Hey guys to let you know I'm sorry if I spell wrong and the story sucks and Its not a professional fanfic, I'm new to fanfic writing!



Pearl is with Garnet, Steven, and Amethyst working on a helicopter for Steven to ride in and have fun.

Pearl: Just a few turns and we should be done!

Steven: Yay!

Garnet: Pearl one of us need to go for a test drive, just to make sure its safe for our little Steven.

Pearl faces garnet.

Pearl: Umm…. I guess I'll do it….

Amethyst: Alright P!

Steven: Okay Pearl be safe.

Pearl: When am I not?

They all started to giggle. Pearl salutes them and hops in the helicopter and buckles herself up.

Pearl: Well guys I'll be back in a few minutes!

Steven and them wave.

Everyone: Bye!

Pearl flies off into the distance.

-Sly Cooper-

Sly is planning a heist to steal a rare gold staff with mystic powers through the woods in a guarded temple.

Sly: Hmm… Well sneak up here then, attack the front guards, and then go in for the staff and take care of the rest of the guards. How is that?