a/n: I did it again! Yay me! I don't know how long this is going to go. It may end here, it may keep going - I'm not sure. Wrote this last night also, so all mistakes are mine.

Same warnings as before: graphic, bloody, nightmarish, etc. Again, it's short and sour.

Thanks for reading and I'd love to hear what you think!


I rubbed my wrists and I stood up out of the chair. I took a tender step forward, testing my balance and my muscles. I was still a little shaky, but I could walk.

The last of Dark that I saw, he had retired to his room for the night. Whenever he was finished with me for the day, at 1:35 A.M. sharp every night, he would go to his room and, I assumed, sleep. Apparently, even monsters needed to recharge.

He was in his room. Sleeping. This is what I was betting my life on.

The first few nights here, I had screamed for someone to come help me, wanting more than anything for a group of wanderers to hear my cries and rush in to my rescue. To my grand disappointment, no one did. Not even Dark tried to quiet me; he just stayed in his room, listening to my pleas in his dreams.

After that, I had quickly learned that we were far secluded from any civilization, and screaming myself hoarse would be useless. I started sleeping each night in that chair, my hands tied behind me, my legs tied to the chair, and my head hanging in front of me. I never slept for long, but the little energy that sleep gave me supplied me with enough willpower to get through another day with darkness.

I hoped that this night would be the same as always for Dark, sleeping soundlessly in his room, unconcerned with the captive presumably tied to a chair.

I took another step forward, my heart beating fast like a scared puppy's stuck in a cage.

My bare feet tiptoed silently to the door, wanting so badly to escape a place full of so much pain. My knees shook as I walked, and I was afraid that I would collapse with my rescue inches from my nose.

Finally, finally, my hands grasped the knob on the wooden door, pulled it towards my body, and the door swung open with just a small breeze.

I laughed an exhausted, relieved, incredible laugh. This was unbelievable. All along, this door was a regular door to the outside world, a regular wooden door with splinters and scratches. All along, I only needed to escape my binds, and then I would have had freedom.

All along, it was so simple.

Tears rolled down my cheek, my heart trembling with gratitude and happiness. I stepped out and breathed the cool night air. The night was quiet. I listened for the owls and crickets, but...

It was completely still. There were no hoots from owls or chirping from crickets. The wind even seemed to halt in mid-gust. I froze along with it, the smile on my lips fading quickly.

And then his face appeared in front of mine. I took a step back hastily, but my legs were not expecting the sudden action and buckled under me. I began to fall, but something caught me, and I screamed in pain.

Two cold, bony hands had halted my descent. He had caught me by the ears; they burned.

"Ooh, so close," he whispered into my ear. I could feel his nails piercing my skin, creating space between my ears and my head, the red, crimson blood dripping down my neck and soaking my shirt collar. My ears were ringing.

The pain-

The pain-

The silence-

My eyelids flew open, and I was staring at the wooden door of the house.

The house I had just dreamt of leaving.

A single sob left my throat as I heard Dark laughing in his sleep.