Prompt by Rmepashn: Jenny brings home a kitten and Vastra is annoyed with it.

Title: Training

Vastra could feel eyes on her, watching her every move. She searched the darkness for the culprit, flattening her body against the wall for concealment, katana in a defensive position. She inched her way toward the corner of the wall. Peering around, she came face to face with the beast.

"Jenny!" she yelled as she emerged from the basement. "We have a vermin infestation!" Walking with her arm outstretched in front of her, Vastra grasped a kitten by the scruff of its neck.

"Oi!" Jenny rushed over to "rescue" the kitten from Vastra's grip. Cuddling the black and white kitten up to her face she spoke in a sweet baby voice. "This isn't a vermin; it's a sweet lil kitty cat." She nuzzled the kitten as it played with her loose strands of hair.

"Whatever it is it does not belong in my home," Vastra insisted.

"Your home?" Jenny held the kitten while it squirmed to get down. "Don't you mean OUR home?"

"Well of course it is our home, Dear. But for my part I do not want any other mammals in it other than you."

The kitten finally jumped down and batted and chased a piece of string across the floor.

"Well I want it to stay," Jenny said, adamantly.

"I do not like it," Vastra said bluntly.

"Well you didn't like me either at first, but you warmed up to me alright," Jenny argued.

"Yes Dear, but I do not think I should develop romantic feelings for a small hairy mammal the way I developed them for you," Vastra teased.

"That's not what I'm suggesting and you know it," Jenny said. "You daft old lizard."

"Now now! There's no need for name calling."

"You started it!" Jenny's voice got squeaky. "You called me a mammal and likened me to a cat."

"I simply said you were enough mammal for this household," Vastra clarified.

"What's it gonna hurt to have a kitten?" Jenny asked.

The kitten continued its relentless assault on the string and ran across Vastra's bare foot.

Vastra hissed at the kitten sending it running from the room. "Did you know I used to hunt and eat small mammals back when my sisters and I roamed the earth?"

"Well now you get your raw meat and blood delivered three times a week wrapped in paper. You've evolved," Jenny countered.

"What if I get hungry and you are not around to prepare my meal and I succumb to temptation and eat the feline?" Vastra jabbed.

"I suppose you'll have to temper your urges just like you do for the little blonde tart that works at the market," Jenny jabbed back.

If Vastra could blush she'd be bright red. Instead she shifted her weight and refocused her attention on the kitten. "Just look at it" she said pointing to the kitten who was now doing physics in its head preparing to jump onto the table. "It will be up on all the furniture and nothing will be safe."

"I'll keep it off the furniture," Jenny said. "If it gets up there I'll put it down."

As if on cue the kitten jumped atop the table.

"See!" Vastra pointed.

Jenny picked the kitten up and put it back on the floor. "It'll just take some training, that's all."

"Have you ever trained a feline?" Vastra asked.

"No, but I trained a daft old lizard," Jenny teased.