A is for Annabeth

The part of Annabeth will be played by Alli Rae. If you want to look her up, I'd recommend going incognito.

Today was the day. Finally, after months apart from each other, Percy was going to be reunited with his girlfriend. He had spent the last several months at Camp Jupiter for his first year of college; she had been in New York in a much more prestigious Ivy League college.

They had hardly seen each other since September. Sure, they had spent Christmas together, but a lot of that time had been with Percy's mom and the young couple really didn't have any private alone time.

That was why Percy was picking her up by her college campus and bringing her straight down to Montauk to spend a romantic weekend together. Just the thought of Annabeth in a bikini made Percy's heart beat a little faster and his pace quickened as he headed towards the portal from Camp Jupiter to Half-Blood.

He was once again grateful to the Vulcan and Hephaestus cabins for linking the camps together so he could avoid a painful airplane ride or swimming all around the North American coast.

Moments later Percy was arriving in Camp Half-Blood, ignoring some of the younger campers' greetings and mentally whistling for Blackjack. His trusty steed soon appeared on the horizon and rapidly descended to land in front of him. "Hey Blackjack," he greeted. His face broke into a smile at the sight of his friend.

His Pegasus friend (and technically nephew) snorted excitedly. 'Yo boss!' he nickered, 'Long time no see! Got any sugar cubes for me?'

Percy laughed at the predictability of it all. "Of course I do," he said, slinging his backpack over his shoulder and pulling out a bag full of the candies. He tossed a handful to Blackjack, who managed to catch them all in the air. "And I've got three more bags where that came from, if you take me where I need to be at your fastest speed."

'You got it boss!'

Percy jumped onto Blackjack's back, directing him to Annabeth's college. They made it there in record time, with Percy leaving Blackjack in a park only a few minutes away with one of the bags of sugar cubes to tide him over (no need to pressure the Mist, which was only slowly beginning to rebuild).

When Percy found her, she was standing with some friends by a statue of someone who was surely an important part of the college's history. Her stormy grey eyes lit up when she saw his from across the courtyard and she quickly excused herself from her friends. She jogged across the courtyard and he soon joined her in jogging. Once she was within range she practically threw herself at him.

It took all of his strength not to fall down as he caught her, his arms instinctively wrapping around her back as her legs did the same to him. Her arms met behind his neck as she kissed him rather hard. It was flattering and soothing to know she had missed him as much as he had missed her.

"Gods Percy, I've missed you so much," she said when they finally pulled away after several seconds of making out.

"I've missed you too, babe," he said, breathing in deeply and relishing the scent of fresh strawberries.

He dropped her back onto her feet, idly noting that he was now a few inches taller than her. Her blonde hair was arranged into princess-like curls, framing her round face from which her stormy grey eyes stuck out. She was wearing running shoes with short shorts that covered very little, allowing him to admire her long legs. They were accompanied by a light grey tank top that showed a generous amount of her cleavage.

They walked hand in hand to the park where he had left Blackjack, talking about nothing in particular and just enjoying one another's company. Soon they were on Blackjack, and not much later they were landing in Montauk.

Percy quickly found the keys to their cabin and ushered Annabeth in. She was barely inside and the door had only just closed when Percy pressed her up against the wall. She gasped as he nuzzled against her neck, laying kisses across her skin. His hands moved to her firm ass and lifted her once again so she could wrap her legs around his back.

He continued to kiss her neck, slowly descending to her collarbone, as his hands moved from her clothed ass to her bare thighs. His fingers soon crawled upwards underneath her shorts, squeezing her ass through her panties.

She moaned as he began pressing his lips against her cleavage, and she gyrated her hips against his, sending shockwaves of pleasure through his loins. He carried her to the bed and gently laid her on it. He pulled off his shirt as she did the same, leaving him in only his jeans and her in short shorts and a skimpy dark grey bra.

He immediately descended upon her breasts, peppering the tops with kisses and light sucks. They had certainly grown over the years to C cups. He soon trailed his lips down her trim stomach and pulled off her shorts, leaving her in even skimpier matching grey panties, the center of which had darkened from its wetness.

He kissed the wet patch once before kissing down her left leg to her ankle, and then up her right leg. She unclasped her bra, revealing her small rosy nipples, which he quickly attached his lips to. While he was occupied with her wondrous tits, she unclasped his belt and pulled down his jeans, revealing his trident-themed boxers. "Oh Seaweed Brain," she murmured fondly.

His boxers were tented from his arousal, and she couldn't help but palm his firm member through the fabric. He pulled her to her feet and once again captured her nipple in his mouth. His right hand dipped below her waist and gently pushed her panties to the side, allowing his fingers access to her sopping folds.

Not one to be outdone, Annabeth parted the hole in the front of his boxers and pulled out his hard member. She teased the engorged head briefly before grasping his cock in long, slow strokes. Every so often she cupped his swollen balls, or gave a few rapid jerks before returning to her slower pace, or added a twist to her strokes.

As she pleasured him, Percy inserted his index finger into her gushing pussy. He soon added his middle finger as well, but despite her wetness acting as a lubricant he could barely fit two fingers into her. "Gods, Wise Girl," he breathed. "I forgot how tight you are."

She smiled as she traced her thumb over his weeping slit. "And I forgot how big you are."

"I don't even know if I can still fit inside you." He squeezed one breast and gently bit the other nipple.

"Let's lube you up first, shall we?" She let go of his impressive meat and pulled his boxers off. His dick sprang up once fully released.

This time he laid on the bed while she kneeled between his legs. She grasped him by the base of his cock and slowly took his swollen head into her mouth. She swept her hair away from her face as she lowered herself onto him. Once she had taken the entirety of his length into her mouth, she took the hand off his cock and placed both hands on his thighs.

Annabeth then began the blowjob in earnest, bobbing her head up and down his manhood.

After a few minutes of this mind-numbing pleasure he asked if he could return the favour. With an air of reluctance, she ceased her blowjob and lay on top of him, with each of their heads by the others crotch in the sixty-nine position. He pulled her soaked panties off, revealing her pink pussy, only slightly obscured by a thin thatch of blonde hair. She resumed sucking him off while he delicately parted her folds with his fingers.

His tongue intruded her pussy with the confidence of a man who had made her come many times before. He flicked around in it, relishing the familiar taste, before searching for her clit in earnest. He judged his progress based on her moans around his cock; it seemed he hadn't lost his talent. He massaged her firm asscheeks as he continued to lick her out.

He found her clit quickly enough and latched onto it, flicking away at it before sucking on it hard. Her mouth regrettably left his cock as she screamed to the heavens. Her silky thighs clenched around his head as she practically exploded onto his face.

"Oh my gods, Percy," she said as her orgasm finally began to ebb. Without waiting for a response, she went down on his cock once again with a renewed fervor. Within a couple of minutes he could feel his own climax approaching.

"Fuck, Annabeth, I'm gonna blow," he warned.

With a loud slurp she allowed most of his dick to leave her mouth except for his purpling head. Using her own spit as lubricant, she jacked him off fiercely and sucked on the head.

Percy buried his head into the soft skin of her ass as his balls tightened, his cock convulsed, and he shot a healthy load into the back of Annabeth's throat. She swallowed every last drop of his seed and continued stroking and sucking him, milking him for every last drop.

She let go of his dick with a wet pop. "Mmm, you taste great, Percy. Not like seaweed at all."

He grinned from between her asscheeks. "Well that's a relief."

She climbed off of him, giving him room to sit up next to her. She gave him a sideways glance. "You'd better be able to go a second round."

Percy grinned lopsidedly. "Babe, I haven't had sex in close to a year. I've got way more left in the tank."

She smiled at that and moved onto his lap, her back against his chest. Her firm ass pushed against his flaccid dick, which was just beginning to reignite. Like an exotic dancer, she rubbed her body against him, shaking her ass against his stiffening manhood.

She let out a surprised shriek as his hand spanked her ass hard enough to leave a light pink imprint. He followed suit with the other hand on the other cheek, and was soon spanking both cheeks in tandem, causing them to jiggle wondrously against his groin.

Once she could feel his fully erect prick in between her asscheeks, she changed positions so that she was facing him. Her sopping pussy dripped onto the base of his cock, the head of which was resting against her stomach. Percy dove between her breasts immediately, sucking and licking at her warm flesh.

"Percy," she moaned as his dick brushed against her sensitive folds. "Do you have protection?"

"Always," he lifted her off him and put her on her back on the bed. He looked around quickly, trying to find where they had thrown his jeans, and walked over to them, pulling a small package out of the back pocket. He ripped it open and slipped the condom over his shaft.

As he walked back to his girlfriend, he noticed her staring at the heavy prick swinging between his legs. "My eyes are up here, you know," he teased.

"I'd say I'm making pretty good eye contact," she licked her lips, gazing intently at his covered slit. She grabbed his dick, giving it a few exploratory yanks, and rubbed his well-developed abs.

He groaned at the contact. "I really wish you'd stop objectifying me."

"Sure thing Seaweed Brain." She got off the bed and let go of his engorged cock. She bent over to pick up her discarded panties, exposing her bare ass to him. "I guess we can talk about inter camp diplomacies before we have sex."

She made to put the thoroughly soaked panties on, but he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back onto the bed. "On second thought, objectifying me sounds like a pretty good idea." He pulled her on top of him so that she straddled his thighs, his dick poking against her lips.

"I don't know, Percy," she said skeptically. "How can I focus on sex now that you've got me thinking about Daedalus' theories on how quantum physics could apply to the shifting of the labyrinth?" She shifted against his weeping cock, putting it through an exquisite torture. "And don't even get me started on how it could potentially connect the camps!"

"Oh yeah, Annabeth. You know dirty talking about Daedalus' theories always gets me rock hard."

She bit her lip to hold back a laugh. Her hair tickled his nose as she whispered into his ear. "He also proposed that part of the labyrinth existed in pocket dimensions and reappeared in other, random parts of America."

"Wise Girl, if you keep up this dirty talk, I'm gonna come before I even get inside you, and it'll be a colossal waste of a condom."

This time she couldn't hold in the giggle. "The horror, the horror!" However, she had noticed that each of her slight gyrations were now accompanied by genuine winces of pain mixed with desire. "Okay, fine," she gave in, "If you insist, I'll go back to objectifying you."

The look of relief that washed over his face was well worth the teasing as she placed both hands on his abs to brace herself. She slowly lifted herself off his thighs by several inches and positioned herself over him.

Inch by inch she lowered herself as his thick manhood parted her tender lips until they were joined by the hips. She leaned forward and kissed him deeply as she readjusted to his vast size; her fingers over the past several months could not make up for his sheer length and girth.

"I love you, Seaweed Brain," she said softly.

Percy smiled, parting her curly hair from her forehead. "I love you too, Wise Girl."

Without waiting any longer, Annabeth began to roll her hips against his. They moved in tandem, slowly at first but soon picking up speed. Every jerk of her hips sent pleasure shooting through Percy's cock, while each of his thrusts went deeper and deeper into Annabeth's pleasure points.

Percy at first held onto her hips to keep her firmly on top of him, but as his lust swept over him he found his hands brushing over the swell of her bosom and cupping her tits.

Annabeth soon arched her back as his cock hit a particularly sweet spot. She bit her lip to hold back a scream, and she suddenly wished they had first checked to see if there were any tenants in the neighbouring cabins.

She leaned all the way backwards until she could lean on her hands, her tits being thrust out to the world as Percy now dictated the pace. He showed no signs of slowing down to give her a breather, and instead sped up, thrusting up and into her at a breakneck velocity.

She couldn't quite restrain the "Oh gods Percy!" nor the torrent of Greek curses as her orgasm washed over her. Percy made no move to cease or even slow in his ministrations as he now jackhammered into her. Already, Annabeth could feel another climax rising within her.

Dimly, she wondered if it was possible for Percy to fuck her until she passed out.

She barely noticed that Percy had hooked a leg around hers and had managed to reverse their positions. She was also rather startled to realize that she had been moaning along the lines of "oh gods yes" and "please fuck me harder." She certainly didn't remember Percy being capable of turning her into a sex-starved bimbo the last time they had been intimate.

She had just mustered up the will to assert her own dominance in this relationship when Percy brushed his finger against her clit, and all was forgotten as she came once again.

Above her, Percy was rather bemused at how his strong and independent girlfriend had become so addicted to his dick. His balls tightened as he felt himself approach his limit.

"Wise Girl, I'm gonna come."

"Mmm, inside me!" she said, half-delirious. Percy wasn't even sure she remembered that she had made him wear protection.

"You first," he said, grabbing her breasts. He mushed them together and licked between them, as his pace inside her nearly doubled. She screamed her passion out for the world to hear. Her internal muscles clenched, squeezing his manhood with a vice-like grip. Unexpectedly, her pussy gushed out a clear liquid, coating Percy's condom-clad cock and groin.

The pressure of her pussy around him nearly doubled as she wrapped her legs around his back. He swore in Greek as his dick erupted, pulsing within her for several long seconds as he continued to pound her insides.

Once he felt that he was finished shooting jet after jet of his load, he pulled out of her. To his surprise and sudden worry, he had come so much that his condom had overflowed. Some of his semen had found its way into her welcoming pussy.

Oh well. Percy could worry about that later. For now, all he wanted was to sleep with his girlfriend cuddled next to him.

He had just closed his eyes when he felt a warm mouth wrap around his manhood. He looked down his body to where Annabeth was steadfastly sucking him off. She caught his eye and returned it with a steely glint in her grey eyes.

Percy grinned and laid back as she worked on resuscitating his flaccid member. By all accounts, she was successful in her attempts.

No matter. Sleep could wait a while longer, and they had a full week booked in the cabin. Although Percy was beginning to wonder if they'd even get to see the beach.

A/N: Where possible, each girl's first name will start with the same letter as the chapter, but there are only so many Percy Jackson girls. Some will likely appear more than once and with varying partners, though Percy will (of course) be a constant. I'm also seriously considering, after finishing the first 26 chapters, continuing with another 26 with girls from a variety of other fandoms (although most would be DC related). Let me know what you think, and hopefully I'll be able to upload a chapter a week.