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The silver haired boy frowned, glancing at his surroundings in distaste. He was no longer on one of the Hunter continents… the walls were cement and plaster rather than metal and wood, the people dressed in strange denim pants and graphic T's, and the
air was thick with humidity. An alley. He was in an alley, standing in the narrow pathway between two buildings. He chose a direction at random and made his way to the front. The boy stopped dead when he reached the main road, because every sign, every sign,
was written in a strange foreign language, consisting of grid like lines and elegant swoops.

He leaned closer to the nearest one, which just happened to be a poster for some children's cartoon on the other side of a store's glass display window, and studied the harsh, angled lines that he supposed were letters but looked nothing like the language
he knew. He whipped out his bulky beetle phone, hoping to use it's built in map or a translator to make sense of the confusion, when a message pinged in the corner. He opened it and almost dropped his phone in surprise when his mother's warbling voice
trickled unevenly through the speaker.

"Kil, your father and I are dissatisfied with your behavior. You've almost killed us so many times, I thought that maybe you were blooming as an assassin, and my heart was filled with hope and joy, but I've noticed that since making friends your bloodlust is waning. My heart is filled with grief now, having to send you away, but Silva believes it is all we can do to get you back on track. Alluka has been morphing into Nanika constantly, once requesting "Bring me Killua", so I must make you right again in order to return you home as yourself. Mother loves you, Kil. I hope you won't try to leave the family again, or I may… not be able..."

This was followed by crying and gasping until she hung up. Killua sighed. So that was it, then; he was on a high level alert and his parents exiled him to another land. Just out of curiosity, he tried to test out his Nen. He was going for a spark between
his thumb and forefinger, but no such luck. To test further, he tried to use En and found he couldn't. If this was a land where Nen was impossible… oh god.

Freaking out a little, Killua tried to project some killing intent onto the nearest pedestrian, a man in his late forties; despite what his parents thought, he was always brimming with the desire to kill, sometimes so much so that it was difficult to
restrain himself. Thankfully, everything that did not require Nen still worked. Theman nervously glanced around and, feeling misplaced fear, and took off running across the street.

Somewhat satisfied with those results, Killua turned his attention back to his phone and activated the map. Rather than show a picture, words simply scrolled across the screen: 7 Seas, Pacific, Asia, Japan, Kyoto. From what Killua could tell, It looked
like he was in a dimension called "7 Seas", in a country called Japan and a city called Kyoto. He used his translation app to translate the signs and voices into something he could understand and slowly wandered the city, absorbing as much intel as
he could.

As Killua was visiting a tourist shrine, he noticed a large group of people chatting animatedly in the corner. They were all wearing the same clothes, and since they were about his age he figured they must have been school uniforms. Come to think of it,
he noticed he'd seen similar groups wearing the same uniform all over the city. Oh well, it didn't really matter as long as they didn't get in his way, but… Killua had the impulse to eavesdrop, so he did. By the time he got the translator working,
he only caught the end of the conversation.

"-attempts have you made?" finished a dark haired girl.

One of the only guys in the group, a tall guy with bleached blonde hair stepped forward. "I tried a sniper, but he still dodged it! Really, If he can detect a bullet in seconds and move out of the way, what's the point?"

"Well, there is a reason we call him unkillable." replied a meek looking girl with green hair.

A red haired boy stepped forward, mischievous grin on his face. The others in the group flinched when he advanced, some casting fearful glances and one kid looking like he was getting ready to hold him back, and were visibly disturbed by what he said.
"There's nothing unkillable. I'll admit, the octopus is tough, but what kind of assassins are afraid of making calamari? You just gotta distract him, get his guard down, and skin him in his sleep; simple as that." This was followed by protests and
jokes, but Killua wasn't listening to them anymore.

Killua stood aside and let his mind process what he'd just heard. These kids were assassins, and their target was supposedly invincible because of his speed. He smiled darkly to himself. Looks like he'd have something to do during exile after all. Killua
shadowed the group the rest of the day, using his skills to stay hidden.