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Paradise Lost

Chapter 33-Dates With Dads

Killian prepares for his first date with Emma, Giselle ends up helping, a woman called the Snow Queen makes an appearance and Giselle confronts her father about his decision to give Killian two hands

"All changes even the most longed for have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves. We must die to one life before we can enter another" (Anatole France)

Storybrooke. Giselle's Perspective.

She should have known something was wrong. She should have known something was…well perhaps not wrong but…off when she saw Killian lurking-and there really was no other word for it-lurking outside school from where she staggered out the door.

It wasn't that Giselle wasn't glad to see him because she was learning that when she did see him she was glad. Killian…no her Dad had managed to make her feel at ease in a way her other father had never been able to do. With her other father, there had always been a bit of calculation in the love she felt for him. She wasn't sure that love was what she felt for her Dad but she knew that there was no calculation.

And there had been no more sightings of this woman calling herself the 'Snow Queen' since she had apparently frozen Marion at the first town meeting Snow White had held since becoming mayor, a thing that had made her father smirk with barely concealed glee and had for once made him call Regina to see how she was doing.

It couldn't be because he was worried about the Snow Queen returning? Giselle had not been there for that confrontation having been in school and she was not overly convinced by Emma's story that nobody was ever in any danger but she had decided to believe it because everyone was alive and now they finally had a reason-or so it seemed-to trust Elsa at her word when she said she was not the one going around causing people to fall into a deep freeze sleep, or whatever it was called.

There was no real reason for him to be there other than the fact that he wanted to see her and that filled with her a dangerous mix of both elation, hope and a little bit of fear.

So, when she staggered out of school weighed down with enough homework that she really did not start at any point it was to see her Dad loitering around the gate his hook curled around the railings with interest.

"Hey" she said cautiously and then without warning he slid an arm around her and pulled her to his side so that they were in some sort of strange hug. For a second Giselle couldn't breathe, she had no idea what to do but her Dad was for once not worried about her reaction to this strange kind of touching between the two of them.

"How was school?" He asked and he genuinely sounded interested which was well, strange she supposed.

Giselle had to remind herself that she had wanted this. She had wanted a relationship with him and therefore she shouldn't complain when she got one. She looked at him…she really looked at him and noticed that he was smiling. Oh god.

"What happened to you?" she asked finally. She doubted that he was smiling because of the whole Elsa thing, especially because the ice wall was still up and the cold wind was blowing the ice and snow into the town and making them all get their coats and boots out to wear over their uniform.

"Emma asked me out" he said finally beaming and something in Giselle just…stopped.

She stopped on the sidewalk her boots clacking. Her school uniform was a skirt, tights, her boots, shirt, tie and jumper with her coat thrown over it and her hair had been tied back of her face in a knot on top of her head and suddenly Giselle had a moment where she stood completely still thinking hard over what he had just said. There was a pause when she stood there and then she turned and found that she didn't even have to paste a smile on her face and pretend like she would when it was her father and Belle and she took in the look on her Dad's face and realised that no matter how hard it was for her to imagine yet another woman in her life in this regard, it was Emma and he looked…happy.

And…she had never known her mother so…so she didn't really have a leg to stand on when it came to asking if this meant that he had loved her less did she?

For a second she wanted to ask Bae what he thought, if it was worth brining up her genuine curiosity about her mother that had never gone away even more so when she learned the truth about her death.

"I'm glad" she said and she was. Because this was Emma Swan and while Giselle and Emma had, had a few…disagreements over the past they had still managed to have a good relationship…well…better than whatever she had with Belle, though she knew that even that was beginning to get somewhat manageable though she suspected that was because they only ever saw the other when they were in the same house which was mainly at night and then they were both desperate to sleep and pretend that the whole arrangement wasn't…awkward.

And then another thought came to her. She eyed him. Her Dad had not changed his clothes since she had met him and she had reckoned he had not changed them since long before that. His clothes were always good, but they were worn and hand washed and he lived in them and more to the point that was alright when he and Emma had been doing this little dance that had dragged them around the town like lovesick puppies but…well…she wasn't the only one that was changing, it wasn't fair that it was just her that was evolving.

And…well…he really did have to get out of those clothes.

"Gizzy?" her Dad asked suddenly and she realised that she was still stood on the sidewalk gazing into space and that there was a very real chance that he had not taken in a word that she had said before. She smiled feeling a migraine coming on mixed with a beat of panic that came when she realised what she was about to say. The fear was something less than the very real possibility that her Dad might not want anything to do with her, than the fact that for the first time she was actively seeking out things to do with her biological parent.

Unless she supposed you counted that thing with the missing year but to be honest she was so filled with grief last year that she wouldn't have cared if she was travelling with Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men.

"I'm happy for you" she said finally and she meant it. She did. This was…odd if nothing else but to her surprise her Dad gave a great smile and then wrapped his arm more tightly around her in a gesture that was filled with love so much so that even she could feel it as cynical as she thought she was. Emma and her Dad coming together was as natural as Giselle waking up in the morning and wanting her usual pumpkin spice lattes.

Her Dad stared at her for a second longer and there was more calculation in that gaze than Giselle had ever seen before and to be honest she could not blame him. She had never made herself shy when it came to her father about her opinion of Belle and she supposed that he knew that. Giselle met his gaze with a flat one of his own and wondered again how it was that father and daughter were on opposite sides of what seemed like the whole world and not for the first time she wondered what it would have been like if she had lived with him and her mother, had been raised by them and loved by them and would never have to stare at her father with calculation in her eyes wondering what he was thinking about her at any given moment.

"I am happy for you" she said again because it was the truth and there had been so many lies between the two of them-hell their entire relationship was built upon lies, the idea of the other was always centred upon lies and Giselle was honestly too tired to tell them or live by them anymore.

And then she remembered something.

"You cannot go out with Emma looking like that" she said pointing at him.

"You're staying in the 21st century now, time to get use to modern things. And for a start we can tackle your godforsaken wardrobe because there is only gonna be so much time before people stop being afraid of you and start commenting on it"

And that, if anyone ever cared to ask and she doubted that they would, was the story of how Killian Jones got new clothes, how he began to understand modern shopping and how Giselle started to wonder with an increased deliberation if murder was really that terrible an option.

But still. At least now he looked halfway decent. Even her father who showed up at Granny's when they were having tea commented that now the 'Bastard doesn't look completely stupid and embarrassing-and now I feel a lot more comfortable letting you out in public with him, and please be home for dinner tonight' which Giselle thought considering that her father still had control of his dagger and was spending every day of his new marriage lying and pretending that nobody knew about was…well a start.

But that was before.

Before he went and did something that even Giselle with her time spent learning how he operated, watching how her father manipulated and played the game somehow always ending up on top-could not have predicted he would do. Because even to her it seemed unthinkable. And a little disturbing to be honest.

He gave Hook his hand back.

And really, that should have been her first clue that her father was going to once again refuse to live in peace with the man he blamed for taking away his wife and by association, his son.

Storybrooke. Killian's Perspective.

It was bizarre Killian knew, not the new clothes, not even the hand which had been something he had both longed for and dreaded in equal measure for so long, but this…this peace with Giselle, this half-life where he could walk with her to school and meet her afterwards and share a coffee (which was rapidly growing on him-only it had to be black not that unnatural sweet thing she drank) before she went back to her other father.

It was something he had dreamt of for so long and perhaps it was not completely what he had wanted but if you had lived on the outskirts for so long like he had, believing and fighting for even a small morsel of affection then you wouldn't blame him for constantly being on edge that something he said and something he did would tip the scales and would send him right back to where he started.

He had thought Emma would do that. He knew Giselle and Swan had been friends but Giselle's unswerving loyalty to the Dark One, something to do with Henry and Emma's complicated past with Bae had seen the two of them square off on more than one occasion. He could remember word for word what she had said in the Echo Caves in Neverland and if truth be told he was not entirely sure she had moved past those feelings.

But she had looked at him with those eyes in that face and with that expression of blank control so very much like her mother's when she was thinking about something, her mind racing a mile a minute and then with the composure of a woman that should, he thought, be born royal she had smiled one of those rare genuine smiles he soaked up like sunshine and told him she was happy for him.

They had spent the whole day together and Killian was a combination of deliriously happy that they were doing things that in this world were considered normal for a dad and his daughter to do and desperate to do it again. She had given him advice and laughed when he saw some of the more…revealing clothes on sale for girls…not at all apparently understanding that looking like a woman of ill repute was something of a 'fashion trend'.

And then the bloody Dark One gave him hand back and Giselle stared with those eyes and Killian got the impression that for the first time the Dark One had done something that had truly shocked his daughter. For the first time he had outmanaged the one woman who might know enough to stop him and she was genuinely confused by it even as she smiled and told him to go on his merry way to his date with Swan.

He had wondered about it all the way up to Swan's door and then she had opened it and…well…rational thought went flying out the window.

Storybrooke. The Night of the Date. Giselle's Perspective.

Giselle had carefully chosen to wait to when the door had shut behind her Dad's back so that he could go out on his date that she had so helpfully decided to help him with. He was looking…well…presentable now and she was more than happy to see him go out and be happy or whatever it was that daughters of men who were…for lack of a better word widowed, would do when their fathers started dating again. Therefore, she gritted her teeth at the thought of the Charming's and their never-ending supply of cheerfulness for a second and then she turned to her father and asked the burning question that she thought that both she and her Dad had wanted to ask when he saw her come through the back to see him with two hands.

"What the hell was that?" she asked. Her father picked up a book and flicked through the pages with a look of supreme disinterest mixed in with one of supreme smugness.

"What the hell was what dear?" he asked and Giselle rolled her eyes for once not caring how rude it was, she was struggling to understand this.

This gift of generosity was unusual for her father and she couldn't help but think that she was heading head first into a dangerous trap. Into one of the deals that she herself had been a part of, that she had seen for so long and watched as they managed to destroy people both good and bad, no matter how much she had always been promised she would never be a part of.

"Giving Killian his hand back" she said slipping back into her old moniker for him. Her father looked as serene as a snake waiting to pounce.

"I am trying like you said, to foster relationships with…" he rolled his eyes.

"Good Lord I cannot even kid myself. He asked me and I gave it to him because I thought it would make you happy. Truth be told I don't think that he will last a night with two hands. He's changed too much, Emma and you have tamed him" he said this with as much contempt as he could possibly manage and Giselle resisted the urge to smile at the look on his face.

"He's changed from the man that had two hands. I doubt that you wanted to know him when he was swaggering around with your mother on the deck of that awful ship. His hand is attached to that man that he was then. Even I will admit he has changed. Love" he shook his head.

"Some will say that changed you" Giselle said leaning over the counter so that they were staring at each other.

"I think we both know that, that is a lie." And she flickered her eyes to the safe behind his back where she knew the real dagger was kept.

He looked at her then for a long time and then shrugged.

"You're the only woman my girl who knows me best. I love Belle you know that but not even Belle can claim that title. I am confident in your loyalty to me, confident in your love for me and while that is constant for you it will be constant for me as well. So, make of the dagger what you will"

And that Giselle noted was the only way she was ever going to get any type of conformation that her father had double crossed his wife and had kept control of his power.

Really, she thought to herself that night as she listened to Belle talk about how excited she was for Emma to move on (her father having mysteriously vanished claiming something to do with the Snow Queen), how had this woman that claimed to know and love her father not have any conception of what her father was capable of?

"And it was so brave of Killian taking that Snow Queen on single handed and nearly getting stabbed with ice, no wonder that was the driving force for them getting together"

Giselle stared at her plate for a second forcing her expression to remain disinterested. She had not heard this story and she was going to kill her Dad for letting her get caught unawares, two hands or not.

Instead she forced a smile on her face and said so sweetly it was like condensed milk with sugar mixed in "I know, but all that matters to me is that he's happy, I'm gonna go and catch an early night's sleep"

Belle seemed to take her at her word because she simply turned back to her book with a rather knowing expression that wanted to make Giselle reach for that book and beat her over the head with it. There was always something about her relationship with Belle, whenever she felt like they were peacefully co-existing, something happened to make her want to smack the woman for taking Rosanna's place, for taking her mother's place with none of the skill that either woman would have (she hoped) used.

Instead she stomped up to her bedroom knowing that she was acting for once rather childish, changed into her old ratty jumper and shorts and climbed into her big double bed trying to not to imagine her Dad with icicles hanging over his head or the smile on her father's face when he had talked about the man her Dad had once been.

More than anything Giselle wanted to dream away this whole nightmare, until she was back in the Enchanted Forest and Rosanna was making her breakfast and teaching her how to be just what she knew even then she couldn't be. Ordinary.

Because she knew, because she knew the two men sworn to hate each other but also sworn to love her only too well and who would know better than she did that the fragile peace that had sprung up between them was on borrowed time.

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