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Yoshi glared murderously at Dino making the young man sweat a little with a nervous smile on his face, "S-Sorry…"

The Shikigami didn't let up and kept his glare, why is he glaring you ask? That is because Dino tripped once again and messed up half of Yoshi's room because of his damn clumsiness.

"I do not know who you angered or why but the curse put upon you needs to be settled before I end up killing you." Yoshi growled as he left the room leaving a confused Dino behind him.

Downstairs Tsuna was eating with Yuki and Azzurra, he was thinking about what he discussed with Dino yesterday and deep down somewhere he knew that he was right about how the mafia was surrounded in darkness, but could he really change that? Shaking his head he brought the dishes over by the sink and washed them out.

"You okay, Tsuna?" Yuki asked.

"Hm? I'm fine, why do you ask?" Tsuna smiled.

"It looked like your conversation yesterday with that human Dino really bothered you, so I was worried. Azzurra's worried too." Yuki looked over at the silent man.

Azzurra nodded.

Tsuna smiled, "I'm appreciate it you guys, but I'm really okay. I just have a lot of things to think about now that's all."

Yoshi then came downstairs in complete annoyance making Yuki giggle, "He getting on your nerves?"

"That fool. I do not know who cursed him but this is starting to get out of hand! He can't even stand up for more than 2 seconds before falling on his face!" Yoshi vented out in frustration.

Reborn chose that time appeared out of nowhere, "So Dino's been cursed and doesn't even know it?"

"That's correct," Yoshi sighed, "Tsuna, I know you have a policy about not messing with curses but just this once I hope you'll make acceptations to that rule and do something about him."

Tsuna gave him a nervous smile, "I would…but the person who cursed him was probably a female, and dealing with female's that have a habit of cursing males is something I tend to avoid. A woman's scorn is a powerful and scary thing."

Reborn nodded in agreement, "At least Tsuna understands that."

Yuki nodded her head in agreement, "That's right, back when I wasn't living in Namimori there were a lot of females who would put curses on the ones they claim to love so that no one else would have them. Its scary what human girls will do for love."

"Humans are troublesome enough, but females are just as worse." Yoshi complained.

"Amen." Reborn agreed.

There was a loud noise signaling someone had fallen down the stairs. Looking down at the crumbled form they saw it wa Dino who gave them a sheepish smile, "S-Sorry about that…"

Yoshi and Yuki gave him a deadpanned look while Tsuna sighed in exasperation, 'Why do I get the feeling this will be a long day?'

"Bucking Horse Dino is really over your house. Tsuna-sama?" Gokudera questioned as they walked to school.

"Yeah, and Yoshi's at his wits end with him already. He almost went for his throat when he tripped over nothing again." Tsuna sighed.

"Hmph." Yoshi grumbled.

"In that human's defense he's actually been cursed by a female that either loves or scorns him." Yuki explained.

"Though in some cases its probably both, "Hell have no fury like a woman scorned." Tsuna quoted.

Reborn smirked from on top of Tsuna's head, "10 points for using that appropriately."

Yamamoto laughed, "But this guy sounds interesting though."

"If you call tripping on absolutely nothing interesting then yes, he's very interesting." Yoshi said sarcastically.

"That reminds me, Hayato, Takeshi, where are your Shikigami's?" Tsuna inquired.

"Oh, well dad liked Hachiro a lot that he insisted he stay behind and help him with some sushi dishes he's trying out." Yamamoto smiled.

Gokudera sighed, "Angela volunteered to watch Bianchi to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid."

"After the "talk" Azzurra gave her that one time I don't think she'll be causing anymore trouble. For Tsuna anyway." Yoshi smirked.

"Speaking of which, what kind of talk did he give her? Whenever his names mentioned she freaks out." Gokudera remembered when his name was mentioned in passing she started to get very pale and started mumbling.

"You don't wanna know." Yoshi and Yuki stated.

Gokudera sweat-dropped, while Yamamoto laughed. Tsuna sighed though, knowing just what exactly Azzurra did to make Bianchi stop trying to kill him. They kept walking for a few more minutes until a red car with a dragon symbol on it came driving up behind them and before they knew what was happening a long rope shot out of the car and wrapped itself around Tsuna dragging him inside the car as it continued to drive off.

"Tsuna!" Yoshi, Yuki, and Yamamoto yelled.

"Tsuna-sama!" Gokudera yelled.

"Wait," Reborn stopped them, "I recognize that car, that car is from the Momokyokai. Their a local yakuza that's in charge of this district, or at least they were until Hibari dealt with them."

"What is your point?" Yoshi growled with impatience.

"Meaning their dangerous." Reborn stated.

"You seem to forget something human, we are just as dangerous as they are." Yuki reminded ice circling all around her.

Gokudera and Yamamoto already got their weapons out ready to kick some ass. Before Reborn could say anything else another red car appeared and stopped before them, the door opened revealing it to be Din who looked panicked, "Reborn, those guys-!"

"I know. We're going after them. If we're lucky they might still be alive when we get there." Reborn said cryptically that Dino didn't understand but the rest of them did. They wasted no time in getting in the car and driving off to the Yakuza hideout.

Momokyokai Hideout

Tsuna gave his captures a bored look. Figures these guys are Momokyokai, and they used to cause trouble but ever since Kyoya dealt with them and told them to disappear they've been plotting ever since. So, instead of going after Kyoya they decided to go after him instead. So typical. As soon as they brought him here they tied him up and sat him down on the floor, probably to try and intimidate him or something, or to use him as a punching bag, or both. While the idiots were talking with their leader Tsuna had already burned the ropes off making sure to use little light s they wouldn't notice and just sat there waiting to see what they'd do next but now he was starting to get bored. So he got up and moved over to the window and the idiots still hadn't noticed, 'No wonder Kyoya was so frustrated after he beat them down. Their not even aware of their surroundings.'

The leader of the gang smoked from his cigarette, "Well, we got the brat's friend so now what?"

"Hey boss, why not let us rough him up a little before we deal with that other kid? I mean, seeing his friends beaten body will teach him a lesson in not to mess with us ever again." A thug suggested.

The boss smirked at the idea, "Not a bad idea. But make sure you keep the damage to a minimum I wanna have a got at the kid myself."

The other thugs chuckled then moved over to Tsuna only to notice he wasn't in the spot they left him at, "The fuck? Where'd he go?"

"You dumbasses!" the leader growled standing up only to notice a breeze coming from the window, looking over he saw it was the same by they just kidnapped and he wasn't restrained either.

Tsuna stared out the window in complete bliss, "This breeze feels good…" he said as his hair moved in thanks to the wind.

"Hey kid! Do you realize the situation your in?" the leader sneered.

Tsuna didn't even look at him, "Beautiful…"

"You little-! Kick his ass!" the leader ordered.

Two thugs moved forward cracking their knuckles trying to intimidate him but Tsuna wasn't even looking at them and instead his gaze outside, one of the men grabbed his shoulder only for him to retract it quickly.

"What's with you?"

"His shoulder! Its on freaking fire!" the guy responded showing them his burnt hand. All of them turned towards the boy who finally decided to look at them his eyes glowing orange freaking the hell out of them.

"What's the matter? Oh, is it the eyes? Some people find the color to be very beautiful. Actually it wasn't me that burned you…but her." Tsuna smiled as the air around them suddenly began to get very hot to the point where they couldn't even breath.

"Wh-What the hell…?!" the leader gasped for breath.

"You see, even if you had succeeded in getting Kyoya to come over here I'm afraid he would have just stood there and watched you guys be punished by my friend." Tsuna smiled as his head was pulled back gently by an invisible figure that became visible. It was the figure of a woman with long yellow/orange hair, orange eyes, wearing a red kimono with black butterflies on it.

"It's been awhile. Have you been well?" Tsuna smiled.

She smiled, "I have, and you seem to be doing well all things considered."

"I am."

"What the hell is that?!" one of the thugs demanded.

The woman's eyes glowed furiously as she growled out, "You fools are in no position to be demanding anything. You have kidnapped and tried to hurt my friend. Did you really think you wouldn't be punished? FOOLS! FEEL MY WRATH!" the flames surrounded the men in the room causing a bright light to appear.

Meanwhile the others had just arrived in time to see the bright light and went into the building, running up the stairs to see what was wrong.

"This aura…it has to be her!" Yoshi said.

"It is…" Yuki panted, "I feel like I'm going to melt!"

"What do you mean? Who's here?" Dino wondered.

Yamamoto opened the door and saw Tsuna was unharmed much to their relief. They also saw the members of the gang that kidnapped him were unconscious with burn marks all over them, and the woman behind Tsuna who was absolutely beautiful.

"It is her…Amaterasu-sama." Yoshi stared.

"Amaterasu?" Gokudera questioned.

"Amaterasu-ōmikami or Ōhirume-no-muchi-no-kami is the goddess of the sun, but also of the universe. She is not one to make angry as you can clearly see." Yoshi informed them.

"No kidding…" Yamamoto stared at the fallen bodies.

Dino was standing there in utter confusion, "Um, Reborn? What's going on?"

Reborn sighed at the idiot, "You still haven't figured it out?"

"Figured what out?" Dino blinked.

"Idiot." Yoshi and Gokudera muttered.

Amaterasu chuckled, "What strange human friends you've made Tsuna."

"Their not so bad," Tsuna assured her with a smile, "Dino's the only one out of the loop though."

"Eh?" Dino blinked.

"Look you fool, she's a goddess!" Yoshi snapped in frustration.

Dino stared at them then looked at the woman behind Tsuna who smiled back at him with an amused expression. Staring at the woman for a few more seconds he chose that time to pass out due to pure shock of seeing an actual goddess.

Tsuna sweat-dropped, "That went well…I think…?"

"He truly is a fool." Yoshi shook his head.

Yuki sighed.

After Dino woke up they gave him a very long explanation about how Tsuna can see both yokai and spirits. All things considered he took the new information quite well and didn't pass out this time, much to everyone's relief. As for the Momokyokai, well Kyoya wasted no time in getting there and beating their already charred bodies. Just because they were burned didn't mean they still wouldn't face the wrath of Hibari Kyoya the Demon Perfect. Fools. Tsuna, Yuki, and Yoshi were on their way to school as usual the next day.

"Its good that Dino took everything well, right? I thought he was gonna freak out again." Yuki smiled.

"Hmph, good for him." Yoshi scoffed.

"Still mad he keeps tripping everywhere?" Yuki teased.

"I am getting tired of dealing with it! We should get Kawahira to deal with him!" Yoshi growled.

"You know we can't," Tsuna interrupted, "He told us specifically not to bring people to him. I may not know why, but that's what he wants."

"He must be hiding something then," Yoshi stated, "I wouldn't put it passed him."

"Hmmm, now that I think about it. I've never even met this-eek!" Yuki squeaked making the two males turn around. What they saw disgusted them both. There was a man wearing what looked to be a hospital garb rubbing up against Yuki's leg.

"This feels good~! Forget that it feels cold, younger girls legs are simply the best!" the man said continuously rubbing up against her leg.

Yuki was blushing furiously making Tsuna and Yoshi sigh.

"Here it comes…" Tsuna said.

"Yes." Yoshi agreed.

Yuki's whole body burst into ice, "FILTHY HUMAN! HOW DARE YOU EXPRESS SUCH DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR TOWARDS ME!" she wasted no time in punishing him, "FREEZE!" and with that she encased him in ice.

Tsuna stared up at the icicle, "So…should we leave him there or try to get him out?"

"LEAVE HIM TO FREEZE!" Yuki howled in anger.

"I agree." Yoshi said uncaring.

Tsuna shrugged, "Good enough for me." They all walked away not seeing Reborn appear all the while shaking his head at the idiot doctor.

"Might as well try to unfreeze him out, though I gotta give the girl credit. She's creative." Reborn admired with a smirk.

The school day came and gone rather quickly as the three walked home only to see the very same fool from earlier. Yuki wasted no time in attacking him prompting him to dodge out of the way rather quickly.

"Vermin! Did I not freeze you?! Why are you unfrozen?! Answer me!" Yuki said throwing more ice shards at the man.

Tsuna and Yoshi immediately went to the kitchen and sipped on some tea Azzurra made not even caring about the chaos that was going on in the living room. Reborn appeared on the kitchen table, "Not gonna stop her?"

"Your welcome to try." Yoshi countered sipping his tea.

Tsuna and Yoshi knew better than to get in her way when she gets mad, or utterly pissed as they would put it. The perverted fool was on his own.

5 Minutes Later

"So, his names Doctor Shamal?" Tsuna questioned having finished drinking his tea.

Yuki was glaring hard daggers at the man while Yoshi looked bored out of his mind. After five minutes of the man running around like a headless chicken, Yuki had finally calmed down enough for them to find out who the pervert was.

"That's right. I called him over here from Italy." Reborn said.

Shamal gave them a grin while waving, "Nice to meet you, kiddies."

"Die." Yuki said coldly.

"Perverted fool." Yoshi scoffed.

"Your quite obnoxious aren't you?" Tsuna observed.

Shamal sweat-dropped, "What kind of responses are those?"

"Accurate ones." Yoshi stated.

"Why did you call him over here, Reborn?" Tsuna wondered.

"It's important to have a mafia doctor nearby at all times." Reborn informed.

Shamal looked at the boy, "So your Vongola Decimo, huh? Cant say I'm impressed."

"Likewise. I have no intention of becoming Vongola Decimo, and by the way…" his eyes glowed orange making the man flinch, "If you ever try those perverted moves on Yuki-chan again or even try to do the same thing to my mother…I'll kill you!"

Shamal may or may not have wished he hadn't said anything to piss the kid off.

Tsuna stood up and went upstairs to his room followed by both Yuki and Yoshi, the female glared at him murderously as she walked up the stairs. Shamal looked over at Reborn who smirked, "You got yourself into this. Deal with it."

Shamal sobbed.

Meanwhile in his room Tsuna had gotten another job request with a sigh, this one will definitely be tricky. He'll need Gokudera and Yamamoto for this one.

"Thinking about having Yamamoto and Gokudera helping out on this job?" Yoshi questioned.

Tsuna nodded his head, "Yeah. I've got a bad feeling about this one."

"As do I." Yoshi admitted.

The full moon was out as its illuminating light shined down below to show the occupants that were out in the late night.

Tsuna closed his eyes trying to sense the evil presence his friend told him about.

"You think it'll come?" Yuki wondered.

"It will. That woman claimed this presence was different from the last one." Yoshi looked around.

Angela was positioned to protect Gokudera as was Hachiro. They were Shikigami, it was their duty to protect their masters. Tsuna's eyes snapped opened alerting everyone.

"So it's here." Gokudera got out his weapon.

Yamamoto sported a serious face.

Black mist surrounded them and soon enough the evil presence showed itself. It looked to be a griffon, only a lot more uglier and angrier.

"So that's what she meant, it truly is disgusting." Yoshi wasted no time in transforming into his true form.

Gokudera and Yamamoto gave their Shikigami the okay to transform too. The two Shikigami nodded their heads and transformed.

Angela's true form was that of a cat. Her fur was red and red flames were all around her. She roared ready to decapitate her opponent.

Hachiro himself became a large dog with dark blue fur with blue flames all around him, he howled as a warning to the evil presence.

The griffon charged at them but Yoshi did not give it the chance as he bit into its neck making it howl in pain, Hachiro swiped at its face, and Angela pounced on it burning it with her flames. The griffon's eyes glowed red as it shoved all three off of it.

"Yoshi! Angela! Hachiro!" Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto yelled.

"I'm alright, Hayato." Angela assured.

"Me too." Hachiro said getting up.

"Don't worry about me Tsuna!" Yoshi told him.

Yamamoto sighed with relief before charging at the griffon with murderous intent, his water blade glowing, "Shigure Soen Ryu: Shajiku no Ame (Shower in Late Autumn: Axle of Rain)!" the sword glowed brighter as the kanji lit up as he stabbed the griffon while his blade was surrounded in rain effecting the creature greatly, "Gokudera!"

"I know already!" Gokudera was already in the air his arrows glowing red as did the kanji on them, "Sutōmu Barāju (Storm Barrage)!" a rain of red arrows descended down towards the griffon making it shriek in pain and agony.

Tsuna descended towards it next, "My turn now!" his gauntlets lit up orange as did the kanji on them, "Raion no Hauru (Lion's Howl)!" his right arm gave the image of an orange lion as he sent the punch directly down on the griffon's head slamming it to the ground leaving cracks in the ground, "Yuki-chan!"

Yuki gathered up her ice and smirked, "Cool down time! Kōri no Hyō (Ice Hail)!" ice appeared below the griffon as five ice pillars stabbed it from below leaving it completely powerless to defend itself, "Your turn, Tsuna!"

Tsuna clasped his hands together his body glowing orange, "Wash away the darkness before me! 清める (Cleanse)!" the kanji symbol appeared before him as it shot towards the monster making it howl in pain as its body disappeared right along with the black mist leaving nothing left.

Tsuna sighed in relief, "We did it…"

"Whew! That was a close one!" Yamamoto grinned putting his blade away.

"Don't smile about it!" Gokudera yelled.

Yoshi rubbed his temples, "Too loud…"

Angela shook her head in amusement.

Hachiro laughed.

Yuki smiled, "All in a day's work. That thing was strong too, I wonder what that black mist was though?"

Tsuna was wondering the same thing, something told him this wouldn't be the last time he'd see the black mist. But what could it all mean?

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