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With a tired and undignified groan, Star Butterfly woke up and stared groggily at the pink canopy of her bed. Bleary-eyed, she looked over at her bedside table and noted that her alarm clock still showed that it was still early. She had woken up before her alarm.

"Ugh, I feel gross," she mumbled to herself uneasily as she turned on her side. Her eyes suddenly shot open as she felt the slimy wetness between her thighs. Confused and mortified that she may have accidentally wet her bed, she reached under her covers.

A few seconds after her horrified scream, Marco smashed through her door in a combat roll and came up in a fighting stance.

"Star! Are you all right!?" the teen-aged boy asked in panic as he scanned the tower for monsters.

Star sat on her bed in a daze. Her nightshirt and long blonde hair were disheveled. Marco relaxed as he couldn't find any monsters and went over to his best friend.

"Star, what's wrong?" Marco asked in concern.

Star mumbled something, a dazed look on her face; and then raised her right hand which was stained purple with some liquid.

"What's that?" Marco asked as he took her hand and gave the liquid a tentative sniff. "It smells like honey," he said as he stuck out his tongue and licked one of Star's fingers.

"Waaagh!" Star screamed as soon as she felt Marco's warm tongue touch her finger. She pulled her hand back as she jumped away from Marco. "Don'tdothatthatcamefrommy-" She stared wide eyed at Marco while cradling her hand and hopping nervously from one foot to the other.

"It's kind of sweet - like corn syrup," Marco mused. He paused as he noticed that the front of Star's nightshirt had big wet spot on it which was giving off the intoxicating sweet scent. "Oh."

Marco sat down on the bed and patted the area beside him, motioning for Star to sit down. The Magical Princess came over and squat down beside Marco before pulling her blanket over herself and leaning over to rest her head on her best friend's shoulder.

"It's OK, Star," Marco said as he wrapped his arm around Star's shoulder. "It's your Mewtide. It's part of your Mewberty and quite natural. Your body produces a liquid that is supposed to imbue any developing fetus with magic. Every four to six weeks, your body will purge the excess liquid from your body. I thought that you've already experienced it before and your mother would have explained it, but it's probably like human puberty and could have been delayed by all the stress of fighting mon-" Marco immediately shut his lips as Star's finger touched his lips to shush him.

Star's eyes glowed from beneath the blanket cowl she had made for herself. "My mother already explained it to me and I just freaked out now that it had actually happened because it's yucky, messy, and I feel blargh and it is a whole lot worse than I imagined it. But why do you know so much about it?"

Marco took Star's hand and gently held it away from his lips. "I read your 'Mewberty and You' book. After what happened, I figured I should at least know what to expect, especially since Glossaryck isn't exactly helpful unless you have pudding on you. I don't have pudding on me all the time."

The baleful glow disappeared from Star's eyes and they shone with their usual excited sparkles. "Oh, that's so cute, Marco... MARCO!" Star screamed as she looked in surprise at Marco who had frozen in the act of trying to put her hand into his mouth.

"Uh, sorry, I don't really know why I tried to do that," Marco replied nervously.

"Ok, it's all right," Star said as she looked at Marco. She smiled and looked at his deep brown eyes and felt as if she was being drawn into them. She felt his warm breath on her cheeks and noticed that they were now nose to nose. "But seriously, I will narwhal blast you if you try to lick my fingers again. It's creepy."

"Right," Marco briskly replied as he let her hand go. "Well let's get you into the shower and I'll ask Mom if she can lend you some feminine products until we can get you some of your own."

Marco grabbed Star by the shoulders and pulled her to their shared bathroom. He pushed her into the shower stall and closed the frosted glass door behind her. "Throw me your clothes and I'll put them in the laundry."

He watched Star's silhouette as she took off her clothes. She bundled up her clothes and was about to throw it over the partition when she suddenly stopped and then hung her clothes on the hooks inside the stall. "I'll put them in later. We're besties but it's kind of weird to have you wash my unmentionables - especially since they're all yucky. Can you do me a favor and get my bath robe and towel?"

"Ah, right," Marco said as he continued to watch Star's silhouette as she began to shower. He could feel his cheeks warm up as he watched the impromptu shadow play. He knew that it was wrong to think of Star as a girl since she was his best friend. But he stood transfixed as Star started to lather herself up, her small, soft hands traveling up and down-

"Marco? What are you doing here?"

"M-mom!" Marco turned towards the doorway, embarrassed to be caught ogling Star.

"Good morning, Mrs Diaz!" Star cried out in greeting as she continued to shower.

Angie Diaz was a patient and understanding woman who knew to give the children under her care a good measure of trust and responsibility. She knew her son was very responsible so she gave him some time to explain why he was watching their house guest shower. She blatantly ignored the fact that her son had a very impressive bulge straining against his jam-jams.

"Star just had her first Mewman period and I brought her into the shower since she was a mess," Marco explained. "And I should get her bathrobe and towel."

"Oh, dear, you've got something on your cheeks," Angie said as she tried to reach out to wipe away the purple stain on her baby's face. Mother and son were both surprised when Angie suddenly took an involuntary step away from Marco.


"Oh! That's strange," Angie exclaimed, as she entered the bathroom while giving her son a wide berth. "Anyway, go ahead and get Star's bathrobe."

"Star?" Angie asked quietly as soon as she heard Marco rummaging around Star's room.

"Yes, Mrs Diaz?"

"Is Marco always here when you shower?"

"No, this is the first time - he usually steps out when I'm showering, but sometimes I'm here when he's in the shower," Star suddenly paused as she was shampooing her hair. "Is it a bad thing?"

Angie smiled to herself, "No, it's perfectly all right. After your bath, I think we should call your mother."


"Hello Star," Queen Butterfly greeted her daughter as the magic mirror connected. "... and Mrs Diaz," Moon added in mild surprise.

"Go on, Sweetie," Angie prompted Star.

"I had my first Mewtide, please don't be mad," Star pleaded in a rush.

The Queen's jaw dropped in shock. She daintily coughed into her hand to regain her composure before giving Star a warm smile. "There is nothing to be mad about, Star."

Queen Butterfly stood up and walked off screen. "Joffrey, please advise the King that he will have to take care of all of my schedules for the day and bring me the dimensional scissors."

Star and Angie glanced at each other and took a step back as a tear in the dimensions appeared. Queen Butterfly stepped into Star's room and opened her arms. Star hugged her mother tightly and Moon returned the hug affectionately as the Queen closed the dimension portal.

"Moon! Star!" King Butterfly shouted frantically from the mirror. "What's wrong! Should I call the guards?!"

"Hi Dad," Star said while her face was still pressed into her mother's shoulder.

"Oh, hush, River. Nothing is wrong. You will have to take care of all the royal duties today," the Queen said as she gently stroked Star's hair.


"Bye, River."

"Bye, Dad."

The Queen then reached back to press the end-call jewel on the mirror.

"Well, would you want some tea?" Angie asked.

"Star, is there a boy that you fancy here on Earth?" Queen Butterfly asked as she savored the tea that Angie had served. The three of them sat in the living room of the Diaz home. The Butterflies sat on the couch while Angie was on an armchair.

"Yes," Star answered truthfully, the hearts on her cheeks turning a deeper shade of pink and she tried to hide it by sipping from her teacup.

"Enough to have his babies?"

Star and Angie choked on their tea.

"I will take that as a 'yes'," Moon calmly remarked before sipping her tea. "After Mewberty and after you have met a potential mate, your body will start filling your womb with the Water of Life. During pregnancy, your body transfers magic to your developing baby through the Water of Life. When there is no baby, then the accumulated liquid is then excreted when it becomes stale - and that is the Mewtide."

"My book just said it would happen after Mewberty, it didn't say it was triggered by... er, that," Star blushed some more.

Moon reached into her dress pocket and pulled out a small book which she handed to Star.

"Mewberty and You - Princess Edition," Star read the title aloud.

"It has additional information about Mewtide and what to expect when traveling to other dimensions. Since you are a magical princess, the efficacy of the Water of Life is exponentially higher than that of any other Mewman woman not of noble blood." Moon looked intensely at her daughter. "Are you ready to have a baby?"

"Of course not! We're- I mean, I'm just fourteen!"

"Then you better stay away from your man on the first day of your Mewtide when the residual magic in the Water of Life is the strongest. The Water of Life is known to be an aphrodisiac to some non-Mewman species, humans being one of them. "

"Will that mean we'll get boys all over Star?" Angie asked apprehensively as she imagined having to board up the house and fending off a horde of hormonal boys like a zombie apocalypse.

"Oh, no. It's a targeted effect - unless Star has more than one potential mate," both women looked at the teenager.

"No! Just one," Star exclaimed with embarrassment. "I think I'm going to be sick!"

"Is it anyone we know?" the Queen asked as she patted Star's back.

"We can help keep him away until your period is over," Angie said.

"Just on the first day, it loses the effect after the first day and you can interact normally thereafter," Moon clarified.

Star looked at her mother and Angie evasively as she blushed furiously, "I think I'm going to be sick..."

"Honey, it's all right to be embarrassed, we're all women here," Angie said soothingly.

Star shot up to her feet, "No, I'm really going to be sick." She then ran to the bathroom and Angie and Moon can hear her retch.

"Is that normal during her period?"

"Not everyone suffers from it, but it is not uncommon," Moon replied as she sipped her tea, unperturbed. "This is really good tea."

"Thank you," Angie replied as she leafed through Star's book which had been dropped in the rush to the bathroom. "It says here that it causes other females to be repulsed by any male that has been in contact with another female's Mewtide."

"Well, not all species. Humans, again being part of the group that is affected." The Queen smiled. "It is similar to marking territory or in this case, prospective mate."

"Oh, that explains a lot."

"Any suggestion on how to keep Marco away from Star until tomorrow without embarrassing the both of them?"

"How did you..."

"I suspected as much," Moon sighed.

"They do make a cute couple," Angie replied wistfully.

"Yes, they do. And Marco has been a wonderful influence on Star - unlike that boy, Tom," Moon shuddered. "That was a disaster. Literally and figuratively."

"What are you guys talking about?" Star asked as she came back to the living room while wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"We were just talking about your former boyfriend," Moon smiled.

"Ugh, in which case, I'll leave you to it. I think I'll lie down for a while."

"Star, I love you," Moon said with a smile.

"I love you too, Mom," Star said happily before dragging herself up the stairs to her bed.


Star woke up to the sound of knocking on her door. A quick glance at the window told her that the sun had already set. She grumbled as she trudged over to her door but stopped as she was turning the door knob. "Marco, is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me Star," Marco's voice sent a shiver down her spine.

Quickly thinking of the implications of what could possibly happen if she saw him at that moment. Marco's babies. Beautiful babies... Star quickly released the door knob as if it was burning hot. "Um, I'm not supposed to see you right now."

"I know, Mom explained it to me."

"Er, what did she explain?" Star asked nervously as she hoped it was not about the aphrodisiac effect of the Mewtide.

"You apparently have what amounts to magical cooties," Marco replied disbelievingly. "Which is probably why Jackie, Janna, and all the other girls were staying away from me the whole day."

"I'm sorry," Star said regretfully but at the same time relieved. "You were probably very lonely today."

"Yeah, a bit," Marco replied sadly. "Al and Ferguson were with me but it felt kind of sad without you."

"That's sweet," Star said wistfully as she placed her palm on her door, wanting to touch Marco.

"Speaking of sweet-" Star heard some rustling from the other side of the door. "Crack open your door, I want to pass you something."

Star bit her lower lip in agitation, but slowly opened the door but ready to slam it close if needed. She looked down as a brown paper bag was slid into her room and she felt the door being pulled close from the other side. She glanced at the door, making sure it was closed before she picked up the bag. It was full of feminine products and a small purple pouch with rainbows and unicorns on it.

"I'm not sure what to get you, so I asked Mom. The pharmacy lady asked some embarrassing questions. The pouch is so that you can have bring some supplies with you."

"I would have thought that you would have gotten me an emergency fanny pack," Star quipped.

"I thought a fanny pack would be inappropriate for a magical princess - it would have clashed with all of your dresses. I also got you some other supplies and put them in the emergency pouch."

Star opened the purple pouch. It had several bars of chocolate in it. She smiled widely at the sweets. "Chocolates! I love you, Marco!" She suddenly stopped, her eyes wide as saucers as she heard the words coming from her mouth.

"I love you too, Star," Marco replied without a pause.

"In a bestie sort of way!" they said simultaneously. They both laughed.

When Angie came up the stairs with a dinner tray for Star, Marco was sitting on the floor and leaning on Star's door as he told her about his day.