Chapter 1: Going to Gringotts

Today is my thirteenth birthday and I am sitting in my room, when a goblin popped in.

I looked at him again and said "Griphook?"

"Hello Mr. Potter. I am surprised you remember me" he replied.

"What is going on? Is everything OK with my vault?"

"Mr. Potter I was sent here to check on you and see why Mr. Dursley didn't bring you in for your inheritance test, like he scheduled years ago. We have sent several letters to remind you all."

"We haven't received any letters and when did he do that?"

"They haven't told you?"

"Told me what?"

"OK Mr. Potter please put some regular clothes on and I will get your family" after telling me that he popped out and I just shurrged and did as he told me to.

After getting dressed, I noticed the door was unlocked so I went down stairs. Griphook popped back in as soon as I reached the door.

"Come on your family is already at the bank waiting." He said holding out the portkey. I grabbed a hold and closed my eyes. When we got there I fell to the ground. I stood up on shaky legs and started following Griphook.

He lead me to a room that had my relatives in it. I looked at my Aunt and she was crying. She started to get up when my Uncle grabbed her arm and said something to her.

"Here is Mr. Potter" said Griphook and walked out of the room

I set down at the desk near my relatives and the goblin said "Hello Mr. Potter my name is Sharpblade and I am your families account manager. It is probably going to be hard on all four of you but I am going to call my wife in here to do a full physical on you all. She is one of our best healer's"

"OK Sir I just don't know what this has to do with my relatives"

"Well Mr. Potter you will find out as soon as she gets here."

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