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Dark was having the time of his life. His unsettling white teeth grinned at me while his bloodied blindfold covered the rest of his face. He grinned and laughed — cold, deep, chillingly evil.

"Do you know what time it is?" he asked as he approached.

I didn't answer, mainly because my heart was beating too fast to give my brain a break to think up an answer.

"It's time for my favorite part of any takedown. The defeat. The tenderizing. Before any irreplaceable harm comes to the body, I need to feel every inch of it to truly know its capabilities."

I swear my heart stopped. I couldn't breathe, couldn't respond at all to what I feared Dark meant. All I could do was shake in the wooden chair, the rope rubbing against my ankles, wrists, and midriff.

He stood in front of me, his torso inches from my eyes. I could smell congealed iron, dried pus. I could only imagine what his past victims had endured. They most likely wished to die after just a few hours in Dark's sickening and terrifying grasp. I had lasted – what – a week so far? Was it because I was strong or because Dark was only doing a fraction of what he could? What more was he capable of?

Dark reached out and grabbed my left hand. I made a fist, and instead of prying it open, he relaxed his hold and actually stroked it tenderly. Tingles went up my arm and prickled my neck. I looked at him suspiciously, knowing this was some kind of rouse to do something worse. And of course, I knew it was too good to be true, that he could ever be kind, but for a minute, closing my eyes and feeling his gentle touch brought a sense of calm to me.

At that moment I felt almost comfortable here in this room, despite being tied up and restricted from my freedom.

Then Dark took advantage of my state of relaxation and forced my hand into an open palm. I snapped out of it and immediately tried to pull my hand away, but Dark had already pulled out a small but intimidating pocketknife, like one that could be used for whittling wood. He placed the tip of the blade lightly into the center of my palm, landing right on one of my palm lines. If I had paid attention to that palm reader, maybe I would have had some idea of what was happening.

Fate. This was fate. But god, I wish it wasn't.

I blacked out for most of it, but I remember that it began with a searing pain in the center of my hand, and that the searing pain moved in order from thumb to pinky finger. I heard my own scream as my whole arm started shaking from the intense sensation of fire over my whole hand.

I woke up and realized I'd passed out. Dark was gone from the room. The pocketknife he had used was laying tantalizingly in front of me, bloodied and congealing already.

I looked down at my left hand. I can tell that blood had poured from the cuts made by Dark. No cleaning had taken place. I must not have been out too long, due to the fresh clotting, though still bright red with little drops falling from my fingertips.

I turned my wrist, and god, it was painful. But I needed to see the whole of my hand; I needed to see what he had done to it.

As I turned it, I saw clear, thin rivers of red, like a graphic cartoon drawing of the main nerves in a hand. All rivers originated from the center of my palm, and grew to the very tips of each finger.

Shapes appeared to be carved on my fingertips, as well. As I looked closer, I realized they weren't shapes, but numbers.

On my pinky...5.

On my ring...4.

On my middle...3.

On my index...2.

On my thumb...


What the hell did that mean?

No, I didn't want to know.

But Dark wanted to show me.

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