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Now, here's a story which is basically another time travel story but for a stupid reason, instead of serious stuff like losing the war, or everyone died, or desperate actions like that.

EDIT (03/11/2016): I wanted to inform new readers that the first chapter is somewhat dull. Yes, dull. Things will pick up and become at least a little more interesting from the next chapter and the actual canon timeline starts from the end of Chapter 5. If possible, please give my story a chance.

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Chapter 1: Popcorn, Impressions and Training

Uzumaki Naruto. The man revered as the Seventh Hokage and the son of the legendary Yellow Flash, Namikaze Minato, the Fourth Hokage. The man who was arguably the strongest ninja of his time. His reign as Hokage continued on for more than a decade. He had nearly no regrets and planned to continue his duty for many more years to come.

A splendid morning one day in the beautiful village of Konohagakure no Sato, the sun was now slowly rising past the Hokage Monument, a giant cliff face with the faces of the previous Hokage sculpted into it. Morning dew was sparkling on the leaves of the village. People were slowly beginning their daily duties and opening their stores and stalls.

In a room in a certain building, a blond haired boy groaned in his sleep. He rolled to the side and promptly fell off the side of the bed and landed face down.

The boy got up, rubbing his face and brushing the dust off from his white t-shirt and black shorts, his eyes half closed and yawned. He then looked around while stretching his arms and immediately froze in place.

'What kind of bad dream is this?' is the first thought that crossed his mind upon seeing the dirty and small bedroom he was in. 'What's going on here? Why am I here? And why do I feel so... miserable?'

Then all of a sudden, a kind of opening appeared in the air in his room and a beautiful woman stepped out of it.

The woman had pure fair skin which appeared to be shining lightly. She was wearing a kind of white battle kimono with tiny symbols and bigger floral patterns all over it. The symbols were basically small kanji of the five elements in their respective color. Her sleeves were parted at the shoulder to show some of the upper part of the arms but were attached to the dress below the armpits. The lower half of the dress ended right around the knees leaving the lower half of her legs exposed. She was wearing a pair of low heeled geta as well.

The woman was roughly 5 foot 6 inches tall and had beautiful long violet hair. The hair was straight and shining, and reached near to the back of her thighs. She had the perfect body shape along with around C sized assets which seemed to fit her body perfectly. Though in actuality, this could only be seen lightly as she was draped in her white dress. Her face was by far the most beautiful ever seen, and had a divine smile. Her eyes each had a golden iris with black pupils, and seemed very knowledgeable, but with a hint of mischief. From all perspectives, one can easily consider her a goddess.

"Good morning, Uzumaki Naruto-kun." she said to the boy in a clear, melodious and divine voice.

Naruto stared wide eyed at the new figure in his room and his face turned lightly red. He snapped himself out of his trance and turned to her, "Good... morning. Who are you?" he asked her. 'I can't exactly be surprised if she turned out to be a goddess from that entry and her looks.'

She smiled wider, mischief evident on her face now "Me? I'm Kami-chan! Nice to meet you." she told the boy expecting him to gape and be surprised. To her own surprise, the boy just stood there with a blank expression. Yeah, not exactly the reaction she hoped for.

'I was right?... Well, that was pretty awkward.' Naruto thought to himself. "Okay... Kami-chan, why am I here, in the apartment I used to live in when I was a kid, and why do I look like a brat? I don't remember using any kind of transformation last time I was awake."

"Because I sent you back in time. You are now in your five year old body." she replied hoping to surprise him this time. She was once again let down when he just stared at her with a hint of annoyance in his face. 'Oh come on. Why is his mental fortitude and adaptability so damn strong?' she thought to herself, and began crying inwardly, but still had the same divine smile outwardly.

"Alright. So according to you, I'm back to my five year old body and am now in my childhood days again... Why exactly is that so?" Naruto asked her neutrally.

The goddess cleared her throat and started. "You see, Naruto-kun, the past ten years and more were too boring for me to even watch over and was devoid of any excitement. So I brought you back to the past so you can go on adventures again, fight bad guys and stuff, while I watch you from my special VIP seat and eat popcorn." she finished with a mischievous smile.

To say that Naruto was annoyed right now would be an understatement. "So you're telling me, you messed up my future peaceful life and the timeline to have some fun." he asked to confirm. The goddess nodded to him sweetly. 'What the hell?' was his first reaction to the ridiculousness. He shook his head and looked back at her "Then tell me, why do I feel like a miserable loser right now?"

"Oh that's because I sent only your and one other person's memories and knowledge back to the past. I didn't send your feelings and emotions with them. I'm sure you remember but, when you were five years old, you felt lonely and sad everyday because of those villagers ignoring your existence." she said without flinching her smile "Oh but of course, now that you received your memories, you can feel good like always again. I've also enchanted your young brain to be able to handle the influx of memories."

Naruto sighed and scratched his head, "Fine. I get it... Wait, who's the other person?"

"Who was the person that stayed with you your entire life from your day of birth and up to the latest day?"

Naruto breathed out and smiled, "Kurama..."

"Bingo! I'm glad you're quick, Naruto-kun." she said, clasping her hands in front of herself.

Naruto sighed again and looked at her. "Fine. But what exactly do you want me to do, Kami-chan?"

"Oh, I don't know. Something interesting but different from your past life. Something like beating the daylights out of a strong enemy when you're still a kid or saving a damsel in distress or making a harem." she replied without even a twitch.

Naruto frowned thoughtfully, "Wait, a harem? Why would I want something like that? I have Hinata already."

"I told you, didn't I? You don't have your previous emotions at the moment. If you want, try thinking of her right now."

Naruto raised an eyebrow and thought of his wife, or his now ex-wife, or was it future wife? He replayed some of his memories with her and noticed something about himself. He felt like he was just watching some kind of movie and couldn't exactly get any feeling for them. Naruto frowned at this and turned at the goddess.

"See? Anyway, for now I'll also make sure she doesn't fall in love with you again... at first sight, anyways. Maybe after some time. I'll also make it so that you won't either. It would be a little too... 'canon' for my liking otherwise. So for a while, you're just gonna be friends."

'Canon... Yeah. What a great word to use for my life story.' Naruto thought in deadpan. 'Still...' He glared heatedly at the woman who gave a surprised flinch. She then tilted her head in confusion.

"What is the matter?"

"What is the matter?" he repeated in a angry questioning tone. "The 'matter' is that I don't appreciate people tuning my head without my permission. I loved Hinata and had two children, both of them whom I loved dearly. So I'm not exactly happy that I don't feel anything for them anymore. The fact that I can't see them again is another reason to not be happy." he spoke with his glare still in place.

The divine being shrunk into herself, but she straightened herself just as quickly and kept her face blank. She then surprised Naruto by bowing to him deeply, her silky violet tresses sliding down her sides as she did so "I apologize, Naruto-kun. It's just that... there are some circumstances. Please be understanding."

Naruto stared at the goddess bowing to him with a frown on his face. He kept his eyes on her form for a few more seconds before letting out a loud exhale and shaking his head. He ran his hand through his blond locks before removing the hand and looking at it.

'My hair hasn't been this rough for a long time.' His eyes went back to the still bowed form of the goddess and groaned. Naruto himself knew that he was weak to this kind of thing, being the soft-hearted guy he is.

He walked up to the woman and gently placed his hands on her shoulders. He made a lifting motion which she followed up on and stood up straight, her face set in an expression of guilt. He turned away while rubbing the back of his neck. "Just... just forget it. It's okay."

The goddess smiled slightly and nodded. "Thank you, Naruto-kun." Her solemn mood then vanished in a flash before she perked up again. "Now, enough of that stuff. The emotions can come later. I actually want to see you kick some ass in an epic fashion." she said with a tone of slight excitement.

Naruto just sighed with a sweat-drop behind his head "Fine. I'll become stronger this time and be more awesome than ever. Oh, but do visit me from time to time, Kami-chan. You look like someone I can have a fun time with."

The goddess adopted a small teasing smile. "Aw, you're so cute, Naruto-kun." Naruto blushed lightly. "But actually I don't have to even do that."

"What? Why?" Naruto asked, confused.

The goddess just smirked, then bent down and ruffled his hair, to which Naruto blushed again mildly, while keeping his emotions and 'bodily reactions' in check. "Because my VIP seat is actually in your own mindscape, right beside the little fox."

Naruto looked at her with a bit of excitement. "Really? Then that means you're gonna be with me all the time!" He then blinked in confusion. 'Wait, why am I getting excited all of a sudden?... Meh, must be the younger body's residue emotions or something.'

"That's right. But before I come and occupy my seat, I have some things to do. So I'll just come to your mind when I'm done. By the way, you can tell others about your situation if you want, but try to keep the group as small as possible. It wouldn't be any fun otherwise." she got up and proceeded to walk near the newly opened warp gate. "Well then, I'll see you again later, Naruto-kun."

Naruto waved to her lightly. "Bye, Kami-chan. See you later."

The goddess looked back at him and gave him one last divine smile. 'I hope he grows fast. He's gonna have such a cool look. And I'm gonna tease him to my heart's content.' she giggled perversely in her mind and went into the portal, which closed shortly afterwards.

Naruto sighed and sat on his bed. 'If I wasn't an experienced ninja with a strong mind, I'd probably be jumping all over the place in panic right now.' he thought to himself. 'First, I need to have a talk with him before doing anything else.' he nodded to himself and sat in the lotus position on the bed and delved into himself.

Naruto entered his mindscape and looked around. The place had changed in the years by a large margin. It was still a sewer, but it wasn't as dirty as before. Now, it looked like a newly built tunnel devoid of the water that flooded it once. It was also a tad bit brighter than before.

Naruto was about to call out to his tenant when suddenly he caught sight of a giant gate between him and his sleeping tenant, which had a paper in the centre with the kanji for 'Seal'.

'Right. I forgot. The seal wasn't open back then.' he thought. Naruto held his chin in his hand, frowned thoughtfully and then nodded to himself.

Naruto jumped up and ripped off the seal paper. He then landed, pulled up his shirt and readied his right hand, which held a blue chakra flame on each finger. His entire hand was covered in writing which collectively seemed to have the general shape of a key. He immediately put his fingers on the seal on his stomach and unlocked it. After a brief moment, the gate also swung open and vanished. 'Good thing I knew the structure of the seal and the key too. It would have been pretty annoying if I had to go to the toads' home to get the key again.'

The giant orange furred fox now woke up and yawned loudly. He stretched and then caught sight of the blond.

"Yo, Naruto. What's going on? Wh-..." the fox stopped, blinked a few times and rubbed his eyes. He then stared at the blond again. He then immediately fell on the floor, clutching his orange sides and laughing loudly. Naruto's eyebrow twitched in annoyance at the sight.

"HAAHAHAHAHA! What happened to you, kid? Why do you look so tiny again?" Kurama asked him, calming down his laughter.

"Yeah yeah. Just laugh at my misery, Kurama. Now listen..." Naruto sighed and began explaining the situation to his tenant.

A brief explanation later...

Kurama looked at the blond and blinked. "What the hell?"

"Exactly my first reaction as well. So? What do we do?"

"What do you mean what to do, brat? We just become strong and make you Hokage again or something even better. Anything's better than the paperwork maniac you became in your previous life. I was getting bored of all those years with nothing to do anyway. At least now, things will be a little more exciting." Kurama replied with a smirk.

Naruto smirked back to him. "Well, I'm happy both of us are hot-headed." he said, but then frowned. "But hey, what do we do about the Yin half of your chakra? Dad has it, right? And he's... gone. The only way to get it back would be that method."

"You don't have to worry about that, Naruto-kun." a melodious voice replied from behind him.

Naruto turned back and both him and Kurama looked at the beautiful violet haired woman walking towards them. Naruto grinned at her "So you're done with your things, Kami-chan?"

The goddess smiled back at him. "Yes, Naruto-kun. Now I'm ready to spend my time here. See, I even brought the popcorn." she said holding up a few buckets of popcorn.

Naruto and Kurama both sweat-dropped. "I didn't think you were serious about that. Anyway, what do you mean we don't have to worry about my chakra?" Kurama asked the woman.

The violet haired goddess looked at Kurama. "That's because I transferred the chakra Minato-kun took from you, into Naruto-kun's body, after I sent you back."

The blond and the fox blinked at her reply "Why?/Why?" they inquired in perfect unison.

The goddess just shrugged nonchalantly "Meh, it's too much work for anyone to take it back from a dead person. You also may be forced to kill someone for that, if you know what I'm talking about."

The two narrowed their eyes in response. They knew exactly what she was talking about. It's how the Fourth Shinobi World War even became as chaotic as it had become due to the appearance of certain people. A lot of certain people.

"Anyway, try checking yourself, Kurama-chan." she said, snapping the two from their thoughts as the fox raised his non-existent eyebrow.

'-chan?' It wasn't everyday that someone addressed a being capable of destroying mountains and creating tsunamis with such an friendly suffix.

Naruto looked at the fox who observed his own self, then turned and nodded to Naruto. Naruto turned back to the goddess and bowed to her lightly. "Thank you, Kami-chan."

The beautiful woman shook her head, "Don't mind it, Naruto-kun. By the way, is it alright if I redesign this place?" she asked him gesturing at the giant gloomy sewer they were in.

Naruto looked around and shrugged, "Sure. Do as you like."

The goddess nodded and looked straight ahead. Her eyes began to glow and the entire area they were in began to fade into darkness, then a bright light shined all around them, to which Naruto and Kurama had to cover their eyes with their hand/paw. After a few moments, they felt a cool breeze pass them.

The two of them opened their eyes and gaped at the sight. They were now in the middle of a large grassy plain which was surrounded by forests and some mountains on one side, a kind of barren area on another side, a snow covered landscape and some mountains on another side and lastly a blue sea on the last side. There was also a medium sized house like structure near the edge of the forest which Naruto presumed to be for the goddess' use.

"Heh." Kurama smirked and turned to the goddess "I like you already."

"Why, thank you, Kurama-chan." she replied.

Naruto looked around and then turned back to her, and nodded. "Yep, you're a goddess alright."

The woman just chuckled and took a seat on the grass. "Well, what are you going to do now, Naruto-kun?" she asked as Kurama sat down shortly afterwards.

"First, I need to get my feelings in check so I don't freak out and start hugging everybody I know. Then I'll go to jii-chan's office."

"To Hiru-kun? Why?" the goddess asked him. Kurama, in the meanwhile, was getting ready for another nap.

Naruto chuckled at her nickname for the Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen and then continued. "I wanna see him again after all these years. I'm also gonna tell him a bit about this... situation I'm in and strike a deal with him."

"A deal? What do you have with you that you can use to bargain with him?" the goddess inquired, now curious.

Naruto smirked. "I'll help him defeat the greatest enemy in his life."

The beautiful woman looked at him confusion and then realized what he was talking about. She giggled with her mouth hidden behind her hand.

Naruto got out of his mindscape and prepared to shower. He would then go meet the Hokage.

Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Third Hokage. The man known as the 'God of Shinobi' and as 'The Professor' for knowing more than a thousand jutsu. One of the longest reigning Hokage in history.

That man was now seated behind his desk in his office, glaring fiercely at the stacks of paper in front of him, willing it to burn a hole through itself. Of course, such a thing is not easy to do, if at all possible.

He then sighed and took his pipe, and lit it. He took a puff and breathed it out.

It was at this moment that a familiar blond haired boy burst into the office through the door. Hiruzen blinked at the entry and looked to the new arrival.

Naruto got up and grinned foxily at the man. "Yo, jii-chan (grandpa)!" Once he got a clear look at his surrogate grandfather, his look softened a little and he held back any desires to cry or hug him.

The Hokage chuckled at the boy's actions. He never failed to brighten his day. "Good morning, Naruto-kun. What brings you here today?"

Naruto took a seat and looked at his surrogate grandfather. "I actually have a very important matter to talk to you about, jii-chan." he told the man with an expressionless gaze. Hiruzen raised an eyebrow at this and the boy's tone, then nodded to continue. Naruto instead shook his head. "...Alone." he said with a serious tone and face.

Hiruzen raised his other eyebrow. He had never seen his surrogate grandson so serious before now. He assumed that something very important must have happened for him to be acting like this, and decided to hear him out. He gestured his ANBU to leave the room, which they did immediately, after which he activated the privacy seals. The room glowed blue for a split second. He then turned back to the boy in front of him.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about, Naruto-kun?" he asked the boy with an equally serious tone.

Naruto breathed out and scratched the back of his head. "Well, I don't know how to tell you this but... The me from this morning, is actually from about 35 years in the future."

The Third Hokage just blinked at the boy. "What?"

Naruto just looked at him "Yes, I'm serious. I'm from the future."

Hiruzen relaxed in his chair "Well... I must say, Naruto-kun. That's new." He took his pipe and began to take another puff.

Naruto's eye twitched "You read Icha Icha whenever your secretary isn't looking. The same Icha Icha was written by one of your famed students. Said student is a pervert, sorry, a super pervert."

Hiruzen immediately coughed violently from choking on his smoke, then looked at the boy in shock.

Naruto continued "Namikaze Minato, the Fourth Hokage is my father. My mother is Uzumaki Kushina. She was the second jinchūriki of the Kyūbi after Uzumaki Mito. Both my mom and dad died on the day of my birth, trying to protect me. Dad used the Eight Trigrams Seal to-"

"I got it, I got it, Naruto-kun. I will believe you." Hiruzen stopped the boy with an exhausted expression. It seemed that he was on the verge of getting a heart attack from all the knowledge. He then calmed down and asked the boy "So what happened to you in the future?"

Naruto grinned and pointing to himself with his thumb "I became Hokage."

Hiruzen smiled at him and nodded "So... why are you back here then?" he asked the boy, feeling awkward that he's talking with someone from the future but looks like someone he met just a couple days ago.

Naruto sighed and explained what happened. His encounter with the goddess and what she did, while leaving out the parts concerning Kurama. He did not want to give another heart attack to the old man when he told him that he had opened the seal.

Another brief explanation later...

The Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen blinked at the blond boy "What the hell?"

"Strike three." Naruto said to himself. The goddess inside him chuckled lightly.

"So you're telling me that the goddess is in your mind right now." Naruto nodded. "Can I meet her?" Hiruzen asked.

The goddess' ears perked up and waited for the reply from the blond. Naruto looked at his surrogate grandfather "No. You'll die from excessive blood loss from your nose." he replied with a straight face and a serious voice. The goddess fell on the ground laughing.

The boy's answer made Hiruzen turn to his imagination and after a second, had a slight nosebleed. He wiped his nose and looked to the boy who was wearing a face that was basically saying 'Are you freaking kidding me?'. Hiruzen waved his hand and looked back at the boy.

"Well then, why are you telling me all this?" he asked.

"It's because I want to make a deal with you, jii-chan." Naruto replied promptly. 'And for my own mental safety.'

Hiruzen raised an eyebrow at this "What kind of deal?"

"I want you to give me an empty training ground for myself and not allow anyone else access to it. I also want you to listen to my advice regarding... certain events." Naruto told him, a little nervous about the last part.

The Hokage frowned in thought "What... events are you referring to, Naruto-kun?"

"I can't tell you that right now, jii-chan. But I will tell you before they happen."

Hiruzen thought for a moment but nodded "And what are you offering me from your side, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto smirked "The secret to defeating the greatest enemy of all Kage's..." Hiruzen looked at the boy curiously while he continued "...Paperwork."

The Hokage immediately disappeared from behind the desk and was now holding both of Naruto's shoulders with a desperate look on his face. Naruto sweat-dropped at the desperation his surrogate grandfather was showing with regards to paperwork.

"REALLY, NARUTO-KUN? YOU REALLY KNOW THE SECRET TO DEFEATING THIS DAMNED HINDRANCE?" the Hokage shouted, pointing to the stacks of paper on the desk.

Naruto smiled nervously and nodded "Y-Yes I do, jii-chan. And I can tell you. But only if you agree to the deal. I also don't want you peeping on me through that crystal ball of yours. If you do, I'll jam the vision."

"I don't mind that, Naruto-kun! I'll give you Training Ground 42. It has everything you could ever need in it and is away from the crowds as well. And I'll make sure none of my ninja go near there! Just tell me the secret to unlocking my freedom, please!" the Hokage pleaded to the boy. The goddess inside the boy was now starting to hurt from laughing non-stop for the previous few minutes.

"Alright. I'll tell you." Naruto stated. Hiruzen released the boy's shoulders and stood straight, waiting desperately for the key to his freedom.

The blond put up two fingers "Two words... Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clones)." (A/N: So it's four words. Bite me.)

The Third Hokage's eyes widened, but then narrowed. He slowly walked around the desk and sat on his chair. He took a deep breath and exhaled. He moved his pipe to the side and slowly removed his Kage hat and placed it to the side of the desk. He then immediately banged his head to the desk. He got up silently and banged again. He continued to bang his head to the desk multiple times while muttering 'Stupid stupid...'.

He then finally sat up straight and put his hat on his head again. "What kind of 'Professor' am I, damn it..." he grumbled, then sighed and took a puff from his pipe.

Naruto was watching all this with barely contained laughter and was now trying to calm down. The goddess had passed out from excess laughter and was now laying unconscious on the grass. Kurama, who had woken up to her laughter, was now poking her to see if she was still alive.

"A-Anyway jii-chan, do we have a deal?" Naruto asked the old Hokage whose face was now slightly red from the banging.

Hiruzen sighed and looked at the boy "Yes, Naruto-kun, we do. I thank you for your... help... as well. Training Ground 42 is now yours alone, and I will make sure it is ready by today noon."

"Thanks a lot, jii-chan. Hey can you get out of your seat for a moment?" Naruto asked as he jumped off his seat and started to walk behind the desk. Hiruzen nodded after a moment and got up from his chair. Immediately, Naruto gave him a warm hug. The older man just looked at the boy who was now holding him like he'd been gone for a long time.

"It's good to see you again, jii-chan." he said quietly. Hiruzen though heard it and smiled warmly, before returning the hug.

Naruto released him and then walked to the door, and turned back "Well then, I'll see you later, jii-chan."

Hiruzen nodded with a smile and released the privacy seals. Naruto then walked outside the door while waving back to his surrogate grandfather. Hiruzen waved back to him as he left.

Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Third Hokage sighed and looked to the dreaded paper stacks on his desk. He then formed his hand into the cross seal and three shadow clones puffed into existence. They immediately went to work with one on the seat behind the desk and the other two on the seats in front of it. The real Hokage went and sat on the couch. He pulled out his orange book and started to read it comfortably. The three ANBU that had went outside returned into the room and were promptly surprised, but went into positions immediately. The female ANBU among them growled when she saw the Hokage reading the abominable literature.

'Ah, life's great.' thought Naruto as he walked through the street. He then noticed the glare he was getting from the people all around him. He hadn't noticed this earlier because there weren't as many people on the streets back then. 'Oh right, there's still this, isn't it? I'd completely forgotten about this. I had gotten used to getting happy nods from people after I defeated Pain, I mean Nagato.'

"Heh. Well ain't this nostalgic?" Kurama spoke from inside Naruto's mind. "Well, if any of them pick trouble with you this time, they'll get a lot more than they bargained for."

'Well I'll just knock them unconscious and get away anyway. I don't exactly want to kill every guy that comes across me.' Naruto replied mentally to his fox tenant.

"Whatever. I still think it would be easier to do that than trying your hardest to avoid them."

'Just let it go, Kurama. They'll understand eventually. You remember that the villagers in the future accepted me and they knew you were helping me too.'

"Fine fine. Do whatever you want. I'm gonna take another nap."

'Good night, fox. Oh wait, looks like there's some guy coming to pick some trouble with me already.' Naruto told mentally as he noticed a giant man with a saké bottle in his hands coming towards him.

"Oh? Well this is gonna be good. I can't wait to see those idiots' faces." Kurama said as he smirked.

Naruto then stopped in front of the giant chubby man. The man smirked "Well well, if it ain't the demon brat. How about you come with me, huh? I'll give you some candy." he said with a stupid voice. 'From the bottom of my boot.'

Naruto smirked with his eyes shadowed and ran from his side, then turned to run into an alleyway. The other villagers watched as the giant drunk followed the boy into the alleyway. The blond boy was standing near the dead end at the back of the alley.

"Heh. Your luck's run out, demon!" the man spat out as he swung the bottle in his hand, towards the boy.

Naruto sidestepped the attack and jumped towards the nearby wall of the narrow alley. He springboarded upwards off the wall using chakra on his feet, towards the back of the man's head who was now blinking in confusion at the spot the boy was a second ago. Naruto pumped some chakra into his hand and chopped hard at the back of the man's neck. The man's eyes rolled up and he fell forward, face down on the ground. Naruto landed on the ground and calmly walked out of the alley with his hands in his pockets like a badass (in Naruto's own opinion at least).

The people who were watching the encounter, at the entrance to the alley, stared wide-eyed at the blond and made way for him. They wouldn't dare go against him when they saw him make quick work of a man bigger than most of them. At least, not now anyway.

Naruto looked at everyone's faces as he walked away. He laughed inwardly at their reaction.

'How was that, Kurama?' Naruto asked his tenant, smiling.

"Hahahaha. That was pretty damn entertaining." the fox replied as he laughed happily in the mindscape.

"I must say, Naruto-kun. Now that I read your previous memories and know what you've been through, that was indeed pretty satisfying." the goddess told Naruto with the evergreen smile on her face.

'Heh. I always wanted to do that when I was young. Now I feel kind of refreshed.'

"Indeed. So where to, Naruto-kun?"

'Food. The only place I can get it from in this part of my life.'

"I see. Carry on, then. I will have a short nap." the goddess said as she made herself comfortable on the grass and laid down, and instantly drifted into sleep.

'Why do the people in my head like to sleep so much?' Naruto thought to himself as he made his way to Ichiraku Ramen.

"Yo Teuchi-ojisan!" Naruto greeted, nay, shouted as he entered his favorite childhood and teenage restaurant.

Teuchi turned back to see the blond boy "Yo Naruto. Here for some breakfast, eh? You really gotta eat something else besides ramen too, you know, to balance your diet." he said while grinning at his favorite customer.

Naruto grinned back at him as he took a seat "If I do that, you guys won't get as much business from me as before."

"Well I can believe that. You sometimes eat as much ramen as four or five people combined." Teuchi replied as he turned back to prepare the broth. "So, you having the usual?"

"Yep, three bowls of miso ramen." Naruto replied as Teuchi's daughter came out from the inside and noticed Naruto sitting at the counter. She immediately ran around the counter and hugged him tightly from the side.

"G-Good morning, Ayame-chan." Naruto managed to greet as he got out of the hug.

"Oh you player you..." his inner goddess giggled.

'Shush, you. Go back to sleep.'

"Ok ok." she said with a chuckle as she went back to sleep instantly.

"Good morning, Naruto-kun. What brings you here today?" Ayame asked as she let go of the boy and headed back behind the counter.

"Breakfast! And then I'm gonna go make some new friends today." Naruto replied excitedly. 'New... hah.'

Teuchi and Ayame shared a worried glance as the girl turned back to the blond. "Are you gonna be okay?"

"Don't worry, Ayame-chan. I saw some interesting kids yesterday. Today I'm gonna go talk to them." Naruto told the worrying girl. 'Yep... yesterday.'

Ayame smiled as she exhaled. "Okay, be careful. You never know what they might do to you." Naruto nodded with a smile "Alright then, here's your first bowl of miso." she said as she placed the bowl in front of him.

Naruto took it and separated the chopsticks. "Itadakima~su" he said and gorged into the bowl of ramen. "Yep, definitely my favorite food." he said in between mouthfuls. Teuchi and Ayame chuckled at him as they went back to work.

After a few minutes, Naruto finished his meal and put the money on the counter, before saying goodbye and rushed out of the restaurant.

Ayame turned to her father "Hey tō-san (Dad), he feels kind of different, doesn't he?" she asked him.

"Yeah, he feels a little different. But he's still the same kid that loves ramen and wants to be Hokage." Teuchi said with a grin.

Ayame looked at the exit and smiled "Yep, that's for sure. No other kid I know can be like him." she muttered as she took the money from the counter and went back to work.


"Troublesome. Hurry up, Chōji."



"Oh I give up, Shikamaru. I don't know what to do anymore." the plump boy named Chōji said as he moved away from the shōgi board and opened a pack of chips.

"Troublesome... Oy, you wanna play me, Ino?" the pineapple hair-styled boy named Shikamaru asked looking at the girl standing beside them.

"No way. I don't wanna play such a boring game. I can't win anyway." the girl with short platinum-blond hair shouted out.

*sigh* "Guess I'm doing some cloudgazing today then." Shikamaru said as he relaxed where he was sitting.

"Yo!" a voice shouted beside them loudly. The three of them jumped in surprise, then looked towards the source of the voice. They saw a grinning boy with spiky blond hair and sparkling blue cerulean eyes, wearing a black t-shirt and orange shorts.

"Hey! Don't sneak up on us like that." Ino shouted at the new boy.

"That's true. I almost dropped my chips." Chōji said to the blond.

"Ehehe. Sorry sorry. Hey, can I play with you guys?" Naruto asked as he looked towards Shikamaru.

"Troublesome... You know how to play shōgi?" the black haired boy asked the blond.

"Sure I do. I'm the best there is. How about a match then?" Naruto asked with a foxy grin.

"Heh. Why not? Let's see what you can do." Shikamaru said as he replaced the pieces on the board and Naruto helped. He then sat down on the side opposite Shikamaru.

"I'll give you the first move." Shikamaru said to the blond.

"Nah, you can have it. I'm still gonna beat you." The blond replied.

Shikamaru smirked and made the first move. Naruto immediately replied with his own. Shikamaru raised an eyebrow and made another move to which Naruto again made his own instantly. After two more moves along with Naruto's instant replies, Shikamaru mumbled 'Troublesome' and joined the fingertips of both his hands, with his eyes closed. He stayed like this for a while. Naruto was resting his head on his palm with his elbow on his leg and a smile on his face.

Shikamaru may be a genius and Naruto's strategist in the future, but right now he was still a five year old kid with a developing brain. He can be considered a genius within his own age group, but when comparing him with a near forty year old, who was also the leader of the entire village and one of the strongest ninja in the world, it couldn't exactly be considered a fair match.

As soon as Chōji and Ino saw Shikamaru make his so-called 'thinking pose', Chōji stopped eating and both of them stared in awe towards Naruto who was calmly watching Shikamaru think of his next options.

"Hey hey Chōji, who is this guy? He made Shikamaru get serious." Ino whispered to Chōji who was now looking at his best friend.

"I don't know. I've sometimes seen him around the park, but he's never talked to us until today." Chōji replied back in whisper.

As they watched, Shikamaru opened his eyes and made his next move. Naruto looked at the board for half a second before making his own. After three more moves and Naruto's seemingly immediate replies, Shikamaru's eye twitched and he again went into his thinking pose. After a while, Shikamaru made his move. This continued on for about twenty minutes.

Shikamaru looked at the shōgi board with his eye now twitching violently. He sighed and looked to the blond who was yawning lightly with hand in front of his mouth. He sighed again.

"I give. Man, you really are strong. I've never played anyone as strong as you except my dad, and he holds back." Shikamaru told the blond.

The blond boy smirked at his comment "What makes you think I wasn't?"

The black-haired boy's eyes widened before he made a smirk. "My name's Nara Shikamaru. I'm probably the laziest guy you'll ever meet." Shikamaru introduced himself as he extended his hand over the shōgi board.

Naruto grabbed and shook his hand "I'm Uzumaki Naruto, the most awesome guy you'll ever meet." he said with a grin, to which Shikamaru snorted in amusement.

The other two were kids who were watching the game were now gaping in disbelief at the result. They shook themselves out of their shock and looked at the blond who turned to them.

"I'm Akimichi Chōji. Shikamaru's my best friend and I like to eat." the plump boy said to the blond as he began to eat his chips again.

The girl was still mesmerized by the blond's blue eyes when he turned to her. She somehow managed to snap out of her trance and introduced herself to the boy "My name is Yamanaka Ino. I'm the one who keeps these two in line." She then bent over and whispered into the boy's ear "By the way, a word of advice. Don't call Chōji fat or he'll go berserk." Naruto just chuckled nervously in response to that bit of knowledge.

Naruto then turned to Shikamaru with a smirk "Wanna have another go?"

Shikamaru grinned in turn and began to replace the pieces again. The two of them played two more games after that, each longer than the last by a few minutes, but still ended up with Naruto winning. The blond then got up to play with the other two while Shikamaru opted to gaze at the clouds instead. The three of them played in the park until a while after noon after which Naruto decided to go.

"I'll see you guys again tomorrow. Probably in the afternoon." Naruto told them as he got up to leave.

"Really? Promise?!" Ino demanded from him as she stood in front of Naruto.

Naruto smiled warmly and nodded "I promise. I'd never lie to you, Ino-chan."

Ino smiled widely and nodded, before pulling him into a hug. Naruto's face felt somewhat warm at this gesture and was then released from the contact. Naruto shook his head and waved them goodbye before running off. Ino stared at him as he went outside the park.

"He's a cool guy, isn't he?" Chōji asked as he went and sat next to Shikamaru who was lying down and watching the clouds.

"Well, he plays shōgi damn good." Shikamaru said to his best friend.

"...Mm..." Ino muttered, still looking towards the direction the blond ran off.

"What's wrong, Ino?" the plump boy asked the girl.

"Wha-? O-Oh, i-it's nothing." the platinum-blond haired girl replied and got back to her friends, still thinking of the boy who just left. 'Those blue eyes were so pretty.' she thought to herself.

"You sure do know how to leave an impression, Naruto-kun." the goddess spoke from inside Naruto's mind.

'What do you mean?'

"I mean what you did back there."

'Huh? What did I do?'


'Um... Kami-chan?'

"So you're telling me you did that without even realizing."

'Like I keep asking you, what are you even talking about?'


'Alright. Whatever.'

'I can't believe it. This guy's a natural. Though it's not exactly shocking either.' the goddess thought to herself as Naruto neared Training Ground 42. He looked to the guard who nodded to the boy.

Naruto nodded in reply and went inside. 'It's for the best if I start training from a young age. My goal for now would be to maybe become a B-Rank ninja by the time I graduate from the Ninja Academy. Better if possible.'

'I'm gonna have to skip lunch today. I need to save up some money to buy some stuff.' Naruto thought to himself as he ran to a clearing after which he stopped. The training ground had most of his needs in it already. There were some big clearings at some spots while everywhere else was covered with trees along with a wide and deep stream passing through it. There was also a forest outside the training ground which was teeming with wild life.

Naruto stretched his limbs well and cleared any knots from his neck and fingers. He then stood straight and closed his eyes. He focused on himself, and observed his chakra flow.

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Naruto realized that his chakra coils had shrunken which meant his chakra reserves were significantly smaller. That was to be expected since he was back in his young body. Continuous usage of chakra would expand the coils and he'd be in better shape again soon. Next, chakra control. In his past/future body, Naruto had refined his control well enough that he was technically capable of performing very basic Iryō Ninjutsu (Medical Ninja Techniques) such as a basic diagnosis, which required near perfect control. That doesn't mean he learnt it though, it's just that it was possible in technical terms. And that was when he had giant chakra reserves. Now that he was back in his younger body, he had smaller reserves and hence his control should be even better. But he still wasn't interested in Iryō Ninjutsu though.

His physical body, on the other hand, was a disaster. Even for a five year old, it was unusually slim, thanks to the lack of fresh food he was able to procure in his childhood. With some good food, he would be able to nourish himself and he could develop his body by doing exercises. He could use his experience from missions to hunt his own food and could get some books to learn about herbs and other useful stuff.

Naruto opened his eyes and took his taijutsu stance. He went through some katas with his fastest possible speed, while moving and jumping around. He understood that he really needed to develop his speed and agility. It was obvious that his strength needed training as well since, at the moment, he was weaker than the past academy graduated Sakura... who was a fangirl that didn't have any physical prowess whatsoever. That sent shudders down his body and he understood his own urgency, completely forgetting that we was still a 5-year old kid.

Naruto then took a leaf from the ground and held it between his fingers. He focused intently on it and channeled his chakra through it. The leaf got a small cut at its tip. It was very slightly burnt at a side, while the other side had barely become damp. Naruto nodded his head at the result. He could see the signs of his primary element which was Wind, but was quite surprised when he saw the signs of his secondary affinities as well. In his past life, he had mastered all five elements but his Lightning and Earth masteries were noticeably weaker. His mastery over Wind though, was better than the best of the Land of Wind. But his younger body wasn't at all trained before. As such, he was quite surprised that his secondary affinities were already powerful enough to show signs on a leaf, not even chakra paper.

Lastly, he needed to check the speed at which he could train, which really meant how many shadow clones he could create. Since the memory and exercise experience gets sent back to the user, it was basically a dream technique to use for training, provided one had the chakra reserves for it. And along with the side effects due to Kurama's presence, he could make even more than people who had the same amount of chakra he did. Naruto checked his chakra reserves and his own control. He realized that, as he was now, he could use a maximum of 20 shadow clones. He could create more, sure. But any more than that and he wouldn't be able to train his own body. Either that or he'd collapse from chakra exhaustion.

(A/N: Okay, good to go from here.)

Naruto thought for a few moments and nodded to himself, then seal-lessly created 20 shadow clones. They all knew their orders and got to work on them. Ten of them would work on further improving their chakra control, with five of them practicing tree walking along with spinning a leaf above each of their fingers, while the other five did the same but water walking instead. Five more clones would work on getting used to the new body by doing some reflex training for muscle memory with them sparring against each other in a light fashion. Three more would go hunting in the forests outside the training ground for some food while the last two went to the village to get some useful books. He concluded that he didn't need any nature affinity training at the moment, so he tried to spend his resources wisely.

The real Naruto opted to alternate between tree walking and water walking, since he obviously didn't have enough nutrition or energy to do any good physical exercises without collapsing from weakness. So the least he could do was try to expand his chakra coils by doing extensive chakra usage. This was because, while his clones could improve his control, the chakra coils themselves were a physical faculty and would hence need to be developed by the real body. He decided to reinforce his entire body with flowing chakra while doing the chakra control exercises so as to use more chakra and hence improve the coils more. He really couldn't test any jutsu right now since it was very risky with his young and underdeveloped body, along with the smaller chakra reserves. He already had low jōnin level chakra reserves despite being 5-years old, but he wasn't stupid enough to risk anything on it just yet.

After a few hours, the three clones that went hunting to get some food returned with five hares, along with some makeshift hunting tools made from sticks, sharp stones, long grass and leaves. In a moment, two more clones came back carrying some books. They reported to the real Naruto that they had to use Henge (Transformation) to get into the library without raising any suspicion. One of the books was titled 'Plants of the Wild' which had information on some useful herbs, and their applications, along with other plants. Another book was titled 'The Apprentice Cook' which had a crash course on cooking, along with a lot of basic recipes.

Another book was titled 'General Geography' which had information regarding the current map of the elemental nations. The rest were basically tour guides on different countries. The blond needed these to re-familiarize himself with the map of the past, or present. In his time, many new villages and trading posts had been founded and the population itself had increased significantly, excluding the losses from the Fourth Shinobi War.

The two clones who just returned joined with the other three and helped to make a firepit with some stones and twigs. They came together and combined their weak fire chakra to create a small spark on the twigs, which then started to burn. They used some tips from the cook book and cooked two of the five hares they had caught. All of the clones and the original Naruto started to drool slightly at the smell, and rushed to the spot. Naruto dispelled the five tree walking clones at once, and then the water walking group. Then he dispelled the remaining ten at once. He was happy to note that he didn't feel disoriented at all from the memory rush, and proceeded to eat the cooked food.

Naruto finished his meal around five in the evening. He cleaned himself and recreated the twenty shadow clones. Ten of them went back to doing the chakra control exercises, whereas five more sat down under the shade of a tree to read the books they had.

The last five found some suitable sticks and sat down near a dirt patch. They began writing random stuff and sentences on the dirt. Naruto decided to do this because he wanted to re-practice his handwriting with his younger body, to get used to the smaller limbs and fingers. He did this because back when he was older, he had already come close to mastering the art of Fūinjutsu. This was an art both of his parents as well as his godfather were proficient in, and he had wanted to master it as well. But one of the main requirements for this art was to have clear and perfect handwriting. He should be able to write anything he wanted swiftly and accurately, without any sort of mistakes. As a result, his handwriting had become quite beautiful and he himself had created many new seals as well.

Thankfully for him, it wasn't too hard to get back his precise handwriting. From seeing the progress the five clones were making, he was sure that after a couple days of practice, he'd be able to write just like before. The real Naruto nodded and went back to continue the same exercise he did in the afternoon

As the sun set and stars were starting to appear in the sky, Naruto decided to wrap things up and dispelled his clones as he put the makeshift hunting tools on a tree branch. He gathered the books his clones had brought as well as the remaining three hares, and walked out of the training ground, back to his apartment.

After Naruto got back to his apartment, he took a quick shower and then followed the instructions in the cook book as he tried to make a dish using the three hares. After he finished, he got a glass of water and went to the table. He then nervously started to eat his first ever dish besides ramen (in this timeline, at least). He was glad to note that it tasted okay, more so than the meal he had in the training ground, but knew that it was still below normal grades. He would have to practice cooking more, in order to be able to make delicious dishes.

After his meal, he washed the dishes and came back to the room. He made four shadow clones and told them to finish reading the books, and dispel themselves after they were finished. He then went to relieve himself and then went to bed. He made himself comfortable on the not-at-all comfortable bed and drifted off into sleep, while his consciousness went into his mindscape.

It was also night-time in the mindscape where Naruto saw Kurama sleeping beside a tree, but noticed that the goddess was nowhere in sight, and the lights of the house in his mindscape were turned off. Naruto shrugged and lay down on a nice spot on the grass, and looked up at the stars.

"Today had been a pretty productive day. I got my own training ground, I became friends with Shika and the others, I learned to cook, I learned about new plants and got in some training. This was one of the most satisfying days I've had in a long time." Naruto said silently to himself.

"I would say so as well, Naruto-kun." a voice came from behind him.

The goddess walked near him and laid down on the ground right next to the young blond boy. "You even managed to entertain me on the very first day of my vacation." she said to him, smiling.

"Vacation, eh?" Naruto asked with a foxy grin and laughed heartily. He calmed down and looked to the goddess who was laying on her side, watching the boy from just half a foot away from his face. Naruto blushed at her closeness and turned back to look at the stars, while the goddess chuckled silently. After calming himself, Naruto looked back at her with a warm smile on his face.

"Kami-chan... Thank you." he said to her. The goddess made a confused face and just stared at him.

"Now that I'm back, I hope I can save some of my loved ones from dying early." he said to her with determination in his eyes and a smile on his face.

The goddess understood his thoughts and smiled warmly. She gave him a loving hug, and replied "You're welcome, Naruto-kun." Naruto smiled in reply.

After a while, she got an idea and put on a teasing smile. "So... do you like this?" she asked the boy who nodded absentmindedly with a smile, while watching the many colorful stars.

Her smile evolved into a grin "So then do you want to have some fun with me, Na-ru-to-kun?" she whispered seductively into his ear.

Naruto turned his head to look at her golden eyes with his blue eyes. After a split second of confusion, he realized what she was talking about. His face then gained a bright shade of red as the goddess looked at him with an amused face, then laughed.

Naruto looked away from her with a red face "I-If you do anything to a kid like me, I'm gonna call you Ero-Megami (Pervert Goddess) for the rest of my life."

The goddess chuckled and looked at him as he turned back "Yes yes. I apologize, Naruto-kun. But then do you mean that I can play with you after you grow up?"

Naruto blushed once again and turned his head to the side away from her "W-Whatever. Good night, Kami-chan."

The violet-haired goddess turned to lay on her back and closed her eyes, with a smile on her face "Good night, Naruto-kun."

Naruto woke up at around seven the next morning and brushed his teeth. He then went out for a jog around the neighborhood. Since he already knew of his ridiculous stamina, he picked up the pace after each lap to make himself as tired as possible. After about thirty laps around the small neighborhood, he re-entered his apartment at half past eight and went to have a thorough shower, while ignoring the low temperature of the water.

After he came out of the shower, he noticed that the clones he had left last night had neatly placed the books on the table. He checked his memories and nodded to himself. He made two shadow clones who then Henge'd themselves into the forms they used to get into the library, after which he told them to return the books while he gave them some coins. They nodded and walked out of the apartment.

Naruto then used his new knowledge to quickly whip up a salad using some ingredients which were lying in his refrigerator. The salad was slightly better than his previous dish and vowed to practice some more when he got some money to buy new ingredients. He put on his white t-shirt and black shorts and left his apartment, then went straight to Training Ground 42.

After reaching there, he checked himself for a moment then made thirty shadow clones, ten more than the previous day, thanks to his extensive training. The two clones from earlier had already dispelled by this time.

They all nodded to him and got to their own work. Five of them took to tree walking with spinning a leaf above each finger, while five more took to doing the same while water walking. Five more clones decided to focus solely on the leaf concentration exercise, by spinning two and gradually three leaves on each of their fingers. Naruto had noticed the previous day that his chakra control wasn't as good as he thought it would be, but was instead as good as a mid-level chūnin's. He didn't understand why it was like that but just decided to forget about it and train his chakra control as usual anyway.

Five more clones continued to refine their handwriting, now practicing with pencils on some empty notebooks he had found in his apartment. Eight of the remaining ten clones went to the middle of the clearing and started to practice taijutsu, while the last two got the hunting tools from the tree branch and went to get some food for lunch. It would be a while until he would be able to practice ninjutsu without any extreme risks.

The real Naruto was readying himself to do some vigorous physical exercises. Thanks to him getting a mixed diet the previous day and some vegetables today morning, he had gained some good nutrition in his body. Kurama had already started working on multiplying it with as much efficiency as possible, and improved his body. Naruto's body now looked similar to a normal five year old's, at last.

Naruto tied some thick heavy pieces of wood to his forearms and his lower legs using some bandages, substituting them as weights for the time being. He then started to run around the training ground with increasing speed working up a good sweat. He later joined the taijutsu group, to not fall back on developing his battle senses. His instincts were honed from many years of battle already and were practically a sixth sense, but his young body's senses still needed to be improved.

The young blond stopped his training around one in the afternoon. He briefly cooked and ate the two hares his clones had managed to catch. He removed his weights and rotated his arms to remove cramps. He then dispelled and recreated the thirty clones, to gain their knowledge and told them to keep working, and allowed them to switch with other groups if they wanted. He went out of the training ground to meet his friends, as he had promised the previous day.

"Yo all. Having fun?" he greeted Shikamaru, Chōji and Ino who were cloudgazing, eating and shouting respectively.

All three of them turned to the blond. Ino's face lit up in happiness, then jumped towards him and hugged him tightly. She then let go of him and greeted him back.

"You're here! I was wondering when you'd show up!" Ino said to him happily.

"Hehehe. Well I was a little busy in the morning, so I'm here now!" Naruto replied with a foxy grin. He then greeted Chōji who greeted him back, then turned to Shikamaru.

"Yo Shika. Did you get any better in shōgi?" he asked the pineapple hair-styled boy with a smirk.

Shikamaru smirked back "Troublesome... Why don't we find out?" he challenged as he prepared the shōgi board and the pieces. Naruto helped him, then sat to play a few games with him. He then proceeded to wipe the floor with his opponent four times, with every match lasting two to four minutes longer than the last with Shikamaru making his thinking pose five to six times every match. Naruto then got up to talk and play with the other two for a while until it was time for the trio to go home. Ino gave him another hug and then left, as he waved back to them.

'Weird. Ino's never hugged me that much before. Scratch that, she's never even touched me much before.' Naruto thought as he left the park to head for the training ground.

"You can't be serious, can you?" the goddess asked him in disbelief.

'Yeah. She's never been that close to me until today.'

"No not that. I mean..."

'Well whatever. Maybe she likes me a bit now, since she hasn't met Sasuke-teme yet.'

"Hmm... That is a convincing theory." the goddess replied 'At least he's not totally dense.' she thought to herself and sighed inwardly in relief.

'I can probably become good friends with the three of them at this rate. Anyway, I gotta go train now.' Naruto said to his divine tenant as he ran back to the training ground.

Naruto returned to the training ground to see that some of the clones had dispelled, possibly due to using up their chakra. A quick glance at his memories indeed revealed that to be the case. He dispelled all of the remaining clones except the hunting pair and recreated them. All of them resumed their work while Naruto got ready to do some running and sparring again. With the amount of time he had until nightfall, he managed to get in some chakra control exercises as well, which helped to further expand his reserves.

Naruto then went home and cooked the day's catch and ate it, which still needed improvement. He then took a quick shower, cursing the cold water and went to bed, at eleven in the night.

The next few days were basically the same process repeated. Naruto wakes at around seven, goes for a jog, eats some meal he made from the herbs he found in the forest or leftovers from the previous night, goes to train until afternoon, has lunch made from caught hares and rabbits, meets and plays with Shika, Chōji and Ino, trains some more in the evening, eats a home cooked meal using the herbs and catch from the day and goes to sleep.

This continued for a while until one day when he came to the park a little early than usual and stumbled into an interesting situation.

Three boys around the age of eight were surrounding a scared girl who had very familiar pink hair...

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