In the Chamber of Secrets with the Sword of Gryffindor in his hand Harry's eyes flashed gold. In that moment it wasn't Harry dueling the Basilisk but rather an older man in his place. A tall lean man with black hair, a short beard, and eyes like a hawk.

Tom Riddle watched in confusion as his 12-year-old foe slew his precious beast. He raged and raged but when the snake fell to the ground it's head separated from its body there was nothing he could do.

Harry-not Harry turned to face the shade of the boy who had become the Dark Lord with a wide smirk on his face and the sword still in his hand. "Is that the best you can do?" Harry-not Harry asked.

To Tom Riddle, the voice was like two people speaking in unison, both sounded bored. "H-how?! What? Who are you?" The shade forced out. What he was seeing should be possible. There was no way a 12-year-old boy should have been able to slay the Basilisk, and the figure in front of him was no boy.

The apparition walked forward the sword of Gryffindor still in his hand and the details grew clearer. Instead of a Hogwarts uniform, Tom Riddle saw the figures clothing change. The hawk-eyed man was now dressed wide-brimmed black hat decorated with a large plume, and a long, open black coat with no shirt underneath.

"Your serpent was no match for me," The man said still closing the distance between him and Riddle.

"What are you!" Tom shouted pointing Potter's wand at the man's heart.

The man in the hat shifted ever so slightly and the shade registered pain. The hand holding the stole wand was gone, only a bleeding stump left. Riddle couldn't even scream. It shouldn't have been possible, he wasn't fully alive yet.

"Magnificent," The man said moving to hold the sword in front of him instead of at his side. "This blade isn't Yoru but it has a good soul all the same." His focus was only on the sword in his hands as he spoke, like the murderous shade wasn't even there.

"I command you-" Riddle began clutching his severed arm to his chest, anger and rage pouring out of him.

"I am Dracule Mihawk, the World's Greatest Swordsman, who are you to command me to do anything?" Mihawk shot back his golden eyes like piercing daggers.

"I am Lord Voldemort!" Riddle shouted.

Mihawk gave the shade a once over. "Enough nonsense. You are making my ears bleed," The world's greatest swordsman said raising his blade. "I've had enough of your shouting. Be silent in death."

Faster than Riddle could perceive Mihawk moved. The great swordsman slashed his opponent across the chest and like with his arm Riddle fell his slowly forming body disappearing before he hit the ground.

Mihawk watched impassively as the shade disappeared. Knowing his work was not yet done the Shichibukai moved to where the dairy lay and effortlessly thrust through it with his blade. The inhuman wail that filled the air as he did so made the swordsman smirk.

Job complete, battle won the figure of the man seemed to flicker in and out of sight. "I think I will go home and sleep now," the man mused to himself. And then just as he appeared, that man was gone leaving a small dark-haired 12-year-old in his place.

Harry Potter swayed dangerous and fell to his knees clutching the Sword of Gryffindor tightly in his hand. The last thing he heard before darkness overcame him was the sound of a phoenix song growing ever closer.