A/N: There are guys other than Percy in this, so beware.

Also, Piper will still be portrayed by Victoria Justice, Annabeth by Alli Rae, and Hazel by Brittney White. Calypso will now be portrayed by Alexandra Daddario.

It had been a year since the defeat of Gaea, and in that time, much had changed at the Camps Half-Blood and Jupiter. Jason had allowed Frank to keep his position of Praetor in New Rome, and had decided to stay in Camp Half-Blood with Piper. Hazel had stayed in Camp Jupiter with Frank, while Annabeth and Percy attended college in New Rome. Finally, Leo and Calypso had enjoyed Calypso's new freedom, travelling all over the world.

They had not forgotten their roots, though, and agreed to go camping one weekend. Wanting to avoid what came with eight hormonal teenagers, the males slept on the opposite side of the bonfire from the females, but it didn't stop the similar conversations from happening on both sides.

"Oh, man," Annabeth said dreamily, "No one can even compare to Percy. He is just on another level."

"That may be true," Hazel conceded, "But Frank is such a considerate lover, he makes up for it."

"Well, I don't agree that Percy's the best lover," Piper said. "I'm sure he's good, but Jason is… electric."

The three demigods turned to look at Calypso, who shrugged. "Leo… he makes it work, y'know?"

On the other side of the fire, it was Jason who began the boasting. "Piper is, just, wow. I mean, I know her mom's Aphrodite, but she is something else!"

"I don't doubt it, but Calypso just gets me in a way I don't think any other girl ever could," Leo claimed.

"I wouldn't be so sure," Percy argued. "Annabeth always seems to know exactly what kind of mood I'm in – and her ass is ridiculous!"

"Annabeth may have a great butt, but Hazel's rack is fucking huge!" was Frank's contribution.

Neither side could agree on their lovers' proficiencies, and eventually all eight were together. It was Piper who had the great idea of testing it theirselves, and so the four girls each agreed to suck one of the guys' dicks, with Annabeth quickly stipulating that charm-speaking wasn't fair play.

The four guys were happy to comply in removing their pants and shorts as well as their shirts. Their boxers/briefs/underwear were shed a moment later, revealing their stiff members to the four girls, who had all paired up with them.

Calypso moved in front of Frank. Of the four, Frank was the least well-endowed, but still had an impressive length of six inches and above average girth. Where he separated himself from the others was the rest of his body; his entire torso was packed with muscles, many of which Calypso couldn't even name. The Chinese boy's arms were thickly corded with muscles, and his abs made Calypso's mouth water. The demi-Titan licked her lips as she pressed her curvy body against Frank's, feeling his member stiffen between them. Their mouths connected in a long, lingering kiss before hers drifted downward to his defined chest. She was in no mood to rush; as much as she wanted to prove her proficiency at blowjobs, she was invested in making sure her and Leo won. This would be a test of stamina, and if Leo was anything to judge by, all of the guys would be able to go multiple times. Her best strategy was to edge Frank as much as she could, and thus drain his balls within one or two orgasms. Calypso was a competitive woman, and had no intentions of losing. Besides, she doubted Frank would enjoy the type of head she typically gave Leo.

Calypso kissed her way down Frank's chest slowly and methodically. As large a role as her strategy played, it helped that his body was fucking ridiculous. She lathered kisses over abs that Leo could never dream to match while her right hand roamed down his side. At his hip she snatched his hardness and ran the thumb over his head, picking up a drop of pre-come, and spread it over his bulbous head. Then she gave his cock long, slow strokes from the base to the tip, adding a little twist to her strokes every now and then. Her mouth had moved down to his hips and she breathed onto his tip, making his manhood twitch eagerly. Frank must have been disappointed when she skipped his cock entirely to pay some attention to his balls, though she continued to stroke him while she licked and sucked on his heavy testicles. Calypso grinned to herself as she felt how full they were and how worked up he must be. She gave his balls a wet kiss before taking them both in her mouth once again and pulled away, stretching them out as far as they could go without causing him any pain. Frank groaned as he threaded his fingers through her luxurious caramel brown hair.

Piper, meanwhile, had always been curious of how a son of Poseidon's semen would taste, and had also had a crush on Percy for quite some time, so she was only too happy to get on her knees before him. She was thrilled to see how long his member was, longer than Jason, she estimated around eight inches, maybe more! He wasn't quite as thick around as Jason was, nor was he as muscular. Instead, Percy had a lean sort of muscle to him, and it was clear that none of his muscles were superfluous or for show, they all served a purpose when he was in combat. But for now, his muscles were tended up as the dark haired beauty moved between his legs and rubbed her hands over his hardness. She gave his shaft a few exploratory strokes to make sure he was at his hardest, and then guided his manhood into her eager mouth.

Percy groaned as Piper's warm, wet mouth enveloped his hardness. Her soft hand embraced the base of his shaft, holding him tight as her mouth inched ever closer to his base. Suddenly she moved her hand away and pushed her mouth the rest of the way down his shaft. "Oh my gods, Piper!" Percy couldn't help it, Annabeth had never managed to deepthroat his cock before; she'd get close but always gag on the last couple of inches. Piper showed no sign of pain or discomfort, though, as she almost immediately began bobbing her head along his shaft at full speed, noisily slurping down his shaft. Her hands played with his full balls as she finally pulled off to take a breath, running her lips along the side of his cock while she did. As soon as Piper had regained her breath, she took his cock back into her mouth and swallowed him to the base once again, making contented noises around his manhood. Piper savoured her first taste of a Greek demigods penis, trying not to compare the taste to Jason's taste, which had always been a little too electric for her liking. Her saliva clung to his wet shaft as she repeatedly pulled mouth all the way to his tip and then impaled herself back to his base. Part of her fantasized of taking this massive prick inside her, or between her tits, or in her ass. She wondered how his come would taste – pretty damn tasty if his pre-come was anything to judge by – and imagined him blowing all over her tits.

For as long as Piper had harboured a crush on Percy, it paled in comparison to how long Hazel had been crushing on Jason. The man had long been a personal hero for her, and it felt like it was her honour to kneel before him and worship his manhood. Jason was longer than Frank, maybe seven inches, maybe a bit longer, and far thicker than Frank. He wasn't quite as ridiculously muscled as Frank was, but was a close second, as he had clearly not abandoned his Roman discipline. He ran his hands through her hair as she wrapped her lips around his dick and gradually took more into her. He was so thick that it was slow progress, but the African American daughter of Pluto was determined to stop at nothing to reward Jason for all he had done for Camp Jupiter and for her. Jason's strong hand moved away from her hair, cupping her cheeks where he could feel his throbbing shaft through her cheeks, and then down to Hazel's breasts, giving them a squeeze through the short blue dress she wore. As if Hazel couldn't like Jason any more than she already did! She pulled off his cock and asked, "Oh, Jason! Are you a tits guy?"

"I love nothing more than a great set of tits," he conceded. "And you, Hazel, have a phenomenal rack!" Hazel was thrilled to hear this – she had always been quite proud of how big her tits were, but Frank was an ass man through and through, so he hardly paid them any attention. She brushed Jason's hand from her bosom and pulled down the front of her dress, letting her bra-clad tits spill out. Jason's cock twitched as the son of Jupiter ogled her boobs, but she wasn't done yet. She grabbed his prick tightly and led it underneath her bra, rubbing his length between her tits and against the inside of her hot pink bra. Jason groaned as she moved her tits along his thick shaft and sucked on his swollen cockhead. He hadn't thought he would ever see tits bigger than Piper's D cups, but Hazel's were even bigger, if not as perky. He tried desperately not to blow his load too quickly, but still found himself slowly bucking his hips against Hazel's chest, pushing his rod back and forth between her double-D tits while she moved her tits up and down, sucking on as much of his shaft as her tits would allow to be exposed.

That left Annabeth with Leo, but much like Calypso with Frank, this was no coincidence. She had figured that Leo and Frank would be the two weakest links, and she had also seen the way Leo and Calypso interacted. To call Leo 'whipped' would be an understatement, all Calypso had to do was call his name and Leo would come running. It had given Annabeth the impression that Leo liked to be dominated, something that she had always wanted to be on the opposite side of. As much as she loved Percy, and as much as he let her be in control in the bedroom, she always knew it was a façade; if Percy wanted to shift the scales, he could do so at any time. But with Leo, she knew that she could physically dominate him easily, and he would probably enjoy it. Sure enough, when she grabbed his manhood, he quickly said, "Don't be afraid to be a little rough with me." Annabeth gave him a wicked grin that sent shivers of arousal up and down his spine as she began stroking him. He wasn't as big as Percy, but at six and a half inches long he was still above average, though very thin. Too her lack of surprise, he was the least muscled out of everyone, though his hairy chest probably didn't do his figure any favours.

Leo groaned as she took his cock into her mouth and his balls in her hand. She forced his shaft into her throat, and could get most of him in easily. The last inch or so was more difficult, but she blinked past the tears that pricked at her eyes as she made her way to his base. She felt unreasonably proud of herself, as it was the first cock she had ever deepthroated, but she made the mistake of looking around and seeing Piper impaled on Percy's dick, deepthroating him with apparent ease. Her envy and anger was made obvious within seconds as Leo squealed in pain from her grip on his sack. "Oh, shut up!" she said, betting that he enjoyed it. He evidently did, as he made no move to stop her from grasping each individual ball in one of her hands and tug them as far from his cock as they could go and squeeze them as hard as her hands could. She was proven right as Leo's cock twitched in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down his veiny manhood, continuing to tug on and squeeze his testicles.

Within only a couple of minutes of this, Leo couldn't take anymore pain, or so Annabeth thought. However, when he pulled out it was to stroke his cock as hard as he could. "Fuck, I'm about to come!" When Annabeth didn't let go of his balls he said, "Please, don't hold back, punch them!" Annabeth gave him a surprised look but, anticipating his load, opened her mouth while she punched his sack as hard as she could. Her closed fists pounded on his ballbag, and within seconds he gave a pained groan. Her next punch caused semen to shoot from his cock and onto her face, missing her mouth slightly. She kept on punching his balls as hard as she could until they were swollen but had been emptied upon her face.

Leo gave a relieved sigh when she finally stopped, only to wince when she said, "Oh, look at the mess you made!" Sure enough, the next few punches were the hardest yet, even harder than Calypso's most powerful, most vicious kicks. Annabeth finally stopped and trailed her fingers across her face to pick up his come before licking her fingers clean. She couldn't help but notice that her wet spot was visible through her jeans, as the dominance she had felt had been so incredible for her.

A few minutes after Leo had spewed on Annabeth's face, the lovely tightness of Hazel's tits around Jason's cock combined with the unique sensation of her bra rubbing against his shaft and her mouth on his tip became too much for the hung son of Jupiter to handle. Thunder boomed in the distance and the air crackled with electricity as his balls emptied into Hazel's mouth. She eagerly applied even harder suction to his tip and squeezed her tits tightly around his dick to make his orgasm as satisfying and long-lasting as possible. Long ropes if come filled her mouth, and the daughter of Pluto eagerly swallowed it all, certain that his spunk was more valuable than any precious metal. His come was just as tasty as she had hoped it would be. Her soft hands rubbed his jewels to make sure he gave her as much come as he could. "My gods, Hazel," he finally said after a long pause. "That was the greatest thing I've ever felt." Hazel felt pride and happiness rush through her as she felt his cock deflate and slip out from between her orbs where it had been trapped for so long.

Piper steadfastly bobbed her head up and down Percy's throbbing erection. She switched up her technique every few minutes, licking the underside of his shaft, humming around his manhood, and making him feel pleasure unlike anything any man had ever felt before. She distantly wondered why she was putting so much effort into giving Percy head, so much more than she ever had with her actual boyfriend, but found that she didn't really care. Right now, she was focussed on worshipping the biggest dick she had ever seen. Soon enough, her efforts were rewarded as Percy was overwhelmed with pleasure. He exploded down Piper's throat, shooting his load deep into her mouth. The daughter of Aphrodite hardly slowed down, but now focussed on sucking on his tip while she stroked his meaty shaft until he started to wilt in her hands. She happily swallowed his come, giving a surprised moan at how good it tasted. It certainly tasted better than Jason's, and her fantasies of him coming on her tits were suddenly replaced by visions of her swallowing his seed for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the rest of her life. She thought that was a future she could look forward to, though she didn't know how she'd ever get anything done with all the snacks she'd be having throughout the day.

The six who had already finished had to wait another half hour as Calypso gave Frank the most leisurely torturous experience of his life. Her hands tenderly worked on his swollen balls while her mouth flirted around his dick, licking and sucking. Every lick, every suck was enough to bring Frank to the edge of orgasm as she teased him over and over again. For close to an hour he waited as Calypso edged him with her mouth, building up his orgasm in his shaft until pre-come flowed out of his cock fluidly. She finally felt that they had gone for as long as would be effective, and took half of Frank's length into her mouth while stroking the other half as hard as she could. Within seconds he burst down her throat, flooding her mouth with the most powerful orgasm he had ever had. She let his cock out of her mouth and continued to drain his balls onto her white blouse until he was finally done. He lay back for a long while, his eyes rolled back from pleasure, before pulling Calypso onto him and giving her a long, tender kiss. "Gods that was amazing," he whispered against her lips, which curved into a genuine smile.

The four couples finally continued where they had left off. Hazel was still in a state of partial undress, with her tight blue dress pulled down below her bust. Her pink bra had been pulled down as well, allowing her huge tits to spill out, topped with hard nipples of a slightly darker colour than her skin. Hazel unclipped her bra and let it fall to the ground, allowing her big, perky tits to stand on their own. Jason couldn't wait any longer and pulled her into his arms, practically attacking her bosom with his eager mouth. He kissed and sucked the tender flesh of her vast tracts of land. They weren't quite as perky as Piper's were, but then, Piper had the perkiest tits he could imagine. The African-American demigod in front of him moulded to his touch, as his nimble hands reached around her to unzip her dress and then pull it down past her juicy ass. Her panties consisted of a pink triangle in the front and a pink string in the back connected by a silky white waistband. Jason regretfully moved down from her breasts in order to better see what he was dealing with, kissing down her trim stomach. He tugged on the front of her panties between his teeth, lowering the material down until he had exposed her trimmed pubic hair.

Jason slid his thumbs underneath the waistband of her panties and pulled them all the way down, scattering a few kisses to the inside of her thighs, but with the clear intention of returning to her glorious chest. Not that Hazel was complaining, she rather liked the attention. Her hands played with his blonde hair as he kissed back up her body to her bosom and happily sealed his lips around one of her erect buds. As much as he loved her tits, Jason wasn't to be deterred from the prize, and teased her slit with his index and middle fingers. She had become quite wet just from sucking his dick, Jason realized, and rewarded her eagerness by stuffing her with the pair of phalanges. Hazel moaned as his other hand and mouth continued to maul her tits, marking her flesh with gentle bites and rough kisses. The fingers pumped inside her, accommodating her lust by starting off slowly but quickly picking up speed, filling her core with his nimble fingers. It wasn't the most body-wracking pleasure she had ever felt, but her enduring crush for Jason combined with the attention he paid to her breasts were more than enough to build her up to the edge, getting ever nearer what had once seemed like such a distant dream, coming for Jason Grace.

Piper was dressed as she usually did, pretty plainly in faded jeans and a purple v-neck. Percy watched eagerly as she pulled off her shirt, displaying her magnificent chest in a silky red bra. She turned around to pull down her jeans, bending over as her big, round ass was exposed with a red thong trapped between her cheeks. Percy never really considered himself an 'ass-guy' or a 'boobs-guy' – he could appreciate a nice rack as easily as he could a fat ass, but Piper's buttocks were out of this world! He had always loved Annabeth's ass for how great a bubblebutt it was, but Piper's ass was not only bigger and plumper, but rounder as well! He wasn't sure if there was a goddess of rears out there, but if there was, she couldn't hope to compare to Piper. Percy's only real recourse left was to lean forward and begin worshipping the Cherokee girl's tanned ass. He pulled Piper's thong to the side, exposing her tight hole, and buried his face between her cheeks, his hands bouncing her ass against his face. Piper let out a breathy moan as her was properly worshipped for the first time. Percy jutted his tongue out and into her hole, licking out the delicacy between her buttocks.

Piper bounced her round, fleshy cheeks back against Percy's face. He extended his tongue and let her bounce onto it, impaling her ass on his tongue. He reached between her thighs to rub his thumb along her lips and against the hard button of her clitoris, pleased with the wetness he felt between her thighs. He pulled on the red string of her thong, tugging them down her long, sexy legs as slowly as he could, kissing every inch of her flesh as he moved them down her legs, kissing and sucking on the back of her thighs, behind her knees, her calves, and heels. He lifted her feet up one at a time, kissing her soles and sucking tenderly at each toe before switching to the other foot. Piper giggled quietly at the tickling sensation, but was soon back to breathy moans as he kissed back up to between her legs. Percy kissed down between her cheeks once again, but this time lifted her thighs further up a little and ducked under her ass to gain access to her nether lips. His tongue trailed along her pussy lips, flicking at her clit teasingly before giving a long lick to her pussy. Piper had a thick patch of dark hair, which Percy approved, as he loved the natural look and feel of female pubic hair. He spread her buttocks with his hands and teased her hole with an index finger, gently wriggling it inside her as she moaned in front of him, giving encouraging sighs of "Oh, yes," and "Finger my tiny asshole, that's right."

While Jason and Percy were busy obsessing over Hazel's tits and Piper's ass (and with good reason), Leo got straight down to business with Annabeth, who was as no-nonsense as ever. She was wearing her orange camp shirt and white short shorts; she evidently didn't think Leo was worth an elaborate strip tease and pulled off her shirt and shorts without any fuss. Annabeth was wearing a simple but practical grey bra with grey panties to match, that probably weren't meant to be sexy (not compared to the lingerie Calypso tended to wear), but were just as arousing to Leo. Annabeth, who was a solid five inches taller than Leo, unclipped her bra, releasing her perky breasts, and then pulled off her panties. Her nipples were rock hard, and underneath her thatch of trimmed blonde hair, her strong thighs were wet with arousal. Leo found his manhood hardening at the sight of this naked beauty and the knowledge that dominating him made her as aroused as he was by it. He knelt in front of her and began kissing her slender feet, feeling grateful to have the chance to be with this goddess.

"What are you doing?" Annabeth asked, stepping back.

"Uh… worshipping your beautiful feet, mistress."

Annabeth seemed to blush, but quickly gained control of herself. She evidently loved being called 'mistress.' "Be that as it may, you're here to eat my pussy, not kiss my feet."

"Yes, mistress," Leo said.

As a reward, Annabeth raised her right foot and pressed it flat against Leo's face, giving him the time to get a proper smell of her sweaty foot, before she pushed him onto his back. She stepped on his chest, not caring for his groans of pain, and positioned herself above him before sitting on his face. She faced away from him as he began to eat her out, shifting her weight occasionally to let him breathe, but only ever for a moment, before shifting the weight of her ass back onto his face. She stretched her long legs down his chest and played with his hardening tool. When he groaned between her thighs and stopped licking, she dug her heels into his balls roughly. "Did I say you could stop?" she asked, grabbing her tits and fondling the hard tips. Her round ass muffled his reply, but it was evident that he got the message.

Finally, Frank got down to business with his beautiful partner. While Frank had to admit that Hazel had the biggest tits, and Annabeth the roundest ass, and Piper the best overall body, he considered Calypso to be the most beautiful of the bunch – although the nearly hour long blowjob certainly made him biased. Calypso began to strip off her white blouse, stained from his come, as well as her tight dark blue jeans. Under that, she was wearing an olive green bra and matching panties. Her tits, nearly as big and perky as Piper's, spilled out of the one size too small bra, and the panties displayed her curvy hips. The bra came off, revealing her tanned bosom and dark nipples, followed by the panties, showing off her big, round butt and her shaven pussy. Frank didn't have much of a preference when it came to pubic hair, but he could still appreciate a woman who spent time on it. He pulled Calypso tightly against him, his flaccid cock slapping against her thigh and making her feel even more victorious. Frank pressed his lips against hers, a sensuous, toe-curling kiss. Calypso didn't know how a simple kiss could make her this aroused, but the trail of fluids down her thigh and to his manhood was undeniable evidence.

Frank began kissing his way down Calypso's front, giving tender sucks to her supple bosom and making her nipples stiff, hard enough that she felt they could cut diamonds. Frank didn't seem perturbed by their hardness as he sucked on them fervently. He grabbed a handful of each of her tits and pushed her breasts together, prompting moans of "Oh, fuck, worship those big tits!" Frank was happy to do so, pushing her tits close enough together that he could suckle them both at the same time. However, Frank was not a huge 'tits guy' – which was good for Calypso, since she was overshadowed in that area by both Piper and Hazel – and continued his heated path down her sexy midriff. Calypso was feeling pretty good about her chances of being the last woman to come, figuring that Frank was probably the least experienced of the four males. As a result of this overconfidence, she allowed herself to soak in the pleasure as Frank's mouth reached her pussy, whereas if she had taken him more seriously, she might have tried to better control her body.

As it was, Calypso was very much surprised when Frank revealed one of Hazel's favourite things in the world – that not only could he transform into a limitless amount of creatures, but he had also managed to confine the transformation to only certain parts of his body, like using a bear paw to swat away an enemy, or on one strange occasion, his manhood into a literal horse cock. For this mor subtle trick, however, he merely turned his tongue into the forked tongue of a serpent, and drove it into Calypso's pussy. His tongue practically vibrated inside her, and the shocked and completely overwhelmed Demi-Titan could do nothing but scream her orgasm into the night air as she squirted onto his handsome face. Frank wasn't done there, lapping up her juices but then burying his face back between her thighs. From where Hazel was having her tits devoured, she looked over with a proud expression at her boyfriend having 'won' each of the first two rounds, and feeling slightly envious as Calypso's cries of ecstasies filled the air as she flooded Frank's tongue a second time.

As if Leo didn't already have enough of an inferiority complex, the sounds of his girlfriend orgasming a few feet away made it even worse. Annabeth's nipples were stiff against her fingers, and she began riding Leo's face harder as his tongue began licking her pussy frantically, with all the technique he had learned from hours of Calypso sitting on his face. Before much longer, Annabeth was bucking her hips against his face, desperate to have his tongue deeper inside her. Her sweaty feet began to play with his hardening member, but deserted her attention as she rapidly approached a climax. Leo was a man on a mission as he licked inside her and sucked on her clit. Annabeth managed to retain the presence of mind to continue shifting her hips every now and then so that Leo could inhale deeply, before sitting back onto him and wriggling her hips. Leo thought it certainly would have been one of the better ways to go. Within only a couple of minutes of having sat on his face, Annabeth's squirms and bucks against his face became wilder, accompanied by breathy and vulgar exclamations of pleasure. "Fuck, you're gonna make me cOME!" she cried out as she came, gushing her juices onto Leo's face. The short Latino eagerly licked her juices from her thighs as she collapsed on top of him, until he had to push her thighs off him to breathe.

It wasn't long before Piper approached her orgasm as well. Percy still had her on all fours and was teasing her slit with his able tongue, but had now added his middle finger with the index between her buttocks. His fingers pumped rhythmically but rapidly, sending waves of pleasure like shockwaves through her nervous system. She could tell she was close to a climax and began riding her hips back against Percy's face, her ass bouncing against his hand and face. Percy couldn't help imagining how great that would feel riding back against his dick, and was determined to at least last long enough in this competition to enjoy that sensation once. For now, though, he was focussed on Piper enjoying the sensation of his tongue wriggling inside her and his fingers fucking her tight little asshole. Piper's erotic moans soon filled the air, moans of "oh my gods," and "oh, Styx yes!" Percy soldiered on despite his turgid cock throbbing painfully. Despite Annabeth making Piper promise not to use her charmspeak, it was infused in her moans of ecstasy, the mere sound of her voice enough to make most men come. Percy Jackson was no mere man, however, and ignored the pre-come that leaked from his tip as his tongue plundered Piper's sweetness. Soon enough, her hips bucking back against his face became more and more erratic as she buried her face in the ground, trying to muffle her scream as her nether regions squirted all over Percy's tongue. Piper was certain it was the most powerful climax she had had since Jason had taken her virginity, maybe the most powerful she had ever had.

That left Jason. The former praetor in all likelihood could have brought Hazel to her peak quicker, as her breasts and pussy were all extremely sensitive – the dampness between her legs could attest to that. Jason, however, had become so enraptured by her huge tits that he had not pushed her too far yet, enjoying this far too much. Realizing that Hazel was the last to orgasm, he couldn't help but feel a bit ashamed of himself, and decided to step it up. Hazel may not have been the first to come, but she would have the most powerful climax. He pushed Hazel's big tits together, rubbing her nipples against one another, and then took them both into his mouth at once, swirling his tongue against them and then sucking fiercely. Thunder rumbled despite the cloudless evening, and lightning seemed to dance across his fingers as he pumped them ever faster and harder into Hazel's wetness. He then gave both nipples a rough tug between his teeth and rubbed Hazel's with his thumb while adding a third finger inside her. This seemed to send shockwaves through Hazel's system and made her come undone around his fingers, her juices gushing from her pussy. The earth itself rumbled as priceless gems shot up all around them, Hazel's eyes rolling back as the pleasure became almost unbearable, but still she arched her back and thrust her breasts forth against Jason's face, the stiff peaks in his mouth harder than the diamonds that surrounded them. After a long while, Hazel came down from her high. "Wow," she said as she slowly caught her breath. "So that's why children of the Big Three don't date." Jason could only laugh, feeling rather exhilarated himself.

The four pairs remained together. To Calypso's surprise (but pleasure), Frank was still hard, so he mounted her. Meanwhile, Leo mounted Annabeth, Jason mounted Hazel, and Percy mounted Piper. All four men were rock hard from eating out the demigoddesses, and slid their swords into the wet, eager sheaths. Frank braced his forearms against the ground, keeping his weight off of Calypso as he slowly but steadily plunged into her. He kissed her deeply and passionately, his hands roaming up and down her tight body, fondling the swells of her breasts, her smooth, shapely hips, and cupping underneath to get a handful of her curved buttocks. Frank felt so different inside Calypso to how Leo felt that it sent her nerves alight. Despite being slightly smaller, he was thicker, and she could feel his thickness expanding her in new and incredible ways. Not only was his size different, but his approach was as well. Leo treated her like a goddess to demean himself, but Frank treated her like a goddess because that was simply his nature. She could tell that he was an extremely attentive lover, and that he would never come before his lover did. She could use that to her advantage.

Calypso locked her long, thick legs around Frank's hips, her soft feet digging into his backside. She bit his lip tenderly as she moved her legs together, bringing her feet off and then back onto his ass. He quickly got the message, and let her dictate the pace, which was even slower than his already had been. Frank didn't seem opposed to the slow rhythm of his thrusting, as he took the time to pay even more attention to her lithe body, his fingertips leaving trails of fire over her midriff. Frank kept their lips together, and they moved together in a tender, sensuous pace. Calypso's hands wrapped around his neck, feeling through his buzzed hair and gently scraping her nails against his sweaty back. A layer of sweat covered both of their chests as they rubbed together erotically, Calypso's nipples stiff and pressing against his chiselled pectorals. She was so insanely beautiful, that even with the excruciatingly slow thrusts, Frank's balls were tightened and felt ready to explode at any moment. Calypso's shallow, breathy moans kept him going, intent on making her feel everything he felt and more. He ducked away from their sensual kiss to trail his lips along her collarbone and neck, tenderly making a mark on her creamy flesh, and then moved back to her full lips.

Jason and Hazel were still standing close together in an embrace, Jason's fingers still rubbing softly against and inside Hazel's wetness. The African American demigoddess, meanwhile, had her fist wrapped around his thick prick, stroking him gently but firmly. Jason was so much taller than her, and his cock was so long when erect, that his tip reached the swell of her breasts, beads of pre-come beginning to accumulate against her chocolate skin. Their lips were locked together, Jason's hands threading through her curly locks. He kissed down her body, once again paying special attention to her bosom, before reaching her wetness. He darted his tongue into her flower, exploring her wetness and making sure she was nice and slicked up for him. She evidently was, as after only a few moments Jason was lowering her gently to the ground and then placing himself on top of her, bracing his forearms against the ground to avoid crushing her slim frame. He pressed his manhood against Hazel's flower, and made eye contact with her, searching her eyes for the lust she made no effort to hide.

Hazel shuddered underneath him, her curves molding softly against his body. Her nipples were so hard he thought they might cut through his skin. Her muscular legs wrapped around him, trying to force him inside her, but he resisted. He wanted her to beg.

"Please, Jason," she breathed, arching her back and humping up against him in a desperate effort to take him in. "I need you, I need you so badly."

"Tell me you're mine," Jason said, his voice rough with his own need. "Say that you'll never be anyone else's, that this body," he emphasized by reaching under to squeeze a stiff nipple, "this sexy little body, it's all mine."

Hazel gasped at his pinch, a gasp that changed to a low moan at the feel of his cock pushing just the tip into her. He stayed for a second, and the pained look on his face told her how much he regretted the tease, how much he wanted to just bury himself inside her. The tease wasn't even necessary, she would have said it regardless, she was already his. "You know I am, baby. You know I'll never be able to be with another, I'm yours, I'm yours forever." Jason buried himself to the hilt with a sigh of relief, a sound echoed by the needy girl below. Hazel's legs flew around his back, keeping him deep inside her wetness, ensuring that his short strokes wouldn't pull all the way out.

Percy turned Piper onto her front and straddled her. His cock was hard, her cunt was wet, they both felt designed for only one thing. Like magnets they were drawn together, his prick a heat-seeking missile and Piper's pussy the wettest, warmest thing in existence. He penetrated her slowly, allowing her to adapt to his length as he pushed in instead of after shoving his entire pole inside her. He wasn't as thick as Jason, but he was longer, so the first six inches or so went in easily enough. After that, Piper looked down in shock as she saw how far away his hips still were from hers, hips that were only finally coming in contact with hers. He finally sheathed the last of his shaft inside her, and while her eyes rolled back in ecstasy, he reached under her back to unclip her red bra and pull it away, leaving the straps over her shoulders for the time being but pulling the cups from her chest, baring her lovely tits. His cock was the longest thing that Piper had ever had inside her, reaching deeper than any dick, toy, or body part ever had. She knew then that she was ruined for all other men for eternity, as even with a prosthetic attached, no other man could ever feel this good in her.

Piper began to buck her hips against his, and Percy took the clue to start thrusting. He started slow, but her impatient sounds quickly encouraged him to speed his thrusts up. He lifted her left leg up onto his shoulder and angled his thrusts down and into her. Her breathy "Oh"s and "Right there!"s soon became more and more frequent. He kissed her sole gently and began to nibble at her toes, but the moment he slowed down she began bucking her hips once again, and teasingly slapped her foot against his face.

With a growled "If that's how you want it," Percy grabbed her right leg and pulled that over his other shoulder, and started thrusting into her at a breakneck speed. His cock throbbed as he fucked Piper harder and faster than he ever had with Annabeth, but something told him that the daughter of Aphrodite could take it – and indeed, she seemed to thrive from it, her moans starting to get out of control, her hands wildly clawing at his chest or raking against the ground. Her body writhed as her back arched up, forming what would have been quite the view for any spectators, with her legs high up on his shoulders and nothing but her ass and head on the ground. Percy's thrusts became ever more violent as he fucked her down into the ground, nearly creating a crater in the earth.

As much as Leo and Calypso had spent days at a time fucking, Leo was still incredibly new to being in a more dominant position. Annabeth, who was much more used to Percy being on top, decided to be patient with Leo just this once. She lay on her back and encouraged him to get on top of her, assuring him it wouldn't hurt her. He wasn't as experienced as Percy and didn't know to keep his forearms on the ground to hold his weight off her, but he was so much lighter than Percy that she hardly felt any difference. With a look of supreme concentration, Leo slid his pecker inside her wet slit, and began to stiffly move his hips back and forth. Annabeth's first thought was that despite Leo being a good couple of inches smaller than Percy and nowhere near as thick, it didn't feel bad at all. She had half worried that she wouldn't even be able to feel him inside her, but indeed she could. He didn't feel as mind-numbingly big as Percy, and she didn't think he'd be able to make her come over and over again like Percy could (as if on cue, Piper's breathy moans were interrupted by a scream of pleasure), but he still felt quite good. Sometimes, she reflected, it would be a nice change to have a cock inside her that didn't feel like it was tearing her apart.

Of course, she wasn't going to tell Leo that. As he gradually became more confident in his thrusts, she whispering, "Gods, your cock is so small. Are you moving it yet?" and "Styx, Leo, Percy's so much bigger, so much better." She was worried that a bit of her arousal had crept into her tone and taken away from her attempted tone of disgust and impatience, but the aroused look of lust and need in Leo's she's told her she was doing better than she thought. She didn't quite understand why someone would have such a fetish for pain and being told that he was weak and inferior, but she certainly wasn't going to complain. She idly wondered how quick he'd come if he watched her getting ploughed by Percy, because she was as certain as she could be that Leo would be into cuckolding as well. Her insults became more and more biting as Leo grabbed one of her slender feet and brought to his face and started sucking on her soft toes.

"Yeah, you love my feet don't you, you sick little fuck," she taunted. "I bet you wish they were between your legs, slamming up and into your ballsack, don't you? Imagine that, my soft little toes crushing your nuts, while you suck on them like their cocks. Not cocks like Percy's though, tiny little baby cocks like yours, cocks that no girl could ever love." She tried to hide the moans, the ecstasy that threatened to overtake her dominating demeanour. It wasn't his fucking her that was bringing so close to the edge, that was for sure, it was the amount of power she had over him, that even underneath him she could make him flinch, make his balls tighten as his much-awaited orgasm got closer and closer. "Fuck," she moaned, "Fuck, I bet you're close to coming, aren't you?" The thought of his cream shooting into her was the hottest thing she'd ever imagined. "I bet you're gonna prematurely come, aren't you, with that silly little cock of yours. Huh? What do you think, do you have the balls? Do you have the balls to fill my perfect, divine pussy with your dirty spunk?"

"Holy shit, Mistress," he groaned against her toes. "I'm gonna come."

"Already?" She laughed, despite the sweat that covered her aching breasts as she was so close to the edge. "If you must, then. Be a good little slave, come inside me."

Leo's punished balls boiled over and shot his load up his shaft and into Annabeth's perfect pussy, a solid couple of ropes of thick cream that were enough to drive Annabeth over the edge, her head tilting back as she cried out her ecstasy. Leo pulled out after a few more thrusts and lay next to her, as depleted and exhausted as he had ever felt. "Gods, Annabeth, that was incredible."

Piper cried out an exaltation of pleasure as she convulsed around Percy's manhood. Their bodies collided together at speeds that would have impressed Hermes as their minds became nothing more than a shroud of lust and ecstasy. Percy normally had quite impressive stamina, but having his face against Piper's ass for minutes and then fucking her pristine pussy as hard as he could, not to mention the erotic noises that only a daughter of Aphrodite could make, any chances of his outlasting Frank and Jason were destined to fail. With Piper's legs over his shoulders, he drove deep inside her, and in a husky voice said, "Piper, I'm about to come."

There was no disappointment in Piper's voice when she said, "Yes, yes, I'm ready for your come Percy, fill me up!" Percy couldn't hold back if he wanted to, and unleashed a torrent of sperm inside Piper's core. The daughter of Aphrodite frantically squeezed her tits as they came together, his load shooting deep inside her while she contracted around him, her juices flooding around his cock and puddling on the ground between their thighs.

Now that Jason was inside Hazel, she wasn't prepared to let him go any time soon, and had her legs wrapped tightly around him. Jason began thrusting inside her with his mythical manhood, causing her huge tits to bounce around on her chest. He captured a dark nipple between his lips and bit gently. The sensation of her breasts slapping against his face was incredible, one of the greatest things Jason had ever felt in his life. It was like being deepthroated by Piper while being proclaimed Praetor and eating the best pizza in the world with nectar toppings all at once. As much as he cared for Piper, he didn't think he could ever forget how amazing this felt, and the way Hazel writhed underneath him and bucked and moaned told him he wasn't alone in his thoughts. He moved his lips up to meet hers, and groaned out, "After this is all done, I … I don't want this to be done."

"I know," she whispered, "I know, and I want this too, I want this so bad. Come for me, come inside me, make me yours forever." With a groan, Jason did just that, spilling his seed inside the warmest pussy he could imagine with his face buried between her incredible, pillowy chest.

If anyone had said that Frank would finish the first three rounds last to come, first to make Calypso come, and last to come again, he'd have said they were joking. But here he was, more than fifteen minutes into his long, sensuous thrusts in and out of Calypso's tightness. The demi-Titan gave him soft sounds of encouragement, letting him know he was doing the right thing. Calypso was as inexperienced at being on the bottom as Leo was with being on top, so she mostly let Frank do what he was used to, but kept him from thrusting too fast or getting too turned on until the other three guys were finished. Again, Calypso was being strategic about this: she didn't care if Frank won the first two rounds, she could tell he was going to be done after this. Finally, he groaned a warning of his impending release, and to her surprise, Calypso found herself being taken along on the ride, her back arching with pleasure as he bust his nut deep within her. In the end, all he managed was a thick spurt of come, and long thrusts inside her, even when it must have started to hurt, prolonging her orgasm.

Finally, it was over. Frank put his underwear and shorts back on before he passed out. And with that, Frank was the first guy to be eliminated. Leo gave the impression that he was finished too, and indeed his balls felt empty, but Calypso marched over to him. She blocked the view of everyone else as she got in close to Leo, but it was easy to see Leo slump forward in her arms as her knee came up between his legs, first one and then the other, six times in total before she let him fall to the ground. When she walked away, his balls were a dangerous shade of red, but his staff was as hard as ever.

The four girls looked between each other and mutually agreed to change things up as the three boys laid on their backs. Annabeth went to the well-hung son of Jupiter and straddled his muscular thighs. Calypso, wanting a shift from the sensual but slow Frank, perched herself above the more aggressive son of Poseidon's rigid staff. Piper, beginning to get into the strategy that Annabeth and Calypso has been so fond of, targeted the son of Hephaestus, leaving Hazel, remembering her promise to Jason, to sit on Leo's face, as she also remembered how talented he was with his tongue. Hazel faced away from Leo and shifted her ebony hips to cover his mouth. Piper gave his cock a few cursory jerks and then guided him inside her easily, though Leo was still amazed at how tight she felt. Piper leaned forward while her practised hips swivelled along Leo's shaft, and gave the dark-skinned daughter of Jupiter a soft kiss. Hazel seemed surprised, but evidently enjoyed it, as after a second of shocked inaction she pulled Piper's face against hers and gave her a long kiss. Piper pulled away slightly; Leo's hands rose up her sides but she slapped them away and pinned them against the ground by his sides. To Hazel, she whispered, "So Leo likes to be dominated, huh? Let's give him a treat then, shall we?"

Hazel gave her a confused but aroused look. It had only been a minute or two, but under Piper's fingers her nipples were harder than ever, squeezed tightly between Piper's nails, and Leo's tongue was so talented it was frightening. Part of her worried that she could grow to love Leo's tongue as much as she did Jason's cock. After a brief pause, Piper said, "Here, I'll show you, just shift your hips like – that, yeah – and then…" Hazel understood as her trimmed pussy was now more aggressively on Leo's tongue, not giving much of a choice, while his nose was now trapped between her cheeks, rendering him unable to breathe. "Good, yeah. Shift off a little when he needs to breathe, we don't want him passing out on us, but other than that stay there."

Piper, meanwhile, began riding her hips more roughly against Leo. After about a minute, Hazel shifted off Leo's face as he bucked wildly for breath, his hands held down by Piper and both girls pressing down on his chest as well. He gasped a deep breath, and then groaned out, "Oh fuck, I'm coming!" Piper suddenly stopped moving, and roughly held down his hips to prevent him from bucking inside her. A few streams of semen shot inside her, as Leo's groans were cut off by Hazel's ass smothering him once again. Piper waited a few more seconds and then pulled back up Leo's shaft, only to continue riding him, focussing her motions on the tip of his cock and making him writhe underneath her, whether from the beautiful torment against his sensitive head or his need to breathe, neither Piper nor Hazel knew, nor did they care.

Jason sat up as Annabeth straddled him, wanting better access to her perky tits, and inadvertently trapping his cock between her pussy and his stomach. Annabeth knew that she couldn't compare to Piper – her tits weren't as big or as perky, her ass wasn't as round, she wasn't as pretty, overall her body wasn't quite as curvy – but she was experienced enough to know just how to drive a guy like Jason crazy. She smiled at his groan and pivoted, resulting in her back against his chest. Her firm ass pushed against his flaccid dick, which was just beginning to reignite. Like an exotic dancer, she rubbed her body against him, shaking her ass against his stiffening manhood.

She let out a surprised shriek as his hand spanked her ass hard enough to leave a light pink imprint. He followed suit with the other hand on the other cheek, and was soon spanking both cheeks in tandem, causing them to jiggle wondrously against his groin. Once she could feel his fully erect prick in between her asscheeks, she changed positions so that she was facing him. Her sopping pussy dripped onto the base of his cock, the head of which was resting against her stomach. Predictably, Jason dove between her breasts immediately, sucking and licking at her warm flesh.

"Oh, fuck," she moaned as his dick brushed against her sensitive folds. She gave his cock a few exploratory yanks, and rubbed his well-developed abs. He groaned at the contact. She shifted against his cock, putting it through an exquisite torture and causing pre-come to leak from the tip. Soon, she noticed that each of her slight gyrations were now accompanied by genuine winces of pain mixed with desire. The look of relief that washed over his face was well worth the teasing as she placed both hands on his abs to brace herself. She slowly lifted herself off his thighs by several inches and positioned herself over him. Inch by inch she lowered herself as his thick manhood parted her tender lips until they were joined by the hips. She leaned forward and kissed him deeply as she readjusted to his vast size; she had never had a cock this thick before. Without waiting any longer, Annabeth began to roll her hips against his. They moved in tandem, slowly at first but soon picking up speed. Every jerk of her hips sent pleasure shooting through Jason's cock, while each of his thrusts went deeper and deeper into Annabeth's pleasure points. He at first held onto her hips to keep her firmly on top of him, but as his lust swept over him he found his hands brushing over the swell of her bosom and cupping her tits.

As Calypso straddled Percy's hips, she really wasn't sure how this was going to go. From what little she had seen, Percy seemed to take a more dominant role, although not as violently as she tended to. Regardless, she got the feeling that he wouldn't take well to her suddenly squeezing his nuts until they popped, but she had never been on top before without having complete control. It was an entirely new experience for her and, she must admit, quite exciting to embark on such a new, fresh positioning. Percy looked up at her hungrily as she rubbed a forefinger along his cock, tracing his veins and length as she considered how to go about this. Finally, she decided to just go with it, and play to her strengths where she could. She brought their hands together and moved his behind his head, intertwining his hands. She moved forward, lifting her waist so that his manhood was directly underneath her womanhood. Her cunt juices leaked onto his cock. Percy put both hands on her hips, but she slapped them away. With a reach behind her ass and a warning squeeze of his balls, she slowly sank onto his dick with a long moan.

Calypso's lower lips wrapped tightly around his pole. She bit her lip as he pushed further into her depths, until he was entirely sheathed within her. "Styx, baby, you're so big!" she moaned. She leaned backwards, her hard nipples jutting into the air. Percy longed to reach out and grab her big, luscious melons, to knead the delicious flesh. Calypso's eyes were clouded with lust as she began to rotate her hips around his dick. She moved back and forth, picking up speed. Her silky walls caressed his cock as he speared into her. Calypso's breath hitched as her snatch convulsed. Her pleasurable walls practically crushed Percy's cock between them as they tightened.

Calypso fell forward, still riding Percy vigorously. She pulled her hair away from her face and locked her lips with his, her tongue intruding his mouth. Percy's hands moved to her shapely ass, and this time she didn't stop him as he pushed both of their hips up off the ground. He used the bit of leverage he could get to thrust into her, pounding away at her. He squeezed her ass, spanking it and making it jiggle. Percy's lips massaged Calypso's. Percy thrust into Calypso with long, deep strokes. The demi-Titan was overwhelmed with pleasure as his dick hit parts of her twat that she had never imagined possible before Percy. Her pussy flexed around him, allowing him to go deeper into her, and trying to milk his potent seed.

Percy's dick throbbed as he penetrated deeper and deeper into Calypso. At one point, he could have sworn his cockhead had brushed against her womb, he was so far into her. But he stubbornly avoided climax, desiring to outlast her. She ran her hands all over his muscled chest as her body was wracked with pleasure. Her lips left Percy's as her back arched and her mouth opened in a silent scream. Percy kissed her neck and shoulder, suckling and nipping at the flesh hard enough to mark her. Only now that she had come did he allow himself to, his balls uncontrollably bursting with long, sticky ropes of come, a powerful orgasm that made the perfect woman atop him squeeze her round tits, aroused by the amount he came and how aroused he must have been, all because of her. To see that Percy could go from Piper to her and still be this aroused and come in only a few minutes was certainly a confidence boost for Calypso.

Annabeth soon arched her back as Jason's cock hit a particularly sweet spot. She bit her lip to hold back a scream, and she leaned all the way backwards until she could lean on her hands, her tits being thrust out to the world as he now dictated the pace. He showed no signs of slowing down to give her a breather, and instead sped up, thrusting up and into her at a breakneck velocity. She couldn't quite restrain the "Oh gods Jason!" nor the torrent of Greek curses as her orgasm washed over her. The Roman made no move to cease or even slow in his ministrations as he now jackhammered into her. Already, Annabeth could feel another climax rising within her.

"Annabeth, I'm gonna come."

"Mmm, inside me!" she said, half-delirious with ecstasy.

"You first," he said, grabbing her breasts. He mushed them together and licked between them, as his pace inside her nearly doubled. She screamed her passion out for the world to hear. Her internal muscles clenched, squeezing his manhood with a vice-like grip. Unexpectedly, her pussy gushed out a clear liquid, coating Jason's cock and groin. The pressure of her pussy around him nearly doubled as she wrapped her legs around his back. He swore in Roman as his dick erupted, pulsing within her for several long seconds as he continued to pound her insides. Once he felt that he was finished shooting jet after jet of his load, he pulled out of her. A stream of his thick seed trailed down Annabeth's thigh, and she quickly darted out a finger to catch it and suck the finger sensuously.

Hazel gave Leo a breath of air every couple of minutes or so, whenever he no longer seemed capable of licking her. Piper continued to squeeze his balls while riding him hard, and had soon ruined a second orgasm inside herself. Finally, when she felt Leo getting to a third, she separated her lips from Hazel's and whispered her some more instructions. Hazel's eyes widened, and she asked, "Are you sure?"

"Trust me," Piper replied. And Hazel did, finally giving Leo enough time to breath as she stood up. She kneeled next to Leo's head and opened his mouth, sticking three fingers inside and making him suck on them. Then she walked behind Piper, and kneeled between Leo's legs. Now that she had a good view, she winced at the sight of Leo's testicles, red and with some scratches from Piper's nails. She took her wet fingers and rubbed them between Leo's thighs before dipping them slightly under and pushing them in. Leo yelped in surprise as three fingers flooded into his rectum and began thrusting immediately, pushing deep into his sphincter. Her long fingers deftly manipulates inside him and began massaging his prostate gently, while Piper squeezed his balls even tighter than before and gave a cruel twist.

"Ahh, FUCK!" Leo yelled as he erupted inside Piper. The manipulation of his prostate had made this the most intense orgasm of his night, maybe of his life, making Leo wonder if he should take Calypso up on her offer of pegging him. He shot several long, thick streams into Piper, while her hand and Hazel's fingers made sure to milk him for all he was worth.

Leo's cock was now entirely flaccid, and his balls had shrunk from their previous swollen state, though they were still red. Calypso approached him once again, but Leo said, "No, no more. I've got nothing left, please, I'm sorry but I'm done."

"That's okay, there's no need to apologize," she said. She lightly played with his balls. "That being said, I'm buying a strap-on as soon as we get home." Leo nodded submissively but couldn't hide his small, excited smile.

"I'm done, too," Hazel spoke up as Leo put his boxers back on and found a comfortable patch of grass. She put her pink and white panties back on but opted to remain topless, her nipples feeling so sensitive that they would hurt with a bra. She gave Jason a long, significant look before going over to Frank and lay next to him, curling against his side. Now Jason and Percy were the only males remaining, along with Annabeth, Calypso, and Piper.

Some rearrangements within the pairs were once again necessary, with Piper having gone from two partners to none. A solution was quickly found, as she joined Annabeth with Jason and Calypso remained with Percy. With that dealt with, Calypso and Annabeth both got on their hands and knees and went into the doggy style position. Piper lay on her back, her legs wide open as Annabeth put her face between her legs.

Jason got behind Annabeth and buried his face between her legs. He kissed all over her round ass, down the back of her thighs and then back up to her wetness. He licked along her slit and then pulled away. He grabbed his hard cock and guided it into her glistening lips, teasing her slit a few times. He pushed forth an inch, his thick mushroom-like head plunging into her tight sheath, and then stopped. Annabeth let out a mewling whine, but Jason wasn't satisfied just yet. He wanted to torture Annabeth the way she had tortured him. He reached around her, rubbing the top of her slit with his thumb while he gave her short, brief thrusts, fucking her with just his head and the smallest bit of his shaft. Wetness dripped from her lips down his shaft, coating his hardness with her juices.

"Oh gods, Jason," she moaned against Piper's crotch.

He leaned forward, pressing his chest against her slender back, so he could whisper in her ear, "I want to hear you say it."

"Please," she whimpered, "Please, I need your cock inside me, I'll be your little whore, just please, fuck me!"

Satisfied, Jason thrusted forth with his entire girthy meat, penetrating into her depths. The blonde underneath him cried out in ecstasy as the son of Jupiter sheathed his cock in her. After a few seconds of blissful peace, he started moving inside her. He brought his hands back around to grip her hips, his fingers digging into the flesh of her pert bottom, as he brought his hips back and forth, slapping their flesh together noisily.

Meanwhile, now that Annabeth was able to focus on something other than the thick head brushing against her lower lips, she was able to get to work with Piper. She brushed the patch of dark hair to the sides and tucked her tongue between Piper's folds, making the Native American girl buck against her. She could faintly taste the now familiar flavour of Leo's come on her pussy. With the steady, powerful thrusts into her from behind, it was difficult for her to focus on Piper's needs, but she nevertheless felt Piper's fluids building on her tongue, the Cherokee girl beginning to buck and squirm and quiver underneath her. Piper ran a hand through her blonde curls, her fingers massaging Annabeth's scalp and pushing her face into her hips.

While Annabeth was being fucked into Piper's pussy, Percy had positioned himself behind the caramel-haired Calypso. Calypso had a nice round ass, not as perfect as Annabeth's or Piper's but nevertheless fantastic. Percy gripped his rod, giving himself a few strokes the get him fully erect, and slipped his cock between the big, meaty cheeks of flesh. He thrusted forward slowly several times, sliding between the doughy buttocks, his still heavy balls resting against Calypso's cheeks. He removed his dick from its pleasant prison and slapped it against her buttocks, sending a couple drops of pre-come flying onto her ass and lower back. Then he moved his cock back down to her asscheeks and then lower still, until his eager cockhead was pressing against her lower lips. "You ready for it?" he asked. Judging by the wetness that was beginning to cover his crown, she was very ready.

Calypso squirmed underneath him. She shifted her hips back, teasing his dick by rubbing her ass against him. "I'm ready," she said, "and don't hold back." She very much liked to be in control, but doggy style was the one position that was almost impossible for her to control. She hoped Percy would fuck her quick and bust inside her soon, and expecting that allowing him to set the pace would result in a couple of minutes of frantic fucking and an early load. Percy couldn't wait to prove her wrong.

He didn't wait any longer, and rammed forward with his hips, filling her cunt with his shaft all in one quick thrust. She cried out underneath him, feeling his cockhead prod into depths that she had never felt before and at angles that she had never experienced before. She thought for a moment that he might wait a moment to let her get used to the new position, but he held true to his promise not to hold back, and immediately pulled halfway out before shoving himself back in, even harder than before and making his nuts slap against her flesh with a loud, satisfying sound. Percy's hands gripped her hips as he began truly fucking her, half of his shaft staying within her at all times as he fucked her hard and fast, letting out all the aggression he felt as he heard his girlfriend coming for the nth time that night for another man. He wasn't the type to get jealous easily, but hearing her cries of ecstasy as she was being pleasures by Leo and Jason… Calypso's pained exclamation made him realize he was being a bit too rough. He let go of her ass for a moment, where his fingers had dug into her flesh.

Jason's hands reached around Annabeth's front to fondle her perky boobs and twist the erect nipples. Her inner walls happily embraced his shaft and squeezed him as he tried to pull out. She continued eating out the tasty cunt before her, but found herself increasingly distracted by the slow, torturous thrusts inside her. Jason wanted her to beg for his dick, he wanted her to worship his cock, and he was going to get what he wanted.

"Oh, Jason," Annabeth groaned against Piper's thighs. "Fuck me harder, please. Punish me, make me worship your cock, make me your little whore, just please please fuck me!" Jason smiled to himself, content with that, and without any warning pounded away at Annabeth, spanking her roughly and reaching around her to pinch her clit. Within seconds, Annabeth's pussy practically exploded around his cock, gushing forth in the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt, but Jason kept thrusting into her. He fucked her so hard that Piper's big round breasts began bouncing from the force of him fucking Annabeth into her.

Annabeth could do little more than cry out in pleasure as her pussy was in a constant state of spasming from throes of ecstasy until she felt her legs starting to go numb. Piper squirted all over her face, and she tried to lick up her fluids, but the force of Jason plowing her from behind made it impossible to focus on anything other than the huge, thick, monstrous phallus inside her. The intense pleasure of Annabeth's pussy wrapping around his tool, squeezing him and milking him like it was her job, combined with the incredibly erotic sight of Piper's big tits bouncing around, sweat dripping from the valley of her bosom, and it soon became too much for Jason. He pressed a single finger into Annabeth's rosebud and pressed inside her anus, sending the blonde over the edge one more time. Her ass clenched around his digit and her pussy clamped down around his cock, finally proving too much for him to handle as he spilled his seed inside her, shooting his load into the depths of her pussy. He pulled his cock out until just his head remained, and then shoved forward with one last thrust, burying himself balls deep in her tightness as he gradually softened inside her. When he pulled out, Piper moved over and licked the come out of Annabeth's pussy.

Percy returned his hands to manhandling Calypso's rear, no longer grabbing her fleshy cheeks but instead smacking that round ass with the palm of his hands, upward palm strikes that made Calypso's ass bounce around and jiggle. Drool leaked out of her mouth as Percy drove her over the edge of an intense climax. She buried her face against the grass, trying to muffle her cries of pleasure, but Percy was having none of that. He gave her one last rough spank, her cheeks reddening from the impact, and then trailed his right hand up her spine. When he reached the nape of her neck he pulled her hair together and pulled harshly, forcing her to lift her head to relieve the pain at her scalp. Her cries of ecstasy were now loud and clear, accompanied by the sounds of his balls slapping against her clit, but Percy didn't let her go, pulling her head still higher until her body curved up. He pounded down into her faster than before, reaching around with his left hand to roughly pinch her nipples, and then moving it down her front to do the same to her clit.

Calypso's juices sprayed onto the grass as Percy moved his hand back to her behind. His right hand didn't loosen up on her hair, and instead pulled her higher up. He let go of her for a moment, using both arms to pull her legs around his and bracing them both behind his knees. Then he grabbed her hair and pulled her up again, yet higher than before, until her hands were off the ground. She was no longer touching the ground at all, defying gravity and being held up only by the hair. Percy somehow managed to avoid slowing down, and continued to plough into her at a frantic pace for a minute before he let her back down, only to immediately move his right hand down her back and thrust two fingers into her anal canal. Calypso arched her back as the sudden intrusion caused her to come again, the sensation of humiliation, of being dominated by this big cock, only making her more excited.

Percy felt the jizz building up in his balls. "I'm gonna come," he warned. "You want me to come inside you?"

"Yes," Calypso breathed, "Please come inside my slutty pussy." She was barely heard, as her vocal cords were exhausted from the screaming his cock had caused.

But Percy didn't care. "That's a shame," he said, "because you don't deserve my come inside you." He pounded away for a few more seconds, driving her back to another orgasm, and then pulled out and turned her around. "On your knees," he ordered. She obeyed, and he shoved his cock into her mouth. After a few thrusts, she was gagging and drooling on his dick. He pulled out a moment before he burst, thick streams of come exploding all over her beautiful face and spilling onto her tits. He shoved himself back into his throat, shooting a couple more ropes into her mouth and then giving a few more rough thrusts into her throat.

Finally he pulled away, leaving Calypso covered in his come. He turned back to the other three. "So now what?"

Calypso panted, her heart racing, barely feeling capable of breathing. "I'm done," she finally admitted. "I can't take anymore." She gave Percy a gentle squeeze of his balls and then limped away, not bothering to put her clothes on as she collapsed next to Leo. She slapped his balls lightly before she passed out.

And then there were four.

Annabeth and Piper both found themselves feeling a little guilty about having disregarded their boyfriends. Now that they were the only couples left, they agreed to spend some time with their boyfriends again. Annabeth gave Percy a teasing shove, and he gladly fell back onto the grass. She straddled his face, and leaned over his body to take his familiar, rigid cock into her mouth. His tongue intruded her pussy with the confidence of a man who had made her come many times before. He flicked around in it, relishing the familiar taste, before searching for her clit in earnest. He judged his progress based on her moans around his cock; it seemed he hadn't lost his talent. He massaged her firm asscheeks as he continued to lick her out.

He found her clit quickly enough and latched onto it, flicking away at it before sucking on it hard. Her mouth regrettably left his cock as she screamed to the heavens. Her silky thighs clenched around his head as she practically exploded onto his face, squirting her juices into his mouth. "Oh my gods, Percy," she said as her orgasm finally began to ebb.

However, Percy felt the need to prove something to Annabeth, and employed all his talent and experience with Annabeth as he continued licking her. He gave her wet slit a few more direct licks before prodding his tongue back inside her. His tongue was on a mission, Annabeth couldn't help but thinking, a mission to cause her as much pleasure as a dick would. Already, another climax was approaching, and soon swept over her, causing her thighs to clench and tighten around Percy's head, an instant before those same thighs glistened with another layer of her fluids.

Once Annabeth came back down from her high, she was finally given a brief reprieve by Percy, who kissed around her pussy allowing her to soak in her release. She took his spongy, bulbous head back into her mouth and gave his entire shaft a few long strokes with her hand tightly gripped around him, before ducking her head down onto his member all at once, burying his sword into her mouth until her nose rested against his stomach and his balls touched her chin. She swirled her tongue against the underside of his pole, and couldn't help the grin as he moaned against her groin, his member stiffening and beginning to pulse as he tried desperately to contain himself, letting her know that she still had this effect on him, even after he had received head from Piper and fucked Calypso.

Jason gladly yielded to Piper's own push, and she straddled her face, echoing Annabeth's actions mere feet away, lying on top of him to gain access to his thick shaft. Her mouth watered as she gave light kisses around the base of his shaft. Piper licked up his manhood, up to his tip, over his tip and down his underside, his cock resting under her chin as she made her way down to the other side of his base. Once at her destination, Piper gave his balls a little attention as well, taking both into her mouth at the same time and tugging on them. His balls were heavy in her mouth, full of his divine spunk, and she lathered them in her saliva before finally returning to his prick. She licked her way back up the underside of his member, her tongue tickling his veiny shaft, and by the time she had reached his tip again he had begun to leak with pre-come. This time, Piper swirled her tongue over his sensitive head, licking up the beads of pre-ejaculate, before taking his head into her mouth and giving him a firm suck. She massaged his cock with her mouth as she made her way down his thick pole. It was more difficult to fit him inside her mouth than Percy had been, but once inside he was an easier fit, not quite as long as Percy was.

Piper was so used to Jason's cock that it didn't take her long to get his entire member in her mouth, his tip prodding into her throat. The daughter of Aphrodite thereafter began moving her mouth up and down, gliding and bobbing along his stiff pole. He responded by kissing her thighs before converging upon her delicate flower. He licked along her folds before jutting his tongue out and getting a good taste. Piper folded her long legs behind his head, keeping him between her legs. He ran his hands over her thighs and rear, lifting her ass to get a better angle inside her. He licked her walls, encouraged by her sounds of approval.

And then he jammed his tongue all the way inside her. He lifted her ass, pulling her cheeks down to his face. He pressed his face against her in a sudden assault. Piper lost control of her body, her hips spasmed involuntarily. Jason's face was drenched as she cried out in pleasure. Jason withdrew his tongue and sucked at her, and then sucked a little higher, and then there was an explosion behind Piper's eyes, her mind melting as her senses went into overdrive.

Percy kissed, licked, and sucked at Annabeth's pink pussy. He spread her asscheeks with both hands, pushing her down his body a little to give him access to her dark hole. He licked between her perfect cheeks and tongued her asshole, making Annabeth squeal in pleasure as she came on his face. The son of Poseidon didn't slow down, ramming three fingers into her tight pussy while he ate out her ass. Annabeth's thighs quivered, her entire body shook against Percy's body, as his mouth drive her from one orgasm to the next, his tongue flitting in and out of her buttocks while he pumped three fingers inside her and rubbed the top of her slit with his thumb. "Oh my gods, Percy," she said as her orgasm finally began to ebb. Without waiting for a response, she went down on his cock once again with a renewed fervour. Within a couple of minutes he could feel his own climax approaching.

"Fuck, Annabeth, I'm gonna blow," he warned. With a loud slurp she allowed most of his dick to leave her mouth except for his purpling head. Using her own spit as lubricant, she jacked him off fiercely and sucked on the head, stroking him as fast as she could with both hands, before moving one hand down to fondle his heavy balls while the other hand flew up and down his cock, made wet with her saliva. Percy groaned as he felt himself losing control. He buried his head into the soft skin of her ass as his balls tightened, his cock convulsed, and he shot a healthy load into the back of Annabeth's throat. She tried to swallow every last drop of his seed, a futile effort as some inevitably dripped onto her chest, and continued stroking and sucking him, milking him with tight strokes for every last drop, knowing that no matter how hard she tried to milk him he'd be hard again within seconds. Annabeth let go of his cock with a wet pop! emphasized as she smacked her lips together.

"Gods, I forgot how great your come tastes!" she exclaimed as she deepthroated him again, making his hips jolt as his tip was still sensitive from coming. She continued to suck as he bucked his hips against her face, one hand pressing down on his stomach and the other hand squeezing his balls tightly.

"Ah, fuck," he groaned as he released another shot of spunk into her mouth. "Annabeth, fuck, that's too much." Annabeth suckled his head for a moment more before letting him go, and giving him a devilish grin.

Meanwhile, Jason had switched out his tongue for three fingers, and traced his tongue between her legs to her ass. Piper let his now wet cock slip out of her mouth and moved up on him, giving him better access to her pert rear. Meanwhile, she wrapped her round breasts around his cock and massaged his dick with her warm tits. Jason inserted three fingers into her wet folds and began licking out her ass. He first traced around the puckered hole and up her crack with his tongue, before teasing his tongue into her ass. He spanked her ass, making her jiggle against his face as he buried his face between her cheeks. Piper rubbed his balls as they slapped against the underside of her tits and sucked on his head. Jason started to eagerly lick out her dark hole, surprising himself with how much he loved her taste.

"Ooh, yeah, eat my ass baby," Piper groaned, licking his pre-come off the tip of his cock. His long fingers felt so good inside her, and soon she was screaming, "Yes Jason! Right there, fuck yes, yesss!" She came violently around his fingers and tongue. She pulled his dick from between her tits and began jerking him off furiously, her saliva allowing her to reach fast speeds. She could feel his balls swelling up and she pointed his hard cock into her mouth, sucking on just his tip. At almost the exact same moment as Percy, Jason groaned and buried his face between her asscheeks as he came, spraying his thick load into her mouth.

Jason's load lacked the strength of his normal shots – or was Piper unconsciously comparing him to Percy's unnaturally powerful bursts? But no, she thought as she swallowed his semen in its entirety, though his come had retained its thick consistency, there was not nearly as much as he usually spurted out, and it seemed to have less of that electrical quality that always made her shiver when he flooded her mouth. She looked over to Annabeth, where Percy's spunk had flooded her mouth and leaked onto her tits, and began to realize that it was no longer a matter of if Percy would win, but when. Even though Piper had already all but decided to leave Jason and pursue a more permanent relationship with Percy, she still wanted Jason to make it as long as possible. With that in mind, she gave Jason's prick one last kiss and then sauntered over to Annabeth.

Piper sat on the bed, and Annabeth straddled her and kissed her passionately. They could taste the other's boyfriend on their tongues as they swirled into each other's mouths. After only a moment, Piper responded eagerly to the kiss. The blonde's hands roamed all over Piper's body, eventually settling on her big, perky breasts. Annabeth's hands massaged her tits, squeezing one at a time in a rhythm, and then at the same time. She brought Piper's boobs together and squished them against one another. Her mouth abandoned Piper's and made a heated path down her neck, biting her collarbone lightly and eking a sensuous moan from Piper's lips as she leaned back, arching her back and thrusting her bosom forward. Annabeth licked and kissed her way to Piper's chest, and did the same upon arriving at her destination. She kept her tits squeezed together and pressed her face between them, encompassing her face between the daughter of Aphrodite's stunning rack. When she pulled back out, it was to press Piper's tits even closer together, until both erect nipples were touching, and then sucked them both at the same time. Piper once again threw her head back, another sultry groan of pleasure escaping her.

Piper had not been motionless throughout, however. Much like Annabeth, her hands ran over the blonde's body, caressing her firm breasts and tight midriff, before finally grabbing handfuls of her round ass. She spanked Annabeth's buttocks, making them jiggle and bounce in tune with her smacks. At the same time, she lifted her right leg over Annabeth's left, aligning their slits. They rubbed each other's pussies together, giving out the occasional moan, their pitches rising and escalating as their clits occasionally brushed against each other. The brunette maintained a steady handling of the daughter of Athena's ass as Annabeth's hips started to buck against her more frantically. Piper spread apart the two delectable cheeks, and tenderly fit a finger between them. She rubbed the tip of her finger over the puckered hole, before fitting the first joint inside. Annabeth grunted into her cleavage, her eyes rolling back as the rest of Piper's finger followed in penetrating her dark hole. This was around the same time as Annabeth captured both of her nipples in her mouth at once, and just as Annabeth gave her a particularly strong tug of her nipples, Piper thrusted an entire second finger inside her, and their clits brushed together once again.

Percy and Jason both jerked off as they watched their girlfriends come together. Piper and Annabeth saw fireworks behind their eyelids as their lower lips squirted, their juices pooling and mixing together. After a long minute of the two girls breathing heavily, Annabeth pushed Piper so she lay flat on her back, and climbed fully on top of her, rotating around so that both their faces were aligned with the other's crotch. Before they could get down to business, they were reminded of their boyfriends' existence as they stepped forward on either side, both by their girlfriend's willing mouths, while Annabeth still lay atop Piper in the sixty-nine position.

Percy pressed his shaft against Annabeth's eager, luscious lips. She kissed his tip, and massaged his head with her lips as she gradually took his cock past her lips and into her mouth. Soon Percy's entire head was in her mouth, and before long he was pressing the rest of his cock into her mouth, and pushing down into her throat. Annabeth swirled her tongue around his manhood, stroking the part of his shaft not inside her, until there was none less. With one hand, Annabeth massaged the heavy orbs that hung under his shaft. With her other hand, she reached between Piper's legs, cupping the wet mound. She teased Piper's slit with her long fingers before inserting her index and middle fingers. Piper, still so very sensitive from her recent orgasm, squirmed underneath her involuntarily as her body could not buck under Annabeth's weight and the pressure of Percy and Jason holding them both. Annabeth opened her mouth wide for Percy, and he picked up speed very soon. He thrusted in and out of her mouth, her saliva coating and hanging onto his manhood every time it left her, and his balls slapping against her chin when he pushed back into her throat, even as her fingers continued to massage the testicles.

On the other side, Piper's mouth hung wide open as Jason's thick rod fit into her upside down mouth. She moaned around Jason's cock when she felt Annabeth's fingers inside her, and Percy's powerful hands holding down her thighs. The memory of what Percy had done to her and made her feel earlier made the dampness between her legs increase as she felt his stiff prick so close to her puffy lips. From her upside down position, there wasn't much she could do as Jason's penis explored her mouth. Her lips closed around his shaft and sucked him as he pounded down into her throat. In response to Annabeth's talented fingers working away at her, she returned the favour with her own middle and forefinger, expertly manipulating Annabeth's cunt. Much like Annabeth, her other hand cradled Jason's sack, applying the slightest bit of pressure to them. She could tell instinctively, as she always could, that this would be Jason's final climax of the night, and she was still determined to make this one of the most powerful orgasms of his life. Unaware of his girlfriend's plans, Jason continued to thrust in and out of her throat while he watched Annabeth's round butt bounce around in front of him, giving her the occasional spank.

After a couple of minutes of his girlfriend fervently sucking his manhood, Percy removed himself from Annabeth's mouth. Annabeth recognized his intentions instantly and removed her fingers from Piper's snatch. The Cherokee girl barely had time to give a yearning noise before she found the fingers being replaced by a now familiar phallus. Percy thrusted into her with a single motion, going balls deep inside Piper in the one thrust. Piper was so wet that he could hardly tell the difference from Annabeth's mouth. He reached under his girlfriend to grab onto Piper's hips and begin thrusting. Annabeth pulled his right hand away and sucked on three of his fingers sensuously, looking up at him with those beautiful grey eyes. She got his fingers nice and wet with her saliva, and then guided them between Piper's legs. Under her manipulations, Percy inserted his index and middle fingers into Piper's firm rump. A minute after Percy had switched from mouth to vagina, Jason followed suit. Unable to fully concentrate on Percy and Piper, she simply kissed Percy's abs, worshiping them like the Greek god he was.

Percy worked his two fingers into Piper's tight sphincter. He stretched her anus out, the powerful muscles squeezing his digits as he flexed them inside her and massaged her inner walls. After a couple more minutes of this, he added the third finger, which had since dried up. He quickly rubbed it along Piper's slit to get it wet and slid it into her rectum. The sensation of Annabeth kissing along his happy trail and licking his stomach was causing pre-come to leak from his manhood. Piper was taken along on what felt like waves of pleasure, as each body-wracking orgasm seemed to ebb just as another crashed over her. She marvelled once more at how incredible a lover Percy was, as he was essentially fucking her in the missionary position but with an extra body between them, yet was still able to make her feel pleasure unlike anything she had experienced before, although the anal fingering certainly added to the stimulation. Every now and then, Percy would remove his fingers from Piper's rectum, and Annabeth would lick and suck all over them, savouring the taste of Piper's unnaturally pleasant asshole and getting his fingers wet again so that he could return to fingering her at a quick pace.

Roughly a minute or two after Percy had switched from Annabeth's mouth to Piper's pussy, Jason made the change from Piper's skilled mouth to Annabeth's wetness, fucking her from doggy style. Jason knew it was an unpopular opinion, but he thought this might be his least favourite position, as it was one of the few in which he could not see his partner's breasts. Annabeth moaned audible into Percy's chest as the girthy manhood pressed into her. This may not have been Jason's favourite position, but it was absolutely Annabeth's. As much as she had enjoyed dominating Leo, she could not deny the part of her that loved being demeaned, and nothing was as humiliating as being fucked like an animal by Percy, who would fuck her hard and roughly until she drooled like the animal he wanted her to be. Jason evidently didn't share Percy's dominating streak, but the scenario was so arousing for Annabeth, and she couldn't help imagining being spit-roasted by Jason and Percy, or fucked in both holes at the same time. Just the thought of it was making her wet, and the accompanying feel of his thick prick sliding in and out of her was soon enough to push her over the edge.

Underneath Annabeth and on her back looking up, there wasn't much Piper could do but he ploughed by Percy. Still, she was conscious enough to kiss the milky flesh of Annabeth's thighs and suckle on Jason's balls when they appeared over her head. When Percy upped the ante by entering two and then three fingers in her ass, she did the same to Annabeth. The blonde demigod's asshole was easy to penetrate, and Piper realized Percy must have fucked her ass in the past. Unlike Percy, Jason hardly paid her any attention, and as a result, she was still an anal virgin. Given that it was almost a guarantee at this point that Percy would outlast Jason, maybe she would give it up to him as a reward? First she'd have to outlast Annabeth, although she was pretty confident in her ability to do so. Her internal monologue was interrupted as the building pleasure from Percy fucking her and fingering her ass culminated and fireworks to erupt behind her eyes. "Oh my fucking gods!" she cried out, the sensation of a cock in her cunt, three fingers in her asshole, a curvy female body pressed tightly against her, and Jason's balls against her face caused her to lose control of her charmspeak. "I'm gonna come!" she exclaimed.

Piper's senses were so overloaded that all four conscious demigods were affected by her ecstatic cry. On top of her, Annabeth's already hard nipples became like diamonds against Piper's stomach as she came, perhaps the most violent orgasm of her life as she squirted all over Jason's throbbing member. That same throbbing member burst inside of Annabeth's cunt, and despite his balls being nearly empty, it was one of the most powerful climaxes of his life as well, his nuts emptying stream after stream of semen. He pulled out of Annabeth and moved his hose up and down, spraying Piper's face and getting quite a bit in her mouth, and covering Annabeth's asscrack with his sticky load. Piper's powers as a daughter of Aphrodite were causing a primal reaction in them, stimulating their nether regions in ways they had never before experienced.

Piper was obviously not immune to it, but even she felt her pleasure rising from the sound of her own voice moaning out in pleasure. Even the taste of Jason's come dripping down between Annabeth's buttocks and into her mouth seemed to her an ecstasy. At the same time as Jason's manhood unloaded and Piper and Annabeth felt themselves come undone, Percy underwent the same process. His ejaculate flooded out of his cock with incredible force and consistency, nearly making him black out from the pleasure as he shot ropes of come into Piper's sweetness. Just like Jason, he pulled out of Piper after a few shots of his sperm, and shot the rest into Annabeth's wide open mouth. His load was too much for her to swallow, and the creamy substance dripped down her chin and onto her tits and Piper's pussy.

Finally, Percy and Jason lay down on either side of the girls, who still lay in the sixty-nine position with Annabeth on top. Jason sat up, and gave his flaccid manhood a few strokes before giving a disappointed sigh. "That's all I've got," he admitted. He followed the lead of Frank, Hazel, Leo, and Calypso, putting his underwear back on and falling asleep on the side.

Percy shrugged his shoulders. "Cool. So what do I win?"

"Well… a threesome, for now. Let's say whichever girl lasts longer decides what reward to give you?" Annabeth suggested.

Percy thought that was fair enough. He had Annabeth lie on her back, and after aligning his head with her lower lips, penetrated her without further teasing. Percy palmed Annabeth's form tits as he began thrusting into her, and picked up speed almost immediately to his more normal speed. Piper lay on the bed next to Annabeth and licked his sperm from her chin, and then kissed down her body to where Percy's hands were on her bosom, and licked the remained of his semen off them. She scooped his hot load from her crotch onto her index finger and put it in Annabeth's mouth. The blonde proved just how much of a slut she was as she sucked on her finger without question, and have contented moans as she savoured the taste of Percy's load. Once both girls were clean of the son of Poseidon's powerful spunk, Piper straddled Annabeth's face. The blonde was only too happy to comply, and her long tongue was soon skillfully pressing between Piper's lips. Piper bucked her hips back and forth as Annabeth did her best to teach her that French was not the only language of love.

Percy moved his hands from Annabeth's tits to her hips. He pulled her closer against him and lifted her legs onto his shoulders, kissing her thick thighs and muscular calves until he got to the ankles. From this new angle, he was able to fuck his girlfriend from a higher leveraged position, thrusting down and into her tightness. He kissed her right ankle and then all over the top of her foot, before moving on to the bottom. He pressed her sole flat against his face as he licked the underside of her foot, making her shudder underneath him. Percy had learned early in their relationship that her feet were quite the erogenous zone for her, so she had been the recipient of plenty of foot massages. It certainly didn't hurt that her dainty and delicate feet felt great when they were around his member, repaying him. But for now, he sucked on her soft little toes and then switched to her other foot, repeating the process all over again. Annabeth's body writhed and thrashed underneath him, but she was unable to do anything but lie there prone as he fucked her to a climax, and Piper ground her wetness against her face.

When Percy was finished with Annabeth's pretty feet, he hooked her feet over his shoulders and leaned forward to kiss Piper. His hand reached behind her neck to hold her hand as their lips met above Annabeth's squirming form. Their kiss was soft and sensual, their lips moving together in unison while their tongues intermingled. His hands roamed over her perfect body, cupping her round breasts. Piper shifted her hips forward on Annabeth's face, and the blonde immediately switched her tongue for her fingers as Piper squirted onto her collarbone. She jammed three fingers inside her and thrusted them roughly inside, while her tongue now assaulted the dark hole that hovered over her mouth. Percy moved his hands from Piper's chest for a moment to grab his stiff rod and guide it down between Annabeth's buttocks. His head pushed into her puckered hole, but he didn't wait for her to get used to his size as he began thrusting into her familiar ass.

Annabeth felt orgasm after orgasm wash over her, wracking her body with pleasure as she screamed and moaned into Piper's silky thighs. She tried to assert herself, tried to sit up and gain some control of the situation, but Piper pushed down on her and Percy flicked her clit with a finger just as he bottomed out inside her bottom, and just like that she came again, squirting onto him. "Oh my gods," she murmured faintly into Piper's ass. "That's… that's too much, that's too good, oh gods!" Her entire body quivered and shook with tremors as another climax flooded her senses, and she went slack underneath Percy and Piper.

Percy pulled out of her, pre-come overflowing from his dick. He lifted Annabeth in his arms and carried her off to the side, putting her panties and shirt back on her. He gave her a soft kiss, savouring the taste of Piper's juices on her lips, and then walked back to Piper, his dick throbbing as he walked. "I guess it's just us two," he said.

She put her arms around his neck and kissed him soundly. "I guess so." They exchanged another long kiss as her hand moved down his body to cup his groin, causing him to groan as more pre-come leaked out of his twitching member. "Can't say I'm surprised." Another long kiss as she fondled and squeezed his balls, and he reached around her to grip onto her ass. He lifted her up, and her long legs wrapped around his hips as they maintained their kiss, and trapping his cock between their stomachs.

"So what's my reward?" he asked.

She nibbled at his lower lip, admiring his strength as he held her easily. "Don't I get a reward too?" she teased.

"What reward do you want?" he asked. She kissed him again, another lingering kiss as her hard nipples pressed into his chest.

"I really want you to fuck me in the ass." Another kiss, softer. "I want you to take my anal virginity and come inside me."

Percy smiled against her lips. "If I must."

He lowered her to the ground, and she turned and got on her hands and knees. Percy kneeled behind Piper and grabbed her fleshy cheeks, kneading them in his hands. He felt overwhelmed by need and desire to penetrate her perfect ass, but he could feel pre-come leaking from his tip and wanted to last more than a few seconds inside her, so he instead kissed and licked her buttocks, worshipping her bounteous curves with his mouth. Piper moaned as she leaned forward, pushing her rear up and into his face, and gave her ass a little shake. The flesh of her incredible rear bounced back against his face, and for a moment he sat there, letting her abuse him with her big ass, before he retook control. He grabbed a fistful of booty in each hand and pulled her cheeks apart, giving his tongue access to her sweet rectum. He buried his face between her asscheeks as his tongue prodded and pressed into her asshole. He reached under her to rub a finger against her pussy lips, and then brought his wet fingers back around to tease her anus. After a few more minutes of teasing and fingering her rear, Percy pulled away from her and got back to his knees. Piper, who had been lying flat against the ground, got back to her knees as well, and rubbed her ass back against his inflamed crotch.

Percy groaned as he grabbed his manhood and guided it towards her right sphincter. He delved a little lower to access underneath her ass, giving a few thrusts into her pussy before pulling out, his manhood wet with her juices. Then he brought his member back up between her buttocks and eased inside, her anal muscles working around and squeezing him as he fit his cockhead in. Piper's breath hitched as he popped her anal cherry and slowly pushed forward, her juices clinging to his shaft and enabling him to glide in with relative ease, relative of course, because her ass was by far the tightest orifice he had ever penetrated. Even if he wrapped his hand around his cock and squeezed as hard as he could, his fist wouldn't be as tightly wrapped as her asshole was. Yet somehow, her ass didn't feel painful for either of them, it actually felt incredibly good, squeezing him for all he was worth but with a gentle quality to it. Finally, Percy's head was deep inside her anus, pressing further into her bowels than Piper had known was possible, as his balls came to rest happily against her buttocks and his manhood comfortably filled her ass.

"Oh my gods, Percy," the daughter of Aphrodite moaned. "That cock in my ass feels so great, please, I need it, I need more!" Percy was happy to oblige, thrusting in and out of her rear with short, measured strokes at first. That evidently wasn't enough for Piper, as she started to bounce her ass back along his thick pole. Percy leaned back, and took a solid few minutes to just watch her work, as her big, juicy butt moved along his shaft, rippling with every movement, just like he had hoped it would. He gave her an occasional spank of encouragement, watching as it bounced and his fingers gradually imprinted themselves in white on her tan-coloured, Navajo buttocks. Piper gave soft sounds of pleasure as she rode back on his dick, her instincts taking over in this unfamiliar experience. After a while of watching and letting Piper slide back and forth on his dick, Percy grabbed her hips more tightly and started to control the speed of his thrusts once again, and was soon fucking her ass faster and harder than he had been before. "Oh fuck yes," Piper groaned, "Fuck that ass, make it yours!"

Percy leaned further forward, forcing Piper to lie flat on her front in a prone position while he boned her from above. With each hand braced against the ground, he pounded down into her for a couple more minutes before pulling her back up to her knees. He grabbed onto her long dark hair and pulled her up, making her body curve as he now fucked her ass as hard and fast as he could, thrusting with all his effort. Piper was moaning and crying out in ecstasy what felt like every other minute as he brought her pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt before. He kissed the soft skin at the back of her shoulder, nipping at the tender flesh. He pulled out for a moment, nearly unable to contain the bubbling sensation that churned in his balls as her asshole contracted around his shaft, and slapped his tip against her cheeks, causing pre-come to spurt onto her ass. He repeated this a couple of times to watch her ass ripple, and then went back to fucking her ass at full speed. It wasn't long before he was no longer able to control his member, already gushing pre-ejaculate. "Styx, Piper," he warned her, "I'm gonna come!"

He managed to make her come one last time, reaching around her waist to pinch her clit and making her gush all over his hand. Finally he couldn't take it anymore, and his balls erupted as streams of semen shot deep into Piper's bowels, an orgasm even more powerful than his Charmspeak-induced climax, filling her asshole with gallons of his load, rope after rope of his hot spunk. He finally pulled out of her, giving the nape of her neck one last kiss, and then lay next to her, exhausted as she nuzzled her face into his neck.

Suffice to say, these four relationships were never the same after this day. By the end of the next day, Percy had broken up with Annabeth and Piper with Jason, leading to a happy and very fulfilling life for Percy and Piper. By the end of the week, Jason was set for a lifetime of worshiping Hazel's huge tits, while Leo's balls became the property of Annabeth Chase. Finally, after over two months, Frank and Calypso officially got together, ready for a lifetime of sex that varied daily from Frank's lovemaking to Calypso's domination. Of course, the four couples still met up from time to time – at least twice a year, the four girls (and sometimes more) lined up in front of Leo and busted his balls, and every now and then the four couples recreated their night in the forest, though the result never seemed to change.

A/N: So I guess this is it. A lot of people have been asking me to continue, but this is the end. For those of you asking what's next… after 53 chapters and 250,000 words of smut, I need a break. I probably won't write anything else, if I do it won't be for a while. But thanks to everyone who stuck along on this journey.