Hi, so I said I'd be back and I am. I've given this fandom a good clean break for a couple of months and I'm back with a new story. This is a new one for me and as I re-watched Season 2 of OUAT (which without question is the one season that never fails to make me cry) and I thought (because i'm sadistic) what would really bring on the Killian angst combined with a Daddy Killian story which I always love and I came up with this plot. I chose a girl for the situation because while writing the Pirate's Son I learnt I really wanted to try writing from A. a teenager's perspective and B. a girl's perspective and then over the course of three months and a lengthy vacation away from the internet this little plot bunny was born and raised.

If you guys want more then let me know. I intend to let this story progress over the six seasons but several episodes will be condensed into one chapter for simplicity.

I didn't have a face cast in mind when it came to writing the character of Giselle/Scarlett but looking back I think Crystal Reed is probably the best fit.

Also some things in this story will be AU especially considering age so bear that in mind. Also grammar and spelling are not my strongest suit so for any new readers who don't know me then I apologise.

Disclaimer-Nothing is mine except Giselle/Scarlett.

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The title of this story and the quote from the poem Paradise Lost by John Milton which is a tribute to my A Level English Class so...

The chapters will change from moments in the Enchanted Forest and moments in Storybrooke. The first part of this story also covers mostly Gold/Giselle/Scarlett bonding, not much Killian until later on.

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Paradise Lost

Rumplestilskin didn't just take Killian Jones hand that day. He took something a bit more important. His daughter. As Emma Swan pulls into Storybrooke she meets the enigmatic Mr Gold and his teenage daughter, all the while someone far away is hoping for revenge. Captain Swan. Daddy Killian. AU.

Chapter 1-Paradise Lost

The infernal serpent; he it was, whose guile,
Stirred up with envy and revenge, deceived
The mother of mankind.
(Paradise Lost)

The Jolly Roger

The ship was continually crowed. Rumplestilskin resisted the urge to smirk as he noticed that nearly all of them avoided looking at him instead preferring to duck around him and scuttle away.

There was still a part of him, after so many years as the 'Dark One' that couldn't believe that Milah had left him and Bae to be with...well...a pirate.

In truth it hurt a little. He had tried so hard to be a good husband and father, to provide some sort of life for his family even with his leg and she had left him and their son without a moment's thought to live on a ship so she could spread her legs for a rum soaked pirate with a leering smile that had once called him a coward.

"Well...well" he said allowing himself a little giggle because...irony...

"Seems like you finally found the family you could never have with me"

Milah scoffed rolled her eyes and walked back over to her lover. Rumplestilskin resisted the urge to just end it all now. As much as the thought of killing one of them warmed him (and in all honestly he knew that that was what he was going to do) he wanted to drag it out, to make Milah and her Pirate feel as much pain and humiliation as he had done.

Milah held out the bean. The one thing that would ensure he had a fighting shot of finding his son again. But before he could grab it with grasping fingers she threw it to the pirate who caught it with an almost lazy graceful ease that made him grit his teeth in irritation.

Well Rumple thought grimly. If Milah wanted to play that game then he was more than capable of playing it with her. He had the one thing that he knew...that he knew that would break even her perfectly controlled mask.

"Just one question" he said keeping his voice quiet so Milah could no doubt hear the menace creeping through.

"How could you leave Bae?"

She didn't flinch at that though Rumple could see her forcibly try to stop it. He knew Milah like a book. It was one of those things about her, she was always easy to read.

He would have laughed at Milah's vain excuses, would have taken glee at the look on her face as she tried to justify abandoning her son but the moment was ruined when a shrill piercing cry shattered the suddenly still air.

He didn't see Milah's sudden look of apprehension and fear and the way that the Pirate's hand seemed to slide down to the knife tucked in his belt.

The rage was too much. Milah it seemed had not only replaced him with some criminal dripping in alcohol but she had also had the gall to replace their son. To replace Bae.

It was no obstacle to Rumple, to slam his hand through his former wife's chest and find the red organ that was her traitorous heart and tear it from her. He didn't take any enjoyment from the cries of the pirate as he usually would. For a long time in his long life he saw pure red, he was alive with the desire to kill, the grief of losing Bae intensified when he heard the cry of Milah's other child.

He saw her fall and felt the dust running through his fingers but could spare no thought other than the need to hurt the Pirate as much as he had hurt him. The baby perhaps realising that it's mother was dead had stopped crying.

With a wave of his fingers the child appeared in his arms. It took Rumple a second to adjust to the weight of having a baby in his arms. It had been so long since he'd had a child that small.

The baby was in it's own way quiet pretty. It was clearly the Pirate's daughter with his exact shade of dark hair a dusting on her head. Rumple could tell it was a girl due to the pink edging around the blanket. It was probably bought. He didn't hold out much stock on Milah's sentimentality. Her eyes however were the exact shade of his ex-wife's and Rumple wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. She wasn't crying anymore she was watching him with a slightly interested expression as if she was curious about who this stranger was holding here.

"Let her go" said a rough voice from the corner. Oh yes, the Pirate, Rumple had almost forgotten him while he was busy contemplating what to do with his child. He cast him a glance. Honestly, he still had the bean in his hand and with another wave Rumple simply removed it. The Pirate let out a howl of pain.

"I want you to suffer alive like I did" Rumple hissed low and soft and in the most dangerous way he could imagine.

Like I still do.

"I want you to know loss in the most painful way imaginable dearie"

Like I do every second of every day.

The Pirate was grasping on the floor for a weapon as Rumple took a step back. His one remaining hand found a hook from the ships ropes and Rumple couldn't help but let out a truly devilish giggle when he saw it.

"Killing me is going to take a lot more than that dearie" he said truthfully. How had he ever been hurt by this man? How the tables had turned indeed from the cocky, arrogant man who had mocked him and taunted the very idea of him telling his boy that his mother was gone.

Fortune's Wheel at its finest.

The man looked at him then his whole body shaking with pain. "Even demons can be killed, I will find a way"

"Good Luck" Rumple said grinning "Here" he said clutching the baby to him closer. "You can use your child as your incentive, if you care"

The Pirate lunged then his dark eyes filled with agony but Rumple was past caring when this man had brought about the destruction of his family. He disappeared for good leaving Milah lying on the floor crumpled like a little doll and the baby in his arms blinking up at him as if nothing could faze her.

He heard a word as he appeared fully at his castle, shouted in much the same tone that he had once a long time ago shouted Bae's name.

The child's name was Giselle.


Scarlett Gold had not had a great day. She had been forced out of bed at the crack of seven thirty, forced herself to have a shower and resisted the urge to go back to bed, had managed to find a semi-clean skirt from the hamper and had then been forced out into the cold morning light all in order to go to school.

It wasn't that she didn't like school. Scarlett was a smart kid as she was constantly told. It's just that Tuesday morning's generally consisted of Math, Chemistry and Physics and Scarlett personally thought three in one morning was a cruel and unusual punishment.

By the time she had gotten home it had started to drizzle and she half collapsed in front of the TV with a cup of the 'good' tea and the intention of never moving again.

Scarlett Gold was a pretty girl with long black hair that hung past her shoulder blades and was generally messy. It was straight most of the time but long layers had given it an untameable look. She had dark eyes, high cheekbones and clear skin.

Once at home she changed into a pair of black leggings and found a grey jumper and set about finding something to eat. Her father wouldn't be back for at least three more hours as he was collecting rent and therefore Scarlett was cooking for herself tonight a task that generally yielded disastrous results.

Scarlett's father was a man by the name of Mr Gold. He owned the entire town and collected rent with a vengeance. Half of the town was terrified of him and that lead to the other half being terrified of Scarlett fearing that their families would be evicted should they slight her.

Scarlett for the most part didn't let it bug her. Her Dad was her Dad and she didn't need anyone telling her any different. Besides...she was fine being a loner anyway.

They had lived in Storybrooke their whole lives. The town was tiny and everyone knew everyone. The only people that didn't irritate Scarlett on principal was the owner of the dinner Widow Lucas (who gave Scarlett a discount on tea whenever she felt generous) her granddaughter Ruby who never ceased to make Scarlett smile, and Henry, the ten year old son of the Mayor who like Scarlett was adopted.

And still with all of this Scarlett had never felt the urge to ask her father who her mother or biological father was. She was happy with her life for the most part and as she settled down to eat pasta her Dad had premade she was happy. Nothing whatsoever could unsettle her life right now.

Her Dad came home an hour later than when he said he was. Scarlett was just in the process of brushing her teeth when he came up the stairs. There was a look on his face that made her pause unease prickling at the back of her neck.

"Everything ok?" she asked padding into his room as he left his stick against the wall.

Her Dad gave a jump as if he was interrupted for the first time.

He gave Scarlett a long look as if he was seeing her differently and she resisted the urge to squirm with difficulty.

"Fine sweetheart" he said finally. "Just met an interesting woman tonight. It appears young Mister Mills has gone and found his biological birth mother"

Scarlett didn't say anything. This was no news to her. One of the teachers at their school (the High School and Elementary children were kept separate but word still got around in a town as small as theirs) had given Henry a book of old fairy tales and he had been obsessed with finding his birth mother ever since.

"She's staying?" she said finally. She had never known anyone to come from outside Storybrooke. Her Dad nodded. And then just like that seemed to snap himself out of whatever mood he was in.

"I'm not all that hungry tonight sweetheart, I'm tired. I had three people shout at me and one of the nuns tried to curse me...irritating things, I'll talk more in the morning but for now I just want to get some sleep"

Scarlett nodded. This wasn't unusual. Rent days were always contemplative for her father and she was used to leaving him alone when he got in one of those moods.

"Goodnight" she said shutting the door behind her.

She slipped into her room pausing as that feeling of unease came back. She slipped into bed pulling the covers around her and wondering why she felt cold. What was it about Henry's birth mother coming here that made her feel like this? What was it that made her think that her whole life had been leading up to this point and that after tonight nothing would be the same?

Scarlett drifted off that night into an light sleep, her sleep was filled of a ship sailing away on some distant waters and when she woke up it was to no memories of the dream and to the sight of the Clock Tower chiming away for the first time since Scarlett could remember.

Next Chapter-(Hopefully there will be one)-Emma Swan enters Storybrooke, we see Giselle's childhood (briefly) and events of a few episodes leading up into Season 1.