katie.

"Never, I will defeat you, and I will power you down," disobeyed Omoneiljr.

Omoneiljr. backs up and flies with his propeller, and he starts to glow green sending out a green shockwave. Many, not all, Omoneiljrnoids fly out of its body into the air upward. Each Omoneiljrnoid glows green leaving green trails of light behind them. The Omoneiljrnoids rain down and hits Katie, and she falls straight down due to being violently hit by the raining Omoneiljrnoids. Omoneiljr. lands back to the ground, and he sees Katie impacting to the ground back at Twinkle Park. "Ooh, pretty lights," said Gooey, as he compliments Omoneiljr.'s attack.

After the rest of the Omoneiljrnoids rain down to the ground, they all come back to Omoneiljr.'s body. "You are quite powerful, Omoneiljr. But that doesn't mean I am going to be defeated," said Katie, with an unchanged and casual text to speech voice. "However, your ally, Genesect has defeated all my U.I.M.S. fleet."

Meanwhile, back with Genesect, he floats in the air in its high-speed flight form seeing all the battleships exploding rapidly and falling down. Genesect has destroyed every fighters, battleships, and cruisers invading Station Square. "Target Destroyed. All U.I.M.S. units have been eliminated," said Genesect. "Except for Katie; a rogue super computer created by the U.I.M.S. Omoneiljr., I hope you can eliminate the final target of the U.I.M.S. in Station Square."

Katie shoots rapid firing laser projectiles to Omoneiljr., but he jumps in the air to avoid the attack. His t-rex arm cannon sends out a small white beam at the ground tracing it in front of Katie. After the beam fades, earth powered explosions burst from the ground retracing the beam's tracks. The burst hits Katie, causing her to trip. Omoneiljr. grabs Katie from the t-rex arm cannon and tosses her upwards; then, he sends out his Omoneiljrnoids to separate the propeller. He grabs the propeller and tosses it like a flying disc. The propeller spins and shreds Katie's arms and legs off like a saw disc; appliances were flying and falling out of Katie's body as her arms and legs were separated. The separated arms and legs fall to the ground; as they impact to the ground, many appliances were scattered onto the Twinkle Park parking. Katie is still airborne without her arms and legs; despite falling back down. The propeller comes back, and he catches it like a boomerang flying back to the user. Omoneiljr.'s Omoneiljrnoids reassemble the propeller to reattach it back to its head. When Katie gets closer to the ground while falling, Omoneiljr. kicks Katie on the lower body that sends her flying. Katie then crashes towards the Twinkle Circuit building wall. She falls back to the ground leaving her weak.

"Surrender, Omoneiljr. You have almost defeated me," said Katie.

"Never going to happen. I will now power you down for good," replied Omoneiljr.

Omoneiljr. points his t-rex arm cannon at Katie, and the cannon opens its mouth. A light blue ball of electricity forms on the t-rex's mouth generating an electromagnetic pulse. "You have caused enough havoc; it's time to end the U.I.M.S. invasion," warned Omoneiljr.

He fires an electromagnetic pulse shot by firing a light blue ball of electricity. The ball hurls to Katie, and it fiercely zaps at her. The screen causes to malfunction while being engulfed by light blue electricity. Then the screen ends up having the blue screen of death with glitches flying around in the screen. Katie has finally powered down for good, but he has to destroy the core, so nobody can revive her, not even the U.I.M.S. And so, Hoopa, Gooey, Genesect and I came to Omoneiljr. "You did it, Omoneiljr. You powered down the monster; are you ready to finish this?" I said.

"Yes, I will. Once I find the main source of Katie," accepted Omoneiljr.

Hoopa's eyes glow purple that the rubble has a glowing purple outlined aura; he lifts the powered down Katie in its laptop form out of the rubble. Omoneiljr.'s four tails open their mouths. The four tails move in front of Omoneiljr.'s clown chest mouth; the four tails fire small beams at the clown's mouth charging its most powerful energy. It forms up a white and purple ball of energy in its clown chest mouth. After its energy is stored, he devastatingly fires a destructive white and purple beam of energy at Katie in its powered down laptop form. The beam is vaporizing the rogue laptop into emptiness, each in every molecule. Afterwards, the beam fades out. Then, Omoneiljr.'s four tails close their mouths and move behind him. The citizens were coming out of the building after the battle. They are cheering for me and my friends, including Omoneiljr.

The mayor of Station Square has walked to us. "Congratulations, Neil the Fox. Your robot, Omoneiljr., has stopped the appliance monster from destroying Station Square," congratulated the mayor. "And as for you, Genesect, you are harder to get rid of than cockroaches because you have defeated the U.I.M.S. fleet from attacking our city as well."

Hoopa, Gooey, and I laughed except for Omoneiljr. and Genesect about the mayor complimenting about Genesect's survival. "How are we going to clean up the mess?" asked the mayor.

"Fear not, mayor of Station Square, I will repair Station Square with my Omoneiljrnoids," decided Omoneiljr. in a speakonia text to speech voice.

Omoneiljr. sends out many, not all, Omoneiljrnoids around Station Square. The swarm first scatters and repairs every bit of Twinkle Park like miniature carpenters in ease. Also, they repair the appliances that were destroyed and from Katie's former rubble. As the appliances were repaired, the Omoneiljrnoid swarm splits up into two different groups: one for returning the appliances into the appliance store, and the other one to repair the appliance store building. The Omoneiljrnoid swarm fills up the appliance store repairing every structure and restocking repaired appliances. At last, the appliance store was fully restored. Finally, Omoneiljr. sends the rest of every Omoneiljrnoid in his body, including the core, so he can repair the entire city. The red colored face on the Omoneiljrnoid is the core that left the body, and it follows the other group.

The mayor of Station Square is pleased to see Omoneiljr. repairing every damage to the city. "Wow, does your robot have nanotechnology?" asked the mayor.

"Why yes, it does," I answered.

Because all his Omoneiljrnoids were out, including the core, his body starts to fall apart and his structure is about engulf us. "Never fear, folks. Hoopa will save you guys," cautioned Hoopa.

Hoopa's eyes glow purple that Omoneiljr.'s inactive body surrounds itself with a purple aura. He gently places the rubble onto the street. Then the aura fades away. The green colored, swarming nanobots have spread the entire city to repair every damage Katie has caused. After the city is fully repaired, the red faced Omoneiljrnoid with a green body, or the Omoneiljrnoid core, leads his swarming substance to Omoneiljr.'s rubble. The last thing he has to do is to return the structure of Twinkle Park out of its inactive body. Every Omoneiljrnoid substance follows the core while taking out the incarnation of Twinkle Park. They are now repairing and returning the objects where they belong back at Twinkle Park. My thoughts on Omoneiljr. returning its stuff from Twinkle Park back where it belongs is like riding at the glowing red tunnel at the end of Space Mountain at Walt Disney World. After Twinkle Park is fully restored, the remaining parts of Omoneiljr. were the incarnations of my laboratory. Hoopa tosses his ring from its left horn. "Alléhooparing!" exclaimed Hoopa.

The portal appears in the floating ring. A whole substance of Omoneiljrnoids start to remove the laboratory structure out of Omoneiljr.'s body, and they dive into the ring portal. The ring portal leads to my lab in my house with the missing structure; as the swarm arrives, they are now repairing and returning the structure of my lab back where it belongs. Then the Omoneiljrnoid core with the rest of every Omoneiljrnoid flies to the ring portal. Back at Station Square, the last remaining pieces were the parts of Omoneiljr.'s normal form, or the green colored Tails Omochao parts. All Omoneiljrnoids and the core exit the ring portal back to Station Square, and they enter the body and reassemble Omoneiljr.'s normal form. Omoneiljr. has turned back to its green colored Tails Omochao form, or the normal form.

"There you go, mayor of Station Square. I have completely repaired the city for you," said Omoneiljr. in its speakonia text to speech voice.

"Thank you for fixing the city, Omoneiljr.," thanked the mayor of Station Square. "What would we do without you and your special ability?"

"Actually, I am responsible on creating Omoneiljr. I first built him on the science lab at the cruise on my spring break of 2016," I explained. "Well, I have to go home; it's getting close to midnight. Goodnight, mayor."

Omoneiljr. starts his propeller that he begins to levitate. Genesect, Gooey and I walk back home to Emerald Town while Hoopa and Omoneiljr. float with me. Thirty minutes later, we arrived back to my house. The damage from Katie's destruction was still there in my house; even though Omoneiljr. returned the laboratory structure back to my house. "Can you do one more thing for me? Please fix the entire house and repair every damage to my house and objects?" I requested.

"Affirmative, Neil," replied Omoneiljr.

And with that, Omoneiljr. sends out some of his Omoneiljrnoids to repair every damage to my house limb by limb. The swarm even enters into my bedroom to repair my old Windows 7 laptop. And finally, they repaired my house's appliances bit by bit. Afterwards, the Omoneiljrnoids return back to Omoneiljr.'s body. "Thanks, Omoneiljr.," I thanked.

"My pleasure, Neil," said Omoneiljr. "Now that I have successfully terminated Katie, you will now go back to your normal activity."

We went to the front door and entered to the house. Everything in the house was fixed. When I close the door, Genesect went back to my bedroom while Omoneiljr. went back to the laboratory to rest. Gooey and I sat on the couch while Hoopa floats above the couch. I had a stern face on Hoopa on what happened on the first place. "Hoopa, don't ever summon a laptop that causes trouble ever again. Next time, send me a Windows 10 laptop on the first place," I scolded in a firm voice.

"Sorry, Neil," apologized Hoopa. "I just want to give you a better laptop to impress you. Tell you what, I want to make it up to you. I will summon the Windows 10 laptop."

Hoopa smiles and grabs the ring hanging on its right horn. Then Hoopa tosses the ring in the air. "Alléhooparing!" exclaimed Hoopa.

A portal forms on the ring; finally, he summons a package containing the real ASUS Windows 10 laptop with the cd drive. As the package lands on my lap, the portal fades away, and Hoopa hangs the ring back to its right horn. "Tomorrow morning, I will set up the laptop, ok? Let's go to bed folks," I announced.

In my bedroom, I went to my closet to pull my Cherish Ball out of my backpack. "Good job, Genesect. You deserve a rest for destroying the U.I.M.S. fleet," I said. "Return."

The beam from the Cherish Ball hits Genesect that he was sent into the Pokéball. Afterwards, I put the Pokéball away into my backpack. Hoopa comes to my bedroom with my package using psychic. He gently floats the package down to the closet. Luckily, I have my flashdrive safe inside my backpack the whole time thanks to Genesect. After an exhausting battle, I went to bed while Gooey and Hoopa sleep with me.

The next morning, I woke up in the morning with Gooey and Hoopa. "Now that the sun has risen, can you set up your Windows 10 laptop, Neil?" asked Gooey.

"Sure, I'll get that squared away," I said.

I unboxed my new Windows 10 laptop from the package. A couple minutes later, I had set up my new laptop, and I have imported my files from the flashdrive to my new Windows 10 laptop. I pulled out my old Windows 7 laptop from the closet to boot it up to see if it works. When I turned it on, everything seems to be normal. I logged onto my old laptop with my old user; so far, everything seems just fine. The desktop background seems to be usual as it should be. When I open Windows XP Mode on my Windows 7 laptop, it starts up. However, it usually takes a few seconds or minutes to start. When it starts, I played "Tempest" to give it for a spin. I played the game, and everything works perfectly thanks to Omoneiljr. After I played the game, I put away my old laptop. "Now that your Windows 10 laptop is all set up, can you start Vegas Pro 10 to see if it works? You have already installed it minutes ago," asked Hoopa.

I nodded yes to Hoopa. I accessed to Vegas Pro 10 on my new Windows 10 laptop. Everything is working just fine; it has no overheating issues with no blue screen issues. One day, I will finish my movie with my new Windows 10 laptop. I closed Vegas Pro 10, and I turned off my Windows 10 laptop. To celebrate, I say "Hoopa, Gooey, let's have some donuts for breakfast."

"Wow, donuts. They're my favorite!" cheered Hoopa.

Hoopa grabs a ring from his left horn, and he tosses it into the air. "Alléhooparing!" exclaimed Hoopa in joy.

A portal appears in the ring that it is sending out three strawberry frosted donuts for us. The portal fades and the ring hangs back to his left horn. We all ate some donuts together in the morning. Now the laptop revolution is finally over because everything is completely back to normal.

The End.