Chapter 1:

I knew that I wouldn't get enough sleep that night, as I just lay in bed, at Charlie's house, it was the night of my sudden reappearance, I would never forget the human screams, but I also couldn't get a certain blonde, red eyed vampire out of my head either.

As I walked back into my room, Edward had gone hunting, so he wasn't there, but when I had made it into my room, my blood froze, the moment I closed the door and turned back to my room, there standing in the middle of my room, stood no other than Caius Volturi, who not only wanted me dead but for some strange reason, who was looking at me strangely.

After a moment of just looking at each other; he said, "You must be wondering why I'm here, I assume?"

All I could do was nod once, after a few moments, he finally said, "You... my dear... were quite a show to watch. Not only that; but after you all had left the palace, Marcus had some... interesting news to share. Would you liked to know what he said, young human?"

I could only nod, and he said as he sat down on my bed, "Please, come sit, young one."

As I slowly went over to my bed, all I could do was force myself to sit down next to him; once I was seated, he said with a strange look in his blood red eyes, "Marcus revealed to me and Aro, that everything will be clearer soon, I will promise you that, young mortal. Of course, I couldn't let something like this get in the wrong hands. I had to plan this out very carefully, and without others knowing about it... It would just destroy what some are at all not fond of at all."

Before I could ask him what he meant, his ice cold lips were on mine, as he continued kissing me; I could only stay put, what was he doing here, why is he kissing me, but most importantly, what did he want? All I could do was not freak out, as I felt one of his hands pull me closer to him, I had a feeling that I wasn't going to get any sleep tonight, and especially if Charlie had walked in, and found me kissing someone with red eyes.

It kind of felt strange kissing him, with Edward, he was always so gentle with me, but with Caius, it felt... different, and to my surprise, I had actually felt something in it too. Not that Edward's was any different from Caius's, but then again, Edward would always be gentle with me.

The moment he released me, he said, "Soon enough, the truth shall be revealed, and you shall be mine..."

With that said, I was left in my bedroom, and with a lot of questions in my head.

The next day, when I had woke up, I found Edward in his corner of my room; as last night's events came rushing back, I could only keep calm, however, when he saw that I was awake, he smiled at me, and said, "Bella love, good morning."

I said as I climbed out of bed, preparing myself to take a shower, "Good morning, Edward."

Once in the bathroom, I let out a sigh of relief, not that I would need to do that, but after last night's surprise kiss, I really needed to be alone, as I jumped into the shower, letting the hot water run all over, I couldn't help but touch my lips, I could still feel the pair of icy cold lips there, making me wonder what Marcus had told him.

Just as I was about to jump out, I felt a cold hand on the back of my neck, I was, once again, met with cold lips on mine, my eyes closing in the process, as I just stood there, letting the lips travel to my neckline, causing me to shiver, and pray that I wouldn't have to explain anything to Edward about any of this.

Not that he really needed to know, I felt the lips slowly make their journey up to my ear, and heard someone whisper, "... And you shall be mine..."

As soon as I had got out, I dried myself off, after getting dressed rather quickly, I took my time drying my hair; and brushing it. Once done, however, before I could even make a move towards the door, I heard him growl, "... Mine..."

I refused to let Edward see the truth behind my slowness, as soon as I made my way to my room, I found him looking out the window, once I had returned, I let out a breath, trying to calm down, once I was calmed down enough to speak, I walked over to him, he turned around, and he said with a smile on his face, "Ready to go?"

I heard his disapproving hiss, and I said, "Where?"

Edward said, "Alice wants to talk with us at the house, we better get over there."

I asked as I climbed onto his back, "What did she see this time?"

He said just before he took off, "Apparently, you had a visitor last night..."

My voice failed me, as we both took off, I heard him snarl, "That's none of your business, boy! And she's mine... not yours!"

When we had reached the Cullens, I suddenly was unable to move any farther up towards the home, my legs had turned to ice, not only that, but I also felt ice cold for some strange reason.

Edward notice that I wasn't following him, he stopped, turned to face me, and said, "Bella, honey, aren't you coming?"

I jumped at his voice, and I quickly said, "Coming."

I felt his lips at my ear, and he said, "Behave, my sweet... I shall see you later on."

And as I made it into the Cullens house, I could have sworn I heard him growling at Edward.

Once inside, Alice said as she hugged me, "Bella!"

I said as she knocked the last of my air out of me, "Alice, human - can't breathe."

As soon as we all sat in the living room, Carlisle said, "Bella, did you get to have a full eight hours of sleep?"

Well, not really, cause' I had a make-out session with Caius Volturi, I wanted to say, but then again, Caius said that it wouldn't do him any good if this got into the wrong hands, and for some odd reason, I had believed him.

I looked down, I could feel all six eyes on me, and so after some thinking, I said, "It was... fine. I mean, I'm glad to be back home, in my warm bed..."

Alice said, "Bella, are you alright? You seem quiet today, who visited you last night?"

I was about to say something, when I felt a cold hand on my shoulder, I knew that it wasn't Edward, and so after a few moments, I said as I tried to ignore the hand as it traveled down my arm, leaving goosebumps all the way down, "What do you mean, I had a visitor last night? I didn't have one, I fell asleep really quick last night, and besides, I would know if I had one if Edward would have just told me so when I had woken up this morning. Edward?"

Edward said softly, "Well... now that you mentioned it... there was a strange scent in your room last night; when I had gotten there. But I didn't get a chance to smell it properly because the scent was very faint."

I said, "And I'm fine today, Alice. Really."

No one didn't even bother to ask why I had goosebumps on one arm, as the meeting went on, I choose to ignore everyone, and gently touched my lips with my fingertips.

I could still, in fact, feel both his hand and lips on my skin, the thought made me shiver even more so than I'd liked to, once the meeting was over, however, while in the Cullens bathroom, where I needed to calm down from the soft touches of coldness that happened to leave me shivering, as I got my breathing under control, I looked at myself in the mirror, and noticed that Caius was standing right behind me.

Once again, he made his claim on me, taking my lips in with his own, I couldn't help but moan into his mouth, one of his arms found themselves around my waist, pulling me closer, I realized that I had one of my hands on top of his, once again, the moment he pulled away, he growled low, "You shall be mine... And not his... Forever mine..."

I was, once again, left alone, my breathing beginning to calm down, once I was fully calmed, I made sure that I was the only human in the bathroom, once I was sure that none of the others couldn't smell Caius near me or the bathroom, I looked at myself once more, and I noticed that my lips were, once again, turning blue.

I just shook my head, and whispered, "Gods, I hope that the Cullens don't notice my strange... lipstick..."

Just before I headed back downstairs, I whispered in a lower voice, much lower for the Cullens to hear, "What have you done..."

I froze as his lips touched my ears, and he whispered, "Don't worry, my sweet. Just pretend like this is a secret that only you and I know of... Hmm? You don't want them to find out soon, now would you?"

I slowly shook my head, and he said softly, "Then we shall keep it between the two of us and Marcus, who only knows the truth. And no one will never ever notice a thing... Now, go, my sweet, and if you're good today, I might just give you a treat of some sort, later on, tonight."

All I could do was obey; once in the living room, Edward said, "Bella love, I see that you needed a few human minutes, is that right?"

I forced a smile, and said as cheerfully as I could, "Yea, I needed a few minutes to... reapply my lipstick."

Alice said, "Since when?"

I said, "Since we got back."

Jasper said, "Bella..."

I sighed, ever since we both got here, I've been feeling a bit out of place here while with the Cullens, but then I realized something, while we were at the Volturi palace, I noticed that Marcus was looking between me and Edward or between me and Caius, but that didn't matter to me at that moment.

Esme said softly, "Bella, sweetie, do you even know what you're saying? Have you even seen yourself lately? When was the last time you looked in the mirror?"

I tried to keep a straight calm head; however, I was failing miserably, without a word to any of them, I just walk out on them, I didn't even bother to see if any of them were following; as I walked into the forest, a few miles in, I heard a set of footsteps behind me, I should have known that he would follow me, even when I didn't want to talk to him at the moment, after a few more miles, I narrowed my eyes, turned around sharply, and snapped, "I'd liked to be alone, if you don't mind!?"

I soon realized that it wasn't a Cullen who was following me, but a Volturi, who only backed up a few steps, hands up, after a few moments of getting calmed down, I realized that it was Caius, I looked away, sighed, and said, "Oh; it's just you. Look, I didn't mean to snap at you like that, I've just been under the impression that it was... Never mind."

Caius said as he slowly approached me, careful to not piss me off, "I'm more surprised that none of them didn't seem to follow you out here, don't they know that you're a human, and they should always keep an eye on their... human?"

I said as I started walking again, hearing him follow a few feet behind, "Everyone's confused about my new behavior, let's just say that. Not that I don't mind it much..."

He soon stopped me, pulling me backwards, I would have fought, but there was something about him, I couldn't place it, as he wrapped an arm around my waist, preventing me from moving, which I really wasn't planning to do, he said, "And yet, they don't know that you're alone in a forest with a vampire who would have killed you, is that correct?"

I said as his lips began at my neck, "They seemed to have not noticed it... yet."

There was no words to explain what had really happened in the forest, I soon found myself unable to contain it any longer, as we both listened to each others' stories about our own lives, I realized that he hadn't killed me yet, despite the fact that I was on his lap, after getting to know each other a bit more, I realized that it was getting dark, and so I said as I got up, "I'd better be getting back to the Cullens, even though, being here with you... makes a lot more sense."

He said as he held out his hand, "Shall I escort you back, my Lady?"

I turned away, not letting him see my blush; after it was gone, I said as I took his hand, "You may, my dark angel."

And so, he escorted me back to the Cullens.

That night, while I 'waited' for Edward, Caius kept me company, even after my dad had checked in on me at ten; but it soon ended, and so he whispered, as we both heard Edward slide open my window, "Don't fret, my Lady, I'll alway be beside you, even in sleep, no longer shall you have to be treated so unladylike, my Lady, for I shall have to teach you and be not only your escort; but also your consort, in due time, my Lady, the truth shall be revealed."

I had to turn over, away from Edward, who made his way over to my bed, I had to hide my blush, after some time; I let out a sigh, and whispered softly for my dark angel, "Thank you, my dark angel."

He said as he leaned down to kiss me, "It was my pleasure, my Lady."

As I felt his cold lips on mine, I realized that he made me feel complete, as soon as he pulled away, he whispered, "I shall bid you good night, my Lady. For I have forgotten that you need a full eight hours of beauty sleep. Good night, my Lady."

The last thing that I said as sleep took over, "Good night, my dark angel."

I didn't realize that Edward was frowning. Nor did I realize that Alice was worried about my future.