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Rin Okumura blue eyes flashed a scowl at the burning flame that was barely lifting off of his

palm. A slight breeze ruffled his black hair as the snowy, tree's leaf's and grass sourly shifted as

well. The sun sitting high up above the snowy treetops letting it's sunlight warm the snow and

Rin's back. Rin continued to look at the flame more intensely, sweet beaming down his forehead

as he concentrated hard. It wasn't going in. For the past thirty minutes Rin had been trying to

get this small flame that came out just a little past those thirty minutes when Rin was just loosely

thinking about things. One of those things happened to be his father, or more called, Fujimoto.

Rin hadn't realized it before but, he still hasn't gotten over the old man's death. The moment he

realized that was after saving Shura from that, 'Snake Monster", ( Jeez I don't know the name

xd) And when, Yukio fainted. As many people came to his brother's aid, his brother's pulse

stopped for about fifteen seconds scaring Rin half to death. He couldn't lose Yukio, no, no, NO.

If he lost Yukio he wouldn't know what he would do, and that was just exactly with Fujimoto. Rin

loved his father unconditionally, although sometimes he wouldn't show it, he did love his father.

If Rin was alone when his Fujimoto died, and if Yukio didn't even exist, Rin have thought this

over many times. He would have probably killed himself. Afterall everyone in the world thought

he was a monster, or a freak. He never had friends, and when he tried to show something it

would just turn to anger or pride in the end. The blue flame still flickered and grown with each

failed attempt that Rin put at, Rin tried to calm down, but he was already calm, he tried to just

shut his eyes and go for the control, that failed, tried thinking of his friends or brother, that failed

too. Sighing and finally giving up, Rin pushed around, forcing his feet to walk out of the forest,

the blue flame still floating slightly above his palm. Maybe I could get help from Shura, she'll

know what to do. Just as the young, Rin Okumura thought that the flame that was floating

stubbornly above his pale palm suddenly, and slowly dissolved leaving Rin to stare at his palm

for about thirty seconds, in awe and confusment. It was if, it could hear my thoughts, did it not

want Shura to know? Shaking his head at his own stupid thoughts, Rin continued to walk out of

the forest that was right by the school grounds, his eyes dancing around the forest scenery. It's

just his power, nothing but flame that he wielded, his own power couldn't hear his thoughts,

right? Not caring about the situation that just happened before, Rin's mind was completely

blank, the sunlight continued to lay sunshine on his shoulders as a quiet hum reached his vocal

cords. As if the whole thing never happened Rin continued to walk through the forest, not even

thinking about his flame again.

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Izumo clutched her head tightly, tears streaming down her cheeks, her purple eyes watching as

the tears plummeted to their doom onto her legs that currently had blue jeans on. The

Illuminate, those bastards! She could feel that thought rewinding over and over again in her

mind as she clutched her head tighter, the tears going on faster down her cheeks. For a while

now, the time she spent with the Illuminate as a child and such what happened only about a

week ago kept rewinding within her head. Endless flashbacks of her mother going berserk with

the, "Nine Tails Spirit", the moment when her own little sister didn't even know her, and the

betrayal of Shima, the person she least expected to ever betray his friends or her. She wanted

those flashbacks to stop, but yet she still hasn't figured out what was triggering them. Trauma?

Pstd? Oh hell nah, she really hoped she didn't have those things. She didn't want that,

especially if her friends found out if she had, trauma, or even, Ptsd. They would pity her, and for

as long as Izumo could remember she was a stubborn and an embarrassed child. She couldn't

stand when someone hugged her out of pity or care. The only times she would accept hugs

were if someone was greeting her such as her friend for an instance, not if someone just cared

about her life problems.

"It's all your fault!" Her mother's eyes screamed fury, that hatred pawning off of her. "If you

wouldn't have been born he would have loved me!" The fury was getting worse now, the tears

were already swelling in Izumo's eyes over her mother's hateful eyes. Izumo's breath quicken

her eyes flashing with panic, it was coming back again. The memories, wait, she shouldn't even

call them memories, more like nightmares she was going to have with for all of her sorry life.

The young child named Izumo laid with fear in her eyes, as she watched as her possessed

mother scrawled in unreal ways, her mother's eyes screaming insanity and bloodlost as the

young child grabbed her younger sister, fear and sorrow written all over their faces. "Stop…..

Stop….. Stop…" Izumo shrieked, clutching her head even tighter. All of those, nightmares, were

coming back to her once again, she didn't want those nightmares, she wanted to forget those

nightmares, SHE JUST WANTED TO FORGET. Izumo's hands and head were coming to a

breaking point as a sudden rush of pain flushed through them, but Izumo ignored it, her breaths

going into unreal speeds.

She was so happy, her purple eyes screaming cheerfulness as she saw her younger sister,

playing there within the flowerbed. Izumo sighed in relief making the younger child look at her,

confusment written all over her face. "Who are you?" The child's confused voice made Izumo's

heart shatter to pieces, she didn't remember her, her own sister. "Hah?" Izumo couldn't believe

it, how could she not remember her? They, were family? "Who are you?" The eight year old

questioned again, suspicion covering her face. "Uhm… you forgot this." Not wanting to look at

her sister again gave her the doll, looking deeply within her brown eyes. "Oh thank you miss!"

With that the eight year old turned around giving out a happy shriek, and at that moment Izumo

couldn't handle it anymore and left. "No…" Izumo grunted in pain her eyes flashing with the

hurtful memory. Tears falling even harder off of her cheeks.

The pain was unreal, her face quickening in fear as her purple eyes looked back at the one who

stabbed her, Shima. Why, why, why, WHY?! Realization hit the sixteen-year old quickly as she

looked back at the spear that was impaling her body. "Shima…. Why?"

Izumo hiccuped with tears clogging them, she still wondered to this day. Why did Shima do this?

For loyalty? Even everything he went through with them? She couldn't understand it, how could

Shima be so ruthless? Just, how? She just thought he was forced into this, or hell, even

possessed. But she would never had expected that he did it, willingly. Izumo truthfully just

wanted this torture she called life to end, but she couldn't do that, after all if that happened she

would just make everyone that cared about feel the exact same way as her.

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Yukio Okumura was sitting upright on his hospital bed, his black hair sitting behind him as his,

dark, blue eyes stared around his surroundings. A table filled with shots and such, a cabinet

filled with medical supplies kept to the left, and the white ceiling fan kept humming aloud. "Join

us Yukio, we can tell you all about your eyes." As in hell he would have never join the Illuminate,

that was just plain insane! "If Rin didn't just waited a few more seconds you would have gotten

that power." Shima's words echoed through the Okumura's twin head as his eyes continued to

ponder his room. For a while now Yukio had been thinking about Shima, and exactly what was

wrong with him? He had friends, family, and much more. Shima had everything to lose and he

just was the one who lose it for himself. Another thought was also currently swirling in Yukio's

mind. Rin, his brother was supposed to be here fifthteen minutes ago, of course Rin was

sometimes late, especially his lessons, but every time he visited he was never late to see him.

That thought was later disrupted as the wooden door that was to the right of the unusually white,

floor and walls walked in no other than, Rin. His brother's blue eyes screeched into his as Rin

quickly walked to his bed side. "Gahhh, i'm so sorry I was late~!" Rin said cheekily, replying to

Yukio's displeased expression. "Rin I swear, don't be late to things, or else! Sometimes I think

your the little brother." With his own playful words, Yukio pinched Rin's pale arm making him

yelp in surprise. "Jeez~! I know I was late but you don't have to be a jerk about it!" Yukio only

snickered in response. ' The Illuminati would want to kill Rin, my brother, because he was the,

Vatican's trump card. I'm not joining those sicko's, not now, not ever.' Yukio thought sourly as

his brother continued to rant about his own oversensitivity. But at least Yukio would think that,

for now.

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