"Henry! Emma! We're late!" Regina abhorred yelling in the house, but the mother - son combo brought new heights to the term procrastinate. She stood in the foyer holding a fresh apple pie she baked that afternoon in one hand and her cell phone in the other. Henry came down the stairs first, raking his fingers through his chocolate mop.

"You look so handsome darling!" she praised his clothing choice, even though she picked out several outfits for him to make the final decision on which one he was actually wearing. "Of course I do, I'm your kid!" he smiled up at her with affection.

"Emma?! Your mother is texting me! If she calls I won't be held responsible for my actions!"

Emma appeared at the top of the stairs dressed in tan dress pants and a light blue sweater. "We can't be late Regina, it is Sunday dinner with my parents, at their house! No reservations required." Emma reached the bottom of the stairs, "You look amazing by the way, babe."

She took the pie from Regina and kissed her to complete the apology for running behind the brunette's schedule. "Of course I do dear." The brunette smiled wickedly, "Family dinners with your parents are a formal affair!" she exclaimed with flair. Emma shook her head as she chuckled. "It isn't a competition Regina." Regina cooed as she lifted her eyebrow questioningly. "A non-competition I intend on winning dear." Emma rolled her eyes. "Had I known you two would pull this crap every Sunday I would never have suggested starting Family dinners with them every week!"

Henry snorted at Emma's futility. "Let's go Mom's! I'm starving!"